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  1. Today
  2. Not a first Mr NN! I've previously posted some other tales from Hunter's Yard boat hires - 1st week of July in 2014, '15, '16 and '17! Missed out last year though!
  3. yep, agree, really enjoying your tale Helen. Its also good to have a tale aboard one of those flappy things too - in fact this could be a first? Fascinating stuff and glad to see you are supporting the local hostelries too!!
  4. Yeh well, - the salad stuff was for the BBQ - just to accompany lots of meat! Graham doesn't drink alcohol, so it's good that he can get something that isn't just sugary. The cake was very good - I recommend the coffee and walnut cake from Ludham's Throwers!
  5. I love how you go shopping on holiday and buy cake, then get "salad stuff" to make yourself feel better about it Nooooooooooooooooooooooo Now that is much better Enjoying your tale Helen as always, and some beautiful pictures there too
  6. You can reserve moorings at both Oulton Broad and Beccles yacht stations by ringing the harbourmasters office Boycee
  7. Thursday 4th July I woke slightly later this morning – not until 6! Kept quiet as usual until Graham woke around 8. Seren, bless her, had been awake well before that as I could hear her whining now and again, but very quietly. Although Barton Turf had been very quiet overnight, there was a fair amount of aircraft noise in the morning, but that’s the case for all the moorings around the upper Ant. We had a porridge breakfast this morning and got on our way mid-morning. To start with, Harry swopped our Welsh flag for the stars and stripes (4th July - in honour of American family and friends), then we motored up the Ant as far as the Stalham/Sutton fork, checking whether there were any wild moorings that are not overhung with trees. We set our sails on our way back down and had a lovely sail to and fro across Barton Broad, though we had to use the Torqeedo through Irstead and most of the way down to How Hill, where we stopped for coffee and cake. I managed to lose the lid of the kettle overboard whilst trying to thoroughly empty the kettle. Oopsie! For the remainder of the week Graham and Harry kept pulling my leg about not losing other things overboard. We continued on our way in a hybrid sail/Torqeedo fashion down to Ludham Bridge as we kept catching/losing the wind. Ludham Bridge moorings were very busy, but luckily there was a space at the de-masting moorings just before the bridge. Normally we prefer to moor further away from the bridge as it can be a bit chaotic immediately before the bridge. It was chaotic too! Just after we moored a large cruiser slowed down to a stop mid-river between the de-masting area and the water point. They proceeded to take down their screens to prepare for the bridge passage whilst another boat came to a standstill behind them. Given it wasn’t a Richardson’s boat, they surely must have realised they were nearing the bridge? They then spotted the water point, so waved the other boat past. It didn’t help that a day boat had moored in front of the water point! Fortunately, it had calmed down by the time we had de-masted and we were able to get through the bridge without any problems. Also, there was plenty of space for us to moor up the other side of the bridge to put the mast back up. Sails back up, we had a lovely, though slowish, sail down the Bure to Upton, getting there just before 4pm. The (tiny) staithe was full, so we asked at the Eastwood Whelpton Yard if we could moor there. They were happy to oblige and we were able to moor overnight side on and use their loos, though we found that the lights/hand-dryers didn’t work after dark. Upton is a lovely quiet mooring, though I wouldn’t want to take my chances negotiating the very narrow dyke in anything other than a sail boat or very small cruiser. There isn’t much room for manoeuvre at the end where the staithe is. The other good thing about Upton is the community-owned pub – The White Horse. They had an exceptionally good selection of 0%/low alcohol beers (Becks – yuk, but also Ghostship, Old Speckled Hen and Estrella). Graham opted for the Old Speckled Hen, as he hasn't come across that option before. Harry and I had full-fat Wherry. We looked for a table in the shade, as the afternoon had been exceptionally hot, even on the river. We felt baked to a crisp, though our sunblock had done its work. After dinner we returned to the Yard and sat in our picnic chairs for a while. It was still very warm, but the sky had clouded over and it almost looked as though a thunderstorm was brewing. However, by sunset the sky was clearing again. Spent a peaceful night.
  8. Wonderful write up. That lazy day back at the yard sounds like it was a good idea. I always like to have somewhere in a week’s holiday for not going far or doing much.
  9. Plus the mooring posts at the Yacht Station have a ring on top so you can feed your rope through and back onto the boat so they just can't lift your rope off the post even if the end is taken back on board.
  10. Wednesday 3rd July We really made up for yesterday’s laziness today, even though we didn’t set off that early. I took advantage of the showers in the Yard again this morning. The sun felt scorching as early as 8am and there was hardly a breath of wind. We had another cooked breakfast (Ludham butchers bacon, fried potatoes and beans). I’m finding the ‘spray-on’ type of oil really handy on this holiday. It makes far less mess (splattering) than frying with normal oil. By 10am a gentle northerly breeze had sprung up, so we set off sailing very gently down the Thurne and then up the Bure, stopping at the St Benet’s moorings for a coffee break and a walk for the dog. We also fed the swans and geese. We continued up the Bure and through Horning, using the Torqeedo near the Ranworth turn off (pesky trees!) and again in the wooded section before Horning. By the time we got through Horning it was after 2pm, so we turned into Blackhorse Broad and mud-weighted whilst we ate a bread and cheese (Camembert and Boursin) lunch with some red wine to wash it down. One of the swans resident on the Broad was a bit cheeky. He was trying to get his neck over the side of the boat to nick Harry’s lunch. Rather than continue to Salhouse Broad as originally planned, we decided to head back down river and up the River Ant to look for a quiet mooring. The wind had freshened and, although we used the Torqeedo a couple of times through Horning we were able to tack down most of the Bure, even the wooded section. An Eastwood Whelpton boat had been just behind us through Horning. When we got to the wooded section I was surprised to find that we left him far behind, despite not using the Torqeedo. Maybe Hunter’s boats are easier to handle tacking through such sections? The Torqeedo did get used more once we were on the Ant, but even there we were able to catch the wind here and there. We went past How Hill, even though there was lots of space on the moorings. The evening light was lovely through Irstead. It was getting on for 8pm by the time we got to Barton Broad and the wind was dying down. There were a couple of spaces on the Paddy’s Lane moorings but we opted for a mooring on the Barton Turf Parish Staithe, where there’s a water point and refuse/recycling facilities. It was lovely and quiet there overnight. Dinner this evening was pasta with carbonara sauce from a jar. Yuk! Don’t think we’ll be trying that again!
