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  1. Yesterday
  2. Seems they (and at least one other yard) have let a few boats out today! Sneaky!
  3. In my younger days I would call at my local, meet up with friends, put the world to rights, decide who was going to win the league (This would be in August !) and generally just whileaway a few hours a couple of nights a week. Happy days ! I survived the plasticisation of the pubs, the gastro-pubs and applauded the efforts of CAMRA and others. I haven't quite yet lost the will to live but this article on what amounts to the death of the long cherished pub traditions in this country is quite devastating. Good, bad or indifferent is neither here or there, it will not be the same. Is this what we have all been waiting for ? I have a mental picture of dressing up like a hospital doctor but going to a pub instead. The comment from a member of the Moss & Co management team says it all: “There definitely will be plenty of changes and it won’t be the pub as you used to know it.” Given the choice between paying over the odds to sit at a table (Inside or out, preferably out) on a lawn or deck, looking over my shoulder lest anyone gets too close, shivering at the sound of a cough, applying sanitiser every time I pick up my glass (Or maybe plastic beaker)..............or sitting moored away, in the cockpit or roof, with a bittern booming in the distance (If i'm lucky), geese flying overhead, water lapping at the hul, watching Tom Cobbley et al with glass to hand, I know where I'll be. I can see no reason for public houses anymore except for those genuinely providing local services like the Ferry at Stokesby with their new shop. You might think it would be useful to have all the yobs under one roof so as to keep an eye on them, but no-one does. Maybe it's the time of night but I haven't been this low since all this business started, roll on 10th. July, maybe the Broads breezes will blow the cobwebs away. But it won't be inside, or outside, a pub. Keith
  4. Hi everyone, long time lurker here! We'll be on the broads next week (along with the rest of the world by all accounts ). We've been countless times but there's one thing I can't get my head round... On the southern rivers, where there's a rise and fall, how does it work with mooring stern on to a fixed point? Side on is fine, you just leave enough slack in the ropes. Floating pontoons obviously move with you so there's no problem there. But there are a couple of spots where it's stern on to a fixed position, can't think exactly where, outside a pub if I remember rightly. Do you need to leave slack in the ropes, or can someone explain it to me? One other thing, are there safe wild moorings on the southern rivers anywhere? Thanks all!
  5. Watched everyone including the "baking" specials and Julie and I take our hat off to Dave for his endeavours. We loved every minute and they gave us many memories and laughs.. Also they gave us hope for the 4th July... The day the lockdown is eased and the Broads is available again for those who love the area Thanks Dave!!
  6. We love that stretch up to Geldeston. Special!
  7. We do, but we have an American couple who own a share and can only get ‘over the pond’ once a year for a fortnight. So, as our summer allocation in June was the week adjoining theirs we swopped our summer week for an autumn one and, through another swop, ended up with a fortnight’s allocation toward the end of September. Everyone happy, or would have been had this Covid crisis not intervened. Unless we have another lockdown in September, it will work out rather well for us. We prefer out of season anyway.
  8. Like at all times we need balance to ensure that situations are not exploited, but this broken record is getting very petty.
  9. Thanks to all who joined in with tonight's quiz. Third was NikO, second was Bern and the winner was SteveO. Well done Steve.
  10. My inclination is to back up Regulo’s advice. Although perfectly doable once you’ve gained some experience and confidence, I wouldn’t advise that a novice moor at Burgh Castle. Barney Arms has similar strong tide, but there’s normally a bit more room there.
  11. Some information for anyone going out on the Broads this weekend ... in case you haven't got time to listen to the news ... and why would you once you're afloat! I have just been reading that this Sunday 5th July, the birthday of the NHS, there is to be one final Clap for Carers at 5pm. And ahead of that, tomorrow, July 4th is to be considered a time of remembrance and reflection for all those lives lost during this pandemic. Sunday could create quite an atmosphere for people at the most popular moorings.
  12. Heron

    Keep Safe

    And even Spain have done better than the UK!
  13. vanessan

    River Yare

    One of my favourite spots, excellent walks for the dogs.
  14. An elderly friend now deceased I found to have 4 companies covering her items over & over. One I rang & they demanded £100 to cancel as per contract & kept ringing her with threats of prosecution Following other problems the Fraud team at her bank became involved & they could find no legitimate details of the company! We stopped all of the Direct Debits & the only one to make contact was the legitimate one who simply thanked her for using them & hoped she would use them again should the need arise. A TV repair contractor made one visit then abandoned her with a broken set which she had to replace but carried on charging her.
  15. We shan't be out on the river just yet as yours truly is still repainting and varnishing. In the process I decided I didn't like the look of the screws in the midship cleat as they were steel. 10 mins later all 4 were out. 3 sheared and the last rusted away. About half an inch of each screw was all that was holding . I have now replaced them with 4 1.5" x 12 ss screws until I can replace with through bolts. Needless to say I will be checking all the other cleats. I don't know who originally fitted these cleats as the boat was exhire and been in private ownership. Anyway, on to a different subject. There seem to be a lot of these on the river this year. Not a reg no in site. I do wonder if the BA are missing out on toll monies here. Thats it, back to work and a beer on deck later Safe journey all of you travelling this weekend. Colin
  16. These be the toilets with the waft of embassy, park drive, woodbine and capstan full strength would they be?
  17. Job done, at last, finally, no annoying 3ft crack in t screen. Griff
  18. Ha ha. Sounds like a band of thugs real names Edward. Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  19. Cal

    Water Tanks

    We have drained and flushed through our water tank a few times in the last few weeks. It had been sat ashore with an unknown quantity of water in the plastic tank for almost a year. We completely drained it and then added plenty of sterilizing tablets to the tank and refilled it making sure we pulled the water through all of the plumbing and taps. We then let it sit for 24 hours before we redrained it and refilled with fresh water and a few more tablets. This was then left for a week before we drained it down again and refilled with just fresh water. There is still the faint chlorine taint to the water that we run off but we are confident that the water system is now cleaned through and we will start drinking the water again now. We only have a small water tank onboard so it is filled up on a regular basis under normal circumstances and flushed through with plenty of water.
  20. Now you're just rocking the boat. Bloody reckless I calls that !!!
  21. Over the years many takeaways drop there menus to moorings.The thing now the food business are trying to make up for lost time and money. Worth giving takeaways, restaurants and pubs a call.Believe me that want your business.
  22. We have both said that we would have probably got fed up with the Viking and sold it within a couple of years. Naughty-Cal has enabled us to do far more and go far further than we ever thought we would by boat. She is far from ideal for some of the cruising we do though. We are planning a trip up the river Soar later in the year which involves a fair amount of canal cruising and she it rubbish at that. Our slowest speed in tick over is 4mph!
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