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  2. Living on the coast of NBN network land, we've Tesco 5 miles away, Sainsburys or Roys 10 miles away, the rest 20+ miles away. The travelling cost to make choices is more than the savings..
  3. Today
  4. Is anyone else still having a problem signing in? When I try to go on the forum I still get the message to sign in. When I do this I still get the error message. This results in me not being able to sign in and get into the members only area. If I just click on a topic it goes to that topic and has my name at the top right as normal but if I come off that topic I get straight back to the request to sign in again. Can anyone tell me in plain English what I am doing wrong? PLEASE !!! Jeff
  5. Aldi does a box of crackers (for cheese) that is without doubt the best we have ever had. Sadly they only appear at Christmas. We also shop at several different locations for much the same reasons that Timbo does. Last Spring we saw an advertisement for Aldi selling lamb at half price. While in there we bought a couple of leg joints.. They were absolutely gorgeous. We've bought our lamb there ever since . One we took to our daughter's and she asked where it had come from as it was so delicious. We went back and bought several more, stocking the freezer. We see that they are having a siimilar offer during the week before Christmas, Needless to say we shall be taking advantage of that - not just because of the price but because of the quality. Carole
  6. OK - Military (ex) humour, so do not look if easily offended Go to this and watch from 4:55 to 5:15 ( Bluestone 42 )
  7. You must be walking along a different rhond to me then!!!!! Or perhaps their "southern" cousins have a soft streak in them!!!
  8. thats to encourage you to take your own bag, and if you forget your bag, take off your string vest and knot the end and use the arm holes for handles
  9. Sorry but I dislike Aldi,only go there at Christmas for German biscuits. We have lots of there shops near by.much prefer morrisons, Sainsburys and Waitrose bluewater .
  10. You must have changed your errant ways since Yesterday then
  11. We use Ocado for the general shop as I can in the time and comfort of my home see where food has been sourced from and what is in it. We use Riverford and Able and Cole for the veg and dairy produce for the same reason, again delivered. However I do make monthly trips to places like Aldi and B&M to stock up on toiletries, detergents and household items. Far cheaper than regular supermarkets (and Ocado). I might add, Ocado in my experience is the most reliable of the online supermarkets and ASDA by far the worse. Fred
  12. A very good expression I think, provides a timely reminder to wear a buoyancy aid!
  13. When it comes to my food...I'm 'finicky' as we say up here. I pay very close attention to the quality of what I buy. Price is also a factor but cheap crap is cheap crap and I can spot and taste cheap crap a mile off. A recent altercation over the price of carrier bags in one store resulted in Ellie indulging me in a spot of research. We used several supermarkets and local vendors over several months to assess quality and price. It was quite an eye opener. We discovered that a weekly shop in Marks Food Hall was only £2.14 more expensive than the same weekly shop in Lidl. We discovered our local butcher far cheaper and superior in quality for meat joints than any supermarket and we discovered there is a vast difference in quality of 'own branded' products. The consequence is that we now split our shopping between several stores for several products based on quality rather than price as the price difference is minimal. We no longer shop in Morrison's because Ellie won't pay 50p for a 5p carrier bag!
  14. As you all know I don't drink, I don't smoke and I certainly don't daffodil swear!
  15. Intolerance should never be tolerated
  16. Oh erm... which Aldi would this be JM Sir? I think I need to pay it a visit.....for some, erm, sugar you understand
  17. I'm just intolerant. :-)
  18. Nearer home, for me, we have the Cantley Sugar factory. Went there on a planning consultation and as we were there we were shown round, loads of own label stuff, all the same sugar! Nearest that I come to 'posh' around here is Sainsbury at Great Yarmouth, catering for posh chavs I suppose. I rarely go to our local Tesco but when I do, and compare their prices with our local Lidl, well every Lidl helps! As for Lidls I do know some exceptionally rich and genuinely posh folk, regularly bump into them in there. We do have a local Aldi but that is stuffed to the gills with feral brats and mothers in either their night attire or onesies, don't often lower myself by going there ! As for shopping snobs, near neighbour gives me big laughs. He shops on line, Tesco always deliver well after dark, John Lewis & Waitrose (from Norwich) always deliver in daylight, generally at dog walking time, maximum exposure! Presumably he hasn't cottoned on to us curtain twitchers having cottoned onto this vaguely amusing idiosyncrasy of his! He sails so he isn't all bad!
  19. You May remember the destruction of layouts and stands at Market Deeping by vandals.. The Market Deeping Clubs layout which was badly damaged has been invited to the Warley Show now that it has been restored... What is the Warley Show? Warley (near Birmingham) Model railway club gradually expanded their show until they needed to hire a hall at the NEC, Now it's even Bigger and hires the Biggest Hall at the NEC. 90+ layouts a vast amount of traders, demonstrations etc. One of the biggest Model railway shows in the world.. and it's on this weekend.
  20. Congratulations on getting the boat, she looks a lovely craft. We bought "Tisca" just over a year ago, our first venture into boating, and if you get as much enjoyment from the Broads as we do you certainly won't regret taking the plunge! (Perhaps not a good expression for boating 🙂).
  21. I tend to be intolerant after alcohol rather than of it
  22. Yesterday
  23. Nah much love to MnM He makes us all feel better about ourselves....... Erm...I mean, our boats
  24. Hi Bluebell. Where do you moor your boat. We are at the Ferry Marina in Horning. Really pleased with ours.
  25. Yes, sorry, i wilfully stand corrected. For some reason i`m always confused over the name of them.
  26. John, with friends like these, you don`t need enemies
  27. Not entirely deserved, at least one of the big three has shown himself to be fair minded and socially responsible. Indeed he is well respected along the rhond plus he doesn't like JP so he can't be all bad!.
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