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  2. As to 2020 was not a good Year with Very Bad Boating incident's either with Private / Hiring or Syndicate's. Can theses River Rules be tighten up such as Captains sighing enteree Log compulsory as to taking over Boats each time and being solely in charge of it's Crews Safety but make a pleasant where ever on the Broads as I do hope it will be accident free for this 2021 season if and when we all are on the Broads once again ?
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  4. https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boating/owning-a-boat/tolls/annual-toll/annual-toll-check?reg_query=586m Reg No Boat Name Make 2020-21 toll 586M BLUEBELLE DIJON Unpaid SAY NO MORE !!!!!
  5. Moving on to the aft cabin sides, The originals were ply and as per the canopy the were showing signs of delamination and had rotted away adjacent to the deck. There were signs of previous repairs and when we replaced the decks we only carried out a temporary repair. Photo from phase 1 There is a scarf joint about 8 feet from the stern so the plan is to remove everything aft of this joint and blend in new from it. On the inside we install new window rails and eventually hoppers. The aft section gets shaped to match the original. After
  6. Had a look, doesn't change my opinion one iota. The Authority has a job to do and should stick to it, in my honest opinion of course.
  7. i think round here they will have to put traffic lights in the sky to mend all the leaks that seem to be up there.
  8. Many moons ago when I was a Park Manager in London & we had some areas with huge run off in wet weather ( most of the old streams and ditches were of course of course piped as development occurred in past 150 years), I was told that the EA (or whatever it was called then) had two schools of thought among its top people Firstly those who wanted to get rid of water fast by dredging, piling of banks, removal of obstructions on a regular basis etc and the others who wanted to hold water back in extreme weather. At the time (1980s) the policy was beginning to swing in favour of holding back.
  9. There are one or two that have arrived that way and similarly can only depart that way! There appears to me to be a vast untapped market for super delux mansion-afloats on the Broad. The Nav Regs allow for 65' replica Wherries, now there is a thought, static wherries! Can always have a radar dome on the masthead for those who want something that they really don't need!
  10. Broads.org comes up with 'no longer registered 2018' so either scrapped or on another network. Hopefully still afloat somewhere, a mate had a Safari at South Walsham which, when sold, went to the Thames.
  11. It's deffo for projects(says DIY-ers welcome)and there are some fairly large ones on-going at the moment. I re-gelled my hull on the hard standing last year, among other works, and there were various other ones going on around me. Also it's a working boatyard(Moonfleet is based there- not a hire fleet anymore just repairs/maintainence etc)so there is always noise and activity going on.
  12. Thanks for the info. They were outdrives and alloy.
  13. Just booked my two jabs at Guys Hospital.I gave up phoning after over fifty attempts.I did so on line.Very easy even for someone like me thats not always good doing stuff on line.First jab next Wednesday, second jab Wednesday April 14.Both done between 10.00-1400.Should be less on the train.easy for me from home to London Bridge.
  14. I've done that a few times via download/itunes and not even bothered downloading them as they were crap, just wanted to stuff the opposition, done the same with the odd charity song even though I hated it just to support it.
  15. Sounds like the Griffin in Thorpe, which for a few years, was re - named "Gunga Din's".
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