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  2. Years ago, when I worked on the South Coast, we would catch mackerel, fish that would then be split and dry fried or smoked on an ABU Smoker, minutes after catching . The smoked mackerel, like ultra fresh smoked whiting, made superb eating. Cod, on the other hand, seems better after resting for 12 hours or so.
  3. Congratulations. We’ve owned Norfolk Lady for just over a month and my wallet is battered, bruised and feeling some pain already, but we knew there were some bits and pieces to sort out from the survey, so we’re not entirely surprised! Having hired for so long and being over the moon last year when the opportunity of buying into a syndicate boat presented itself, despite the cost, I can’t stop grinning now we have a boat of our own. I sincerely hope that you derive as much pleasure from your ‘Legacy’, as our Norfolk Lady is already bringing us.
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  5. A very warm welcome to this most friendly forum. Happy days
  6. De-masting?, how many ranger launches have masts?, errrrrr none I think. Or could it be just another stopping off point for the BA to pull up and use their totally and wildly inaccurate unsteady hand held speed cameras from?. Sorry, it's just me being overly synical again.
  7. Saturday 6th July I could see the suns rays coming a gap in the curtains as I woke up about 6.30 am. I lay in bed for a few moments just dozing and got up at 7 am At home I leave for work about 7 am, so I'm usually up around 6-6.15, I've never worked closer than a 25 mile journey to work, for the past 40 years I've travelled between 20-30k miles per year, that's a lot of miles! Mandy is an Advanced Practice Nurse Prescriber, she is self employed and holds various surgeries across Kent. She always starts later than me, so I get up and make her a cup of tea before I leave home every morning That's our routine, so no need to change it just because we are on holiday. So kettle on and slide the roof back Tea was made and delivered, I drank half of mine but Lottie had other ideas, she does this strange kind of silent bark and turns her head from side to side when you ask her what she wants, I would very very shocked if she told me! She clearly wanted out of the boat, so off we went again taking phone and extra care as we went through 'That Gate' I was going to see if I could walk through the fields to Ferry Road and then back to the boat As we walked through the fields we started to have a 'Mexican stand off' between Lottie and a dozen cows, they all just stood and stared at each other, I put her on the lead and walked towards them thinking they would be more scared of me and move out of the way. Oh no, these cows had 'bottle,' my ankle was reminding me with every step what an idiot I'd been the previous night and I didn't fancy competing in the 400 metres hurdles, so turned around and went back to the river path. This I followed for 10 mins or so, with Lottie having performed the tasks needed I turned around and went back to the boat, taking extra care with that bloody gate! Back at the boat it was kettle on again, tea made again, delivered again but this time I enquired when her ladyship would be getting up? Clearly not yet! A couple of Broom boats were leaving to return to their yard, so after they left I moved our dinghy from the bow to the stern, this meant Mandy wouldn't have to do it while the boat was in motion, all heart me! For the last 5 or 6 years we've always hired a dinghy, to be honest its a pain in the bum having to move it when stern mooring or being extra careful when mooring in a tight space However, I dont know if you've picked up on this? but I like pubs, I like beer, I like being in a pub with beer! My worse nightmare would be being unable to moor near a pub, so my insurance is the dinghy! When I had to go to meetings or functions in central London, I would take an umbrella, therefore ensuring no rain, if I forgot to take one I'd get very wet, mind you I've left quite a few in restaurants and the train! So far we have only used it in 'anger' at Ranworth (and again this year) so not many Running Bear and Little White Dove moments (that's showing my age) anyone under 50 google Running Bear by Johnny Preston! We only cook breakfast on the boat, preferring to eat lunch and dinner in the many wonderful pubs the Broads has. When I say 'we' I mean Mandy, my cooking skills are pretty basic and whilst Mandy is a good cook she does require more space that the average cruiser has for her creations My signature dish is Chicken Ping!, you basically buy a chicken ready meal, stick it in a microwave turn the dial to about 5 mins, when the microwave goes ping, you eat it! So full English again! I hate to think how much weight I've put on, but back on the diet and exercise routine next week We were ready to leave Surlingham at about 9.30 am Destination