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  1. Past hour
  2. smitch6

    Boat Fendering

    thanks i'll give them a ring tomorrow
  3. Today
  4. coolcat

    Nbn Burgees

    Likewise.......built in wiggle room is always appreciated when buying clothing. I blame it on all those lovely meals in the Broadland hostelries
  5. grendel

    Meanwhile, Back At The Bins...

    we did.
  6. Vaughan- What you say seems logical I appreciate your views.
  7. chameleon

    Today On The River.

    looking at yours it would seem its done above mine (i hope)
  8. Lovely video as always Jean thank you for that. I'll be sure to update my blog throughout December, I'll try not to let you down with a video or two, I look forward to your interaction as ever. Take care
  9. chameleon

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

  10. FairTmiddlin

    I Still Ain't Deaded!

    Miracles we can do! But I think That's beyond repair.
  11. Islander

    New Web Cam Coming On Stream

    Morning all. Can't stop as of to have lunch with friends as its Ruth's Birthday. Vaughan, the new steel pole now provides the power to the island. The old pole was not going to last much longer. There is a story about Roger and the electric which I will relate when I have more time or next time you and Suzi are here. The trees have been reduced or removed to protect the wall and old gaol but while the quayheading was being replaced they caught the wall with the digger bucket and half of it fell down. We had lots of bods with clipboards discussing what was to be done but in the end just a flint wall was put there and no gaol. As Mark has pointed out we have our share of undesirables who during the warmer months think it's their right to mess with the boats moored on the green. Several have been taken only to be recovered in the city. There are many improvements that could be made at the green. The webcam is a step in the right direction but I would not want to moor my boat overnight without being onboard. Anyway, the sun is out and the green looks a picture. The fishermen have moved in and people are feeding the ducks. What more can you want in the middle of November. Colin
  12. MauriceMynah

    My Day

    Hope the train was OK, it looks like a classic.
  13. TheQ

    The View From Work This Morning

    The figure given for the number of houses over 1 million was early on this year, 768553. Not my view from work but near enough my view for today, https://www.horning-sailing.club/webcams.php
  14. Yesterday
  15. Paladin

    Time To Comment!

    That seems to be the unanswerable question. How many members of "relevant clubs" actually live in the Broads. I am such a member and I have a boat, but I live about 200 yards outside the Broads. Do I get a vote? I don't actually think that elections are the answer. I think the Landscapes Review is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get our points across. We can moan all we like on here, and we achieve absolutely nothing. Put those concerns into the review and they WILL be read. How much notice will be taken of them I don't know, but I've got my draft ready to top-and-tail and submit.
  16. JennyMorgan

    Jp's Broads Briefing

    Enter the darkside at your own risk!
  17. Lulu

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Yes, it would be great to see some new faces! Rest assured you are unlikely to be last. I scraped 4 points this week and one of those was for turning up.
  18. Jayfire

    An Autumnal Tale

    Thank you darling, I know you think you think you'll get away with this though but believe me, you won't. I'm piping up "Get back in our room, I've not done yet"
  19. Chelsea14Ian

    How Long ?

    That's funny,seen many times people on there first day on the river,thinking they are Lord Nelson.With a little bit of Capt Jack thrown in.
  20. Hylander

    Rip John Wilson

    Makes interesting listening. Wise words.
  21. Maxwellian

    Nbn Spring Gathering

    I will take bookings for tours nearer the date. :)
  22. Last week
  23. marshman

    Stained Glass Lessons - A New Adventure

    Yes it is a bit late - I put it down to either them rushing around the country with the gowns or the fact that the BIC is otherwise fully booked or just too expensive in season!! They take it for the full week and use a lot of it, in fact most of it I think!! No don't misunderstand me - it was a really great day especially for my daughter who really enjoyed going back especially to see her friends - she is now in Leeds, some miles from that part of the world!!
  24. Islander

    Steering Wheel Centre

    Hi Smitch6, welcome to the funny farm. You may be lucky to get a sensible answer on here but don't hold your breath. I think you will be very lucky to find an exact replacement for your wheel centre but here is my offering. You could try chatting with a very nice copper who does wood turning and make you a bespoke centre that would look well posh. There is also the possibility of getting someone to 3D print something to do the job. There are a lot of people here with many talent, sadly not me. Colin
  25. FairTmiddlin

    Anyone Got A Spare Couple Of Million?

    Quick whip round and make it NBN Headquarters
  26. oldgregg

    All Ready For The Spring Meet.

    Oh yeah they weren't building Alpha 35's in the 1960's! Just an unusual reg.
  27. hazelgirl

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Ah ok lol and no I haven't but I will be ordering a couple as Christmas gifts [emoji106] Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  28. Either that or insist on everyone driving on that road having an eyesight test first!!!
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