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  1. Yesterday
  2. The pic was only part of the fleet. There were at least as many in the moorings in the broad behind the sheds. One of the mechanics told me that the 2 berth 37s had a white saloon roof; the 4 berths had a brown roof and a brown trakmark? panel over the rear cabins and the 42ft 6 berths had a brown roof and two trakmark panels so they could tell which was which from a distance. I don't know if it was from some steps up the side of one of the boat sheds or from the bridge,
  3. I look at the meet quiz as a bit of fun. We didn't do very well as we know nowt about snooker and films and next to nowt about at least one of the other topics but for me it is all about being there and the banter. Whether you get questions you can answer or not is just the luck of the draw.
  4. I personally think whoever is responsible for this carnage is unlikely to ever learn much respect for other people or property period. They have got very serious issues going on inside their head. No doubt their actions may try to be excused by some event they might have been exposed to at some point in their life/lives but I think it boils down to the fact that some people are just born bad and not worth any time or effort being spent trying to rehabilitate them. I wouldn't waste any time on them other than what it takes to give them a good hiding. Thats the problem nowadays, whats for troublemakers to fear?
  5. An updated BBC report of the vandalisum https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-48348512 Just a note , some papers have been "emphasising" the maleness of railway Modelling. One of the clubs that had a layout destroyed was St Neots MRC, whose Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Exhibition Manager are..... All women.. We have several women in Broadland MRC.
  6. there goes the neighbourhood
  7. "Juliette 2" looks in fine fettle! Four weeks and three days....... counting!
  8. Last week
  9. It is indeed an ex-swancraft boat renamed. We had a short break on her two or three years back of which you will find my holiday tale somewhere on the appropriate forum. We were lucky, weather was amazing and just right for that kind of boat. Sat out on top all the time even when moored up. The view from the inside helm was poor and the galley area tiny. It steered well and was comfortable enough. We had a lovely time because we had the good weather but I wouldn’t personally hire it again as I’ve enjoyed other boats more. Just my opinion.
  10. That's me secured tickets for the Vue cinema tomorrow. Myself and MrsG going to see 'Rocket Man' Griff
  11. I've been slow at updating this. I've been enjoying myself so much I haven't want to waste minutes by staring at my phone. Sunday 19th May We said goodbye to the folks at Salhouse and promptly messed up what should have been a simple departure. I forgot to switch over the steering from lower to upper, delayed by going downstairs to correct and then by the time I was back at the Upper helm the boat was pointing firmly towards next door. Thanks to Pauline and Cambridge Cabby for helping us correct. Today we were Great Yarmouth bound to head south. In the morning we made the journey as far as Acle in one hit. Those paddle boarder types were at it again around Thurne mouth but this time they'd turned away from Great Yarmouth when they reached the Bure. At Acle we needed water and so made a stop in Broads Boating Company basin. There were only 3 BBC boats in there and I've seen none on the river as I write this so I hope things are OK. We chugged around to the Bridge Inn where there was plenty of space and I'd booked a table for lunch. The food was lovely as always. We set off just after 3pm. This was on the early side given slack water wasn't until 1825 and sure enough we were in GY in no time with the outgoing tide but turning on to Breydon was slow. At full throttle on Breydon we made about 5mph. We moored for the night at Berney around 1815. It was very peaceful there, even though I continue to lament the loss of the pub. Rollie really enjoyed his 3rd walk of the day and seemed set on going as far as Great Yarmouth....
  12. Broads01


    I have happy memories of Grecian Girl which I hired in 2011. My wife Mel and I have four children between us and Grecian was the first and only time three of the four came with us for the same trip. If it didn't let well I'm surprised because I've seen it on hire just about every time I've come since I hired it.
  13. Maurice Mynah, while i was up at the pleasure boat yesterday I caught a miscreant defacing Nyx, yes she was cleaning the name and numbers.
  14. I could do that on the base of the keel on my mini sailiing keelboat...
  15. Thanks Maureen. The wind was nowhere near as bad as that September, we did see Mallard at Sutton Staithe though just like then.
  16. Hello Gary, Thank you for your enquiry. The School Share for sale still has one allocation left this year and we do have a few Standard Shares for sale. The 6/7 number relates to the number of people that are licensed to be aboard during navigation, the berths are a aft double cabin with an occasional double made by dropping the table on the forward seating. at there is scope for a child or adolescent sleeping on the curved lounge seating. Regards Alan Chairman & Trustee Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate
  17. Not in the Outer Hebridies, from having BBC1 405 line badly. They got colour, 625 line, BBC2, ITV, and Channel 4 all at the same time... about 1981
  18. Nice tips Stumpy, especially the gloves as I remember the cheap polyprop last time. Many thanks.
  19. Thanks Jeff, I didn't realise there was a calendar so that's great.
  20. Welcome Simon, you post your questions I'm sure somebody on here will have the answers, happy boating
  21. We woz at it yet again last Friday, had to change a couple of team members of 'Griff's Growlers' hence we scored much lower this time but still had a great day out. This time at Lambton Castle. Another team competition clay shoot. 7 x stands, 700 targets. I used 400 cartridges this time. Stopped off at the Ryther Arms for a team dinner on the way home, another 16 x hour day out. That's them done with for this year. A full year looking forward to them and they are over in a flash it seems. Oh well, back to my local small shooting ground come this Sunday as per the norm Griff
  22. More pics to follow There better had be - It's the Law Griff
  23. No not the football,but the flower show. Each year it seems to get better.Now I enjoy the garden but I am far from good at it.Each year Marina and I intend to visit,as yet never been.Hopefully next year.However one Bush that bees enjoy sits in our small front garden,its just starting to go over,but the bees do like it
  24. Pennant is £12 inc postage to UK. Suggested donation for Static stickers is £2 minimum. If we have any Calendars left they will be available ta hefty discount. Just message Aunty Pat via Chameleon. ian
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