Rockland St Mary We look a very leisurely cruise down the Yare, we were in no hurry, the plan was to moor in the basin, take Lottie for a walk then have a drink/lunch at The New Inn The weather had been nice earlier, sunny, warmish with a little cloud, I looked at my weather app earlier and it had forecast it to turn cloudy and then light to medium rain but getting brighter later in the day, I had hoped that the first bit was wrong, unfortunately it was pretty much spot on I can never remember which is which, it probably doesn't matter, we went down Fleet/Short Dyke, through the broad and into the basin it was about 11 ish, it was very quiet, from memory 1 or 2 boats, but would get busier later The weather was ok, cloudy very grey but no rain and about 18c, which is shorts and T shirt for me, jeans and a fleece for Mandy At home we have the 'battle of the thermostat' Mandy will turn it up to 30c and think the house will warm up quicker, I've explained this is rubbish, but when I get back in the evening when Mandy has been home all day, I'll open the front door and get beaten back by the heat. I loose 2 stone as I crawl through the hall and manage to turn it down to 20c, I swear I hear the boiler cry out 'thank you' Anyway, Mandy probably chose right with the jeans, the path out across Rockland Broad was very overgrown and didn't look like it had been walked much, it was a lovely walk and we managed to get to the main river, but the nettle stings did take my mind of my ankle! We got back to The New Inn, sat out the front under a parasol and had a drink, me a Wherry, Mandy a Pimms and Lottie still on the water, she can be very boring! It started to spit after about 10/15 mins, so we decided to drink up and go back to the boat The mooring were now much busier, we had a nice chat with a couple of private boaters unfortunately cant remember the boats names The rain was that 'cant make its mind up' sort, Dawn's saloon is in the back, I cover the electrics up with black sacks so I can keep the roof open in very light rain. We waited for an hour to see what the weather was doing, it did ease a bit so we decided to head off. I didn't want to travel down Short/Fleet Dyke with the roof up as vision isn't the best. We also had discovered that the wiper wasn't working! However, I had read on here a couple of years ago (I think it was Malanka) about Rainx, which I had applied to the windscreen Friday evening. I had also brought our window vac with us (I take all sorts of stuff I never need) this was helpful, once we reached the Yare Mandy took the helm and I cleared the windows a couple of times The rain was off and on the whole time, the roof was like a 'tarts knickers' up and down every 5 or 10 mins, but we managed to to get to The Reedham Ferry, our booked mooring for the night reasonably easily The reserved board was out 'reserved Pacific Dawn 35 ft 5 pm' we were early but went in anyway just behind a Herbert Woods boat already moored, I took the board down and moved closer to the HW boat leaving space for another boat behind me. This was soon taken by a private boat who was most grateful to me for budging up, 'happy to help' I told him! I only booked our first two nights moorings, The Ferry House because I love it there, The Reedham Ferry because I wanted to cross Breydon on Sunday, I was concerned I might not get a mooring at Reedham Quay. Mind you I do like the Reedham Ferry, good beer, good food, nice pub! The rain was very light, we decided to go into the pub for a drink It was about 4.30 pm, the rain had stopped our table wasn't booked until 7.30 pm, so with plenty of time we decided to walk into Reedham. It's a shame you can't walk into Reedham along the river like you used to, but it's not a bad walk along the road, so the road it was The weather had improved greatly, so much so that we were able to sit in the garden of the Ship. We had a couple of drinks and headed back to the boat We popped into the Reedham Ferry when we got back to see if we could eat earlier than the 7.30 pm, only to be told they were fully booked and that I had actually booked the table for 8 pm, Doh! Anyway they did seat us at 7.30 pm in the end, we had a lovely meal, for once I paid with a card so kept the receipt (I normally pay with cash) so I know what we had, Me the Ribeye Mandy the Salmon And of course more beers and wine, Lottie.........water! When we got back to the boat, Mandy decided to read for a bit, I took Lottie out, with my phone and promised to stay away from gates! Sorry for the lack of photos, I had every intention to take loads, but I'm just a man who failed to multi task! PS some of these were yesterdays photo's that I missed so I've just thrown them in here, sorry To be continued!
  8. Not on here, anyway. You've only got to look at the news to see that motions have been passed at Westminster, not that it is newsworthy particularly, given what most politicians speak!!
