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  1. Yesterday
  2. I agree with you. Unless you are a multi millionaire, and if you test positive, you can travel 600 miles to one of your second homes. that's absolutely acceptable.
  3. Staff Nurse Young if I recall correctly!
  4. What? And step out through the back of the wardrobe into the real World! They only deal in facts out there. No thank you, I'll stay here in "Twist the facts round to suit my own agenda World" if it's all the same. Take the p*ss, me? Yep. Any offence will "automatically" be removed.
  5. Reelstreets compares stills from the films to fairly modern photos of the same locations. As Griff says, the airfield was Leconfield but the village scenes were Norfolk and the Broads.
  6. Griff, what do you use to deep clean the slate, i have acres of chinese green slate patio, pressure washer has worked well for the last 12 years but it is looking a bit tired and has some ingrained mildew. I did try a clear resin coat years ago, big mistake, it clouded after 2 years and was a pain to get it off.
  7. If you’re a fan of watching YouTube then may I suggest watching one of the many episodes of Fred Dibnah they are IMHO excellent viewing without the drama that seems to accompany most modern programmes
  8. Well, we get our jollies where we can!
  9. not me- that was to the forum email. I wish i knew what Timbo was up to
  10. thanks jay keep em coming a 60s music would be good
  11. I have a boat booked with Richardsons for 2 weeks from May 2.I expect they are waiting to see if the lockdown is extended before making any decisions.Although i do not expect the holiday to go ahead i would like to use the money i,ve already paid them to be used to pay for a boat i,ve got booked for October with them.At least that way they still have my money.
  12. Met him last year and enjoyed a good chat and cup of tea with him. Sad to hear the news.
  13. Thanks all for the kind words - I've had a lot of words thrown my way doing this job but 'god-like' is certainly a new one Stay safe, Tom
  14. Last week
  15. Open it up and get the drinks out and it'll soon cool down. I check it when someone mentions crime, when I'm bored or when I can't find something I last used in the boat.
  16. Yep, Mine was "tomorrow" only.
  17. Sadly there are low life's in every location even the Norfolk Broads.
  18. Thank you so much. Have now posted and all is well.
  19. I'm also wondering whether ahead of Salvor and the other moored boat, you can see the stern of the Lady Yacht Club Committee Boat 'White Heather' - there is a good photo on page 149 of Jennifer Woods book on her father's life and legacy
  20. A one off, in the nicest possible way! RIP.
  21. Foxes Afloat, Floating Our Boat and Well Deck Diaries are the three canal vlogs I watch. The Foxes are my favourite. :)
  22. Aha, you were one week after us. How lucky were we to get that time in before all the restrictions.
  23. I have just returned from delivering the first 31 masks to canterbury hospital, i just delivered the box to the A&E entrance and handed them in, one of the nurses came out and said thank you, and that they could put them to good use.
  24. This is Jimmy Gedge, of the same Gedge family, who was himself a wherry builder. He came to help us on Saturdays at Womack, because he enjoyed it. A lovely man and it was great to have him on the team. I would ask him into the bungalow for a drink, when the day was over. "Would you like to join us for a drink Jimmy, before you go home?" "You're a gentlemen Sir, and so's your wife!"
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