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  2. the one with the blue barrels would be the yard getting the boat through, thus they accepted the damage to get the boat under, they will have polished that out before the next hire.
  3. the water could have been as simple as wave action causing water to get in, and once you start shipping water, it tends to keep coming in as the boat gets lower in the water.the thing to do is keep an eye on things and see if you can see where its coming in under different conditions.
  4. tim

    Men Vs Women

    Miscommunication? There's nothing like leaving a mooring perfectly, then look round and find your beloved waving at you from the bank with a full beer garden cheering!
  5. Oh well, it was just an idea. Christmas cards would be nice too. Perhaps someone will take it on for next year. Hope so.
  6. went many years as a teenager then 20yrs later as a couple and have returned several times and considered going this year , while cruising respect the water and should be fine , mooring dealing with nature tide and wind but take your time and restart if necessary ,
  7. And spot on that reaction was Tim, even if you are about to hit another boat you don't reverse with someone in the water behind you.
  8. Today
  9. Yep. Sorry Regulo, my silly sense of humour. It's a template; the left hand edge describes the profile of the side of the boat. Back on page 4 of this thread there's a pic showing the original wooden steps which should have come with the boat and I am trying to do something similar. As my woodworking skills are sadly light years behind quite a few people on this forum I should keep quiet about it but hey, a bit of humiliation never hurt anyone. The template is made up of bits because I keep adding sections to get the profile as close as possible to the shape of the boat to spread the load.
  10. Tues 29th. Woke again to rain is it ever going to stop according to the forecast likely at midday to clear a bit so we decide to stay out until later in the hope it does , destination unknown but we will head toward Norwich maybe turn back who knows . After breakfast we just enjoy watching comings and goings several fishermen have turned up the barge crew finally arrive they take ages sorting it out before heading out ,the other 2 boats depart and as it’s almost stopped raining we decide to do the same ,slowly out of the dyke across the broad sitting on top helm again it’s drizzle bu
  11. That’s a very good summary of what the weekend was like Griff. I really felt for anyone who took their boat over Friday or Saturday.
  12. There is one of these at Sutton Staithe too. Or there was for most of the Summer. It alternated between the information board/shed and the bar. Surprised it lasted as long as it did though.
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  14. Thanks for sharing that. Very useful to know.
  15. That's the name of the program. Today it was villages close to Norwich.
  16. DAVIDH


    The boats are offered for hire, but not many have been booked since the extension of the season was announced. From what I can see, most are (at this stage) not attracting bookings.
  17. Alpha craft 32 , a nice go anywhere boat , especially with the river levels as they have been of late. Remember when you turn the wheel you have almost 30ft behind you which will sweep quite a large arc. If you have one bring an oil filled radiator with you to keep the chill off overnight when on shore power (card available from most boatyards or can order from Yare house by post) overnight will cost about £2 on low continuous heat don’t use radiator (or fan heater) on inverter ever though , knackers the batteries !!! if not on shore power your warm air vented heating is efficie
  18. Helen at Martham tells me that they have 2 boats currently stuck on the HW's side of the bridge, luckily for me not Juliette !
  19. Makes perfect sense now! Thank you Ian 👍
  20. Is that heading towards Loddon? Love the Chet. Really must get back to the southern rivers.
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