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  2. aside from all the smutty jokes and inuendo going on, in the world of engineering / machinist working metal aside from the many male channels i have recently found one from Canada - Blondiehacks - who really gets into machining and explains all her techniques - and also includes the mistakes, showing that not everyone does it correctly the first time.
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  4. I popped up on Thursday and will be back up over the weekend also
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  6. This evening's quiz was won by Bern, with SteveO and NikO joint second. Thanks to all who joined in.
  7. Regarding industrial contamination, already mentioned, perhaps there is a case for substantial government grants in order to encourage the use of brownfield sites. We have acres and acres of contaminated brownfield sites besides Lowestoft Harbour, not only that but there is a mile or more of breathtakingly expensive iron shuttering that needs replacing before any building work can commence. That, and the huge cost of asbestos removal, makes for very, very expensive building land when compared with greenfield sites.
  8. Looks like Ludham Bridge - spent a happy few hours there back in Jason's day with No Worries at 45' bow down in a sling when we pruned a blade off the prop.
  9. Yes, but without that Vetus weed filter! Not hirer proof. (see above)
  10. I have just picked up a full roll of Original Trakmark if any still needs any.
  11. Just in case! From: Police Connect Sent: Thursday, December 3, 2020 4:59 PM Subject: Norfolk Police - This week's Consumer scam alerts from Norfolk Trading Standards The following is a Police Connect message. Scam Alert – Telephone cold calls claiming to be from ‘Amazon’ – 3 December 2020 We are again warning residents to be on their guard for telephone cold calls claiming to be from ‘Amazon’. We have had several reports from Norfolk residents of recorded message calls claiming to be from Amazon that advise
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  13. My understanding is that the original agreement was for Dunes to open at Acle for one year as a means of assessing the viability of a catering outlet at that location. It was also suggested, at the time, that the building itself had a very limited, remaining life span, that being, in part, the justification for the construction of the proposed Acle Debacle. Since then I have heard absolutely zero on this topic. I would like to think that the Dunes people now have some form of security but I suspect that you know who is still clutching at straws in regard to his grandiose ambitions.
  14. Thanks to John and Stumpy. I'll be doing a bit of poking around online until it's either easy to get stuff via the ether or it becomes safe to visit in person. The lady at NRO says that some of the pages are fixed together and may be difficult to photocopy. I don't expect her to have examined them too closely at a first enquiry so I'm sort of hoping there may be folded drawings. Fingers crossed but there's got to be something useful in 30 pages. Knowing my luck though, it may be one page of registration and 29 pages of terms and conditions.
  15. Highlight the web address and then press CTRL C to copy the address. Then open your browser and in the address bar click and then press CTRL V to paste the address and then hit return. Alternatively click here
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