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  2. When I passed my test in 86 after learning with a instructor and driving VW round front camper type van doing the milk on a Saturday the guy I worked had one of these big Consul things and always said when I passed I could use it, yea yea yea till I passed and instead of dropping me of home drove to his and said only way your getting home is in that and it's full. It was like sat in our front room driving that at 18. Did these turn into the Granada? but I didn't like the Scorpio which followed, I used one at work and the boot wasn't deep enough for air cond compressors etc. Other older cars Nissan Bluebird 2.0D great engine never missed a beat that got me 3 points 200 mile back from London anything between 80 -100 all way then come off motorway and got pulled on last mile, alway gave a black cloud as you set off after you'd pushed it and thats what to cop noticed and followed. Citroen BX 1.7 TZD slow at the bottom end but once going it went, self leveling suspension which was fun doing hump back bridges & pull up blinds on the rear window (what ever next). I remember the London guys using them to avoid wheel clamps by dropping the car over the wheels. The fun of speed has gone now (not by choice) and drive to get the best MPG. Don't get me wrong I like a boy racer at traffic lights, give it revs & roll a little (dangle the carrot) then steady away on green whilst they've gone. I'd love a Morris Minor even the van model but only thing I know about cars is oil & water in the front and fuel in the back.
  3. Can’t wait! We have booked Hunters Yard’s ‘Lustre’ from 29th June. We have sailed Hunters boats the same week every year since 2015, except last year when we went to Anglesey instead. Really missed the sailing last year (though Anglesey was wonderful...right in the middle of the heat wave...account in Members Out and About section). Last time we sailed in July 2017 we hired Lustre’s sister boat Lullaby (account in this Holiday Tales section) which had been used in the BBC series of Arthur Ransome’s ‘The Coot Club’. This year we’re even more excited as Lustre has been fitted with an electric Torqeedo engine (Hunters Yard boats are a heritage 1930s fleet, so most have been kept as original as possible apart from a modern pump out sea toilet). So this year we hopefully won’t have to quant when the wind fails or trees or Potter bungalows get in the way. Eldest son Harry and our collie dog Seren are coming with us. All the positive emojis! and this... and this...
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  5. I owned one of these in blue and what a fantastic car it was. Although the electric aerial was a pain if you didn't keep it clean. Gave the boy racer XR3i a run for it's money!
  6. Just so it doesn't look like I'm "dissing" (got that word from my lad) Peugeot, year by year as new reliability stats are realeased more and more cars are classed as unreliable. As they become more and more complicated the old adage seems quite true, the more complicated a car becomes the more there is to go wrong. The reality is you could list those makes of car which are consistantly considered the least reliable, such as Range Rover, Renault, Alfa Romeo etc and a dozen people will respond "by eck lad, ar'n had an 'undred and fifty three Range Rovers, thar'n all bin round t'clock at least three times, 'n I drove two on 'em t'moon and never 'ad so much as a single misfire". Perhaps at the end of the day the only option is buy what makes you happy and hell with the big ends, or the fluid torque converter.
  7. Ah well, you did it wrong, all i did was walk in with an arm full of bike mags and put them our local doctors surgery waiting room table. I did`nt stop to ask if they wanted them, they got them, like it or not.
  8. Ever since I was a kid I loved motorbikes, but now a family man my kids hate the idea of me going out on a bike. I really would love to own another motorbike even at my age, but after a friend told me of his ordeal of a car driver pulling out in front of him and my friend was in the right. The idea of spending 6 months in hospital and the offending motorist suffering horrific injuries to his insurance policy, I will keep to a car. With pot holes increasing and motorists awareness of motorcyclists ever decreasing, it's a dangerous game out there for 2 wheels.
  9. Blonde thespian done it for me!
  10. Lulu

    Subsiding House

    I see its made the Daily Mail :( https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7158851/Couple-devastated-850-000-Norfolk-Broads-cottage-develops-severe-tilt-overnight.html
  11. We had a Cadac (not this precise model) and found it didnt get hot enough and took an absolute age to cook on, it was also difficult to clean on the boat due to the size of it, hopefully you get on better than we did!!
  12. We have it rigged up to our spare 2.7kg Camping Gaz bottle. But it will take Calor or can take the little spin on type gas cartridges.
  13. What type of gas bottle does it use.
  14. ah a low mileage one then at barely more than 4600 per year, thats under 2 months driving for me (37 trips to work and back)
  15. Added, I would imagine that is in case of something like suspected avian flu
  16. Well said Grendel, I bought a Volvo 740 estate new in 1986 its done 200,000 miles, is still used, and carries more than my land cruisers. Its been reliable, comfortable and is still able to able pull my caravan with ease. I should have parted with it years ago but can`t bear the thought. By the way does anybody know the poem The Fords Prayer. I only remember parts of it. It starts The Ford is my car, I shall not want another, It maketh me to lye down in damp places, Its oil anointeth my head Sorry can`t remember the rest. Paul
  17. We have just bought one of these to use on our boat, well not on it but next too it if the sun ever shines. It is a gas BBQ, come grill, come oven. They get very good reviews and a friend has one which has prompted us to get one. So can we have some sunshine now please so that we can try it out?
  18. Grendel - I have a few numbers jotted down myself that I picked up from somewhere or other to do with injured birds etc. Amongst them is that for DEFRA 03459 335577. You might like to add that one.
  19. So very true. For our sins we still fix or repair this daily after 19 years of ownership!
  20. Is that after you have drunk the rum????
  21. FIAT - Fix It Again Tomorrow FORD - Fix Or Repair Daily LOTUS - Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious
  22. I think I get away lightly with my Volvo
  23. There's nothing such fun as an archery set and a bottle of rum.
  24. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011245932588
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