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  2. Poppy

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Interesting document. Thanks for posting. An exercise in establishing why not to do something you didn't want to do in the first place. I wonder how you convert Tons into cubic metres - or vise versa ?
  3. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    What a wonderful change from the earlier in the week rain and wind. Now it's just windy . It's warmed from the frosty 3° this morning to a lovely warm 6° in the sunshine
  4. Today
  5. springsong

    Lpg Induction Hob, Anyone?

    Quite a few years ago while working for a well known DIY store I was invited to the Belling/Stoves factory somewhere near Preston (I think).We had never heard of induction hobs so were invited to guess using a measured amount of water in an electric kettle, a pan on a gas cooker and the induction hob which would boil quickest. The induction hob won by a country mile even without a lid.. The main problem no copper or aluminium pans and of course a hefty inverter and Lithium batteries.preferably. If I was a wealthy chap and had a boat I would certainly go this route, even after boiling this water the hob was safe to touch after seconds rather than minutes.
  6. Smoggy

    Build A 12v Drawer Fridge

    The components for a compressor fridge are not much cheaper than buying a complete fridge, the advantage of a homebuilt fridge is that you can usually mount the compressor unit up to 1.5 metres away so if you bulid the fridge in the right place the compressor can be outside the cabin area, when it's hot and the fridge works hardest it pumps out heat into the cabin otherwise and makes the fridge have to work harder. Years ago I had one of the waeco drwer fridges under the dinette seat on a norman 25 and although it was dear it was a great fridge, the drawer design means all the cold air doesn't drop out when you open it unlike a normal fridge. Isotherm do the kits and you can take the rivets out of the evaporator plate and carefully (VERY carefully) straighten them out to a flat plate if needed, on my last boat I did this and used the plate as an L shape up the back and top of my homemade fridge cupboard.
  7. stumpy

    Richardson 2019

    That popped up on Facebook yesterday. A clever bit of typesetting reads 'Christmas-day boat hire-Wroxham.....' Once you click on the link you twig they don't actually mean Christmas Day.
  8. Cal

    Boats For Couples

    It is surprising just how many people you find on boats who have no interest in learning how to handle it be that driving or mooring up. We made a point of both of us learning how to handle our boat and being able to handle it on our own without another crew member just in case one of us falls ill during a cruise. The other can then take it home single handed. Good job too because there have been two occasions now where Liam has been taken ill and I have had to get the boat back to base alone!
  9. Yesterday
  10. grendel

    Calendars In Print

    as well as the link at the top of the page, the calendars can be purchased through the forum shop https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/shop/ along with burgees, window stickers (static cling and self adhesive ) and wooden control knobs.
  11. Jayfire

    First Fire Of The Winter.

    Maybe it should have been this then??? Hmm, who you been talking to???
  12. Pumpmedic

    Storebro 34 Royal, Ever Owned One?

    Thanks for the reply, maybe if I was younger then . Lovely looking boat all the same.
  13. Just a quick thanks to those that came along to the Ludham Dog on Friday. The evening raised £630. Special thanks to the Ludham Dog team for helping us organise the evening and for being such good hosts. R (pic attached - Albert Cooper (85)
  14. Pumpmedic

    Which Boat Best For Me?.

    Thanks for replying, there seems to be a lot of Alpha 35 centre cockpit owners singing their praise here.
  15. Pumpmedic


    Thanks Alan, no doubt I have much to learn, just referenced canals to show my experiance however limited it may be but I need to hear comments like this.
  16. C.Ricko

    'schooner' Identity / Fate ?

    my Grandad had a schooner named 'Wildflower' he stripped the copper off the bottom and gave it to the sea scouts who wreaked it on Corton?beach.. I have a photo of it somewhere going through Mutford lock..
  17. Last week
  18. vanessan

    Speeding On The Broads

    You wouldn’t - would you??
  19. FairTmiddlin

    North & South, Where Is The Line?

    What made me put sea senile old brain cannot do three things at once now. I meant to put Estuary.
  20. scaniaman

    Why Is It?

    Two ten year old truck batteries and a starting handle would be more my cup of tea lol paul
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