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  2. Blimey, calm down Peter, it's not going to happen. You'll be declaring war on Fredonia next! Here's your man: "Writer, angler and amateur naturalist. Conservation, environment and fly fishing are specialities. Gray's Sporting Journal (USA), BBC Wildlife Magazine, BBC Countryfile Magazine, Derbyshire Life, Fallon's Angler, Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine, Yorkshire Post, Sunday Telegraph. Podcasts for BBC Countryfile Magazine. Photography. Story consultant. Communications consultant. Fly fishing guide on England's historic River Dove. (Contact for de
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  4. Not for the first time eh Lulu Cheers Bern, had a great time with you all and lolly
  5. Tonight's results were: In joint second on 13 points SteveO, NikO and Jayfire The winner on 16 points was TigerHawk Congratulations and thank you to all who took part. Sorry LuLu Jayfire beat you this week
  6. Better ruined than dead? Personally I'm being pessimistic towards the thought of any real return to normality for this summer, let alone the Spring. Quite simply we shall make the best of what we have. Thank goodness we live here! What will be will be.
  7. If this unlikely ban is brought in what then for the Broads? The area isn't a national park thus such a ban would surely not apply. Indeed the BA has no responsibility for road traffic. I wonder what the real national parks would then say if the Broads maintained the NP masquerade yet ignored the NP traffic ban? Electric or diesel, not the issue, it's the sheer number of cars and visitors that is the problem. As we have seen during this past winter North Norfolk has suffered a massif influx of cars, it's not just an NP issue. As far as the Broads is concerned the area might be the route but i
  8. As to this latest Roma has it we all could have our Summer ruined and it's getting beyond the joke on us all. As I was hoping for March or April to be away on the Broads for us all to chill out.
  9. Well I for one won't be driving an electric car, my current diesel car will see out the rest of my lifetime needs and is actually cleaner than the petrol/hybrid equivalent. Fred
  10. So for all these electric vehicles they will dig up great chunks of these so called parks just for some hair brained idea from some grass eating pen-pusher. I think that’s it. Colin
  11. I thought it safer not to. At the end of the day, they're only my observations, but one of them is the only yard whose customers I've seen jettisoning bags of crap (and their mop and bucket for some reason) into the water at Gaye's before turning round and hitting full throttle on their way out.
  12. considering the push to get us all in electric vehicles surely their argument falls on the first hurdle, they would need to provide parking with electric charge points. add to that most people wont be able to get to a national park in an electric vehicle due to lack of range and the problem is solved in a heartbeat. as is their income for the next 30 years
  13. My first thoughts on this were on your bike... but actually that’s playing into their aim but in any case I prefer to travel by push bike so I’ve snookered myself. But no I would snooker them by going for an Amphicar converted to electric. No doubt there is a green agenda, carbon zero, neutral, net.... it’s been 20 years now and I’m never sure of the target! But I think an electric Amphicar should not be banned from an NP and might tick more than one box?
  14. All is not lost. Let's hear it for the horse!
  15. Has anyone bothered to ask the local residents and businesses in the NPs let alone the Norfolk towns and villages adjacent to the Broads how they are going to conduct their everyday lives. Fred
  16. Talk of park and ride made me wonder how close Postwick P&R is to the river for "Park & Float". But then I notice there seems to be just a row of trees between the car park and the railway. Please tell me someone considered putting a platform there and it was rejected for very good reasons? It would give access to Norwich and the Broads. Just saying.
  17. You can institute as many rules, regulations, checks and balances as you want. You can legislate for this and that. You can apply stiff penalties for those who contravene those rules... But you will never stop idiots from chinning all of it off and doing as they please. You can't legislate for stupid, and as has been said so many time before "build something idiotproof and they'll just build a better idiot". I think the yards could possibly do more. In many years holidaying on the Broads there have always been two yards that stick out to me as having customers who go everywhere at fu
  18. I have a vision of a beautiful area of countryside having a HUGE slab of tarmac marked out with white lines all over it. These lines would be so close to each other that you would not be able to park an average sized car between them and there would be no space to sit next to your car to enjoy a nice cuppa if you so wished. There would be a large ugly sign next to an ugly machine which would be there to extract all your spare cash for a small piece of paper which says you can leave your car where it is for a certain length of time. You would then be allowed to purchase another piece
  19. As one who visits national parks by car I have to say that I'm at a loss on this one. The access issue is of paramount importance if people are to be able to visit and enjoy what is on offer, whether National Trust, National Park or The Broads. Perhaps Park & Ride is the answer but not universally, at least not for those of us who have mobility issues. I'm not going to suggest 'travellators' or the like but limiting access is surely not the way forward. Better management surely? Should cars be banned on national parks then will such a ban apply to NP family members? I wouldn't anticip
  20. Whilst I may have similar views on electric cars, possibly because I am just too old to see it, never underestimate the human mind - Google for example is just over 20 yrs old! Even the internet is not that much older, and I remember the first electronic calculators and how expensive they were ( thanks Mr Sinclair! ) A vaccine which took less than a year to develop, test and put in production - don't be ridiculous! There I was locked down with nothing to do and scrolling through some silly news story the other day, I spotted that some bright spark (!) had discovered that heating Li ion ba
  21. Well in ten years time we will all be driving electric cars (😂😂) which unless they are able to increase the range or install enough fast charging stations on route, no one will be able to get there in a day, it's like turning the clock back to the stage coach taking several days journey from the South East to get to the Lake District. Hey ho that's progress. 😕
  22. Why do people start threads based on any article printed by the EDP? I would sooner trust the the word of the "great dictator" over anything released by that rag!
  23. Most if not all of the National Parks are in remote area's that public transport can never provide services other than piecemeal; as already stated it is the local residents that have to pay for these services or in some cases lack of them. Lets face it these quangos that run the National Parks are not interested in what the the people think; the Lake District is a prime example.
  24. Exactly, and as you most probably know, the same is true of the National Trust & others in the Lake District. I remember pulling into one place we had never been to before just to have a look around. The car park charges were high enough to make us consider the fact that if we didn't like it we would most likely want to go and visit another place to make a day of it. No wonder people look for places to park on verges and farmers have to deploy concrete barriers etc. Market Harborough is a lovely desirable place to live these days but back in the 1970's it was quite run down to say the
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