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  1. Yesterday
  2. According to the link it's Jocelyn 3 which as far as I know is still on blocks in st.neots marina with holes in the bottom, I'm now intrigued but can't check for a week as currently moored in Dover marina.
  3. It has been pointed out somewhere along the way by an expert in such matters that any dredging sufficient to lower the water level at Potter would have the consequence of increasing the effect of salt water surges.
  4. I think we may be at cross purposes here; I googled "Trakmark" and got a pvc deck covering originally manufactured by Dunlop, and resembling a teak plank deck. I'm interested in the Royal Tudor covering though?
  5. I will try and remember this week ......
  6. But the Snow fields will be coming to their best, giving some of the finest skiing in the Southern Hemisphere.
  7. Exactly what hylander said they used..
  8. Hi Broads 01 I get what you are saying I don’t really mind. It looks like a great location. Assistance from trained professionals, passcode entry. I am not sure but think it would be cheaper or similar to moor than to park a car for that length of time. I would love all mooring and parking etc to be free esp as when most people visit areas of beauty etc bring money business to that area. But this is not the case and so there are charges for many places. My in laws live in the Lake District and prices for parking can be crazy. I would prefer not to pay and get angry when at times you see parking fees etc that are abviously priced to get the most money.
  9. What a very engaging start to your story. Looking forward to reading how it continues.
  10. THEY ARE AT IT AGAIN.. just come into my inbox.
  11. I don't want or need Rangers to wave frantically at or to me. However, I usually give a nod towards them if they seem to be looking my way. If they feel the need to speak to me about something this would give them the opening they need, rather than passing by, turning round and perhaps using blue lights. (This hasn't been needed yet-but they may be times when they feel the need to remind me of something!) If the Ranger acknowledges my nod, then I may be more inclined to share something less important than I may do otherwise. It's about body language, there are times when Rangers need us, and maybe the above would apply also to them. We all share the rivers, I am not a constant waver, but we return the wave if sometimes waves to me, and usually wave to younger children, I don't think such gestures on the rivers would be misinterpreted.


    That's exactly right. On several occasions we've had to up the revs going through GT Yarmouth, purely to maintain steerageway. Reedham is another place where you can get caught out if you don't maintain enough revs. The ideal theme is as you say, a modicum of common sense an common courtesy goes a long way. But as we all know, the problem with common sense is it's none too common.
  13. If I had a weekend, several bucket loads of hot soapy water, a couple of scrubbers, and a jet washer, that would clean up well. The hull would need compounding, but she would look tidy. The inside would be a different kettle of fish though.
  14. For as long as I can remember the wreck she was powered by an ancient, square top, Honda outboard with a tiller extension.
  15. Calling all Bishy fans, friends and collegues. One year ago this month was our first day at River Green. The support and good will given over the year has been incredible. We would like to invite you all to celebrate with us. Join us for a BBQ, Free 10min Bishy taster trips and games on the green (we got swingball and other games 😃). This is a Free event for our birthday, our way of giving a little something back, a thank you to those who have been a part of our journey and hopefully we will get a chance to meet some new friends too, all are welcome. As we won't be charging for BBQ it would be a great help if some of you could bring a little something for the grill, we will start cooking from 2pm.
  16. These look good! Given the dire shortage of dried maize cobbs that these devices were originally designed to burn in Norfolk at present.
  17. Last week
  18. Not a first Mr NN! I've previously posted some other tales from Hunter's Yard boat hires - 1st week of July in 2014, '15, '16 and '17! Missed out last year though!
  19. Too hot to continue with my burden of some 300 metres of hedging so went for a walk at Horsey.
  20. We have some near us, often seen when taking Max for his walkies. We call the black one Max. F3AA6DFF-74FC-4B0D-B0EF-9B95004EC9CF.MOV
  21. We hired a picnic boat from them last year to have a cruise around . Lovely boat only downside was cut off on the gas ring meant Kate had to hold the button down until the kettle boiled
  22. SteveO


    If anyone would like to attend Roy's send-off, the funeral details are as follows: Date/time: 29th July at 10.45 Venue: Mintlynn Crematorium, Lynn Road, Bawsey, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 1HB The family has requested no flowers, but donations to a local charity if wanted.
  23. Probably was run off as it dissappeared, the farmer must have been wasting a huge amount of water... Coltishall road just on the outskirts of Norwich by the Rugby pitches, the road has been covered in numerous coloured markings, then just round the corner at the Beeston Lane Junction onwards for a hunhdred yards, more of the same, I suspect a vast amount of chaos will ensue as they'll have to go down to single lane working when they start..
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