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  2. so your hypothetically 'trained' helsman knows better than the RYA advice give me an untrained helmsman following RYA guidance any day I fall in the water. for someone supposedly concerned with safety, you give out the most dangerous advice I have ever heard.
  3. I have no idea who is responsible for putting it there but I was amazed to find it still there earlier this month. I first saw it in early July and for it to still be there more than two months later is some achievement! I too would be interested in a bit more information.
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  5. Oh MM, that's not how you jump up and down on thin ice...this is how you jump up and down on thin ice... Boating has nothing in common with driving any other vehicle with the exception of one. Just like a boat that vehicle pivots from the stern when turning, frequently encounters other vehicles of similar type drifting about aimlessly and is also found in profusion in rivers and canals. I am of course talking about the shopping trolley. Whoever pilots the shopping trolley in the partnership generally turns out to be the better boat pilot. In our case, I pilot the shopping trolley. I keep a
  6. Thanks for sharing that. Very useful to know.
  7. That's the name of the program. Today it was villages close to Norwich.
  8. There is a caravan axle for sale on Norwich FB market place if that is the way you decide to go. Good luck.


    The boats are offered for hire, but not many have been booked since the extension of the season was announced. From what I can see, most are (at this stage) not attracting bookings.
  10. Alpha craft 32 , a nice go anywhere boat , especially with the river levels as they have been of late. Remember when you turn the wheel you have almost 30ft behind you which will sweep quite a large arc. If you have one bring an oil filled radiator with you to keep the chill off overnight when on shore power (card available from most boatyards or can order from Yare house by post) overnight will cost about £2 on low continuous heat don’t use radiator (or fan heater) on inverter ever though , knackers the batteries !!! if not on shore power your warm air vented heating is efficie
  11. Helen at Martham tells me that they have 2 boats currently stuck on the HW's side of the bridge, luckily for me not Juliette !
  12. Makes perfect sense now! Thank you Ian 👍
  13. A great read! So is Silent Emblem a good boat for virgin boaters like my wife and I?
  14. Is that heading towards Loddon? Love the Chet. Really must get back to the southern rivers.
  15. Dont forget matches and a sharp knife and a cheapo frypan.
  16. It'll still have value, have a look on eBay...
  17. Topics for Friday's quiz are as follows: Festivals of Britain Drinks around the world Cryptic Towns Half-time break Link Words Great Britons General Ignorance Proceedings will start at 8.30ish in the chat room To join, go to : https://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ log in with your username. No password needed. Hope you can join. Cheers Steve
  18. Timbos version of track and trace - Trace and Grace
  19. Said everything that needs to be said I think as always Jean my darling, still I'll ramble on some more anyway as I feel a rant coming on As well as the fact someone chooses to just stand and record someone clearly having difficulty (and I've lost track of which one of all of the video's we are discussing) whether in difficult conditions or purely through mistakes or inexperience/lack of knowledge and then thinks it is worthy of posting onto the Internet for worldwide criticism and ridicule, the thing that really gets me annoyed is that despite being perfectly happy to point out their mis
  20. Yesterday
  21. That's a surprise, I can't seem to find a photo of the MOB ladder I made for onboard 'B.A', the photo's below were taken during the making process, can't seem to find one of the finished article. I made these hardwood rungs, the bottom one has a lead insert underneath it. Thick white rope with a knot and s/steel washer under each ruing. Above the top rung the rope is is just looped over a cleat and then chucked overboard, it can be deployed in seconds and lives in a deck locker so is easy to get to. It has been used in anger and works very well Griff Herewith photo's taken ea
  22. Can't think who you mean x
  23. If you check out Richardson's Boating Holidays YouTube channel they have some really good videos to watch before you come on holiday. Well worth a watch. I think I read somewhere that you're not coming until next summer? Plenty of time to spend the winter watching all the many videos online.
  24. I would recommend that you read some of the holiday tales posted on the forum. There is a section for them and many members here like to write about what they've done, including myself. I've stayed on whichever side I've hired from for a week's holiday so if you're hiring on the north there's plenty to see and do for a week. But if you enjoy long cruising days then you may want to plan to cross Breydon if the tide times work out. But as I said, if you spend some time reading other folks' experiences you may pick up some good ideas for an itinerary for a week.
  25. SwanR


    I would suggest that you could watch the YouTube channel Admirals Adventures. Check out The Great Norfolk Broads Adventure IX from July 2019 posted up about 10 months ago. He was on board with a family, crossed Breydon both ways and spent a couple of days in Great Yarmouth. They're quite long videos but I'm sure he spoke about crossing Breydon and how to moor at Great Yarmouth ... and get away again. Well worth a watch. I've never crossed Breydon myself but am sure that I could do it because I've watched so many other really good videos of other people's crossings. I learn visually and so
  26. Try roasting the fish,it makes the pie dryer and not wet.I use fresh and smoked salmon, fresh cod or haddock.Taking care not to over cook it.White sauce one oz butter one oz flour mix together with a spoon.Then add about one pint warm milk using a whisk,add a good spoon of mustard.Add some good strong cheddar.Allow to cool a little add fish place in a pie dish.Top with mash and cook in a hot oven until piping hot and brown.Yes you can add prawns if you wish I tend to just have three or four fish.
  27. grendel


    basically what you want to avoid is a sort rope that is tied too tight, so as a rule where there is a high tidal rise and fall, i use the ropes from the other side of the boat to the key heading, this allows more room for the boat to rise and fall without hanging from the ropes, to keep you in place front to back the rear line can be attached to the key near the front and the front line attached near the back. a bit like the image below
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