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  2. on my last (petrol) volvo the CO emissions actually measured at the last MOT were way low (about 1% of the allowed emissions, ) but that said the car was in daily use doing 120 miles per day, so the engine ran clean as it got to temperature and stayed there for an hour or so. I am looking forward to seeing the results of the emissions test on my diesel volvo when it comes up soon as that is doing a similar run daily. the biggest problems with high emissions from cars is the lazy just pop down the road, drive round town mentality of the drivers, where the car doesnt get run up to temperature properly, and runs dirty.
  3. We have a Karcher K4 that gets used most weekends for both cars, had just over 12 months and can't fault it so far, proper boys toy Mark loves it so I sit back and let him crack on
  4. the other option is to make up a metal bracket for the base of the antenna, and make sure the bracket is earthed to the boat earth, you could probably mount a metal plate on the top of the new mast for the antenna, nipped between the mast and the nav light on top, extended just past the wooden top knob with the antenna mounted on the plate (once again earth the plate)
  5. in the CB radio days this was a common problem that had to be resolved when running a cb antenna on a fibreglass bodied vehicle, the common practice was to either put a steel plate under the body panel to act as the ground plane, or create one with a smaller plate and lateral wires, which the earth connection of the coax was attached to, this should resolve the reception issues. failing that just run an earth wire down to the main earth from that bolt, this in itself will act as a ground plane for the antenna
  6. Martin, As we both know, most figures about anything are artificial. Figures are produced by somebody to prove a point. Rarely are ALL the figures published together, and even rarer are figures published if they don't prove the point of the person making it. Taking engines of equal power, Petrol engines produce more Co than diesel ones. Petrol Engines produce more Co2 than diesel ones. Diesel engines produce more particulate emissions than petrol. Which one is better to live next to? Oh and please don't get me started on Electric cars.
  7. Mayfair passed with us to the South over a very choppy Breydon recently (so rough that Pearl Horizon with her open fore cockpit turned back to Gt. Yarmouth). Here she is on the Yare after the weather had calmed down.
  8. Back to the new dab unit recently installed that is in need of a suitable aerial. We trialled a few dab aerials, non of them with much success. Robin finished up ordering a vehicle type dab / Fm aerial combined. It can receive the digital signal along with the FM signal in the same unit. Now vehicles manage quite nicely with this unit at speeds up to 70mph (Maybe a tad faster on a circuit of course) covering a large area in a short space of time so it should manage quite nicely onboard at an average of 5mph. This aerial has two cables running from it and one to it into a small PCB in the base. The pair coming from the aerial are the dab and Fm signal carriers, the third one is a power cable to the pcb There is a silver 'Washer' that has small sharp teeth on it designed to cut through the paintwork therefore making an earth connection to complete the powered up circuit to the pcb with vehicles being 12v earth return through the bodywork etc etc. Snag - can't manage that on a timber boat can we? Also the threaded fitting is nowhere near long enough to go through the fwd coach house roof to be able to tighten down on the brass nut Griff
  9. Today
  10. That was cheap , down here it is about the £90 mark.
  11. Thats my favourite fruit cake still available then. Yummy! Fred
  12. Good to know that one of the Emblem fleet was out. You reminded me that I hadn't mentioned our fuel usage. We had used £41 of diesel this time so that was £79 back. Admittedly we managed to go with the tide on most days, partly due to luck and partly down to planning.
  13. Just to put a stop to the rumour mill before it gets going, this is what Barry posted on NBF: Riverside Tea & Stores, Stokesby Barry, Sylvia and Natalie are sorry to inform you that after lengthy discussions, over the winter, we have made the decision to retire and close the business. We would like to thank all our customers for their support and business over the past 20 years. We have seen children grow up and have made some really good friends. As there has been conflicting social media information over the past few days, we would like to authenticate the events taking place in respect of our property. We have NOT sold our property and have no intention of selling it. We have submitted plans to convert the Shop into a “one bedroom holiday let” and will keep you all informed of the outcome of this application. If any of our customers would like either of the following Key Cutting, Watch Batteries or your favourite Cake or Scones made, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01493 750470/07502322517 and will be only to happy help you. Sylvia and BarryBarry
  14. trambo

    Loddon Staithe

    Not the only ones who are nervous!
  15. Not a great surprise to be honest. Barry has been thinking about closing for a long time. Will miss the home made cakes though. I wonder if there is an opportunity here for the Ferry House? Fred
  16. An Emblem was with us at Womack said they had a good deal including free diesel also on back of Richos brochure book by Oct.31 5% off and this years prices £50.00 deposit
  17. Take the CAT out of the petrol car to see what it produces the co2 figures are totally artificial M
  18. Yesterday
  19. Even though it was only open for six months of the year?? Something tells me that this six months were not to serve the residents of the village! Sorry, but I do get a bee in my bonnet with this sort of exploitation.
  20. but read that report in full and the footnotes will tell you that as VW are known to use a defeat device in their Euro 5 Diesels "a question mark remains over the results". The misconception is that VW's are reliable, they are not. The Polo is the only car which to make the list of 50 most reliable cars, and that they are clean, which they are not. They are cleaner than some, but dirtier than others. It is no surprise to see Renault, and their budget offshoot Dacia coming in amongst the worst cars. A bit embarrasing for Volvo to see that their Euro 6 engines produced worse test results than the Euro 5s. It is interesting to compare the results they got testing diesel against petrol cars. My Merc Blutec Diesel for example produces 0.028g/km, well below the Euro 6 limit, but the equivelent petrol car produces 0.21g.
  21. What you saw in action wasn`t a service engineer.
  22. Unfortunately I have seen them in action.
  23. What you describe is not a service engineer!
  24. So hopefully gone are the days where a service engineer turned up with a vacuum cleaner, and banged the sides of a boiler to make it sound good to the customer!
  25. Gonna have to disagree on the first point Kaptin but the second is nearer than you know. First up will be newbuild blocks of flats and buildings such as but in it time it will be in every house but the fuel source may not be gas.
  26. Also you will need to upgrade your hairdryer
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