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  2. Excuse me Mr Please Make Two, or PMT for short.... If someone clever in CAD was to draw a plan and print it at 1/12 (just like the ones you used to get in model boat magazines) we could all spend next winters long evenings creating a flotilla of little Water Rails?
  3. Today
  4. Andy - better down and write a few risk assessments then! I suspected this was on the cards when we were discussing different ways of working perhaps - nows the chance to get some money back into the system I hope. It really does need it!
  5. Like Ray my opinion is, that in the early part of this outbreak.We were rightly shut down,for quite rightly our safety. Most of us accepted the reasons for doing so.In recent weeks the breaks have started to be lefted.Now the balance is hard to get right.To little to much.The Government are in a difficult position. I remember one of the chefs I work with told us about this virus which could be a big killer, sometime in late December or early January. I poured cold water on that remark and said that's been said before, SARS for example. How wrong I was.This disease spread quickly, for many weeks no deaths,then the numbers kept on raising.Now is the time to play our part ,dont take unnecessary risks.Meeting is large groups is a risk.We have all made big changes to our lives.Its far to say all of us want to get back to a near normal life.I look forward to getting up to the boat.A meal and a pint even going back to work.The Government have done mush to be commended, also some that quite frankly were poorly thought out. With this virus becomes more manageable, I believe there should be an inquiry. No finger pointing, but what worked ,what didn't and how best to deal with a virus outbreak like this in future. May also be an idea if other countries could undertake inquiry s too.
  6. I like the 'On this day....' photos Chris, nice idea
  7. Similar scenario used to occur in the RN. If a 'Rating' i.e a non commissioned orifice had a 'Special / Nice / New' car at their disposal, they were ordered to keep it parked in the orifice's car park. Nowadays one would hope that the RN in particular has relaxed it's outdated class system somewhat Griff
  8. Take up model railways, It would be good for sticking down Static grass..
  9. Yesterday
  10. moorings open at the mo yes, no charge currently as no one allowed to stay overnight.
  11. Despite what the BA website says, may I suggest anyone wishing to pass Potter Bridge after 5 in the afternoon may want to phone ahead to make sure that the pilot is still on duty.
  12. Topics for Friday's quiz:- Catchphrases Music Connections Break for refills and empties Films Languages General Ignorance 8.30ish in the chatroom Enter Username - no password required; https://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/
  13. this afternoon the other side had its coat of varnish/turps 75/25
  14. The likes of Julia Bradbury, Ben Fogle, Rick Stein et al. Do not help with their. "We are going to show you a hidden away, secret place, where time has stood still" 5 minutes later:- "If you go nowhere else you must come here" It's not bl**dy hidden away or secret anymore is it? You have just told 6 million people! Why can't folk read a map and explore for themselves.
  15. I can remember my father berating the fact that boats had gone up to a thousand pounds a foot! Mind you, a few years ago . . . . . . .
  16. TheQ

    My Day

    Traditionally I've always heard it for the first time in a year while out on the water for the 3 Rivers Race, But having been out gardening for several weeks I heard one about 4 weeks ago..
  17. As I did read it, I am pleased to see that they are carrying out what appears to be serious maintenance with an eye to the future and have specifically mentioned the passage of vessels. The risk was that they were going to just give up on them, and weld them shut!
  18. I have learnt that the Muppets that we encounter be it on the media or around us have locally have no idea what is going on. There are some where their lives have not changed at all, they are oblivious to the lost loved ones that have died during these trying times.
  19. Last week
  20. Hopefully I can appreciate it one day. Having a boat to go out and about at your leisure is one thing, posting on a Broads forum can get in the way!
  21. thanks mouldy, certainly is a bit dire at the mo but we are trying!
  22. Here we go again. This Sunday coming our local clay shooting ground is to be open (Members only). Finger crossed nowt stops it this time round. First time since March. I was gonna really spoil mysen and go on the Mighty Tiger, therefore gettin in two hobbies in one go. Unfortunately the wx forecast for Sunday is not so good. It'll be Trevor Transit then. Bring it on Can't wait, I normally have four rounds - Sporting, Double Rise, DTL and *****. Might have to double up, that'll be 250 cartridges expended then Griff
  23. Thanks Ian, appreciate that. Shall miss cove and its occupants _ nice people.
  24. Thanks for that. I said all along that it was not that Low over the low countries and Denmark, coupled to a complex Altantic chart.
  25. Drinking more - but mainly G&T. I spend a lot of time normally ferrying my daughter to classes in Norwich, and rather than keep coming home and back it's easier to pick something up
  26. I do hope the restrictions are lifted in early July, I am due to go down to the boat on the on the 7th July. If the staying overnight rules have been rescinded. Lets hope for the best. Regards Alan
  27. My problem was with wombles and hats to dance around etc rather than sails!
  28. Looks like a nice area to get some much needed fresh air and exercise Ian. Think the grass could do with some wet stuff, everywhere seems to be getting extremely dry!
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