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  3. Nocando Cambridge cabby, too much carbon footprint from production of ferrocement! The only way forwards is to carry on with all of these construction methods and offset by taxation instead, this will truly solve the “problem”..knot!
  4. Knowing our lot its the screech of the twist cap on the gin bottle more like. It's enough to drive you to drink, but don't drive home.
  5. Oh of course, maybe I wasnt quite clear enough in my post. Security camera's I have no issue with in the slightest, used by the authorities and owners to maintain security or provide evidence for any wrong doings around the rivers. It is the webcams providing worldwide broadcast all over the water I would not like to see, there are a number around already and I enjoy them as much as anyone, but to be constantly watched just wouldn't be the broads for me.
  6. Hi Carole, We were glad to leave Ferry Marina which we used to moor at, we have far better facilities at Brundall IMHO. Regards Alan
  7. True !!! I should have specified that apart from a little food I find the off licences essential. After all, the pubs don't open till 11am
  8. I have been hooked on watching these all afternoon, oops haha. What a lovely couple, I will be watching more tonight.
  9. I see Vodafone now have a 4G/5G router available called a 'GigaCube' which appears to have two ethernet ports (and WiFi) and from what I can see from the specs online it might be 12V powered as well. https://www.vodafone.co.uk/gigacube/?cid=aff-wvm/mltprd/_1403995_/prch/5.18/pid=4150339&awc=1257_1563190841_ec5634a56ad86476364f0e7fcdd724c5#gigcube-plans At the prices they're quoting for 'Unlimited' use, this would be a good gadget for those of us who don't always have the option of being out of contact with the office... 5G isn't coming to Norfolk just yet, but prices are the same for 4G and having a 5G capable unit isn't such a bad thing. Other networks are available, and some work better on the Broads... But it's a handy all-in-one solution for some people potentially (provided that it is in fact 12V so that you could just cut the brick off the power lead).
  10. Tell you what Dylan - you and me both. If had been there I would have been under the duvet with him. Wise dog.
  11. I have contact details for Seraphina. They would love to meet you, show you around etc. I have PM'd you
  12. Well it's 10 days since I last bumped this up, Appologies to those who have seen it, 21 days to go..
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