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  1. Today
  2. ZimbiIV

    Never Ending Story

    Malanka, You may want to have a look at this:- https://magnummotorhomes.co.uk/shop/smev-appliances/smev-cu400-kabe-full-height-cooker/ It is 50mm too high for our boat otherwise it would have been in now, it is suitable for marine use according to SMEV. paul
  3. Hi Clive She looks beautiful mate.So when will she being launched then as I'm looking forward to see her in the yard. The name would suit her is "Swiftway"
  4. vanessan

    A Winters Tale

    Gone very quiet hasn’t it!
  5. High6

    Web Cam

    The NBS marina opposite the boatyard advertises a "live Webcam" . I hope they adjust the views to show the centre of the marina as they used to, so we can keep an eye on our baby as promised. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. Malanka

    Never Ending Story

    Well a quick update following the almost sinking. Malanka has eaten another starter motor and had to be towed to the shed, where she is now residing having her pretty bottom and front and back bits fiddled with. She has been inspected and there are some dodgy short boards starboard front, and some less serious stuff on the transom. Many thanks to Phil for the pictures. As you can see she is having a rub down and repaint as well in the crinkly bits due to taking up. We are re thinking the galley mods as Fiona wants an oven hob and grill so we may just go for a full combo type arrangement. See pic. obviously we now need a new starter as well. It had got a bit clunky but no smoke until this mornings attempt to start. Phil notified us immediately and we are communicating as he looks to see what’s what. All other planks and boards are tip top as the Swiss say. i will let everyone know what’s planned and on the employment front too. Merry Christmas to all or happy holidays for the pc brigade. lots of good wishes to you all and to your families. Without our boating family rallying round and helping us we may have lost our old lady to a muddy demise. Thank you you all for being wonderful people. Martin and Fiona
  7. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Hey!!! Make fun of my love of beer, make fun of my funny face, but my singing is wonderful Tell her Grace
  8. Alan, I don't think that I ever met you and Tan but I always admired your togetherness on this forum, not least your joint welcome to new members, I'm sure that we shall all miss that.
  9. quo vadis

    Free Magazines

    Perfect thank you Poppy
  10. ranworthbreeze

    It Is With Regret That I Have To Inform You Of Tan's Passing

    As many of you will know yesterday was Tan's funeral. It was an uplifting service a celebration of Tan's life conducted by Andrew Platts, listening to him he helped many of the congregation with his rendition of Tan's early years, our courtship, birth of our sons, and the birth of our grandson. Our love of boating and Tan's involvement at the Community Centre both with FATS and the Pantomime. It was so good to see Peter at the funeral, I wish we had more time to talk. Over £700 was raised in donations in cheques and cash for Neurocare at the Royal Halmamshire Hospital, I know some of you were donating direct to the Hospital in Tan's name. Regards Alan
  11. vanessan

    A Winters Tale

    No wonder the rivers were empty!
  12. Poppy

    Free Magazines

    These don't suit then ? https://magazinelib.com/mens-magazines/
  13. annv

    Generator Onboard?

    Hi Pumpmedic You don't use a generator to charge batteries from shore power you use a charger, a generator would be used for battery charging if it was a river boat and not newish, deep sea/blue water boats such as Robin has have a large output generator for cooking and air con and heating. they dont have gas as it s difficult to replace when abroad. some smaller ones have diesel cooking, I guess you are not looking at £200,000 plus boats, river/estuary boats they may have a (suitcase) generator which will be petrol powered these shouldn't be used on board, popular on canals, they only have a 8 amp 12 volt dc output and 1000w 240v ac output and air cooled/noisey . there could be purpose built on board diesel geny's for cooking/battery charging these would probably be Hybrid powered and would say so. speak to vender. John
  14. quo vadis

    Free Magazines

    Very good but no gentleman’s entertainment mags
  15. Poppy

    Free Magazines

    No, not that sort JM A range of boating magazines are available to download as pdfs from here. https://magazinelib.com/yachting-amp-boats/ Something for everyone I would suggest.
  16. MauriceMynah

    Broads Toll 2019

    I am reminded of an exchange in"Yes Minister" Sir Humphrey Appleby... "We write him a speech that nails his trousers to the mast" Bernard Wooley... "Oh you mean nail his colours to the mast" Sir Humphrey Appleby... "No, nail his trousers to the mast. That way, he can't climb down."
  17. Cal

    Wintertime Cooking

    Loads of food storage in the fridge now. With the old fridge it was always a struggle and sometimes it was a choice between beer or food! It is the same at home. We only have a small fridge there and half of that is beer and tonic storage
  18. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Glad you liked it HG. I'm going to head off to more boozers farther away from the waters edge, so I'll try and show what they are like and the routes and info etc. I intended on getting to The White Lion this week at Wheatacre for example but I got carried away enjoying my cruises and singing. Still, won't be long till I'm back
  19. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    I'll ensure when I am back on board in 2 weeks time that I start my work into getting the details together. Yes it's hard work, yes my liver begs me to have a fudging day off, but I'm just far too dedicated to stop. Dedicated to the forum I mean of course, not the pubs
  20. grendel

    Broads Toll 2019

    At least he has a proper mast to nail them to.
  21. hazelgirl

    Wintertime Cooking

    We always find ourselves wondering what could survive being left out of the fridge to leave space for beer as most of the time the 3 of us on board all drink something different, which is tricky on small hire boat fridges, turns are taken to restock every couple of hours lol we also have an electric cool box that is 12v which is handy
  22. kingfisher666

    Broads Toll 2019

    There will come a time, probably not in my lifetime (I'm 64), when 'hydrocarbons' for pleasure use will have to cease anyway. I read somewhere that there is around 50 years worth of oil left, at current production levels. So, it may not only be 'emissions' which prompt the further squeeze on oil usage, but the fact that we've almost used all the stuff up. If oil doesn't become so heavily taxed (not that it isn't already) that it effectively stops 'pleasure use', we might well find it is either rationed or banned for 'unnecessary' usage. In the history of the Norfolk Broads, the use of oil powered boats, may well be remembered as the time, sandwiched between sail power and battery power or perhaps even... Sail power again.
  23. vanessan

    Broads Toll 2019

    I think JM has been doing that for a long, long time!
  24. hazelgirl

    A Winters Tale

    It's actually so nice to see what other pubs there are about, the little maps are such a big help. I'm going to make a list for future trips so we are not just sticking the riverside regulars
  25. Islander

    Electric Advice Please

    Stumpy, I use to repair electronic organs for a living. The older models would have a wiring loom all in black. Without the correct service manual almost impossible task to find a faulty wire. I'm now retired but because of my background everyone thinks I know everything about boat electrics too! I'm still trying to fathom sme of the wiring on our boats. Colin
  26. vanessan

    A Winters Tale

    Thinking about you producing a calendar Jay, I rather think it would have to be split into two. One for the scenic shots and the other purely showing the insides of pubs. Details left blank of course for punters to try and guess where they were. Sorry, that means you having to go out and visit a lot more hostelries to take cryptic shots in order to try and fool the Nogs! That’s going to be a hardship I know but I’m sure you won’t mind for the good of the forum.
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