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  2. You can have Mourinho and his entire coaching staff now.
  3. Oh so true. when on the sea, used to have a copy of everything spares wise. I guess I became complacent with the recovery service cover and the gentle nature of the Broads plus the need for space in car Less than 20 hours on engine since we bought it. The engine was serviced then. It was scheduled for June when we have a 3 weeker. If it’s the fuel then it’s going to be a big lesson learnt
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  5. There is an artical on solar power in one of the canal boat forums written by an installer who also sells kits to diy people.
  6. as you approch slowly, If you can stand at back of boat look along the roof line at its highest point as you aproach the bridge if you can see the far under side of bridge on the under side you will get through if you cant see the far side you are to high so stop. John
  7. Hi it's good practice to have a 50 amp wire direct from battery swich through a fuze straight to fridge. John
  8. all above ground tanks have a drain off below ground have a suction pipe to a collector. all boats should have one to. John
  9. He loved driving - especially when the 'adults' were having their post-lunch snooze... Seriously, though: the time we had to just watch the world go by and chat about 'stuff' (everything and nothing) was something that I just don't think we would have had anywhere else. For example, we've been trying to (gently) get him to think about what he might do after sixth form, and he has always resisted the conversation. With me driving, and my friend chatting to him, they got to the point of him narrowing down both possible courses and locations. Very precious.
  10. The whole idea of the Plummer block is to take up the forward thrust from the propellor and stop the thrust from being taken by the gearbox and the flexible engine mounts. So there should be no forward movement of the shaft. The Plummer block also aligns the shaft with the inboard bearing (which is not a bearing, but a gland) and stops it from being worn oval by side pressure from a badly aligned shaft. Shaft alignment with the engine is still vital, but having the Plummer block makes it much easier. It is possible someone left the grubscrews loose the last time they had to dra
  11. Personally I liked having the all inclusive package. If you are normally frugal on fuel and get a substantial refund on a fuel deposit then perhaps it would work out an expensive option, but when we first hired from Ferry Marina (back in 2016?) the comparison of similar boats from other yards showed a substantial saving once you'd taken into consider the extra deposits/insurance costs. When we were hiring we cruised as much as possible, so the first year we hired with NBD we only got just over £20 back.
  12. I remember the last time we visited with both beagles that dogs were made more than welcome as long as they were on a lead and owners cleaned up after them. There were even water bowls placed at intervals. I scraped my knees and cricked my neck getting down to them so I assumed they were intended for the dogs!
  13. That's very true. We use Strowagers excellent tide tables which also have sun rise and set times. It's usually safe to set off in a morning provided the sky is clear and the light is good which can be a bit before the rise time.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Great potential with that one. It'll fit under Ludham hopefully.
  16. May not work the same with modern waterproof membranes inside.
  17. SWMBO and I had our 2nd friday and I took our neighbour yesterday for his
  18. Look forward to hearing your review.
  19. Use old towels, when damp they don’t slide and give good grip. We use them for the dogs if it’s frosty/icy - which it has been the past few mornings!
  20. With a big ego no doubt like many small dogs. Scary for a burly policeman!
  21. As an aside that trawler style boat opposite has to be the most unsuitable boat possible for the Northern Broads 🤣🤣🤣
  22. Bern says thank you all for wishing her well, hopefully she will be back home sometime next week. They are struggling to keep her stats up.
  23. It is noticeable that houses here in North Norfolk have been selling fast, I suspect a lot of townies particularly Londoners have decided to move to the countryside for good. So many companies have decided to keep working from home it's going to change working patterns. Even Norwich union announced they were closing two sites in Norwich , concentrating most staff in fewer buildings but allowing the majority of staff to work part time from home. It may bring life back to many villages which are full of second homers only at the house on the weekends.
  24. TheQ

    Road Works 2021

    Sounds like Norfolk...
  25. Last week
  26. Dependant on the size you need I’ve a self inflating child’s one which fits our 4year old grandson but is more akin to a 5 or 6 year old in size (his dads 6ft7), and you can borrow it any time you need
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