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  1. Yesterday
  2. Like that! I reckon folk think there is a mysterious being who catches the fish beneath the surface and sticks them on hooks as they dangle!
  3. I must have missed that one I thought it went from 95 to 98 to 2000 (or ME ).
  4. Unfortunately my last visit to the broads has been far far too long ago CC so I won't be around this weekend, but have a great time at The Ferry, I hope the weather us good for you, the repairs are satisfactory and I look forward to seeing you around the rivers soon
  5. Tom (BA), could you please help by telling us when Authority members were first informed about emerging disagreements between the Authority and the Trust, were members involved in the negotiations or at least kept updated, and what were the reasons for the Trust wanting to sever relations? I hope that you agree and accept that this information would be in the public interest.
  6. Have collected NBN decals from my printers , they measure approx 25cm x 10cm (the white surround is backing paper ) will take them down to Norfolk next weekend
  7. Pleasure to meet you at lunchtime today Griff. We headed for Salhouse as planned. It was a much better afternoon for cruising.
  8. I've heard there's dragons above those bridges!
  9. Last week
  10. It looks like we will be doing a very similar thing as we are on the Broads the same week and hope to do a bit of the south too. An afternoon crossing on Sunday and then probably a very early start on Wednesday heading back north. Which boat are you on? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  11. To be fair, you probably new the result before the race started. It's quite often the same. We've known who was going to win the title since about May!
  12. Well iwe are now safely moored up at Great Yarmouth, after a 10mph trip across Breydon we arrived and carefully made our way against the tide, to moor up. The only unusual fact was our skipper Charlie was. fast asleep, I am justifiably proud of the crew for doing everything necessary when it was needed as we moored up with a light bump to wake the skipper.
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