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  2. Vaughan

    James Knight's Blog

    I don't think I have ever seen a more concise and well reasoned summary of the problems facing the Broads these days, than this. Those who have been pleased to criticise James's blogs over the last few months, should read this very carefully. And then go back and read it again!
  3. BroadAmbition

    Game Shooting - Documentory

    Today was my last game shoot of the season, and on a school day too. Our local shoot of which I am one of the syndicate guns so this one affordable. Not a huge bag but the day was really good. Expensive Breakfast at the Mount Pleasant hotel. Then out for the day. It was proper cold with ice crunching underfoot. Macie did her thing as she does. I bagged three pheasant and four french partridge (We like shooting the french!) we never shoot English partridge. A great day out with mates. Now to concentrate on the clay shooting with some big fun team events coming up throughout the year Griff
  4. MauriceMynah

    Omni Directional Aerial

    That is the size and design of aerial I use, I think (from what I have learned on this thread) that I need to replace the coax though.
  5. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Cheers NN The walk is pleasant, if you don't mind walking in the road which seems the Norfolkian way. In the spring/summer we'll do the footpath walk instead and see how it compares, but you can always rely on the Ferry Incidentally, mooring there is free over night, and £3 for electric (for the Southern Softies ) Coldham Hall charge £10 over night (redeemable) and £5 for leccy
  6. Today
  7. Ray

    Boat Jumble

    It always strikes me that in the Broads area in particular there should be enough interest for 2 or 3 smaller events each year, perhaps run more on the lines of a boat boot fair perhaps. The large event at Norfolk show ground with commercial and private sellers wouldn't be adversely affected I'm sure.
  8. chameleon

    Pmr Licence Free Radio On The Broads

    only problem there , getting a good ground plane for the aerial
  9. Smoggy

    Closed Season - Have Your Say

    If there's a spare seat I could sit and watch that with you, maybe give a running commentary (or just insert the bleeps), sounds like good entertainment.
  10. marshman

    Freezing Weather

    At Ranworth today there were a few ducks walking around close to the quay but I would think that 70 % was icefree and melting further.
  11. andyg

    New Boat From Horning

    Cant see that needing to much TLC before it go off to work. Booking it for sept
  12. floydraser

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    Hi everyone, I nipped over on 13th Jan, cleaned the oil from the forward bilge and fitted the new bilge pump. I also took over the new Ecoair dehumidifier which is being controlled via a Sonoff switch and eWelink app. The switch also has the temperature/humidity probe. The Ecoair drains into the bilge where the new pump can hoof it over the side if necessary. At one point while over at the boat and with the Ecoair off, the app showed 6 degrees C and 90%! After a couple of days it dropped to 60% and stayed there for a while, but now it's down to the mid-fifties. The temperature has stayed above freezing up until now but if it drops below 1 degree I'll switch it off. But what about the mystery tank I hear you cry? Well, I freed up the offending floorboard and all became clear: there's a chuffing great galvanised tank down there! It's 6ft long, 15" deep and 27" wide, with a slight chamfer for the hull shape. As it's mate is GRP I think I'll assume the original set up was a pair of galvanised tanks. The metal tank also explains the brown water I got from the taps after the move south by lorry, and the eternity taken to drain the tanks. So for the sake of the future of the boat I think a WRAS standard new tank is called for, but as I'm a bit short on boaty experience could anyone suggest a more practical size to go for? I'm thinking about a quick emptying system too if there is such a thing? To help keep the water replenished. Thanks in anticipation. Floyd.
  13. or he could borrow Indie? though on her delivery trip, I dont think the crew were wanting bevvies as it was a tad rough heres a link to indies trip up from darn south it was proper rough when they went past us at dungeness.
  14. JennyMorgan

    Help With Boat Decking

    Jeanie, the nice folk at 'Galleon' boat storage & moorings, down Puddingmoor, have always allowed DIY. You could save money by doing all the labouring, e.g. stripping the old decking off and then finding a local boatbuilder, NOT a carpenter, who will do the skillful bits for you.
  15. grendel

    Nbn Quiz Night

    OK here we go, after a bit of juggling with the questions - discarding a few, moving a few to the spare / tiebreaker stack, we have some round headings. Round 1 - Today Round 2 - Fictional Space Round 3 - Cats Rest Break Round 4 - Planets Round 5 - Dont Panic Round 6 - Sheer Lunacy Dont worry there are some easy questions in there (and some atrociously hard ones because I know you all like that) so see you all at the quiz, normal place 8.30pm Friday (now off to rearrange the questions to lull you into thinking it will be easy with the first one of each section)
  16. Yesterday
  17. BroadAmbition

    Anyone Recognise This As A Broom?

    Just don't get us started on flag etiquette and trailing fend-offs! Especially blue fend-off's That a full barrel of fish bait and just Toooooooo embarrassing to mention - For some Griff
  18. BroadAmbition


    At 9ft 3" there will be times you will clear Ludham. A couple of days with a belt sander and you will have her down to 9ft - then you are talking Griff
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