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  2. 14.9.19 & 15.9.19 Arrived at the marina where we spent two nights getting Lulu our greyhound used to the boat. Selsie has made some bespoke steps to assist with getting Lulu in and out of the boat. Our parents arrived for a quick stop on their boat they have hired. Lulu was most surprised to see ‘grandma and grandad’
  3. I think they only go back as far as antique
  4. Just got up ready to go back to Richos mum and dad seem to be still battened down. Bye every body, will be back on line tonight when we get home
  5. Hi Hazel, which boat are you on,?, had we known, we would have slowed down and said hello.
  6. Today
  7. Both the Hoveton-Coltishall road and the Hoveton-Horning roads are now showing they are open. The last of the abatoir in Stalham has been demolished there are just heaps of rubble left on site.. I suppose that will be it there until they build the new entrances..
  8. Please every one still donate when ever possible.The RNLI fills a special role in saving thousands of lives.Yes they do help other countries regarding life saving. Surely that's a good thing.Regarding some in management that's another matter,and needs addressing. Please, Please ,dont throw the baby out with the bath water.For my part and others are collecting this weekend 0n the Woolwich ferry for the RNLI.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Mars (as in bar) Mars Petcare inc have a revenue worldwide of an unbelievable $35bn. Their list of brands goes on for ever.
  11. Will do.. cheers 🍺
  12. I knew I was being watched
  13. We found the same back in March. Richardson's only sell the cards for their own marina not for the Broads generally.
  14. Last week
  15. Aw, you wouldn't know I was there and I wouldn't know you were there!! Could have passed each other without knowing Another time maybe There were a very nice group of gentleman on ES - I took a photo for them!
  16. River levels low?, not at Gt Yarmouth at 11.15 this morning, 5'9" under the bridges, that's rather high, not low.
  17. Aboard I have the complete (surviving reels) of Dads Army
  18. Hi allowing for inflation £1 in 1977 equates to something like £6.50 in 2019 therefore it looks like the current overnight mooring fees at Yarmouth, Norwich etc are roughly double what they should be? I don't normally moor at yacht stations, perhaps the facilities have improved? Neil
  19. I think you are right, water looks too narrow for Fleet Dyke.
  20. Not just hire craft. I have requested the bridge to be opened via Radio twice.Once opened once not.Think it depends on there mood.
  21. Dogs too get old and stiff, easy access for them down the line is worth considering as I can attest from current experience!
  22. Saw Kingfisher 2 and Jay Jay today
  23. 19lb pike caught at stern on moorings through Wroxham Bridge on Wednesday
  24. topics for tonite;- SCUNTHORPE SISTER ACT WATCHING THE DETECTIVES break for;-T or P FOR YOUR EYES ONLY WHO WROTE IT? LAST MINUTE LUNACY 8.30 ish in chat;-http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ no password needed
  25. For a minute there I thought the Cam was going over its banks?.
  26. Hi everyone, thanks for the great welcome. This is our lovely Sabrina in the pictures below....
  27. Still, if either of you...... or both need a 'Bath' I'm up for joining you if you can fit me in
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