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  2. Well, they can’t be solitary all the time... otherwise we wouldn’t have any little otters would we. Sorry...couldn’t resist.
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  4. I'm sure after a good scrub it would be fine to crack straight on with but I think if a good a boat like this at that price I'd like to spend a little bit extra updating it. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  5. I have to agree, conversation ebbs and flows across subjects as one topic leads to another. Imagine a dinner party or just drinks down the pub where the topic is specified and woe betide anyone who wanders off! It also can be a very good way of steering folk away when/if things get contentious!
  6. Going off topic although frowned on is one of the things that to me makes the forum so fascinating. It's can be like planting an unidentifiable seed and waiting to see what emerges. Carole
  7. Talking to somebody in the industry, they did`nt book that well, so had to stay in the hire fleet for some years to pay for themselves. I do think they are nice spacious boats for 4, but i would be putting a bigger engine in it for safety. As i said above, a geared 1.5 BMC of around 35-38hp would be fine for the north rivers, but for the south, i`d want at least 50 horses in order to have that little bit in reserve.
  8. Yeah we do that one too we also do LOTA, ROTA, COTA, SOTA and POTA. and this year we hope to get a special event call sign for Dover D80DUN for the 80th anniversary of th Dunkirk evacuation, as Dover was the main Imbarkation at the western docks station which i now the cruise terminal we are in negotiations to transmit from there
  9. I have seen them every time I have stopped there over the last 3 years, normally come out of the dyke opposite, also belies the theory they are solitary. Fred
  10. After a tightly contested quiz last night, Mike (Chameleon) eventually won by one point. The chat room behaved impeccably - thanks Arthur! Mike will therefore be QM next Friday.
  11. Mind you I’ve got a bit of a crick in my neck now after viewing it. Agreed, I ain't ever gonna get to Captains Blog standards, that's for sure You do realise that you’ve now made Irstead an even more desirable mooring, if that’s possible. Apparently according to the Lady that lives in t house t'other side of the hedge, it's a regular occurrence, especially early Wednesday mornings Griff
  12. Thanks Griff, that was a delight. Mind you I’ve got a bit of a crick in my neck now after viewing it. You do realise that you’ve now made Irstead an even more desirable mooring, if that’s possible.
  13. Finally - Managed to upload that video of the Otters at Irstead Griff
  14. Must admit I'm not familiar with iphones but the files play OK once downloaded so it shouldn't make any difference I'd have thought. I've reached the full limit of my limited geekiness I'm afraid ☺
  15. I took the videos on an Iphone if that helps with any technical info
  16. I viewed on Android and it downloaded them, I'll try to upload direct to the forum, that may help. Seems not, sorry! BA41E7B5-9CD3-49AD-AA4D-55E4A5D88597.MOV 3758A96D-E994-456C-BF69-1073E69AC78F.MOV
  17. I had hope things have got better,but hearing your story it seems theres a long why to go.Some years back I too had mental health problems. At that time I was involved in the community doing voluntary work in Thamesmead and Chair of the IMB at Belmarsh prison. Also lots of hours doing event catering. Resulting in one way or another unable to cope.Often I felt no one understood, it took me a number of years to turn things around. So I fully understand your story and that of others in a dark place.The treatment of Mental health affects so many ,what is encouraging is high profile people are thankfully highlighting it. Please pass on my regards to your son,and hope he is making a good recovery..
  18. Hmmm, seems I've not got sommat or other on t PC I should have as could not view the videos Griff
  19. dont forget jamboree on the air JOTA in october, scouts from all over the world communicate by radio, they have now added jamboree on the internet JOTI, been going since 1957 more details here ;-https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/3228/jamboree-on-the-air-jota-and-jamboree-on-the-internet-joti
  20. I remember Thinking Day. We were allowed to wear our Brownie uniform to school!
  21. Now for the good Today is Brownies Thinking Day. One of the things we do, (you may not know but I'm an Amateur radio licence holder) as the local radio club is in the same building. Is try to contact other Brownie groups across the world. So they can have a chat about todays Thinking Day with other brownie groups. It's called TDOTA Thinking Day On The Air. Try as we may we could not make contact with any other group on an any wavelength. So we scrolled up the waves and found a group of people having a chat. Waited for a pause and keyed up, gave our call sign and asked if anyone would be willing to have a chat. with individual Brownies to gain their badge. One guy said yes and broke away from the chat, to a different frequency. Then spent the next half an hour chatting to five to 10 year olds about their day and what they had been doing. That is a good thing about a certain type of social media. One that has been round for over a hundred years.
  22. Here you go - listing from the 2006 Hoseasons brochure
  23. I couldnt keep the camera still. The gusts were really strong but it certainly was bracing! The marina is fine. Thankfully the flooding has gone so we could actually get to the boat! Our tv aerial had turned around and the pennant is torn. We did up some loose poppers on a fellow NBN member’s canopy but apart from that all was ok. Hence why we came home which we were gutted about. Yes the quay heading looked very smart.
  24. Hi Sam, Gosh you were brave to tough it out on board. Can't say I'd fancy that in all that wind. How were things in general on the marina, have any boats sustained any damage? High winds are always a worry especially if you have a canopy. A few years ago while moored on Brundall Bay marina similar conditions managed to unzip the rear section of our canopy and if we hadn;t seen it when we did we would have lost it. Carole
  25. I have used this stuff a few times and, although not cheap, seems to be long lasting and retains a good finish. https://www.letonkinoisvarnish.co.uk/
  26. I don’t think I would want to be out in that! Did I see some nice new quay heading on the first video? Thanks for posting.
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