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  1. Past hour
  2. Chelsea14Ian

    Our Time In Switzerland

    Sorry to hear your news,I wish you all well for the future.It seems you have a plan.Marina and I intend to.move to Norfolk when we retire also Regards Ian
  3. Lucywoodhouse40

    Need Help Please

    We used the ratchet straps haha. Just awkward with our Qashqai as water goes in the electrics Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. ZimbiIV

    Never Ending Story

    As I said on your other post, retire early and you can play with varnishing 'till your hearts content. paul
  5. grendel

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    well busy today watching youtube, a live stream of real boat timber steaming - plus some work in the breaks between ribs / frames going in, I am working on the stern well, I have made a pattern for the floor, trimmed the side decks square and fitting supports for the inside sides of the stern well.
  6. Turnoar

    Ropes Like Ours

    Old main sheet was good enough for me, really old main sheet left on the moorings for bed time, the best bent on the blocks, time to part with some kite when it goes stiff or won’t run free or both. Old climbing ropes for springs!
  7. Today
  8. TeamElla


    Could this be why we have noticed large numbers of fish at St. Olaves Marina too? We've been there 17 years and only recently noticed such large shoals of fish there. It's attracted cormorants, that used to visit occasionally but now they're a regular sight within the marina.
  9. annv

    Brundall From The Air

    Thanks Sueh and Ian I thought that if they wanted less people they paid redundancy, and if uniansd last in first out, if you ask for less money can you stay? strange carry on. Thanks. John
  10. SwanR

    Changes At Beccles Harbour

    We pay for all our parking by phone. Of course that means having the right apps downloaded and paying a small admin fee but it avoids the need for real money in your pocket! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  11. JennyMorgan

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    I have no doubt whatsoever that he is aware, hence my thought that he attempting to downplay the costs associated with what might yet prove to be a non runner.
  12. Breydon

    Licence For The Tidal Medway?

    Thanks for the replies.
  13. FairTmiddlin

    Broads Sea Consortium

    Which Nelson upon his column is he referring to? Must be the one in Trafalgar Square! Because the one in Great Yarmouth has Brittania atop it.
  14. Matt

    Time Share

    I get the perfect choice of boat now :-) I have to be honest but the choice of starting base has never really bothered me. Having had at least 2 weeks afloat for the last 10 years we generally either spend the week north or south, rarely both. The days of crushing all day are long gone! I would also say that extra costs are not particularly common. The winter costs do vary but never greatly, the ongoing running costs are a monthly standing order for us and might go up a couple of quid each year. We knew we needed a new engine so made additional payments for a couple of years and used monies we already had. Currently £4,000 in the syndicate account so we can absorb most things if they occur. We put a new oven on a few weeks back I think it was £800 (I am sure someone will be along to tell me if I’m wrong!) and that was just paid out of the Syndicate account so no unexpected bill for owners. There are many variations of the allocation system across different boats and I’m sure they all have their good and bad points. I think Lightening is moving to a priority system where owners move up and down the list (Perhaps a Lightening owner can expand?) but whatever system is in use some owners will have better weeks than others but hopefully over a period of time they even out. The biggest drawback to Syndicate ownership and why I think it is more aligned with hiring is that you obviously cannot just use it when you fancy it! The weather looks lovely for a break from Monday but I can’t go and use Thunder as another owner is onboard and they might be surprised to see me onboard first thing in the morning! Although ironically the allocated owners for the week starting today are not using her so the owners that were due to leave today are staying another week! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  15. Yesterday
  16. I won't say it again why should other enjoy the views & villages going that way. But - should I have stayed on and through Gayton and cross the river below Sutton Bridge? Just drove the route on maps and didn't see any signs saying other wise to avoid the 1.5 mile delay I met.
  17. ChrisB

    Eel In Thruster

    Cley Smokehouse used to do smoked eel. I am in Cley most weeks, I must give them a visit. Their smoked roe is wonderful as well.
  18. marshman

    Pesticide Control

    Cannot remember the cut off date but probably the end of March. You can always tell around here as there is a flurry of activity to beat the deadline and by and large, the farmers are pretty good and adhere to it! P.S. its the Ist March!!
  19. chameleon

    Nbn Quiz Night

    if enough turn up i can run a quiz tonight
  20. Broads01

    Royal Velvet 2 And 3

    Yes the two boats ought to have different names really. The Alpha should be more spacious as its a foot longer and about 6 inches wider I think. I was still tempted by the Opal though having hired Hawaiian Goose 10 years ago and I do like the extra wide double doors to the fore deck. The Opal also has a small forward well unlike the Alpha.
  21. JamesLV

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    The week after passing my test my dad asked me to deliver him and his then girlfriend to Heathrow, I live in Brighton, so this also necessitated circumnavigating the M25, it was a baptism of fire! After that driving became part of my life as I went to uni in Epsom, but still lived down here, so M25 was a twice daily routine, then I got married to a Yorkshire lass so visits to the outlaws were a frequent occasion, however since getting divorced, and subsequently meeting a new lass, I’d be lucky if I covered 6k miles a year, longest trip we do is brighton to Wroxham
  22. charlesa

    Banks. Don't You Just Love 'em ?

    Poppy that is extraordinary but I am not surprised. A few days after my father had died I had a call from the coroner's office asking to speak to him ( they had my phone number as the contact/ Executor): " Hello, this is the coroner's office, please could I speak to Mr A, we'd like to discuss his post mortem with him". It was a trainee who apologised profusely at being so thick. Had to laugh really as my father would have done !!
  23. grendel

    My Day

    sitting on that stick at first glance it looked like a giant spider, with little miss muffet sitting on her tuffet beside it.
  24. Hylander

    It's Cricket Season Again.

    I just love the cricket but alas not having Sky Sports at the moment have missed out on this seasons cricket. The one thing I will agree with you is that our Joe (Root) should not be Captain. Needs someone with more experience. You dont mention Moeen Ali (see ball hit ball) he has some brilliant moments. Not forgetting Adil Rashid and Stuart Broad. Both have their moments of brilliance.
  25. Sailies, stinkies, gun boats, trip boats, pubs , clubs and glorious scenery. What a mix!! There's still time to add your favourite images to this year's collection of course.
  26. TheQ

    Next Best Image To That Of A Sailing Boat?

    Next best thing to a picture of a sailing Boat..... Lots of Sailing Boats... Picture courtesy Holly Hancock (Yeoman Nationals 2015 Black Horse Broad)
  27. Last week
  28. Turnoar


    It’s an omen. Had a pair pecking about a chimney, luckily many years redundant. If they nest they can be a fire hazard. Keep seeing them and they make me nervous, darent spark up a conversation.
  29. Daddy Mouse

    Broads Visit

    We are up this weekend. It looks like a few days in the marina for us as well until the wind dies down a bit. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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