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  1. Yesterday
  2. I'm pretty sure it was named Royal Escort.
  3. Fining a company for the actions of a third party would make for interesting legislation. Especially if said plastic got there by the acts of a government agency. The government fining itself, very interesting times me thinks. M
  4. We had and are still having a marvelous time out on the old lady “in the flesh”. Weather has been super. Off up to Coltishal tomorrow and a slow pootle it will be, really enjoying cruising at 3.5 mph this weekend after our engine service. We met Doug and Hele in Wroxham Easter Saturday and took them for a trip to Ranworth and back with a spot of lunch thrown in. We even made the BBC website as they posted a picture of us emerging from Wroxham bridge which my brother in South Carolina noticed and sent us a text. Gosh Malanka on the BBC whatever next! M
  5. Thanks for that information ECIPA, one I shall look out for.
  6. Woke up to glorious sunshine in Womack water. Mud weight opposite the staithe. Cooked a delicious breakfast of local sausage and smoked bacon with French toast cooked in the bacon fat. After third mug of tea, hauled up the front mudweight then hauled the stern one out using the momentum of the old lady and hauled it onboard. Top down we cruised up the Ant to drop off Charlie Dolphin in Stalham to go home after her Easter afloat with us. Quick zip about in Millie off to tesco, then cruised back down the Ant. Moored up at the upriver wild mooring looking down towards Johnny Crows Staithe. Glorious sunshine and not too windy. Drank wine listened to some bangin tunes and then cooked dinner in our newly purchased wok. Yelled at a few idiots surging past us like the start of a powerboat race then all was calm. Just watched a film now snuggled in bed next to F. Doesnt get better than this. Night everyone..... M
  7. I assume the boat was a San Marino.... The name has been changed for the piece but actually it still seems to have the old red 'RICHARDSONS' ident with drop shadow aft below the rubbing strake visible.
  8. Just watched one of Robin's videos touring round the Broads in the Merc. on Easter Sunday.Was that an Ocean 30 I saw moored in the corner when he called in at Ranworth
  9. Guess she'll float a bit lop sided then...
  10. Loads of info via Google! http://www.norfolkpubs.co.uk/norfolkr/reedham/reedhbm.htm
  11. There might be a demographic issue regarding a yard's targeted customer base, who knows. Could be headed towards deep water on that one !
  12. Hi Troubridge Yes easy when you know where it's just across from ASAP which is handy, best value i have ever found, there lunches are special to just like you nans proper cooking, no fancy stuff fireman, police, learner cars all use it has to be good as no passing trade except the local businesses, shame it closes after lunch time, John
  13. Last week
  14. Howard was on the case with another upgrade. This time a new DAB aerial that had been modified for us (See earlier photo). Fitting this was not difficult but yet again oh so time consuming. the chosen location was behind the Jack Powles pennant in front of the spotlight. That mean the deckhead lining in the Fwd cabin had to come down, along with the same in the Fwd passageway and both sections in the Stbd cabin. Four cables had to be run from the aerial back to the dab unit. An FM/DAB/Power/Earth return. Whilst the deckhead lining was down the the Stbd cabin the thermostatic controller for the Mikuni was removed along with it's associated wiring. New wiring and the new and newly sited Planar controller was installed. The TV booster, power cables and coax were removed, the coax being coiled up below the false cupboard bottom behind the bonded store cabinet for attention later. How is the DAB with it's 'Proper' aerial performing? - Just fine and dandy with dozens of stations now being picked up clearly - another success then. What else got done? Those deck lights - Now performing correctly on both Port and Stbd sides which is a bonus. The single switch that used to control the wheelhouse LED downlighter has now been replaced with a 3 x gang switch all 12v that light up when switched on to remind us to switch them off when not required, they control the new wheelhouse downlighter, deck lights and the aforementioned tv booster that is now out of the way behind the helms console (Still needs the coax running / connecting) The new 'Wizard' mast is fitted with nav lights wired up. However I'm not happy with the bracket and oak pad - Had to remove a fair amount of material from the pad, result it is too weak and the bracket is wobbling. I've got a redesign in my head to rectify this and hope to get onto this one on my next visit (Grendel it won't affect your models as it will look very nearly the same) One issue that got rectified that wasn't on the list. I've been noticing that one of the canopy support bows every now again was not sitting flush on the Stbd side when the sash side was raised and had to be moved / clipped down to sit properly. This had been happening for an age but I kept forgetting to investigate it. It came to light by accident during sorted out those sash side weights. The blasted bow was overhanging ever so slightly by a whole 1:5mm so was getting caught when putting the side up. Out multi tool, sandpaper, varnish - Job sorted - A lot of satisfaction from that one The hull got completed as per previous photo's, the skeg repaired - another one we didn't know about but that's what these biannual lift outs are for, a fair amount of tittivating too. However there is still a list of outstanding 'To Do's that require attention. 'B.A' should have been out in the sunshine over this Easter weekend with Captain Chaos and his crew onboard, however due to circumstances beyond his control at short notice - he couldn't make it. Myself n MrsG have had a weekend off at home getting on with outstanding DIY - However we have both gone down with the lurgi and have hardly accomplished much at all. Just as well we weren't booked to be afloat otherwise we would have had to cancel we have both been that poorly - and still am. It'll touch n go whether I feel well enough to get the mighty Tiger out for an hour tomorrow or not Griff
  15. Hopefully! Which New Inn out of curiosity though?
  16. There isn't much that could distract me Mrs V........ but I guess everyone has their weakness(es)
  17. TOPICS FOR NEXT FRIDAY PRIVATES ON PARADE HORSING AROUND TRAINSPOTTING break for refreshment MIND YOUR LANGUAGE FOOD AND DRINK GENERAL MAYHEM join us for a good laugh ,who knows you could even win http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ no password needed, 8.30 ish
  18. Thank you Malcom, enjoyed your tale as always.
  19. expilot


    Democracy is such a misunderstood concept. For thirty plus year we have owned a holiday home on the Broads. If you want to hear about disenfranchised groups, you ought to talk to the hundreds of people who, like us, are unable to vote in local elections. I may want to seek my parish councillor's support and/or my district councillor's support, but can only do so knowing that I have absolutely no say over who represents me in the area in which I spend thousands of pounds a year.
  20. I like the brochure page, Vaughan. The stand out phrase that dates it and made me smile is "book a television set". Ooh, the luxury!
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