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  1. Today
  2. Voice command, once enabled you simple say "OK Waze" and then it wakes up to listen to your commands, be it reporting issues, or searching for a destination. One thing however, Waze uses data all the time it is running - even if it is not in navigation mode and you have it on for road reports etc, it is not a lot but over days and weeks of being used can add up.
  3. BroadAmbition

    Let's Drive: Levisham To Whitby

    Sleights - A couple of years ago now Jan / Feb time me and the Wizard stopped here for a fortnight / three weeks upgrading holiday let properties - Proper up market they are too. Nice village. Whitby - Been countless times both as a civvy and staying weekends alongside onboard HM Ships Attacker and Explorer. It is also a destination of mine on 'Ride Outs' on the mighty Tiger - Love the place Griff
  4. Yesterday
  5. BroadAmbition

    Never Ending Story

    She looks great too. Of course she does, she always does too Mind you, sadly she does not always look pristine after a while in the ever increasing leaky wet shed prior to Simpsons taking her round to their place before to you board Griff
  6. BroadAmbition

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Now they really are handy pieces of kit. Used one (But a lot bigger) many times at J.W's place until he wore it out, at Woodbutchers and the Wizard has one too That is one of your better purchases Griff
  7. BroadAmbition

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Well make sure you keep the varnishing dry until it is hardened - And ring me before your brush gets anywhere near my woodwork! Griff
  8. Stranger

    The Reed And Rhond Anchor

    tiz open tonight 8.30
  9. BroadAmbition

    My Day

    Cracked on far better today, confirmed my planning out and having discussed with the client over the phone it was all systems go. (I'm home alone in this property). Got about 11 x m2 down including some awkward cuts, that included a trip to my suppliers in Donny for some more adhesive / grout and a rushed sarnie. Still doubtful I will get it finished tomorrow but fortunately the client booked for Thursday / Friday has kindly agreed to delay by a day until Friday Saturday. That's fine but I was kinda hoping to get the Mighty Tiger out for a blast on Saturday. Still might hopefully Highlight of the day? The girly partner arrived home early in her nurses uniform, proceeded to make me a drink / biscuits which was pleasantly distracting Griff
  10. ChrisB


    I had a Nasa BM1 on my boat to monitor my two batteries and it was money well spent.
  11. oldgregg

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    Yup. And it's Len who is sourcing the new boats which will come later..
  12. Last week
  13. JennyMorgan

    A Yorkshireman On A Broads Holiday

    Preferring whippets to sheep for example?
  14. Polly

    Nbn Spring Gathering

    Sorry to hear that Barry
  15. TheQ

    Hoveton Little Broad

    I think they use chain on the gate about 3 ft of it..
  16. grendel

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    ooh, its a while since I updated this, truth be told its been a tad cold out in the workshop, and I have been a bit busy, as one of the next steps was a coat of paint on the hull, I need a decent outdoor temperature for that. That was until Charlie posted pictures of the new mast, ah I thought - a challenge, am I going to be able to reproduce that now. well after some playing around I figured a method and yes I can reproduce that, the weather has brightened and from single figures we are up to 14 degrees in the workshop today. I used a 3mm milling bit in a pillar drill as a router bit to cut the holes and make the rebate. the stalled progress has restarted. as for the painting, yes that will have to wait, but I think I can find a few of the simpler jobs to keep me busy.
  17. RS2021

    Hoseasons 83 Brochure Wanted

    My first boating holiday was in the mid '70s on the Thames on a Caribbean - considered very new and modern then. The toilet, however, was still a 'bucket & chuck-it'. A year later we hired another Caribbean, this time from Bert Bushnell and it had a pump out toilet - luxury...
  18. Graham47


    I don,t have any previous data on Ferry Marina bookings but I have to say that looking a available dates for their cruisers this year I am not surprised that they are offering discounts during March / April. Unfortunately I booked this year’s holiday with them last year and do not qualify for the discount. I have the only booking on the boat in April (At Easter). In hindsight it is probably best to keep your eyes on the bookings and not to book to far in front, as long as you have an amount of flexibility available.
  19. Lulu

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Paul! You posted my pitiful score, so embarrassing!
  20. Glad it's done,as I said he does SK. Dads
  21. Wyndham

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Ah, OK. Thanks. I know who you mean.
  22. Chelsea14Ian

    Hand Made Chocolates At The Ferry Inn, Stokesby

    They also say chocolate is good for you.Think I'll pop to the Doctor,to get them on prescription
  23. YnysMon

    Yippee! Booked Our Broads Holiday For June/july!

    Yep, we got here (Anglesey) eventually. A longer journey than normal, but that’s Friday madness I guess. Will start adding to the Plas Bach thread in the members section soon!
  24. JennyMorgan


    I don't normally leave fishing groundbait in a shed during the winter but I did forget one tub which I found today. Incredible, the little bar steward hadn't actually got into the container but it had nibbled about half way round the edge of the lid! I was amazed! The grounbait is pretty pungent and it must have been a very determined and hungry mouse.
  25. SwanR

    Hoveton Great Broad, Bushcraft And A Canoe.

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching this one and have now subscribed to his channel. I can see that some of his other videos have also been on the Broads. Maybe we should start a topic or an area where people can recommend YouTube channels they enjoy following, especially those related to boating of one sort or another.
  26. garryn

    Old Broads Boats

    She's called Admiral V11 still as well
  27. Midnorfolkboats


    Hi Michael. I run a small boat business in Norfolk and all of our outboards (and the ones we lend out) are registered with Secure Outboard Solutions. We've not had one stolen yet!
  28. marshman

    Countryfile 10/02/2019

    Sorry Vaughan - "good" slipped in by mistake!!!!!
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