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  1. Today
  2. We have it rigged up to our spare 2.7kg Camping Gaz bottle. But it will take Calor or can take the little spin on type gas cartridges.
  3. ah a low mileage one then at barely more than 4600 per year, thats under 2 months driving for me (37 trips to work and back)
  4. Added, I would imagine that is in case of something like suspected avian flu
  5. Is that after you have drunk the rum????
  6. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011245932588
  7. Yesterday
  8. Bit after the event now but managed to recover some photos from the previous Mrs Nog Sorry about the quality as they are scanned from slides. This is Falcon 5 from Easticks Reg H570. According to Craig's data base now left the Broads. It must have only been a year old when we hired it.
  9. None at all, see bottom of page one; it works.
  10. Hi Seagypsy We are on a 'Boys Jolly' for 4 nights on Absolute Freedom out of Thorpe. Looked at Richardsons but did'nt fancy the croud that would be leaving to go down the Ant. Two of the guys have not been on the broads before so I reckon they will be addicted too. Have a great time.
  11. Hi the sheds on the left are Ernest Collins and became Barnes Sailloft property and the mooring in front, in the far centre you have Jack Powles. Presumably this photo was taken cc 1980 based on the boats and sheds remaining. Great to see these photos seems like yesterday. Before my time however I believe Powles used to be on left and Collins on the right back in the 50s/60s Neil
  12. compare that roundabout with this one on the Leicester Western Bypass. Some exits are virtually straight, others literally hairpins. It is governed by the angle at which the different roads meet. It is our responsibility as drivers to gauge the road ahead and drive in an appropriate manner. Anyone who cannot do that should look at themselves, not look to blame others.
  13. Indeed, infact Taiwan is the last, or almost the last outpost of "old" pre communist China and is a democracy, like the UK. (Yes,apparently we are a democracy, really) I do hope I have not offended the people of Taiwan, if so I humbly apologise.
  14. ah, that was by design so it could be used as an emergency hull patch
  15. Wet your appetite Neil. Lightning on the 9th June. Fred
  16. Last week
  17. I would like to thank Terry and Pam, owners of Bonnie, for their help so far, and also expilot for the introduction. I met up with Terry and Pam on Sunday afternoon and the knowledge gained was priceless; at the very least it's saved me hours and hours of chasing my tail. At most it could have saved me hundreds of pounds putting the right the damage caused by me chasing my tail in the wrong direction! (Does that sound like experience talking?) It helps that Terry has done all the work on Bonnie himself so he can relate fully to my problems. If you see their boat, admire the topsides woodwork; all terry's work and superb. Remind me never to moor alongside as mine will be in the shade! Thanks forum.
  18. Spent early morning at Gayes Staithe then a short hop to Barton Turf before leaving the wetshed at 13:00 so to get home to see my children , boys got me malt whisky and some beer , sadly daughter and grandson were unable to pop over so will catch up with them later in the week
  19. I wish we could go, but we can`t get a swap on Lightning.
  20. Just got home,a great night.Two backing bands good young American girl 15 and a London family band.Then a warm up about half an hour.Lots of old stuff got the crowd going.Some new stuff and old stuff,a surprise they did about 4/5 Queen hits,which was good.We are going to see them again at the flicks on the 6 July. Now need to sort out another concert. Hope to see Ed and adele. Let's see .ONe of my old favourites sadly no longer with us,Pavarotti in the cinema
  21. Yes lots of lilly pads. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  22. There's a Brooke for sale on Facebook! 1912 Brooke Cabin Launch Vintage / Classic Boat, Carvel Construction with Oak Ribs and Pine Planks. Comes with the rare Brooke Empire engine.
  23. Thought those three words excluded you Timbo
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