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  2. If anyone is interested I am prepared to go down to £4500 if we do this direct and avoid BCBM and their fees. First part of Winter maintenance has just been paid and part of this is going towards doing front bathroom up.
  3. We get both the recorded message saying they are going to cut our internet off and also the actual person call stating misuse of our BT internet and we must comply with them ...we ain't on BT but don't tell them that and to be honest it's probably the only time our landline rings lol...
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  5. finny

    My Day

    Well said Liz - its what makes us ......us . Griff i know you are a man of high morals and would sooner put yourself out rather let someone down ( this i know when you did me a favour with a pal of mine a few years past on BA) but there is a Chap in Donny who needs a Cuddle with a girl who needs a cuddle in Scotland - Take a few days off iam sure your customers will understand under the circumstance Also you and the family need a Woofer in your life just as much as a Woofer needs to be in your family , you will know when the time is right take care Finny
  6. What make of yacht is it. I don't recognise the motiffe on the main? Or rather, I think I've seen it before but don't remember it.
  7. Thanks for the photos Warren. Lovely to see your dogs (can see why you won't let them on the furniture...you'd have to sit on the floor if you did! LOL) and it's always great to see a few photos of MS. Can't wait for our next jaunt in February. Helen
  8. Self sufficiency afloat is good, all the best people do it!
  9. Read your account of your holiday and pleased you had a great time. So pleased we were on our best behaviour on Friday 14th Paul & Sharon 'Bon Bon'
  10. Good morning Please find attached ABP Lowestoft Notice to Mariners No 34 2019 – Bascule Bridge Marine Closures. Kind regards. Karen. Karen Tyrrell Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RY Tel: 01603 756035 : karen.tyrrell@broads-authority.gov.uk Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 NOTICE TO MARINERS LOWESTOFT – BASCULE BRIDGE MARINE CLOSURES Mariners and Port-Users are advised that further maintenance works are scheduled for Lowestoft Bascule Bridge which will result in a series of overnight Marine closures. All these closures will run from 2000hrs until 0600hrs on the following day. Details for these closures are as follows:- Friday 13/12/2019 to Sunday 15/12/2019 (all dates inclusive) – 3 consecutive nights Restrictions as follows:- • Road closed to vehicles and pedestrians • No small boat openings. • Commercial vessel openings will be accommodated with a minimum of 12hrs notice, one hour either side of the HW period. Every attempt will be made to accommodate commercial requirements, including temporary allocation of berths in the Outer Harbour area. It may be possible to accommodate small boat transits with any essential commercial vessel openings, although small boats will only be permitted to transit with a large commercial vessel if in the same direction of travel. Agents, Owners and Vessel masters are advised to bear these closures in mind when planning vessel movements in or out of the Port of Lowestoft. Please contact Lowestoft Port Control, VHF Ch14, or Tel. 01502 572286, if further information is required. Harbour Master 11th December 2019
  11. Nah, get the top level managers to do the crossings, they have sod all else they can do.
  12. Hello sakibanski, Welcome to the forum. Regards Alan
  13. Last week
  14. This got me thinking and in the pdf it says an additional expansion tank MAY be fitted. On the other hand, Surecal insist the expansion tank is essential. So it's my conclusion that fitting an expansion tank is highly recommended and not fitting one probably only worth the risk with a S/S calorifier. In the interest of doing a decent job as I stated earlier, I have decided to go with Surecal's calorifier along with their expansion tank. Thanks again for all the contributions, it will inevitably, be recorded for posterity in due course. But the next video will be of the items for sale as a result of the new bits. Floyd.
  15. Have you looked at the broads marine suppliers they have a recommended glow plug for the BMC 2.52 https://www.asap-supplies.com/engine-spares-gearboxes/glow-spark-plugs/glow-plugs/bmc-heater-glow-plug-131050
  16. That is sad. have had some good stuff from there and it always seemed busy but that is during the summer months. I would imagine that their winters are long though. Regretfully too many landords fail to allow for the fact that many if not most riverside businesses are seasonal.
  17. I will admit that sometimes I do make mistakes, this weekends one was a basic rookie error when I thickened up the area to take the hinges, having glued in the pieces and fitted the hinges I suddenly descovered i had effectively prevented the rear cabin roof being removable, so the glued in parts had to be removed and larger parts glued in and the roof trimmed to fit around these new parts, ho hum, not a catastrophe but a lesson that even the best of us can make mistakes.
  18. A few years ago Faircraft and Herbert Woods were under the same ownership and ran successfully independently of each other , at that time it seemed the elite fleet were hired under the Faircraft banner and the older boats by Herbert Woods , which ever route forward Len takes I think it is a virtual certainty that it will be a great success as indeed Ferry was ; not many people know the hire trade as well as him. I should think the only major change will be NBD moving into the “all inclusive” realm as opposed to the current scheme of adding fuel deposit , CDW, parking charges etc on to the advertised hire charge this was previously the method employed by Ferry Marina and is currently in place at WRC
  19. Glad to hear you enjoyed your special anniversary...and the ‘cheeky’ gin and tonics. Helen
  20. Hi Matt, and all, I`ve just received an e-mail from our chairman. Lightnings restriction re Potter Heigham bridge is purely voluntary amongst the owners, but has no baring on insurance. Basically, we CAN take Lightning through, but if anything happens, or Lightning gets stranded through tidal restrictions, the owner who took her through (or attempted to) is solely responsible. I suppose with this in mind, the owners of the day (before my share ownership) decided on a voluntary no go through Potter Heigham Bridge, a move i would also support. Unless they raise it, or blow it up of course
  21. Just checked my Merc kit and it says 500 miles at 70. Holts tyreweld says "as soon as possible" so I was perhaps being conservative, but important to check. Tyre sealants will always be a limited, temporary solution but do also have some advantages. The last time I used one was in the Honda which also carries a full size spare but in pouring rain on the side of the M1 at 6pm on a Friday two minutes spent with a can of sealant was far preferable to getting the jack out.
  22. Did he also used to own own or two rental cottages (holiday homes) there as well? If so my family (parents, brother & self) stayed there a couple of Septembers in the mid-1970s - we also hired a half-decker from Martham Boats which we would moor in the dyke in front of the Granary Stores (used to have fun in the evenings with a radio-controlled duck whilst we held the transmitter under the awning. Had the guy moored in a small cruiser opposite us in stitches...).
  23. Please be advised that anybody planning to dash through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh, going over the fields and laughing all the way are required to undergo a Risk Assessment addressing the safety of open sleighs. This assessment must also consider whether it is appropriate to use only one horse for such a venture, particularly where there are multiple passengers. Please note that permission must also be obtained in writing from landowners before their fields may be entered. To avoid offending those not participating in celebrations, we request that laughter is moderate only and not loud enough to be considered a noise nuisance. Benches, stools and orthopedic chairs are now available for collection by any shepherds planning or required to watch their flocks at night. While provision has also been made for remote monitoring of flocks by CCTV cameras from a centrally heated shepherd observation hut, all facility users are reminded that an emergency response plan must be submitted to account for known risks to the flocks. The angel of the Lord is additionally reminded that prior to shining his/her glory all around s/he must confirm that all shepherds are wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to account for the harmful effects of UVA, UVB and the overwhelming effects of Glory. Following last year’s well publicised case, everyone is advised that EC legislation prohibits any comment with regard to the redness of any part of Mr. R. Reindeer. Further to this, exclusion of Mr. R Reindeer from reindeer games will be considered discriminatory and disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty of this offence. While it is acknowledged that gift-bearing is commonly practised in various parts of the world, everyone is reminded that the bearing of gifts is subject to Hospitality Guidelines and all gifts must be registered. This applies regardless of the individual, even royal personages. It is particularly noted that direct gifts of currency or gold are specifically precluded under provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Further, caution is advised regarding other common gifts, such as aromatic resins that may initiate allergic reactions. Finally, in the recent case of the infant found tucked up in a manger without any crib for a bed, Social Services have been advised and will be arriving shortly. Compliance of these guidelines is advised in order for you to fully participate with the festive spirit.
  24. JennyMorgan

