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  1. Yesterday
  2. According to the link it's Jocelyn 3 which as far as I know is still on blocks in st.neots marina with holes in the bottom, I'm now intrigued but can't check for a week as currently moored in Dover marina.
  3. It has been pointed out somewhere along the way by an expert in such matters that any dredging sufficient to lower the water level at Potter would have the consequence of increasing the effect of salt water surges.
  4. I think we may be at cross purposes here; I googled "Trakmark" and got a pvc deck covering originally manufactured by Dunlop, and resembling a teak plank deck. I'm interested in the Royal Tudor covering though?
  5. Will be interesting to see how much room there is under Potter if they dredge the marina quays moorings to the appropriate depth
  6. A step in the right direction.This has been in such a poor state for many years.I hope the plans can be a success .Will be interesting to see how things develop.
  7. Beautiful boat and a great practical layout, I saw this being updated at Martham a few weeks ago.
  8. It certainly is a covering as can be seen on the decks of Royal Tudor.
  9. From the website: "This alternative to wooden decking can be used on a wide range of materials, Including Timber, Metal and Fiberglass. With its Non Slip feature continues even when the deck is wet with sea water." So it IS a covering as well. I should have said "coating".
  10. I will try and remember this week ......
  11. Excuse me, but Trakmark is a deck covering, made as an upgrade to Lino, which was used extensively on Broads decks up until the mid to late 50s. The big advantage of Trakmark is that you can bend it, which you cannot with Lino. So at the deck edge, you can not only lay it under the toe-rails but bend it under the top rubbing strake as well, thus giving much better waterproofing.
  12. But the Snow fields will be coming to their best, giving some of the finest skiing in the Southern Hemisphere.
  13. He was very lucky!! Can't believe it's your last night already! Have a safe journey home.
  14. Very impressed. Looks like a sympathetic modernisation both inside and out. Fred
  15. By visitor moorings I doubt they envisage 90 minutes waiting for a favourable tide. I think by visitor they mean overnight at the going rate.
  16. A great write-up, the time goes by so quickly. Wishing you a safe journey home ...
  17. Exactly what hylander said they used..
  18. See what you mean David! Broads Holidays Ltd (later traded as Helmsman) offices. Although I have a few doubts about the plan, it sounds a great improvement over todays eyesore and a much nicer place to moor while waiting for the tide over Breydon. Fred
  19. Thanks for the suggestion, I've just google it. Trakmark is an alternative to wood, not a covering. The stuff on my deck may have done a good job for a few years but now it prevents any breathing and holds the damp in. Still, one day....
  20. Remember the film, Honey, I've shrunk the BOAT. paul
  21. I wonder if panko breadcrumbs would be good for these?
  22. Thanks, did that. Sounds like a decent chap but unfortunately no props. Not much of a problem really as I can borrow some here and bring them with me.
  23. Me too, for the last 4/5 years. The older I get, the more unstable I get so I thought ‘better safe than sorry’ and I am now well into the habit of donning said life jacket. I have been boating for 37 years now and know how easy it would be to get caught out. Remember Charlie’s (Bound 2 Please) tale from a couple of years back? A great write-up grounded, I have enjoyed your adventures greatly. Whatever you are up to next, I hope it all goes well and I wish you a safe and enjoyable journey back to New Zealand.
  24. for lunacy think 50th anniversary
  25. at least one bit of wood can be replaced with another less rotten piece.
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