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  2. A really nice, well presented Freeman. Good luck with the sale.
  3. Bang on the money, in my opinion. I somehow don't think that the BA's guidance was left to a mere minion to formulate.
  4. Once I did park there and on return I found that I was hemmed in between poorly parked 4X4s and the second time I took one look and gave it a miss. Fortunately I know those nice people at Galleon so now park there. Aldi in Beccles, I just checked on-line, can't find it. We have two in Lowestoft but personally I prefer Lidl.
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  6. We used to leave our 12v TV onboard all the time. It was never the cold weather that killed those off it was forgetting you had not put it safe and jumping over someone's wake that killed those off.
  7. Sold one of mine this week,Ducati Multistrada, just struggling to move it around the garage, going to buy something smaller and fun that won't kill me, 150bhp at my age is not sensible, might settle for about a third of that ! I like the Kawasaki Doug, they have to be a future classic, earlier Japanese are very silly prices.
  8. TheQ

    Road Works 2021

    Just a reminder Wroxham / Hoveton bridge closes for overnight works from 18:30 tonight till 06:00 tomorrow and the next three nights. There was a preparatory team removing yellow lines this morning, and there are signs in position from the mini roundabouts in Hoveton all the Way to the NDR. The official Diversion for vehicles under 12ft 6inches high is back to the NDR then up to Cotishall. For big vehicles, it will be via the NDR and Acle.. I can just imagine a big artic arriving at the bridge from Norwich.. and having to reverse back to turn round.. You can guarantee some c
  9. I thought navy rations were rum not rohypnol. Gotta catch up with last years boat jobs first before this years can start, is there actually such a thing as "caught up with boat jobs"?
  10. Let’s face it John you look forward to seeing your own boat 😊
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  12. Yes, they were the ones with the hulls made from seacrete I believe. Repairs by Polyfilla.
  13. well I am halfway there with the topics and questions for friday, once I have frmed things up a bit I will let you know what the topics are going to be.
  14. I don't disagree, but I think we've already seen what the great British public are willing to do and chances they are happy and are being allowed to take. I agree with the veiw we at least a good 8/12 months away from a return to travelling safely abroad. Yesterday we amended our dates a 3rd time for a trip we booked 2 years ago, so nearly 3 years would of past since we originally booked the trip. Quite daunting when you think about it.
  15. The best feature of this story were the comments below. e.g. ‘It’s clearly a Devon ship. Down here in Cornwall we prefer to put the ship down on the water first and then the air on top. I bet it’s top crimped an orl!’
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  17. Sanderling looked a lovely little broads boat such a shame there aren’t any about nowadays.
  18. Hi Marco,like you we moved here 18 years ago and love it .we have had many boats in Forty years from a small Shetland with outboard ,a petrol Freeman then a Princess 30 all great in their own way but have had a Bounty 28 for 15 years now ,we realised we wanted certain features which had to be a full size separate bedroom ,large shower,good gally,large windrow area with seating inside that could convert to sleep two and out side seating area and a sliding roof,which can be opened or shut in seconds .We have been to every corner of the Broads under all the bridges and don’t feel that WE coul
  19. There was a pub on the news which claimed to have taken hundreds of bookings the day the latest timeline was announced.
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