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Poo for nature lovers

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Nothing to do with the broads as such but I have a question.

Our back garden looks over a park. Recently we have discovered, in that garden, on the back lawn, a quantity of animal poo that has us a little perplexed. With all the rain we've had it is obvious that the creature that has gifted us these droppings has a diet high in what appears to be cherrys or small plums given the considerable number of stones within.

The orifice from which these 'parcels' eminate would appear to be much the same size as a smallish dog's. I could add a photograph here but it might be modded on grounds of taste...if you know what I mean.

Does anyone know, or have any idea what sort of animal we are getting as our regular nocternal visitor?

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I was going to opt for deer as have seen them eating cherries/plums in our garden.

Back to Smelly loo's post the nose may be an inidcator - I am told Foxes poo stinks more than normal animal poo!!

How the heck do these conversations start? Why did I join in and reply???

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