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  2. Today for the first time we had no hot water, now a technical question my boat is keel cooled and where the pipes go through the hull there is a “T” piece which goes to the Calorifier. My question is why is it not plumbed in series with the keel cooler as the water would then pass through the keel cooler then the Calorifier and back to the engine. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hired Fair Ambassador during the 90s, it’s a great boat for two but would certainly be cramped for 6! Pricey too.
  4. Yes Vaughan you have got it. I walked from coltishal common along the road past anchor moorings it’s just past there.
  5. I think Tranquilla is expensive for such a "short" six berth cruiser. It's just 31ft in length, which means it's going to be crowded on there with six people. it's actually a glammed up version of this boat, but nearly twice the cost - though Fair Ambassador is marketed for four people.
  6. The north bank of the Bure upstream of Wroxham, where there is a cattle swim.
  7. Today
  8. Nobody’s got it yet !
  9. Brilliant post Meantime. Nice to hear of those places that are doing exceptionally well despite the circumstances, and your post has changed my views on visiting the Falgate.
  10. Katie and I love those Sheerline 950cc boats , especially with the convertible seating berth . Didnt spot that one when it was up for sale :(
  11. Sorry, I think I’ve just repeated what Broads01 already said! 😂😂
  12. That looks like a very nice centre cockpit boat. No drawing of the layout available. Looks like very plush seating on the cockpit area and in the stern galley. But the only bed is v berths under the bow or converting the seating to a double. A bit pricey for me as well but looks like a great addition.
  13. Lets us have a proper look see:-
  14. The simple answer is yes, however I would still caution against punching against an ebb tide. A favourite trip of mine is to leave The Berney Arms or Burgh Castle moorings and just head out across Breydon Water, through Breydon bridge and then head back again. I'm purely doing it to be out on Breydon, with no intention of heading up the Bure and therefore will set off and do it no matter what the tide is doing and will not thrash the engine in doing so. On many an occasion I have set of with 1200rpm against the flood and by the time I reach Breydon bridge I'm doing no more than 2.5mph. It matters not I'm there for the journey, not to reach a certain point by a given time. It is not unusual to be doing 6 - 7 mph at the same rpm on the return across Breydon. Engine failures are rare but if you have one against a flood tide you are only going to get pushed back up river or back across Breydon. If you have one on a full ebb you are going to be carried fairly quickly down river. The worst place to have an engine failure would be between the Bure bridges and Breydon bridge on an ebb tide.
  15. Oh just add Acle Spice will deliver to Stracey, plus a cab to Acle won’t break the bank I’d be tempted to clock the Stracey moorings and push on to Stokesby if no mooring double back! Thats because I like the Ferry but I love drinking their beer more! 😉
  16. Hi 750XL Yes I go through Yarmouth when suits me bridge clearance being right you will take longer and use more fuel but your are on holiday, if your concerned/ worried about a fivers worth of fuel!!!!. John
  17. I’m no expert by any means but looking the tables you’ve provided I’d go over at slack on the Wednesday and come back by Monday, low water if necessary you’d still have nearly 3 hours to get to Stracey Arms We did low water in a high boat that wasn’t particularly powerful 80% throttle gave me 3mph soon rising to 4 then 5! I did use a bit more fuel than ‘doing it right’ my concern was bridge height not water flow! As has been said a lot will depend on the conditions at the time, but most boats can cope with the flow at this time Best to check with the YS nearer the time i hope I’ve read those tables right! 😉
  18. Thanks everybody for the replies, varied opinions as always. Would the bog standard engine in a hire boat have the power to punch through a full flowing tide, for example through Yarmouth?
  19. The Ship Reedham opening today (Sat 24 July)with board out advertising their Sunday Lunches Best ring ahead though ( Check FB or Trip Advisor in case of revised phone number) Under new management.
  20. 1950's Sabberton Broads Day Launch - £ TBC Just listed on Topsail.
  21. I'm staying in bed after reading this lot.
  22. It would appear that we have a misunderstanding of my own making.
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