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  2. Average car MM, wouldn't call the Reliant, the Bond Bug, a Morgan or the BMW Isetta average.
  3. Well, providing the government instructions don't change, my wife and I plan to have a few days cruising on the boat from 12th April. Yippee! I shall of course restrict myself to minimal travel by planning the shortest route to the boat, which is 112 miles. Can't see any problem, we fill the car with fuel near home (pay at pump) and we take all our food and drink with us, so won't be in contact with anyone else. Look forward to giving everyone else a wave on the river.
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  5. I still don't feel ready for a bungalow. However the twinges in both knees when using our stairs are telling me different. Of course I knew I would get old, but that was just in theory , Unrealistically I just didn't anticipate the physical changes that would involve or how much I would mind gettting old. It still comes as a shock to find there are things that used to be simple to do and are now impossible. I was absolutely amazed to be told a couple of years ago that I needed a new hip. As was my daughter who said "You can't Mum you haven't done enough to wear out the one you were born
  6. We also hired from Russell Marine at the end of the 90’s and into the new millennium. It was a small yard with immaculately turned out boats, that were built to a very high standard for a hire fleet. As with Cambridge Cabby, we hired Muscadet a couple of times and Fleurie once. I have to confess that we were looking at Karizma with interest on Apollo Duck for a while, but eventually decided to wait until after our planned house move before thinking about changing our boat. Good luck with her. I’ll be sure to keep a look out for you when we’re back out on Norfolk Lady.
  7. Looks good. I tried a Firestorm before I bought the SV, but preferred the Suzuki. Can’t remember why, as they are quite similar, but I do like the sound of a V-twin.
  8. I don't disagree, but I think we've already seen what the great British public are willing to do and chances they are happy and are being allowed to take. I agree with the veiw we at least a good 8/12 months away from a return to travelling safely abroad. Yesterday we amended our dates a 3rd time for a trip we booked 2 years ago, so nearly 3 years would of past since we originally booked the trip. Quite daunting when you think about it.
  9. The best feature of this story were the comments below. e.g. ‘It’s clearly a Devon ship. Down here in Cornwall we prefer to put the ship down on the water first and then the air on top. I bet it’s top crimped an orl!’
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  11. Sanderling looked a lovely little broads boat such a shame there aren’t any about nowadays.
  12. Hi Marco,like you we moved here 18 years ago and love it .we have had many boats in Forty years from a small Shetland with outboard ,a petrol Freeman then a Princess 30 all great in their own way but have had a Bounty 28 for 15 years now ,we realised we wanted certain features which had to be a full size separate bedroom ,large shower,good gally,large windrow area with seating inside that could convert to sleep two and out side seating area and a sliding roof,which can be opened or shut in seconds .We have been to every corner of the Broads under all the bridges and don’t feel that WE coul
  13. That is so true Griff. We have to count our blessings for sure. We also should have been afloat for a few days from tomorrow. I was looking forward to only having a ten minute drive to get to the yard!
  14. There was a pub on the news which claimed to have taken hundreds of bookings the day the latest timeline was announced.
  15. Go past it all the time,it sure is on a country lane. A much better day out is the epping Ongar railway. Not as hard to find as the bunker. 🤦‍♂️
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  17. Same as Jean didn’t want to wait to get Hoveton so Also booked in at North Walsham week on Friday, overs 55s now so they are getting through the age groups fast😀 John
  18. Thank you for watching and commenting. If you can, please click the like button on video on YouTube as it REALLY helps the algorithm put my videos in front of more people.
  19. SwanR

    Day Boats

    Hopefully the government will make the travel advice clearer before we get to 29th March. But I do find it hard to believe that a day boat this Monday is considered ok. Very strange.
  20. Don't do it! I just got rid of the diesel bug to get a fuel tank full of cat sh*t! Oh you mean fresh cat litter don't you..... (what is the eu's stance on brown diesel?)
  21. Nothing to do with fuel duty. The current rise in fuel costs as the above post says is the rise in the price of oil. This time next year however you can blame the rise in fuel duty for the rise in cost of fuel
  22. I can foresee real problems here for those "Going Foreign". Especially if they intend to make use of the waterways "thro France to the Med" or the Friesland, Kiel route to the Baltic. Still such delights are bound up in Covid for now and probably for the foreseeable future.
  23. Members are advised and reminded to follow HM Government guidance with regard to Coronavirus status and the ongoing changes to that status which is available to read and digest here. In addition, specific guidance with regard to boating on the Broads has been published by the Broads Authority in consultation with Defra, other government bodies and other inland waterway authorities and is available to read and digest here. Members are reminded that the easing of lockdown is fluid and subject to conditions and criteria being met nationally. Despite the rumblings of armchair politicians and
  24. With the inside looking good its time to start on the outside of the coach roof. I start by trimming the excess ply at the edges and shape the overhang at the front. you can see from the offcuts the layers of ply and that they are tight together. After trimming the sides square I next round the edges to an ascetically pleasing shape, I make and use a template to make sure the edges are the same shape all round. Happy with the sides I turn my attention to the overhang at the front, I cut 40 softwood wedges and glue them under the overhang then fit a sheet of 4
  25. with those two its more likely 'pint in the Yare'
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