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  2. Sounds like it is not engaging. Staying in neutral.
  3. When I was outside Herbert Woods last year, i called by brother to tell him I was on their camera. I didn't appear to him for 20 minutes, so yes a delay on the camera.
  4. Whilst the bus service from Acle is getting back to its pre virus frequency (First X1/X11) it is quite a hike from Acle Bridge, there is only one bus stop in the village centre (It is an express route from Norwich to Yarmouth via Acle) There is a footpath (unlit) parallel with the road. There is a bus stop by the bridge but suspect its very infrequent & I cant find a timetable
  5. And I wasn’t implying that you had, but you did say that the thought of hiring smaller boats would put people off coming, which is the point I was picking up. You only have to look at Ferry, NBD, Barnes and Richos to see super luxury 2 and 4 berth boats between 36 and 45 feet long with bathrooms that wouldn’t look out of place in your house, never mind on a boat. This seems to be what we want now and by we, I mean the consumer, which is what drives the hire industry. We are no longer happy to ‘rough it’ or go without our modern day toys, which is why you can hire a yurt, with a log burner instead of a tent now.
  6. Thanks, everyone for the information and advise, we have booked Silver Reflection for a week in the Easter school holidays next year. Booked online through the Hoseasons web site, As requested by the yard. all very straightforward and quick.
  7. Today
  8. This added expense plus the current move towards forestalling the inflation (wages) linked increase in state pensions will certainly cause difficulties for those pensioners relying on only a state pension.
  9. To be honest I like them both, from a mooring point of view it is better at Bramerton, I had a meal in late March at the Ferry House Inn before the lockdown. Regards Alan
  10. Sounds like you’ve had a good few days afloat Alan. :)
  11. It's a very complex picture in Leicester and there is no single answer to why it has such a high number of confirmed cases. One without doubt is that there have been a greater number of tests following the initial concern over infection rates in the area so inevitably more confirmed cases. When you look at the number of confirmed cases as a ratio to the number of tests carried out Leicester is not that much different to a number of other vulnerable locations which have been highlighted. That said, the number of cases has been too high and does indicate that the measures supposedly put in place to limit the spread of the disease have not worked. There have sadly been numerous reports in local media of large gatherings in the city in recent weeks, some marking religious festivals, others related to protests ongoing around the country and in all of them social distancing seems to have been non existent. Police have reported visiting a number of manufacturing sites where social distancing has not been observed and "issued advice" though I have not heard of any charges being bought. There are also a large number of extremely secular ethnic communities and it has been suggested that the "message" has just not gotten in to these communities as it should and the method of communicating the lock down rules has been heavily criticised.
  12. Good time to be about , most folk have gone home or just about to start their holidays.
  13. TheQ

    My Day

    My day yesterday, Good, HMG's announcement about outdoor Sports, this with some comments from the Commodore of HSC online , indicates probably not this week end, but the following, some limited sailing / racing will take place. That will give them 2 weekends to see if a limited Regatta week can take place (due 1st to the 7th of August this year..) It will be interesting to see if Wroxham week is resurrected as they cancelled a couple of months back. (due the week before HSC). Bad, The council closed our road... The alternatives are a muddy / sandy singe track with many potholes, or what is classed as a green lane that is tarmac'd but is often covered in sand, it's very narrow with house walls right on the end of the single track. they also put two road signs on our driveway without asking (road closed and diversion). Why have they closed aour road?, So they can park their vans on it, the hole they are digging is off a road junction on a different road.. It will be absolute chaos tonight /tomorrow if the works are still on as the second homers / holiday makers head for their houses or caravans.. Good, I've just taken Delivery of half a dozen sash clamps, proper old British made ones. 8ft to 4ft in size with extension bars for the smaller ones.. A friend is unfortunately having to clear his parents house... Bad... I have 5 hours till I finish work.. Good.. Tomorrows Saturday...
  14. Yesterday
  15. So I will be your QM tomorrow, when the topics will be as follows: HIDDEN PLACES FASTEST FINGER FIRST LINK WORDS Half-time break MOVIE TAGLINES DOUBLE MAYHEM As usual, we will start at around 8.30. To join in, go to: https://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ Enter your forum username but no password needed. Hope you can join us.
