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  1. Today
  2. It would be a bit pointless superglueing yourself to the ferry it's having an overhaul at the moment , it's a pleasure to go past just now not living in fear of it diving out right infront of you as it so often does . Criminal damage has never been the smart option but then again neither has riding rough shod over people's opinions or pushing the boundaries of what is advertising / marketing and what is definitely not , either way BA won't give a dam they will just Carry on until one day they take things too far and someone of statue tells them to pack it in , until that time anyone who disagrees with their plans for what they want will get totally ignored , and that's been proven time and time again .
  3. Jimbob88 look on web boats of the Norfolk broads 163c Shaldag history photo from 1976
  4. A warm welcome to our friendly corner of the web from Katie and myself
  5. Could you post Ludham bridge clearance when you go through please
  6. Yesterday
  7. My old man was a Squabbling Bleeder in Germany 62 - 65. We went to Belsen, eerie was what sprung to mind, A beautiful summers day but no birdsong. Absolute silence. Later I spent a week on a farm. The buggers would only speak German! Brought my schoolboy German on no end. German master didn't think so! Plattdeutsch rather than Hochdeutsch! Or hayseed rather than BBC! The farmers son took me to a Commonwealth war graves cemetery. We walked around in silence, as we left all he said was Why?
  8. Charlie boy was playing it on the then newly fitted sound system thingymajig. I was trying valiantly to keep abreast of HMS Ambition at 11mph whilst towing, taking a video and helming with only two hands... Simples
  9. I was surprised that he went to the Ferry. Yet it seemed he used to be there years ago before he was at the New Inn.I wait and see what happens at the New Inn.Have never been a fan of the Ferry or the Swan.I hope the staff are treated well at the New Inn.
  10. The good thing about the forum, theres always someone who can offer help and or advice.
  11. Hi all, Unfortunately, I won't be able to set the quiz this Friday, as Karen and I will be very busy getting things here ready on Friday night ready for things going on on Saturday. We both work full time, so the only time we have is Thursday and Friday evenings. If someone could stand in for me, I will be happy to set one in a couple of weeks or so?.
  12. Is that down to coverage or tariff? There are parts of the south where three is really poor, between St Olaves and Oulton is patchy at best, as is the Chet until you get to Loddon. Coverage along the Waveney is poor in places too, even with the external antenna on our Mifi. Elaine is on Giff Gaff and by comparison can get a good 4g everywhere. Check the networks coverage guides and you'll see what I mean http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Network/Coverage https://www.o2.co.uk/coveragechecker
  13. So I guess you dont pass the Port!
  14. It was solved ages ago. It became 'Unsolved' when the Ba came into being and regular dredging of the lower Bure ceased Griff
  15. Last week
  16. The track up to the road after the rail lines can get very muddy and slippy after wet weather. I've seen it almost impassable in places.
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