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Segway Adventure Tour

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Hi All, Today I had the time of my life experiencing total joy, peace and forgetting everything that was not around me :dance.

Ian had given me a Segway Adventure Tour voucher for my last birthday, which was to be used at Leeds Castle Kent.

Today we went to Leeds Castle, sun shining nice and warm in the sun. Could not ask for nicer weather for a September day :clap.

11:15 was my time to report to Segway office and all attending were given :hardhat: and then we were all given how to use a Segway and a trial. I was thinking, what the hell was I doing, how could I learn how to stay on without falling off :norty:.

Around 1140 we were all set loose on our Segways, oh hell, but no it was a slow start and we headed into the grounds of Leeds Castle. We travelled about just over 5mins and came to a stop by the lake and looking over towards the castle. A little history lesson and then we had our restricted speed limited taken off.

We were then taken off road / path around parts of Castle grounds. This was where you could forget about everything :love just heaven.

I could not have asked for a nicer present. Thank you Ian.

Christmas present ideas for the family (Ian and Alan) I would love to do Segway again, please :kiss.

I hope the photos I am going to edit work.


Marina :Stinky






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Hmmm just caught up with this thread. Marina  be careful the BBC Golf Film team use those contraptions, they will be signing you up for a job on them! :naughty: First place I saw them was in Paris!

As for that cheeky two gunsson of yours, perhaps a warning point is called for, to show respect to his parents! :naughty:



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