  16. It has been one of those days with the rain stopping and starting. Hope you enjoy tomorrow wherever it takes you.
  17. Basic food items are indeed zero rated VAT.I understand people being reluctant to eat out,for a number of reasons,whither that's for health or pocket.Indeed as I have said we will be on the boat next week,because I'm still shielding we won't go to the pub.Otherwise we may well of visited The Whitehorse Chedgrave and the Ferry House surlingham. We do still have to be careful, but the businesses have to restart taking money.My thoughts on working from home,I don't see it carrying on long term,what I think may be the case is a mix of home and office.I would say to people please support local businesses, shops pubs and restaurants. Many pubs and restaurants do takeaways .They all need your support.
  18. Probably heard about the beer quality and the penchant for booting customers out early
  19. Yes we missed emailed Andy at freedom saying the were sorting out bookings but may be able to have to let us have sweet freedom
  20. Could I please just say that I would never want to discourage anyone from posting historic photos and that very much includes Nigel and the Ludham Archive. I am a great lover of Ludham. I was a special constable there for 7 years and I was also a member of the church choir for several years. I am quite happy to post photos of the old gunboat Morning Flight, although she is no longer there. In fairness I think this incident is a glaring exception which could have been avoided but Nigel has apologised and that is fine by me. I am also very glad to see his apparent confirmation that my yard was actually on the site of the old Harrisons yard. If he is in contact with the family I would ask him to please convey to them how proud I was to be the keeper of a genuine Norfolk Broads wherry yard and also how devastated I was to be forced to put an end to hundreds of years of history and tradition.
  21. So, I was on the phone to a professional Yorkshireman I know when I locked my keys inside the shed. I didn't know whether to be annoyed, pleased or ashamed that it only took me seven minutes the following day to make a bump key and get open two 'A rated' padlocks. Additional security measures have now been added. Bang! And the twerp is gone! Or very nearly. A fall in the shed, resulting in a crack on the back of my head, had left me firstly thankful I'd turned off and unplugged the table saw before I fell over and secondly that I was now facing an even bigger 'firkle' to reorganise the shed following instructions from Ellie! "Get that place organized and everything put away properly! No more projects until all your tools have a home and all the cables are out of the way!" Outwardly I managed to look resigned if not glum. It's important to look truly chagrined when the chosen punishment is extended periods spent firkling in the shed on the exact project you had been contemplating and wanted to get on with! In the meantime I had a train to catch, I mean finish! Couplings had been giving me grief. My redesign had not worked out as I intended. The couplings were weak and easily snapped off. I discovered this when I dropped one of the wagons. If they couldn't handle my mistreatment then they would not be suitable for a two year old's attentions! So I redesigned the redesign. This time I extended the chassis and cut a dado either end to accept the wagon sides. Armed with my final design, there was a flurry of adapting rolling stock and trains to fit. Doug would have felt very much at home! Soon a new tender was created, a couple of wagons and my favourite, the carriage. I box jointed the sides of the rolling stock using spalted ash. The chassis was made from pine, wheels and carriage floors made from black walnut. On the carriage I made the roof a 'lid' so that it could be removed to put the passengers inside. The part I found the most difficult was drilling a hole into the centre of a dowel to make the buffers. But very soon I had a train to play with. But there was one thing missing. A whistle! A section of red meranti about an inch and a quarter square and seven inches long was clamped in the vice after cutting off one end and putting it to the side. A half inch drill bit was chucked into the corded drill and four holes of increasing depths were drilled into the long section of meranti. This long section was then taken to the band saw where notches were cut at forty five degree angles. I then used some half inch dowel with one side flattened to make reeds to fit into the top of each long hole. Testing was fun. Drove my neighbours mental. So was even more fun. I glued the reeds into the top of each tube. Then in the short section I had put to one side I drilled halfway through with a forstner bit to make an air chamber and then drilled all the way through with a six millimetre drill to make the mouth piece to blow through. I glued the mouthpiece onto my four chambered whistle and waited impatiently for the glue to set. Toot! Toot! Oh yes! After all that work I know the one bit of the train set that will get played with the most! As some wag pointed out, I would need to make a box to put the train in. I laid out the engine, rolling stock and whistle. I was running short of wood! I just didn't have enough wood left to make a box with dividers large enough to put everything in. In the end I opted to fix the whistle to the outside of the box with magnets. I thought I had cracked the hinges this time around making the hinge mortises flush. I thought wrong. But as before I fiddled around until I got the lid to fit. I added catches and small brass feet to the bottom to stop the wood from getting scratched too much. Finished at last! Right after this coffee and a shower I will take it round and give it to Arlo to see what he thinks of it all and how many seconds his interest lasts and how long my joints hold up!
  22. Last week
  23. Bit technical for a Broads sailor, that is, but I leave that to them brain surgeons.
  24. Pleeeeease Don't put her on the market.......................... .....................I might have to buy her!
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