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  2. Warm welcome to the forum :)
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  5. A fabulous result and if Ben Stokes had been elevated to the ranks of the greats for his world cup exploits I think he's just ascended to the higher rank of immortality. I hope that this result, earned by the stoicism of a couple and heroism of one does not allow the ECB and it's selectors to paper over the gaping cracks and avoid addressing the deficiencies which left us chasing 350 plus in the second innings. Had England lost this match, which in truth they should have, the selectors would have had no choice but to make changes. Now they have the age old excuse of the inept, "never change a winning team" The weaknesses in the England batting must be addressed and those who are continually failing have to make way. Jason Roy and Joss Buttler are not test cricketers. Hopefully they will continue to spearhead England in the white ball game for years to come but their tenure in the red ball outfit should be at an end. Time and time again England try to fit players, batsmen especially into a position that does not suit them, and time and time again that policy has failed. It is time to select specialists.
  6. grand stretch of river as well!! http://www.yorkmarine.co.uk/
  7. The fastest solution for me would to be to remove about 30 metres of track crossing Bridge Road but apparently “some” people use the Railway “sometimes” and wouldn't be very happy about it! I have dreamt of a bypass but never a tunnel, could you elaborate!
  8. Bank Holiday Monday and great fun it tends to be! Big PLEA though, please don't turn on your spot lights and the like, darn things instantly kill other folk's night sight.
  9. Gorgeous! Glad you've had a great day.
  10. Polly

    My Day

    We had a lovely afternoon on Saturday, visiting Boughton House. It’s really palatial and still in private hands, the Duke of Buccleuch’s I believe. It isn't open a whole lot, so we took the opportunity for a couple of guided tours. I especially enjoyed the one that took us behind the scenes, and upstairs rather than grand state rooms. Our guide was a sturdy 80 something who had been born on the estate and had first-hand information going back through the decades. ‘This is the housekeepers sitting room, I had many a tea here as a lad,’ ‘We all liked to get into the kitchen, it was pretty cold everywhere else’ ‘That is the present Duke’s grandmother, she was a lovely lady, we used to come up from the school to sing for her at Christmas.’ The Duke’s PA was a formidable woman, fair, but a bit scary. And so on... ...but the story I liked best relates back to the C18th. The family has a reputation as animal lovers; and the Duke of that time had responsibility for the Royal Menagerie in the Tower of London. When any of the creatures became too old and needed to retire, he brought them to Boughton House to live out their days in comfort and peace. No animal was ever put down. There had been a persistent story in the family of a lion in the pantry. Recently the archivist found a letter from that Duke laying down his instructions for ‘Lion’. Our guide read them to us. Lion was to be let out as soon as the servants were up and allowed to go wherever he liked. Hw was to have food prepared for him and a bowl of water always available in the pantry. He could go where he liked all the day and to be shut up warmly when the servants went to bed. Some time later Lion no 2 joined the household! That was some kitchen cat!
  11. Brilliant photo. Some amazing colours here on the coast right now so I’m sure there must be some spectacular sunsets around the Broads again tonight.
  12. There probably are 200 miles of ‘safe inland waterways ‘ but the 75 missing miles are not navigable by anything larger than a kayak. Or maybe a remote controlled toy cruiser. That would be my take on it anyway.
  13. Steve O was selling his recently, it sails too. Try a pm? The dinghy is/was in Horning.
  14. You can get them as cheap as £15 from online chandleries.
  15. Yes we had a very similar map from NBD. I think there is standard mapping which each yard can personalise with their branding and photos. If you buy in bulk you can do that.
  16. Helen, You looked very happy helming yesterday. Enjoy your week.
  17. Totally agree. I'm no fan of Gordon Ramsey, but his programme from years ago about food from hell (or whatever it was called?) had a restaurant really struggling, and had about 80 or more dishes on the menu, and the food quality was very poor. After his input, they cut the menu to about 12 dishes, including starters and deserts, and the quality shot up because they had a lot more time for preparation cooking, and service.
  18. Hi all I have the Mira 8 and need the service pack but it seems to be obsolete every where including Mira. Has anyone got any leads I can get a set Pete
  19. Last week
  20. If the company that performed your estimate/quote have not notified you in advance that a fee for the quote is applicable then you are under no legal obligation to pay it , irrespective if they state on their website that fees may be applicable , without a written agreement or online contract between yourself and them where BOTH parties have agreed then no monies are due , when you instruct a tradesman to undertake a job then a contract can be deemed to be inplace but if you ask said tradesman to give a quotation he or she is obliged to inform you as the customer that said quotation is at a cost if they failed to make this clear to you then they cannot then say you owe them x amount , consumer laws cover this very well and are set up to prevent exactly this kind of exploitation
  21. dnks34

    1 Careful Owner

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-21783000 According to this source Spirit of Breydon cost 115k in 2013. Its lasted a little over 6 years and if it sold for the asking price (not very likely) after brokerage fees it will have lost the Authority not far off 40k. This is not to mention any maintenance costs for the rumoured engine failure(s) suffered whilst in service. I also think its questionable that the Authority have placed it in Brokerage needlessly wasting up to 8% plus vat of its sales price when they most probably have the resources to dispose of it in house. If it came to it I assume a broker like Boatshed being online would be cheaper, its not like the BA are stuck for a mooring while it sells is it? (I take it back Boatshed charges 8%)
  22. If you look at the picture below, the green line I have painted is the river bank flood defence and public right of way. There is nothing usable to the right of the line and mainly reeds and drainage ditch to the left of the line. The twin dotted line is the permissive track you need to build your own access to over the drainage ditch and reeds. Look closely and you will see a small rectangle bottom left just outside the area for sale. That is where boats are currently moored on the mud, and whilst not a good mooring, is the best along that area until you get to the quay heading outside the pub.
  23. Really enjoyed your write up and photos Kron.
  24. Yeah, she's private. When I was first sent pictures I wasn't sure what I was being shown as externaly she looks extremely similar to the hirefleet spec (apart from the seating on the flybridge).
  25. Having come back from our trip south I was getting concerned about the frequent Bilge pump action Yesterday we came down to the boat to find we had no water. We also noticed the bilge pump didn’t go once over night. When we were hit a few years ago it was right on the water tank which is copper riveted construction and it caused it to leak well it had been leaking again so out with the hand basin and a temporary repair carried out and hopefully it will last long enough to get a stainless tank made. And no bilge pump action at all today.
  26. Likely worth trying Jon Heward at Wayford Marine Services as well. He tends to hoard bits!
  27. Sorry I missed it, TH, I like your quizzes.
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