  11. There are a lot of moorings at Norwich, so I would agree, as long as you don't leave it too late you should get in. The Prince of Wales Road is nearby and it can get lively with the night life but this is mainly on Friday and Saturday nights, otherwise its OK - you may get some traffic noise from the Riverside Road which runs along the moorings. It is true that boats have been set adrift in the past although speaking to one of the rangers this is not a common occurrence. The advice is always drop your mud weight just as an added precaution. It might be better to avoid Friday and Saturday to be on the safe side although it would be quieter mooring upstream near Bishops Bridge where the main road starts to bend away from the river. Norwich is not a quiet mooring as such but well worth it to be able to enjoy all that the City has to offer. Most places of interest are in reasonable walking distance too.
  12. Tuesday 2nd July We had a very lazy day today (there seems to be a theme of laziness developing over this holiday). I woke pretty early as usual and got up around 7 to have a shower. Pretty quiet when I got back to the boat. We had tea, then porridge, then more tea. Leisurely washing up was done. I popped up the road in the car with Harry to get some salad stuff, cake, beers from Throwers (the main reason we went by car) and some meat from the butchers. Sat around in the sun relaxing and reading. Late morning the guys from the Yard fixed one of the gas rings that hadn’t been working (it had been blocked with water by some previous hirers) and put the Torqeedo on charge for us. After all yesterday’s motoring we had 47% left on the battery – not bad considering. We had coffee and cake. More sitting around in the sun (glad we brought our folding picnic chairs with us) before lighting the BBQ to cook our lunch. Today we had Chinese pork ribs (very meaty ones) and garlic-butter marinated chicken skewers with new potatoes and salad - lovely but we preferred the chicken skewers we had on Saturday evening. I had a nap in the sunshine after lunch, before we went for a walk around Ludham marshes. Harry and I dawdled a lot. That wildlife trip has a lot to answer for, as we spotted and heard some of the wildlife we’d been introduced to on Sunday. This one's a bit out of focus unfortunately... Not wildlife, but...I love the way you can spot sails drifting along above fields. Early evening, we hopped in the car again and drove to The Lion at Thurne. Noticed they have recently been awarded a regional ‘best pub’ award by CAMRA. Love the way they have refurbished the pub, and the excellent choice of beers, ciders and gins. However, they seem to have changed their menu and portion sizes, no doubt to cater for the majority of their customers' tastes, but for me the menu was less interesting than it used to be. Readers of some of my previous blogs will have realised that I like unusual (and occasionally downright weird) food. Also, I thought that the portions are now too big (for me anyway – sure they will suit others fine!). Still really well-cooked food though. Harry had BBQ duck legs with fries and BBQ backed beans off their specials menu. He couldn’t finish it and Seren had to help him out a bit. I couldn’t finish my sea bream either. Graham managed to polish off his sausage and mash though. Back to the Yard for a final pre-bedtime walk for Seren and showers for Harry and Graham before turning in for another early night.
  13. I know Maffets had a couple, one of which we hired, the other they tidied up and sold. The one we hired was an Aqua fibre 32 aft cockpit, which they called Jay. We hired her specifically to attend an autumn forum meet at the Coldham Hall. It was a great event, which does'nt happen these days.
  14. If you arrive before 17:00 you are virtually guaranteed a mooring , be warned there is a charge for overnight or short stay mooring and if in a weekend it gets very noisy from the bars nearby , and it has been known for boats to be untied by numpties after a night on the booze
  15. Many thanks Marshman. We will give it a try, Do you have any idea of the best time to arrive?
  16. You cannot reserve places on the 24 hr moorings and that includes the Yacht Stations - however at Norwich there is a fair old stretch of mooring and whilst it can be busy, I suspect if you get there in good time, you will usually get in. I think there is over 500m of mooring and even after that there is a bit more outside of the Yacht Station itself. Be warned that if you stay overnight, it is beside a busy road - well possibly even by Norwich standards!!!!
  17. Just one small point, and it's a fact, less than half of the rangers are navigation rangers, just thought that you'd like to know!
  18. I have no idea, Norwich is one place i havent managed to get yet.
  19. It's only a matter of time ......
  20. Thanks For that Grendel. Do you know if you can reserve moorings, in particular Norwich? Yours in appreciation.
  21. there is a list of the federation boatyards here - https://www.broads.co.uk/guide-to-the-broads/broads-hire-boat-federation-moorings/
  22. Hi, I realise there is a lot in this post about moorings , yards, private boats. A wee tiny question, We are hiring through Broom in Brundall, can any one tell me or point to a link ,in particular boat yards in the south that we could moor for free or if not, what the charge might be. Also can you reserve moorings in Norwich yacht station? I appreciate its high high season. Lovin the forum btw. The advice and banter
  23. Welcome along from another caravanner! We have a static van at Lowestoft. Mid week boating breaks and an occasional day boat have been our lot over the last couple of years with the caravan as a good base for relaxing weekends.
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