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  2. Having (carefully) researched Pawnee tug online viz the piper aeroplane I was fascinated to find this is the maritime equivalent of a canvas canoe. I think I can recall seeing such planes spraying over broadland fields in the 1970s. Very distinctive with the high cockpit, right tool for the job!
  3. Just behind our boat. If you look carefully at some of the images, you can see me in a bright blue t-shirt. It’s a DJI Mini 2, so free from the majority of rules introduced at the end of last year regarding drones and their use, due to its light weight.
  4. Seems there's a misunderstanding:so I will write again.Serve with a good pat of butter.
  5. Today
  6. It was quite a storm. I'm at Yarmouth Yacht Station and there was lots of thunder and lightning. The rain was so heavy, it knocked out the electric pillar on the quayside. Thankfully, it's back up and working again and it didn't stop me watching my team - I went to the Kings Arms, just a few hundred yards away. Must be one of the most under-rated pubs on the Broads. So welcoming, excellent food and though they don't show the matches on their screens , the wifi is fast enough to stream the match. This was when I was at the seafront earlier. The clouds were threatening and it's no surprise they
  7. What are you doing with your old fridge?
  8. What a difference to the crew we met yesterday and again today. As you say, well done - I think they should be named and congratulated - Richardson’s! 👍
  9. Thank you! We'll be on Violet. Nick
  10. Thank you Bern and Thank you Jean 👍👍
  11. Always love that expression "project" - more often spelt £££££££!!!!!!
  12. couldn't access the forum yesterday afternoon . O.K. today thank you Carole
  13. I don’t know about all, but between us three, we made a dent in their stock!! 😉😉
  14. YnysMon

    Cats Aboard.

    Pity you could take her with you. Hope you have a good time. Helen
  15. And a happy new beer to you too.
  16. Yesterday
  17. It is Jean. It'd my first time back onboard in 18 months. I've just come back from a meal in the Bridge at Acle. The meal was delightful, and I have to say, it was really good to be back inside amongst other happy diners.
  18. Got the Clock & Barometer set installed today......
  19. Just another bump to keep this visible..
  20. Last week
  21. Oooh car thread! Thought I'd chime in here.... Currently driving my second Impreza - '02 Bugeye WRX, slightly "breathed upon" with Cobra up-pipe and center section and Hayward & Scott backbox, high flow panel filter and a basic map. I've been down and huge 3" Jap can backbox path, was fun but LOUD. Got it out of my system, now I'm too old for that haha. Now it's just a lovely rumble. Front 02 sensor has chucked me a CEL recently, not looking forward to the fight of getting that off. I've read horror stories hah
  22. Weather forecast for today didn't look great......They got it wrong though, It's been a lovely day in the most part. Tonights last of the sunlight.
  23. This topic has now been Locked. This is my decision so please do not blame the Moderators. The subject has been well aired. We need to Support the Rangers and the difficult job that they do.
  24. Well the work on Judith still continues. We are working on her alongside Martham boats. Patrick has made a start on replacing some of the planking and my mum has dug out the roller and brush for the topsides.
  25. Lovely pic that ... 👍👍
  26. Be carefull. The only person I know who did that, taunted the pilot up for not trying. He kissed the ground when they landed. He was also an international airline pilot!!!! paul
  27. I have a new few 2.5 water pumps which came from the Acle fleet, they are available through taxi spares companies.
  28. We use to see groups of sea cadets every Easter, 5 or 6 brooms boats in a row. I love them old wooden brooms craft. Come to think of it back in the late 70s early 80s there were always big groups of kids afloat.
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