  9. Due to the recent purchase of our own boat, we have decided to sell our full 8% share (4 weeks) in Moonlight Shadow. We have, however, bought a 4% share in the same boat from another forum member to enable us to still have family holidays on The Broads with our son and his family. We have yet to use any of our four week allocation for this current year, so the buyer will be able to gain the full benefit of the available weeks this syndicate year (May to April). As many of you are aware, we bought our share at a bargain price last summer and as a result, I am not looking for a profit, but just enough to recoup the costs and the transfer costs that will be dictated by BCBM. Please PM me for more details.
  10. The NDR is closed between Spixworth and Horsham st Faith, due to concerns about a woman's safety on a bridge. I assume that's the Buxton road going over the NDR. I also assume that she's Threatening Suicide..
  11. This is a great thread, but I suppose All threads about boat restorations will be interesting to me, it's a passion I've loved for more years than I'd like to admit. When I'm back to fitness, hopefully next week, I'll set up the laptop and try to find all the vlogs and watch them one after the other. If looking for Trackmark, why not Google "plastic deck coverings", you may find something very similar, or a better alternative. Floyd, will you be around on the weekend of the 14th or 21st September?, we'll be in Brundall then, so would like to pop round and have a look?.
  12. I saw an episode of Gary Rhodes where he made fishy eggs, scotch eggs, but made with fish and not sausage meat. I have:nt tried that one yet.
  13. Here'an idea, when we've finished a weeks holiday on Lightning, what an excellent way to finish off with a weekend on her, leisurely cruising the upper Thurne network.?. Hmmmm, I wonder how much for a weekend.?.
  14. Yesterday
  15. I will try and remember this week ......
  16. Hi Broads 01 I get what you are saying I don’t really mind. It looks like a great location. Assistance from trained professionals, passcode entry. I am not sure but think it would be cheaper or similar to moor than to park a car for that length of time. I would love all mooring and parking etc to be free esp as when most people visit areas of beauty etc bring money business to that area. But this is not the case and so there are charges for many places. My in laws live in the Lake District and prices for parking can be crazy. I would prefer not to pay and get angry when at times you see parking fees etc that are abviously priced to get the most money.
  17. THEY ARE AT IT AGAIN.. just come into my inbox.
  18. I don't want or need Rangers to wave frantically at or to me. However, I usually give a nod towards them if they seem to be looking my way. If they feel the need to speak to me about something this would give them the opening they need, rather than passing by, turning round and perhaps using blue lights. (This hasn't been needed yet-but they may be times when they feel the need to remind me of something!) If the Ranger acknowledges my nod, then I may be more inclined to share something less important than I may do otherwise. It's about body language, there are times when Rangers need us, and maybe the above would apply also to them. We all share the rivers, I am not a constant waver, but we return the wave if sometimes waves to me, and usually wave to younger children, I don't think such gestures on the rivers would be misinterpreted.


    That's exactly right. On several occasions we've had to up the revs going through GT Yarmouth, purely to maintain steerageway. Reedham is another place where you can get caught out if you don't maintain enough revs. The ideal theme is as you say, a modicum of common sense an common courtesy goes a long way. But as we all know, the problem with common sense is it's none too common.
  20. If I had a weekend, several bucket loads of hot soapy water, a couple of scrubbers, and a jet washer, that would clean up well. The hull would need compounding, but she would look tidy. The inside would be a different kettle of fish though.
  21. For as long as I can remember the wreck she was powered by an ancient, square top, Honda outboard with a tiller extension.
  22. Calling all Bishy fans, friends and collegues. One year ago this month was our first day at River Green. The support and good will given over the year has been incredible. We would like to invite you all to celebrate with us. Join us for a BBQ, Free 10min Bishy taster trips and games on the green (we got swingball and other games 😃). This is a Free event for our birthday, our way of giving a little something back, a thank you to those who have been a part of our journey and hopefully we will get a chance to meet some new friends too, all are welcome. As we won't be charging for BBQ it would be a great help if some of you could bring a little something for the grill, we will start cooking from 2pm.
  23. These look good! Given the dire shortage of dried maize cobbs that these devices were originally designed to burn in Norfolk at present.
  24. Last week
  25. Not a first Mr NN! I've previously posted some other tales from Hunter's Yard boat hires - 1st week of July in 2014, '15, '16 and '17! Missed out last year though!
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