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  2. Back to the new dab unit recently installed that is in need of a suitable aerial. We trialled a few dab aerials, non of them with much success. Robin finished up ordering a vehicle type dab / Fm aerial combined. It can receive the digital signal along with the FM signal in the same unit. Now vehicles manage quite nicely with this unit at speeds up to 70mph (Maybe a tad faster on a circuit of course) covering a large area in a short space of time so it should manage quite nicely onboard at an average of 5mph. This aerial has two cables running from it and one to it into a small PCB in the base. The pair coming from the aerial are the dab and Fm signal carriers, the third one is a power cable to the pcb There is a silver 'Washer' that has small sharp teeth on it designed to cut through the paintwork therefore making an earth connection to complete the powered up circuit to the pcb with vehicles being 12v earth return through the bodywork etc etc. Snag - can't manage that on a timber boat can we? Also the threaded fitting is nowhere near long enough to go through the fwd coach house roof to be able to tighten down on the brass nut Griff
  3. That was cheap , down here it is about the £90 mark.
  4. Thats my favourite fruit cake still available then. Yummy! Fred
  5. Today
  6. Good to know that one of the Emblem fleet was out. You reminded me that I hadn't mentioned our fuel usage. We had used £41 of diesel this time so that was £79 back. Admittedly we managed to go with the tide on most days, partly due to luck and partly down to planning.
  7. trambo

    Loddon Staithe

    Not the only ones who are nervous!
  8. Take the CAT out of the petrol car to see what it produces the co2 figures are totally artificial M
  9. Yesterday
  10. Also you will need to upgrade your hairdryer
  11. Lulu

    My Day

    Ill take that as the third thing then, thank you Ray!
  12. So today being a nice day, it was time to get into the workshop and process the windscreen further. Time to fit the hinges to the side pieces. hinges positioned, drilled through at 0.7mm, the hinge part opened out to 0.8mm, stainless steel pins fitted through and glued in place, finished product I am happy with.
  13. I remember the days when the old chap would come round in his green punt and ask for the mooring fee (" Half a crown for your mooring please" ) For the younger members that was 2 shillings and 6 pence , equivalent to twelve and a half pence. Jeff
  14. agreed! Enough common cents and you can save a dollar. :-)
  15. The boats go back in on the 3rd April, so next weekend looks like being busy around Cove. Don't forget the road works at the level crossing will be in full swing. paul
  16. Last week
  17. One of Crystal Lights provided my first ever Broads experience in 1990! We even got under Potter :-) Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  18. The fact the BA have the role says a lot about the levels of public relations in the REAL NPs. It is a bit odd give how incredibly poor the BA is at PR with its own toll payers. They generate publicity but have no concept of PR and how to get their message across to the Little People. Smacks of empire building, they will start a charity next , charitable work is a prerequisite for a knighthood. Anyone else see a pattern emerging.
  19. Malanka

    Over Wide Load

    How did you guess lol yup containers. Bane of our lives, 3 million yellow dusters in 230kg metal banded bails in a twenty foot container and the fork truck died on hottest August Saturday morning for years, 17 tons total out, round, and back up inside by hand !! Wrecked my trapezius muscle right side. Still wrecked to this day, me and depot hydrocortisone are old friends. Plod made our lives hell too. M
  20. I bet it Wouldnt take long to do the broads
  21. When in doubt refer to Google so I have, namely tapping in 'UK National Parks Foundation'. I found and was impressed with the American National Parks Foundation but zilch on this latest UK creation. What I did find were the several, existing UK national park's related charities and organisations, all of which the Authority/Packman already appears to be involved with. It would be interesting to find out what Packman's actual involvement has been in the creation of this latest addition to the NP cause.
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