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  2. hi chessy did you change fuel filter end of year did you drain water of fuel tank before you used it this year, if so undo air bleed valve. and hand pump fuel through if no resistance on pump turn engine over 1/2 a stroke as pump my be on top of cam, or wait mechance. John
  3. all above ground tanks have a drain off below ground have a suction pipe to a collector. all boats should have one to. John
  4. If true and I don`t doubt it then, every day is a skool day eh. Chin up, it is a nice day rather than being stuck waiting whilst it is raining.
  5. Well, due to BSS you can’t have a glass/plastic filter bowl in engine bay so I can’t see and owing to space requirements didn’t bring basic tool kit ( I forgot to pack it, I know) and this metal bowl has a nut arrangement that I’m going to change for a Reccor unit when I get back. still waiting!
  6. Most likely have drain off taps for this reason.
  7. Today
  8. Have West Ham ever been a big six club in the last twenty years and you are currently having your best season for a decade and you want to change the manager. Who would you like or more importantly who might take the job.
  9. As to Boat Yards storage fuel tanks can they get contaminated with water as not being use for some time?
  10. He loved driving - especially when the 'adults' were having their post-lunch snooze... Seriously, though: the time we had to just watch the world go by and chat about 'stuff' (everything and nothing) was something that I just don't think we would have had anywhere else. For example, we've been trying to (gently) get him to think about what he might do after sixth form, and he has always resisted the conversation. With me driving, and my friend chatting to him, they got to the point of him narrowing down both possible courses and locations. Very precious.
  11. The whole idea of the Plummer block is to take up the forward thrust from the propellor and stop the thrust from being taken by the gearbox and the flexible engine mounts. So there should be no forward movement of the shaft. The Plummer block also aligns the shaft with the inboard bearing (which is not a bearing, but a gland) and stops it from being worn oval by side pressure from a badly aligned shaft. Shaft alignment with the engine is still vital, but having the Plummer block makes it much easier. It is possible someone left the grubscrews loose the last time they had to dra
  12. Had something similar happen to us while taking our first cruise after winter lay-up. Turned out to be an air lock. Engine was a Mercruiser 898. Carole
  13. Hi all Football fans . I'm a Hammer's Supporter through and through and at least West Ham United has not Joined the Big Six thank goodness but I would like the Hammer's Boss to be dropped in the Norfolk Broads as I don't like him.
  14. I am thinking possibly worst case would be diesel bug (thinking how long boats have sat idle over the past few seasons (but yes blocked fuel filter or water in the tank)
  15. Stop thinking the worse and think simple cure, a head gasket or timing chain is unlikely based on what you say. Guess you could check battery connections are all tight for a start while you wait and a look in the engine bay for a clear plastic fuel filter with any signs of having a fuel/ water mix in it and don`t feel guilt about the mooring.
  16. Brilliant! Glad to hear you had such a good time. That mooring at St Benedict's Horning is very peaceful. Good that you found the joys of wild mooring too. Helen
  17. Personally I liked having the all inclusive package. If you are normally frugal on fuel and get a substantial refund on a fuel deposit then perhaps it would work out an expensive option, but when we first hired from Ferry Marina (back in 2016?) the comparison of similar boats from other yards showed a substantial saving once you'd taken into consider the extra deposits/insurance costs. When we were hiring we cruised as much as possible, so the first year we hired with NBD we only got just over £20 back.
  18. Hopefully. I don’t want to start swinging spanner’s and make anything worse but the absence of any signs of firing, smooth running the night before and occasional pop sounds when I try to start and I’m thinking timing chain jumping or head gasket filled a cylinder. This mooring has room only for one and I feel a bit guilty for staying longer than 24hr but there you go. preparing for open wallet surgery
  19. Crap in the fuel? How often do I need to do that?
  20. Drop of water in the fuel line? Hope you get sorted soon, sure it won't be anything serious.
  21. It seems to have garnered fairly universal condemnation. I seem to remember exactly the same level of derision when it was suggested that the top flight English clubs would break from the Football League and negotiate their own TV deals and commercial rights contracts. It was the end of football as we know it, or so we were led to believe except that it wasn't, it created The Premier League which is widely considered to be the best league in the world. In this era of the shrinking planet I'm surprised this European Super League has taken so long to come to reality, or at least appear to. It wa
  22. as its football i have no opinion one way or another.
  23. Oh dear. I doubt you will be the only one to break down though. Lots of boats that have been sat around for a long time and won't take too kindly to being asked to wake up again. Fingers crossed it is nothing too serious.
  24. And awaiting Sutton rescue. A bmc running fine then refuses to start no smoke just pops. damn.
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