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  2. There are also two different versions, a high pressure and a low pressure. I wonder if you had the low pressure version?
  3. Around 30yrs back a storm like that woke me up and not being able to go back to sleep I jumped in the car and drove for about 15 minutes to Beachy Head with the camera to capture shots just like that.
  4. Yes - thats right. It is going to be dualled but more importantly, they are going to redo the Cantley junction with a flyover and cloverleaf if I remember correctly, to avoid the contract sugar beet lorries pulling across 4 lanes in front of you!!!!! That will be a big bonus! Its been through all the consultations so I guess its out to tender and due to start sometime next year hopefully
  5. Today
  6. yes compare leasing to buying a second hand car and running it, and the maths just isnt there, the leasing accounts for all the depreciation on the car, and as you say buying second hand you avoid all that anyway. back in the 1970's my dad won a Vauxhall Viva in a kellogs cornflakes competition (K reg?) He sold it for a loss on the new price for around £2000 and paid off his mortgage, so one of our neighbours got a cheap Vauxhall as new for less than the normal cost and we got our mortgage paid off (at the time my dad didnt drive - working on the railways he got all his tickets cheap (plus so many a year free) anyway.
  7. Looks like it has got worse? Griff
  8. Enjoy! I love Berlin, some of the biggest and best second hand shops I've ever seen!
  9. Honestly Helen, a flappy thingy? Have a lovely time Grace
  10. Yesterday
  11. Ah well, you did it wrong, all i did was walk in with an arm full of bike mags and put them our local doctors surgery waiting room table. I did`nt stop to ask if they wanted them, they got them, like it or not.
  12. Ever since I was a kid I loved motorbikes, but now a family man my kids hate the idea of me going out on a bike. I really would love to own another motorbike even at my age, but after a friend told me of his ordeal of a car driver pulling out in front of him and my friend was in the right. The idea of spending 6 months in hospital and the offending motorist suffering horrific injuries to his insurance policy, I will keep to a car. With pot holes increasing and motorists awareness of motorcyclists ever decreasing, it's a dangerous game out there for 2 wheels.
  13. Added, I would imagine that is in case of something like suspected avian flu
  14. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011245932588
  15. Last week
  16. Bit after the event now but managed to recover some photos from the previous Mrs Nog Sorry about the quality as they are scanned from slides. This is Falcon 5 from Easticks Reg H570. According to Craig's data base now left the Broads. It must have only been a year old when we hired it.
  17. None at all, see bottom of page one; it works.
  18. Hi Seagypsy We are on a 'Boys Jolly' for 4 nights on Absolute Freedom out of Thorpe. Looked at Richardsons but did'nt fancy the croud that would be leaving to go down the Ant. Two of the guys have not been on the broads before so I reckon they will be addicted too. Have a great time.
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