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  2. Now were back home I have to get the cycles out of the garage for the trip to the pub and back tonight, be ready for the next updates to this thread.....
  3. The hot water circuit should really be on a bypass of the thermostat so the water gets heat long before the keel cooler gets any hot water, while the engine is under temp no hot coolant shoud flow through the keel cooler or it would take forever to warm up.
  4. Can now reveal that Silver Cloud owner and resultant images. Fred
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  6. Hired Fair Ambassador during the 90s, it’s a great boat for two but would certainly be cramped for 6! Pricey too.
  7. Yes Vaughan you have got it. I walked from coltishal common along the road past anchor moorings it’s just past there.
  8. Brilliant post Meantime. Nice to hear of those places that are doing exceptionally well despite the circumstances, and your post has changed my views on visiting the Falgate.
  9. The simple answer is yes, however I would still caution against punching against an ebb tide. A favourite trip of mine is to leave The Berney Arms or Burgh Castle moorings and just head out across Breydon Water, through Breydon bridge and then head back again. I'm purely doing it to be out on Breydon, with no intention of heading up the Bure and therefore will set off and do it no matter what the tide is doing and will not thrash the engine in doing so. On many an occasion I have set of with 1200rpm against the flood and by the time I reach Breydon bridge I'm doing no more than 2.5mph. It matters not I'm there for the journey, not to reach a certain point by a given time. It is not unusual to be doing 6 - 7 mph at the same rpm on the return across Breydon. Engine failures are rare but if you have one against a flood tide you are only going to get pushed back up river or back across Breydon. If you have one on a full ebb you are going to be carried fairly quickly down river. The worst place to have an engine failure would be between the Bure bridges and Breydon bridge on an ebb tide.
  10. The Ship Reedham opening today (Sat 24 July)with board out advertising their Sunday Lunches Best ring ahead though ( Check FB or Trip Advisor in case of revised phone number) Under new management.
  11. 1950's Sabberton Broads Day Launch - £ TBC Just listed on Topsail.
  12. We went down to the Riverside Tea Room this morning, the other side of Wroxham Bridge. Had a lovely hour watching the day boats and a few cruisers, also plenty of swans and geese. Most enjoyable … especially the lemon drizzle cake fresh out of the oven. 👍
  13. We have moved this topic into the members area as it is basically a request from old members into the whereabouts of other old members- so better suited in the members area. we would also like to remind people that cross posting posts and screenshots from other forums is specifically against tos here so would ask you refrain from doing so, if people want to go find out, they will have to join the other forums and search for themselves. Thank you
  14. Sorry, I meant "think" not "thank" but looking at the sentence again, it may have been a Freudian Slip, since we thank our lucky stars for all our new customers!
  15. Good News Red bull have rebuilt Max’s car in record breaking time 🤣🤣🤣🤣 IMG_4454.MP4
  16. Saturday 10th July. Not that much to say, other than I was up at 7am grafting! By 8.30am, I was out of the moorings and making my way to Boulters for the pump out and refuel. I kinda like that as it gives that last bit of intricate navigating before i have to leave Goosander behind until November. Back in her home mooring, I finished the inside and outside cleans, loaded the car, and had vacated by 11am. My final meal on the Broads, is always at the Yare, in Brundall, and I was in their car park by 11.45am. The meal disn't disappoint. I had the battered chicken with sweet and sour sauce. All too soon it was time to be on my way home. Just to say, if anyone is wondering how busy the Southern rivers are at a time when all the hire boats are out, my experience was that it's a world away from the north. I was passing very few craft. I had no difficulty finding a mooring, and though I was usually tied up by 3pm, I'm sure you could have cruised through to 6pm and still had no trouble. Well worth the detour. Just a few final images, which I managed to miss out from earlier. The new stretch of moorings at Burgh Castle. Anybody know where this is? This was from my drive down to Norfolk. I passed Norwich Airport and was surprised to see so many aircraft mothballed there. The dashcam only picked up a few of them, but there were also British Airways, Easyjet and other aircraft just sitting there. I would guess around 30 to 40 just parked on the apron.
  17. We had a good turnout last night and the eventual winner and our next QM was Bern with Polly and NikO in joint second place and Not_Dead_Yet in third. Due to boating and family holiday committments our next quiz will be in 2 weeks time on Friday 6th August.
  18. Took our grandchildren on their first broads experience yesterday and they absolutely loved it. We spent the day onboard one of herbert woods picnic boats. I haven't seen them laugh and smile so much in ages. Along with two of our friends we all had a great day. The kids want to return for a longer break so the hunt is on to find a boat we all like. The kids want a big dual steer boat apparently they are sick..I've absolutely no idea what they both mean by that lol.. manged to grab a little spot at Ranworth as we need to grab some plastic spoons,we'd forgotten to pack some. Two nice guys helped us squeeze into a little gap. It wasn't until we'd left Ranworth I realised it was Broads01 that had helped us Moor, sorry Simon I would of said hello if I'd of put 2 and 2 together, but thanks for your help. All in all an excellent day and good to see the rivers so busy. My friend wasn't so keen on having to navigate his was past all the yachts, he done OK...
  19. Elsewhere on this Forum there is a debate about more Broads content, so I thought I’d contribute with our holiday tale. We booked Fair Executive 2 in 2019 for April 2020, but it got postponed by Covid19 to April this year. I did share our virtual cruise last year, so this is how it turned out for real. We were going a couple of weeks after boating had re-opened to single households, but hospitality was still only outdoors. However, all the information was that booking levels were very high so expect the Broads to be busy. The original plan was to stay North as tide times were poor to attempt going South and get back in a week, but given the predictions I’d taken the precaution of phoning Yarmouth YS to seek their advice and see if it was feasible. Based on what they said we could do it – we’d have to decide on Monday at the latest. The weather was set to be fair and sunny, but cold. So off we set. Day 1 – Saturday 24 April We were given a slightly later pick up time than usual for the boat due to Covid19. Arriving at NBD, the car unloaded we were soon underway. A boat we’ve had twice before and pre holiday videos, so only a minimal handover needed. On our first night we don’t usually go far – a gentle cruise to Salhouse. The main moorings looked busy and the best spots on the island were taken so we opted for the Spit. The added benefit was that this gets the sun well into the evening, when the main moorings are in the shade. (I think we’d have done the opposite with the weather we’ve had during the last week!). Very quiet with only another couple of boats.
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