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  • Gathering Gazebo Appeal

    If you were at Salhouse this year, you will remember that we were lucky with the weather, which was a relief for those of us sorting tentage.

    Now we are trying to make sure future meets stay snug and dry even if it rains, and although we have a good tent, we admit it's a bit too small for our numbers.

    So we decided to launch an appeal for 'Gathering Gazebos'. We'd like to raise enough fund two pop-up gazebos, with sides, at about £100 each. Anyone who would like to contribute is asked to kindly donate through our Gathering Gazebos button.

    If we manage to raise more than this amount, funds will go to purchasing a £96 Tug O' War rope, which Griff plans to use to good effect at future gatherings...you have been warned

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  2. 40something

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Is there such thing as a portable depth sounder that could be used on an inflatable? It would be a great little project to survey the area for depth and work out where it was safe to take a cruiser.
  3. I guess the system realises that if you are using proper punctuation you must be speaking English, nor "American English", in the same way when spelling realises with an S, not a Zeeeeeeee
  4. Today
  5. On Friday 17 August there will be intermittent interruptions to the water supply at Great Yarmouth Yacht Station. This will affect showers, toilets and the freshwater hoses and is due to emergency maintenance works being undertaken. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Regards Alan
  6. Victoryv

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    Perfect ! the usual view whilst transiting. Just don't want to add to the paint marks, already left some in the past.
  7. Harvey

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    Thanks again for all your replies. I think we have opted for the ferry at Surlingham. We are going Thursday and its forecast to rain! Typical!
  8. Timbo

    Ant Warning!!!

    Auntie Pat's Cafe opens at 8:30am proper breakfast that is!
  9. SteveDuk

    Sommerleyton And Reedham Bridges

    I'm glad I don't live near one of the bridges, can you imagine having boats hooting at the bridge at all hours.
  10. I think the main benefit is that the angular stuff is more spacious... Take an Alpha 35 C/C from 1995 and then compare it with an Alpha 35 c/c from 2015. There's a LOT more space inside the 1995 model....
  11. EastCoastIPA

    River Chet And Ongoing Problems

    It would appear that the BA have now replied to Chedgrave Parish Council and confirmed that the quay heading in question is the responsibility of the EA. The EA have passed the matter on to their agents BESL. In the meantime the BA are continuing to monitor and mark the obstruction with a yellow float and yellow sticks.
  12. BuffaloBill

    Stern Gland

    If the greaser hasn't been turned for some time, the grease already in the pipe from the greaser can go hard and that may be your problem. If it has gone hard, it can take some pressure to 'pump it through' and clear it. Remove it and see if it is all clear. If there is hard grease in it, careful use of a small drill turned by hand will remove it.
  13. BroadAmbition

    What's Makes You Support Your Team And Why?

    What's occurring then? Donny played their third game of this current season last night against the Iron (Scunthorpe) in a league cup game and managed a win. That's three on the bounce now! We currently sit second in the league table and will soon need oxygen and start suffering from nose bleeds. Most Donny fans are scared of heights Griff
  14. Yesterday
  15. Sazzajn

    That First Coffee

    I love my coffee and invested in one of these two years ago and never regretted it. Illy are my favourite beans! Whilst on our boat I use a thermos cafetière with Lazy Sundays coffee from Taylor’s. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  16. finny

    Acle Bridge Inn

    I don't pay any attention to forum critics when it comes to eating on the broads and people often forget that they are Pubs selling food and no more finny
  17. Polly

    The Reed And Rhond Anchor

    The Rred and Rhond Anchor is about to open. Please come as your favourite Arthur Ransome Character
  18. dnks34

    July BA Broads Brieifing

    Has there been any fresh news since the “workshop” as its gone quiet? Does anyone know anymore more?
  19. Paul

    Anyone Interested In Audiobooks

    never a truer word said. The Richard Burton recording really brings to life a work which otherwise is quite difficult to engage with.
  20. Chelsea14Ian


    I don't tip for pump outs or fuel,with cards I rarely tip on the card often giving cash as a tip.In fairness most pubs restaurants etc pass on the tips.Sadly there are a few that don't.
  21. Would the BA have any info for a wild mooring? It's not their land or responsibility, could be a private land owner telling you to sod off. If you see a boat doing it go for ramming speed......
  22. vanessan

