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  2. The suggested 20k grant for training boatyard staff in safety measures puzzles me. When I had to train my staff on saftey matters I had to do it in house or put my hand in my pocket to buy in these services. Where is the funding for this grant coming from and why is it being offered to comercial organisations ? If enhanced training for hire companies is required and they are unable to do this in house surely the should pay for it, perhaps by a surcharge on the hire boat toll so private owners aren't forced to contribute to the cost.
  3. It has the versatility to be raised. Well before she is able to hop over it, she will be well educated Griff
  4. We hired Skyhawk from Alph Craft for 2 X 2 weeks in 1990 & 2 X 2 weeks 1991. Lovely boat with plenty of room. We hired from Alpha craft for years.
  5. Ian, I don't personally know you but I wish you all the best and a speedy recovery. Speaking from personal experience, do exactly as the doctors and physios tell you and you'll have a speedier recovery.
  6. You mean there's no holding tank? Fresh water, diesel? You're absolutely right!!! 🙂👍
  7. October the something or other until this morning. Days are beginning to blend and run together as I lose track of time. Clocks going backwards doesn't help my temporal dislocation at all. Neither does Dylan who had a seizure the other night and now wakes me up every hour to either go outside or refill his water bowl. Dylan's method of alerting you to the fact he wants his bowl filling is to pick up his metal bowl and bang it against the wall. Eventually, he will settle down but it does mean that I'm awake at some really weird hours of the night and catching up on sleep during the day. B
  8. Upgrading along the years was always a bit of a trauma but at least, other than when it suddenly changes colour Windows 10 updates happen quite often & hopefully will do so for the foreseeable future (assuming you have automatic updates turned on)
  9. Yes, I agree, some very nice works. I spent a very pleasant couple of hours looking. A lot of nostalgia for me in those pages.
  10. Last week
  11. you can be fairly sure that where there is something small and furry, or even feathered there will be some big brave fellow, or lass, with a twelve bore waiting to blow it's little head off, national park or no national park, or even family member etc, etc.
  12. SwanR

    Two Trips

    Something like that. As we get darker days and cooler temperatures heralding the end of the caravan season as well, I intend to start something new. Just haven't named it and decided how to do it yet. :)
  13. a friend wanted a bracket made up to mount a motor, so i decided not to do it on the 3d printer and machined it from aluminium instead.
  14. What is forgotten, or at least ignored by some at Yare House, is that for many of us this is our home, not just a career path with a healthy pension and perhaps an undeserved gong at the end of it.
  15. It's interesting to hear there are so many differences between them. I understand only 9 and 10 are exactly the same as each other. We only had bow thrusters, no stern thrusters. The table is an interesting one too. Ours could be moved around but didn't fold away, only dropped in height to make up the bed. Before we went, I'd assumed the length of seat by the door moved round to make the infill for the bed, but it was fixed in place, which make the bed really long when made up.
  16. Anything that drowns his sorrows for being sacked by Yodel
  17. This sunday is the Tri-Icicle, so there’s likely to be around 40 rag and stick types going up the Bure from Horning to Oby Dyke and Womack Dyke on Sunday 10:30am to 3:30pm. Given the year we’ve had this’ll probably be the biggest event of the season. And it’s going to be windy by the sounds of it! https://www.sfsc.co.uk/pages/tri-icicle/
  18. That statement that the Ba are quoting is advisory and not a law where fines can be issued. Maybe it should be? Griff
  19. We are due on Moonlight Shadow from 21st November, but today our region (Greater Manchester) went into Tier 3, so we have already informed BCBM that if we are still in tier 3 then we will not be travelling and we are happy for them to contact the other syndicate members to see if someone else may be able to use the week at short notice, as sadly things can change very quickly when it comes to lockdowns I feel it woudnt be right for us to travel whilst in Tier 3 and have decided to follow the government advice in not doing so.
  20. Thanks for clarifying, Andy. In my experience, the only occasions I've had difficulty mooring in hire yards is at those with a combination of limited space and changeover. The Wroxham boatyards all fall in to that category.
  21. As Vaughan said gas fridges are perfectly safe the vast majority of explosions were on canals with petrol engines boaters while waiting in a lock would take the opportunity to refill the outboard tank as they were in a lock no wind the vapor tricked down into cabin hit the fridge flame and boom. when i built my present boat i wanted a gas fridge but boat safty said it must be room sealed one Electrolux were the only people that did this and they stopped it at the time, shame as i knew someone who worked there and could have proquired one at big discount, gas fridges work really well very econ
  22. I have to disagree with this slight understatement, Mr N and a certain Firefighter have shares in the ruddy Savoy Hotel more like and that's without Mrs N's Gin allowance x
  23. Thanks. 1pm so I'm hoping to make Ludham Bridge before dark. I've done lots of boating of different types over the years. This is our third year as a family on the Broads but I went many times as a child. First time we've had a sliding canopy - not my favourite style but we needed the extra space for friends to join us (keeping within the rule of 6!).
  24. Lovely photos. And good to have recommendations of places to go to. I haven't been to Thorpeness yet ... still so many places to explore along the Suffolk and Norfolk coastline.
  25. Didn't think either of those BBC boats went to Ferry - although I( might be mistaken of course!
  26. Perhaps MM can moor alongside that long canal boat (if it`s still there that is).
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