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  2. I excel at growing wonky veg. Think I’ve surpassed myself this time though!
  3. Electronic Labs (Poole) kit I have been on a boat recently that still has a flashing led, 2 band Echo Sounder like the one above.
  4. Very true but you have to remember 50 years ago there were no Chinese electronics churning them out for £100. Most boats I sailed on, if big enough had Sailor Equipment which were well built mostly in Scandinavia but very expensive. I relied on my offshore pack of parachute flare for years but when I got my first Westerly bought a seafarer echo sounder, Radio direction finder and their Seavoice VHF.
  5. Not alone, OBB I like to see the views and still feel I have a bit of privacy, tinted windows give me that feeling, so I only usually put up the curtains at bedtime on the shore side if the boat has them.
  6. Are you still out ? you lucky people.
  7. I`m not a pretty sight eating cornflakes in my PJ`s.
  8. Today
  9. Don't have tinted windows but do have outside window cover ( can't see in/can't see out). The main advantage of them is when leaving the boat, is it stops that damned leak (in heavy rain) that I have been chasing for 6 years! paul
  10. Nor me - they’ll be closed if there’s anything people shouldn’t see!
  11. I see the point about fading. I don't have a problem with people peeking through the windows if the curtains are open though.
  12. Too much bleach used when cleaning the canvas Regards Alan
  13. I guess I`m alone not liking to feel like a goldfish in a bowl when moored then and a lot of materials used internally fade in colour from exposure in time. Won`t have that problem with a light tint.
  14. Is that by any chance BA I can see on the HW ‘guided tour’ webcam, moored on the HW side of the river??
  15. Clearly it depends on the level of tinting, but the trains from Cardiff to London used to have heavily tinted windows - presumably to make it easier for people to see their laptop screens. They made a nice sunny day look overcast and an overcast day look dreadful. And at night you could barely see anything. The new trains have nice clear windows, and blinds. (Well actually the windows aren't clear because they don't ever seem to be washed and they are filthy, but apart from that...)
  16. I think what I don't realise is the benefit from tinting windows at all. In particular I found it quite odd to pass a boat and not to be able to see the person at the helm.
  17. Oh I have those new fangled things you mention as well.
  18. Polly

    Oulton Week

    Yes if you read the recent RNLI article, the lack of radios was a factor in the loss of life in that yachts couldn't be found despite the massive rescue operation.
  19. I`m wondering if people realise that with the lighter tints the view from the inside looking out is hardly restricted at all.
  20. I do wish that I had taken a photograph. I was at How Hill House yesterday and in what I think is called the big room is a collection of of skulls and bones of different creatures found on their field trips around the house. One exhibit was the skull of a Pike, it was enormous, the teeth were over half an inch long, probably closer to three quarters, found in one of the fens. The write up said they had never seen one as big. I just did not think! Too busy stuffing myself with delicious sandwiches and cream tea.
  21. The place to get all that gear you never really knew you needed!
  22. My sentiments entirely. I am a big fan of large windows in a boat, like marshman I don’t have a problem with curtains. Some of the newer boats appear to have large tinted windows with tiny areas that open. I can’t see the benefit in them but I may be missing something.
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