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  2. Thanks for sharing that. Very useful to know.
  3. Just seen this on Stalham FB page Wayford Bridge Repair This is just to confirm that Norfolk County Council Highways has reconsidered the timetable for working on the Wayford Bridge and this will now be a one-lane closure and take place after Easter next year. Exact dates to be confirmed Andy
  4. Does an Horizon 35 have twin trapezes and a top speed of about 30 kts?
  5. That's the name of the program. Today it was villages close to Norwich.
  6. I loved Mr MMs post (well, I had to, didn't I ), but at heart I do have a problem with the whole idea that men are good at some things and women have a completely different skill set. Aren't we all individuals?
  7. Ray

    Men Vs Women

    I can see this escalating..... This is the 21st century I believe. Every person has strengths and weaknesses, "persons" come in 2 main types - men and women. The above applies whenever there is any amount gender fluidity equally! ๐Ÿ‘
  8. Today
  9. This particular incident was incredibly unfortunate and nobody was at fault. The vessel ran aground on a hither-to-unknown mud bank which seemed to have appeared. It wasn't showing on any existing hydrographic surveys at the time. I am not sure what happened at the location after this was recovered.
  10. There is a caravan axle for sale on Norwich FB market place if that is the way you decide to go. Good luck.
  11. Right. I'm going to step out onto the thin ice on this one, but please remember I am using generalisations for which there are a multitude of exceptions. Lets take three types of "driver". You have the F1 racing driver, the average car driver and the boat helmsperson. Taking the middle ground the average car driver, both the best and the worst drivers I have come across were female. If we use the insurance companies as the "rule of thumb" they hold both gender as pretty much equal. each with their good traits, each with their bad. With F1 the requirement is for aggressive
  12. That limit goes beyond hire too. Its related to MCA regulations. No ferry can have more than 12 passengers either, else it falls under MCA regulations which are much stricter than the local authority licensing schemes and the BSS every 4 years.
  13. DAVIDH


    The boats are offered for hire, but not many have been booked since the extension of the season was announced. From what I can see, most are (at this stage) not attracting bookings.
  14. Ray

    Men Vs Women

    I think LG should note the words "knocked himself out" in case his female crew decide his attitude requires some correction. After all, what happens onboard stays onboard ๐Ÿ˜
  15. Alpha craft 32 , a nice go anywhere boat , especially with the river levels as they have been of late. Remember when you turn the wheel you have almost 30ft behind you which will sweep quite a large arc. If you have one bring an oil filled radiator with you to keep the chill off overnight when on shore power (card available from most boatyards or can order from Yare house by post) overnight will cost about ยฃ2 on low continuous heat donโ€™t use radiator (or fan heater) on inverter ever though , knackers the batteries !!! if not on shore power your warm air vented heating is efficie
  16. I agree with JM there. The Dawncraft as you describe isn't the strongest construction. Floated onto a trailer, CAREFULLY strapped down and properly supported is the way to go. My parents owned a Dawncraft 22, and a friend owned a 25. I know the make well.
  17. No offence taken. Not guilty guv re helm obliged to get away. It is very rare for this type of incident but I suspect a very difficult one to achieve a satisfactory outcome.
  18. I am on stargem2 I have bought a forum sticker
  19. Satchmo, if any of your boat's bulkheads are soft/rotten then a HIAB might not be a good idea as the hull would be at risk of distortion when lifted, be wary.
  20. I think thats why ive been reluctant to change roles. We currently both know exactly what we are doing and whos doing what so to reverse it may upset the applecart!
  21. In reality the best helm is usually the kids, anyone that has never driven a car in fact.
  22. I can't find the post I was referring to Wussername but I'm sure it wasn't in referrence to one of yours, it was mentioned that if some is stuck under your boat the helm is obliged to get away but I'm stuffed if I can find it. No offence meant.
  23. I know my place!! I helm, the wife knits, does her cross stitch or plays games on her tablet. If I ask nicely, she will take the helm to allow me a few minutes to take a couple of photos, or to answer a call of nature, although whilst Iโ€™m up, I usually have to make a cuppa as compensation!!
  24. Has the Salhouse 2021 meet been penciled in yet?
  25. You're sure to be fine. I'm the most unsure person around and even I have realised it's just a matter of practise, and proper planning. oh...and also having the confidence to tell your partner what you want them to do (like undo the bow/stern rope first). Nothing worse than miscommunication when setting off or mooring
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