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  2. Also noteworthy was the number of boats moored at Hickling. I saw Valentina - my father hired that in November 1965 just before he bought Water Rail. Needless to say it didn't have any heating!
  3. Hi Guys Thanks for the nice comments regarding my wife's varnishing, over the next couple of days I will sort out in my head a step by step guide to how we varnish then post it. Robin
  4. There is supposed to be one now, but it doesn't seem to have any teeth.
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  6. Bishy Barney Boats is into its third season now. All electric, all in use up to Surlingham and they would go much further if we hadn't restricted the area of travel for operational reasons. Unrestricted, they would happily overtake Herbert Wood's finest. Remember that a Tesler will outperform an AMG Mercedes..... Windermere Lake Cruises, where we bought all of the Bishy Boats from, replaced all the old boats with new electric ones built and fitted out by Silverline.
  7. SteveO

    Rip "winkle"

    Only met him once via one of the Friday night Fish and Chip sessions. As has already been said, a real character and a proper pub landlord of the old school. The fish and chips were good too, RIP.
  8. Cheers Clive, I only remember them with the white hulls. How many bv did your dad build? Always seemed to be loads out on hire every time we were on the rivers.
  9. Had the AstraZeneca one on Thursday. Arm a little sore but no other side effects so far.
  10. You're right, you didn't need to explain that, but I referred only to the matter of the copyright, which was part of the reason you gave for removing the image.
  11. if only every craftsman was as conscientious.
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  13. Not for the first time eh Lulu Cheers Bern, had a great time with you all and lolly
  14. I thought it safer not to. At the end of the day, they're only my observations, but one of them is the only yard whose customers I've seen jettisoning bags of crap (and their mop and bucket for some reason) into the water at Gaye's before turning round and hitting full throttle on their way out.
  15. Indeed I should!! In the meantime I'll blame Corona Virus, Brexit, galloping senile decay, Trump, being married, lead water pipes, aluminium saucepans, inbreeding and auto-spell-check!
  16. Did your uncle take the shrews back to the pet shop afterwards?
  17. I hope for a new sort of normality for the summer (meaning last week in July to first week in September) such that lockdown restrictions are relaxed for the many but the vulnerable are still protected. I see social distancing and masks being the new norm, and many of those things that we've all become used to and have taken for granted being a thing of the past (such as crowded pubs & restaurants, large outdoor gatherings such as festivals, indoor concerts, theatre, etc). I'm missing travelling for pleasure, there's so much that we want to do, not going to the far flung corners of th
  18. It would take some research to get the dates right but remember in the "Boating Boom" years of the late 1970s & 80s the larger yards were acquired by the likes of Coral & Guinness & with booking through Hoseasons & Blakes had it tied up only for them to pull out rapidly when foreign holidays boomed. On- line & direct booking with yards has put a whole new spin on the trade so who knows how it will evolve
  19. i think round here they will have to put traffic lights in the sky to mend all the leaks that seem to be up there.
  20. Many moons ago when I was a Park Manager in London & we had some areas with huge run off in wet weather ( most of the old streams and ditches were of course of course piped as development occurred in past 150 years), I was told that the EA (or whatever it was called then) had two schools of thought among its top people Firstly those who wanted to get rid of water fast by dredging, piling of banks, removal of obstructions on a regular basis etc and the others who wanted to hold water back in extreme weather. At the time (1980s) the policy was beginning to swing in favour of holding back.
  21. There are one or two that have arrived that way and similarly can only depart that way! There appears to me to be a vast untapped market for super delux mansion-afloats on the Broad. The Nav Regs allow for 65' replica Wherries, now there is a thought, static wherries! Can always have a radar dome on the masthead for those who want something that they really don't need!
  22. Broads.org comes up with 'no longer registered 2018' so either scrapped or on another network. Hopefully still afloat somewhere, a mate had a Safari at South Walsham which, when sold, went to the Thames.
  23. It's deffo for projects(says DIY-ers welcome)and there are some fairly large ones on-going at the moment. I re-gelled my hull on the hard standing last year, among other works, and there were various other ones going on around me. Also it's a working boatyard(Moonfleet is based there- not a hire fleet anymore just repairs/maintainence etc)so there is always noise and activity going on.
  24. Thanks for the info. They were outdrives and alloy.
  25. I've done that a few times via download/itunes and not even bothered downloading them as they were crap, just wanted to stuff the opposition, done the same with the odd charity song even though I hated it just to support it.
  26. Well, That's certainly a first for me. I am now officially a share holder (x2) of the Locks Inn. Not really bothered if I never see my initial share purchase ever again, at least I know I will have tried to assist I usually only get to visit the place once a year, maybe twice at the most. I shall certainly look forward to visiting in the future with guest crew onboard taking them for a drink in 'My Pub' Wonder if I will get that warm fuzzy feeling that has been previously mentioned? (Only if my zip get stuck ) Now to tell MrsG - before I forget? Griff
  27. Holly is in training for climbing the rigging on a proper boat 'Proper Boat' - Really? You taking 'B.A' out for a spin then? - Good, about time too Seeing as Holly can make the top of a curtain with ease, she will have no problems with 'B.A's minimal rigging on the mast then Griff
  28. Isn't this boat that is currently having or about to have quite a major refit. I wish we had some internal photos of Swiftway I'm quite interested it that one... Nudge nudge clive 😏
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