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  2. A commendable and progressive viewpoint. I agree with most of what you are saying.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Theres a very good documentary about Belmarsh. Something that is close to my heart.I was part of a group appointed by the Home office. I was Chairman Of the Tamesmead Advisory Forum, when we the Residents of Thamesmead ruled the area.I was recommend to serve on the BOV .Our brief was and is to report on the state of the prison .Free access to all areas,talking to Prisoners, staff.check on food visits etc.I spent nearly fourteen years there can say I enjoyed my time My last year I was Chairman of the IMB.In my time I met most Members of the IRA,loyalist groups ,killers etc. Over the years my own views changed. Many should be given help to change and encouraged to fit into society. Some will never be able to lead a normal life . Some may say I'm a do gooder ,no I'm not ,but I will help people if I think they can be good members of the community. Fourteen years spent at Belmarsh, pleased I did so,think I helped a few.
  5. Barnes brinkcraft (nbs) list them as new builds
  6. It seems as if Google Maps isn't buying it any more. Latest map attached... Nor is Ordnance Survey...
  7. Hi anyone know who builds the Heritage 286 ?
  8. I'm always paying attention Mr Nog, and I always know who I'm talking to
  9. Glad I’ve got a forward steer cruiser booked for March then!
  10. Just seeing whether Jay was paying attention!
  11. For the past five weeks I’ve been unable to get under Ludham Bridge , I need 8ft so can get through at about 7ft 10 on the downstream board , yesterday was 7ft 3 , I wonder if the BA is going to revise its bridge heights which still claim 8ft 6 as the average high water level at Ludham , the past few years I would say it was nearer to 8ft 2 at high water levels
  12. Is it like this Mr Nog???
  13. Jean!!!!!!!!!!! (you know what he's like)
  14. Aha, now this one I know, you're meaning CHRISTMAS
  15. Having just spent the last 5 years living in Switzerland at 2000ft elevation above the beautiful city of Bern, I can honestly say that whatever this season is supposed to be it's great. We were used to minus 17 in November through to March snow almost every week and freezing winds and no rain. After moving to Suffolk I equipped the new piece of German engineering with high quality winter tyres as the grip in the snow in CH with the Japanese Engineering was great, the grip here in the low temperature rain was and is simply amazing, I love it. Tyres stored and rotated every month until I need them and the winter ones the same in the summer. I had forgotten how mild UK winters were, even for a child of the Northwest. Suffolk is great if a tad wet. Bring on the spring you're on about Tim I cant wait. Malanka beckons. See you all soon at the spring meet. M&F
  16. “Spring is nearly here” Thats what we thought on Sunday when we tootled down the Thurne to Ranworth. A few others out and about enjoying the winter sun. Had a walk this morning - very cold, frosty and foggy🥶
  17. It has finally gone down a bit from the levels of the weekend - but in overall terms it is only marginal! The boat was dripping everywhere - out and in!!!!!
  18. I am under no illusion that we have seen the worst this winter has yet to offer, one can though. Being stuck at the farm seeing to the horses on a dark dank Wednesday nights are no fun at all, add snow and ice in the mix and I'm ready to sell up lol
  19. Sthil now do an excellent range of battery kit which are fine for part day jobs and may save the hassle of genny & cables https://www.stihl.co.uk/STIHL-Products/080087/STIHL-Cordless-Power-Systems.aspx Been around for 3-4 years now so well tried & tested - I have used the blower & it runs for over 2 hours without loosing power
  20. Still barely 6`0" at Wroxham Fred
  21. Very nice,but think we've yet to feel winter.Sure it will still bite us.
  22. Just returned from an extended jaunt with the beagle brothers through the woods. I noticed last week that the narcissus and daffodils are already pushing their way through and some are almost ready to open!
  23. As long as they raise PJ's chippy first! The rest seems a fair sacrifice and seaside water parks are very on trend these days.
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