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  2. It will be gratifying to see it tided up with perhaps boats and chalets, its such a eye sore at present. John
  3. Read the by laws they are quite clear four times a year exemption. John
  4. Wroxham Bridge is easy, Water Rail always has loads of room there.
  5. Today
  6. You also have to factor in the many many first time Broads boaters that would have caught the boating bug , irrespective of booming foreign holidays IMHO the Broads Boating holiday trade is looking good for the foreseeable future
  7. You can always varnish someone else's woodwork
  8. Well I managed to find a couple of days to nip over on Friday 8th and came home Saturday. Luckily I had a good trip over and got there with enough daylight left to get a coat of Toplac on my repairs. Again, there were three tins in the boat, two partly used but this time the first one I opened (the lightest) had usable paint! That was my main objective for the visit so as to get some decent protection on the repairs for the winter months, so with that achieved, I could relax. I hadn't set myself much to do inside this time apart from wipe down all the surfaces with anti bacterial cleaner. I look forward to the day I can start revarnishing the it all..... However, with the extended darkness I spent some time assessing the work required for the worst part of the deck repair along the starboard side. I got under the deck from the inside (easier if I were still 30 but just slow everything down!) and shot some video. By the look of it, there has been a lot of damp in one area, for a long time. I'll have to remove the internal panelling to get close enough even to measure, let alone do any work, but I'm more confident as we go along. On Saturday I had plenty of time to start stripping out the caulking in an area of the deck at the rear port side. I used my custom made tools which turned out to be a little on the wide side but they have since been pruned. The idea was to use my slot funnel for the first time to get some resin into the deck support timbers. On the bright side, I was right with my assessment that they are a bit soft. On the down side they were still a bit damp therefore the resin wouldn't be so effective. I left the slots covered over with tape. Never mind though, I've now trimmed the tools to make the slots a bit cleaner and next time should see some significant progress deckwise. In other news, I have been playing live online auctions again! There is a space in the saloon where some oaf has cut out some cupboards to make way for a log burner. It's 52” wide, 26” high and 16” deep. I've been looking for an old radiogram or similar to convert into a drinks cabinet as a “temporary” installation until an internal refurb takes place. So this wine rack came up, looking for all the World like a magazine rack, I thought it may be useful with another unit instead of the radiogram. I was the only bidder at the minimum £5, net £7.50 with charges. It's huge. It's a bit weird in that it is held together with crude pegs, takes 12 bottles, but it's portable! However, as can be seen, it's more likely to have 6 bottles of wine, with gin taking up any available space. And to keep the glasses in, this lovely little drawer unit. I didn't inspect the rack before the auction but this I did. I'm no furniture expert but I have seen a few antique shows to have learned something. I removed each drawer and noted they were numbered with the base unit so each drawer was matched to it's own slot. The joints are all excellent dovetails. It was listed as mahogany. The brass bits make it look a bit boaty for me, or military. They are laquered brass and patinated but that's ok by me; I'll not be trying to clean them up. I've waxed the wood and fed the leather top. How old does it look? Guess the hammer price? And for the Grandchildren: There was a poor picture of a British Seagull outboard in one auction and I thought it would make another little project for the kids to strip down. £15 hammer price. I haven't got it yet, it's still in Norfolk, but it turns and the plug looks new. It's even got the string!
  9. Nooooo! Don't wish for another storm, not when we are about to come up to the Broads! It was windy enough that day when you came to say hello at Irstead.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Lovely holiday tale, thanks Jean. You must have been out and about when we were up last and out paths probably crossed without knowing it.
  12. I've hired from Richardson's many times of the years and never been disappointed. Even with their older boats, everything "just works" and call outs have been needed very rarely, even late in the season. Richardsons have only ever fallen short once for me and that was in 2018 when I was one of a number of hirers who had their booking cancelled at short notice due to their policy u-turn on solo hiring. That decision still grates on me now, especially when I see the boat I hired solo on two occasions (Broadland Wave 2), a boat which I loved.
  13. Tides don't look too good - you will be just after springs and the clocks will have changed but Wednesday looks doable especially if you moor Tuesday night at Stracey Arms - think you could leave Stracey around 7.30, pass Yarmouth about 9. The tide with all this fresh water is bound still to be ebbing on the Bure, and you will catch the flood across Breydon. Probably even do similar if you moored at Stokesby - the tide will be ramping out down to Yarmouth! But it is springs ish so there might be a reasonable flow to be mindful of!!
  14. I was with Navigators and General but they didn't want to increase my boats value when I went to renew, which I felt necessary due to boat resale prices since the pandemic. I am now insured with Alan Boswell of Norwich for the value I wanted, better terms, less excess and yet still with the same underwrites, Zurich.
  15. Try Reedham & District Local History & Archaeology Group on Facebook - a mine of information!
  16. Last week
  17. Richardsons offer good discounts on there holidays on there own website click on savers.
  18. I think 'tender' is a well chosen word
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