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  2. My guess is that Griff is drooling at that picture. He certainly was / is. Looks proper serious and fun too 1200 Speed Twin with the best badge of all. Congratulations, Here's to many miles of safe and exhilarating riding I've had my Mighty Tiger since brand new, where did the last 12 years go? 30'000 on the clock which ain't enough imho. Trouble is the older I get, the less free time I seem to have - Ain't it supposed to be t'other way round? Griff
  3. Yesterday
  4. Beano, Bunty and Bare ar5ed monthly ! Griff
  5. I would like to thank Terry and Pam, owners of Bonnie, for their help so far, and also expilot for the introduction. I met up with Terry and Pam on Sunday afternoon and the knowledge gained was priceless; at the very least it's saved me hours and hours of chasing my tail. At most it could have saved me hundreds of pounds putting the right the damage caused by me chasing my tail in the wrong direction! (Does that sound like experience talking?) It helps that Terry has done all the work on Bonnie himself so he can relate fully to my problems. If you see their boat, admire the topsides woodwork; all terry's work and superb. Remind me never to moor alongside as mine will be in the shade! Thanks forum.
  6. Well I think I have found the solution: Grease. Apply to the rear at high tide, then apply to the front at low tide. Result: a quiet night. Thanks for all your helps.
  7. Welcome aboard the NBN Paul (& family).
  8. Welcome Paul, nice boats, what will you go for next, cause that is boat ownership.
  9. Hello, Ive been reading posts for a while on this forum now and thought it would be nice to join as I’ve much to learn about boating! Ive always had an interest in the broads and owning a boat myself. I’ve lived in Norwich my whole life and spent a lot of my childhood in Wroxham. My great great Grandfather was Earnest Collins of Wroxham. I wish I could buy one of his later boats that my Grandfather would have worked on. Around this time last year we (myself, my wife and our two kids aged 10 and 8) bought our first boat. A lovely Seamaster 27, this boat had been beautifully built and kept. I really did love Theodore 11, we all did! But unfortunately we realised relatively soon that she just wasn’t big enough for us to comfortably spend as much time as we wanted on the water. the Seamaster sold earlier this year and has been replaced with a Princess 30DS, not quite as classically charming as the Seamaster but does the job we need it to do perfectly! It’s everything we hoped a boat would be and has enough room for our kids to grow. we are moored at Brundall and love spending time on Surlingham Broad plus the fine selection of pubs towards Norwich and Reedham. This summer we hope to venture onto the Northern rivers for a few days. Our old boat is now that side so we plan a reunion with it’s new owners plus other friends are moored at the same broad also. Anyway that’s enough introductory rambling for now! Hopefully pics of our previous and current have loaded up.
  10. That would be really handy to know, as my Brother and Sister in Law will soon be moving their boat (they live on) to the IBBTC near Oulton Broad. My SiL is a vetenary nurse, and will be looking for agency work when they get there.
  11. I’ve had 2 cars with the K Series engine, an MG F and and MG ZS, head gaskets went on both ☹️
  12. Too true.... I guess that’s what came of cutting my teeth after leaving school working on these things at a Rover dealership. Funny how you remember things, that are no use to no one . Things are a lot different now, I can boar most folks to tears with container refrigeration and shipping....
  13. I've just googled Mayfair magazine....I have to say I'm shocked. It took me a good 20 minutes to find my way off of the page MM you should be ashamed of yourself for bringing this to my attention
  14. I once heard them described as Gentlemen's Special Interest Magazines lol Sounds more English than "nice cup of tea"
  15. What's that MM? A magazine about the west end of London?? Is it worth a read?
  16. Unfortunately, i have no need for any of your mags. I do remember buying loads myself. I regularly bought PBO, MBY and YM. I stopped buying them when all they started testing was large unaffordable luxury boats and yachts, and only wanted to do features on sailing abroad, the Carribean and Med etc, so had nothing of interest or in common with me, and what type of boating i could afford. It`s a shame as they used to be a great monthly read, of which i used to look forward to.
  17. I think you need to get out more
  18. Hi all, Karen and i will be aboard Lightning for a week from the date above. Is anybody else about then, if so, please come and say hello. It`s always great to meet fellow forumites and put faces to names. I`m not sure where we`ll be going yet, although Loddon is a definite, and more than likely Oulton Broad, as my Brother and Sister in Law will hopefully be on their boat by then. Otherwise we`ll be doing it the right way, point her somewhere and see where we end up. One other point, we have a share for sale in Lightning, so will probably have the signs in the windows, so if anybody see`s us, and is considering buying into a syndicate, we`d be happy to give you a guided tour, and explain how the syndicate system works. Anybody about that week?.
  19. O series for the 2.0 litres, S series for the 1.6 litre. The O series came from the Sherpa Van and was also used in the SD1 2000. Think it was the short lived 1.6 R series used in the first Maestro’s that we’re a derivative from the B series before these were changed to the S series? The bottom end of the O series was used for the base of the T series 2.0 16v twin cam used in the Rover 820. Not sure the O series was ever 16v? (It was a long time ago)....
  20. Sony still manufacture everything in Japan. I believe some Samsung Notes are made in South Korea, as are some HTC phones, otherwise it's China or Taiwan, which is China by another name.
  21. I was 9 years old when that photo was taken, I can remember sitting on that white ramp a few times !
  22. The chances are Paul, even those are built in China. I was told by a friend, albeit hearsay, that well in excess of 90% of the electronic goods around the worl are actually built in China. Whether that`s true or not i don`t know, but i know it IS a large percentage.
  23. I always thought FSO Polonez used out of date Fiat lumps. That was another car I had for a while a Fiat Supermirafiori twin cam Sport. Like someone said about their Alfa! When it ran and was on tune it was fantastic. Sadly that was not too often.
  24. No I don't think there was much Honda on a K series! But if you got one of the models that had a Honda engine (complete with VTEC) they were sound. Actually I think with a proper rebuild and upgraded gaskets / cooling system then the K series can be sound as well.
  25. The moral being if you don't want a mobile phone built in China, buy a Sony.
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