    Waste Disposal Points

    Compiled Jul/Aug 2018 Waste facilities for boaters - Northern Rivers H = Hire boats only Richardson’s Boatyard Stalham H Sutton Staithe Barton Turf Neatishead Irstead Ludham Bridge Hickling Horsey Herbert Woods Boatyard Potter Heigham H Coltishall Faircraft Loynes (NBD) Wroxham  H Barnes Brinkcraft Wroxham H  Summercraft Wroxham H  Salhouse (car park) Ferry Marina Horning H Ranworth Eastwood Whelpton Upton H Bridgecraft Acle H Broads Boating Company Acle H Great Yarmouth Yacht Station Waste facilities for boaters - Southern Rivers H = Hire boats only Norwich Yacht Station Whitlingham (car park) Broom Boats Brundall H Silverline Brundall H Rockland Langley Dyke Loddon (Pye’s Mill - 6 ‘park’ type litter bins only) Pacific Cruisers Chedgrave H  Sanderson Marine Reedham H Reedham Geldeston Beccles Yacht Station Oulton Broad Yacht Station Somerleyton
  23. Last week
  24. I don't know about 2015 as I can only see the 2018-9 budget when I have a look. £1580.64 per year for a 4 week share. Sue
  25. TostockTimonnier

    The Sound Of Silence

    Day 3 Sunday 29th I awoke at about 6:30am and went for a walk as it was nice and dry out and I didn’t want to wake everyone else up. When I returned the lazy so and so’s were still not up so I had my morning shower, by the time I had come out Chrissy had risen and made the tea. I took Jenny’s through to her (tea in bed again) Chrissy, Grant and Jenny had showers in succession and I filled up with water whilst they were using it, an endless task. I shammied up top and readied the helm and set the switches below decks. I untied the ropes, turned round and proceeded to head back up the river Bure, to our lunchtime booking. By now the sun was getting very hot again and everyone was up on the sun deck, making the most of it. We had a lovely slow cruise back to Stokesby and our guests were looking at the riverside properties, just in case their lottery numbers came up. You have a great view, over the top of the reeds of the beautiful landscape and the wildlife from the upper deck . We had booked a table for Sunday lunch as mentioned at The Ferry Inn for 2pm. (01493 751096) When we arrived, the staithe and the pub moorings were full, in fact all of the Glebe Farm moorings were full apart from one space of approximately 40ft between two boats. We were punching a strong wind and tide so I steered the bow in and the tide pushed the stern in, a little throttle held her steady whilst Jenny temporarily fastened the bow rope, I tied the stern ropes and then I tied the bow rope, this was definitely a 10/10 for this mooring. We freshened up and headed off down to The Ferry Inn for lunch. Grant ordered the beef and pork roast, Chrissy had the beef roast, I decided on the chicken and pork roast and Jenny settled for the vegetarian mushroom linguini again. Three of us had syrup sponge and custard, whilst Jenny had the sticky toffee pudding with cream. Once again good pub grub at a reasonable price, good service and we didn’t feel rushed at all. We went back to the boat and chatted until it was time to part company with Grant & Chris, it had been a wonderful weekend with two really great friends. It wasn’t long before the land owner came and collected the five pounds mooring fee. We were both quite worn out so we settled in for the night with a drink or three.
  26. Paul

    Our New Car

    much the same here. My previous car was a Renault, Espace V6 diesel. It was abysmal. The mk IV was the first Espace built by Renault the I - IIIs having been licensed out to Matra. They proved reliable, the mkIV anything but. Every time I tried to trade it in I got the same response ...... sorry, we don't take the 3.0 diesel. In the end I found a dealer who would take it then chose the car, hence the cr-v. I've been to look at a new one this morning, though after three consecutive tin lids I do crave a return to a rag top, an E class being the most likely choice.
  27. LondonRascal

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    The stripe colour is actually too bright - a Cherry type of red, not a deeper Burgundy colour so it is one of the items that is being changed to better match with the canopy. I am also having the boot topping re-applied in a darker red using a far harder wearing paint and that will be brought up just a couple of inches as currently when fully fuelled and watered with two people onboard the waterline can be above the current boot line which has caused muck to accumulate on the white gel coat of the hull. While I have no blue fender, I always carry one onboard as a spare to be used at certain moorings, the grey fenders break up the colours and I have yet to see another boat with this colour - it has a metallic finish wish lots of small reflective particles much like a metallic paint.
  28. vanessan

    Where Might 2?

    Excellent quiz ECIPA, thank you. Taxing for the little grey cells!
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