    Tolls 2020

    I have since received replies regarding the percentage of tolls that is creamed off for overheads and I think that we can regard this information as being reasonably factual. It appears that for a number of years the Authority was able to half-hitch 40% for overheads and this was agreed by Authority members. About four years ago the 40% was reduced to 25% so JP's claim of 19.1% is probably correct, as once was my suggestion of about 50%. Why I suggested 50% and I suspect the NSBA's 45% was because of the quite reasonable suggestion that 5% to 10% over enthusiastic appropriation was not unlikely, more about that later! More facts, with a tad of opinion, the Acle Bridge moorings were apparently bought for £160.000.00, probably a reasonable amount, it was paid for from the navigation account. The Ludham Bridge field centre was sold for £400,000.00 yet it appears that that windfall has been ring-fenced for the proposed Visitor Centre/Vanity Project at Acle. The visitor centre plans are clear, the Vistor Centre's close proximity to the river bank means that moorings will very definitely be lost. We need to be clear in that the DEFRA/NP grant will reimburse Navigation for the lost moorings. The Ludham Bridge field centre was originally bought with navigation money thus the proceeds of that sale must surely be returned to Navigation coffers, both profit and accumulated interest. It now boils down to trust. The annual financial summery clearly shows what goes out and what comes in, but these accounts no longer tell us what, for example, is actually spent on dredging. Please accept that this is a precis of what I have been told. The accounts are much less than clear now although probably accurate. However it appears that we don't know all in all what is actually charged to navigation, and there lies a part of the problem. In the meantime the Navigation Account is effectively bank rolling the proposed Acle Debacle, that has to be questionable. The Navigation account surely has at least £400.000.00 in reserve yet the Authority keeps demanding more. The Authority's wriggling and turning in regard to the national park tag clearly illustrate their way of doing business, we need to remain alert and cautious.
  25. Stop! This thread alone will probably be responsible for Stalham Staithe getting really busy again. Sigh. Avoid the place...you’ll get grounded...there be dragons...awful place to be. Avoid at all costs!
  26. It looks like our email provider has changed their rules, so we no longer get enough free per month to handle the volume of email the forum generates. A fix is now in place.
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