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  1. Yesterday
  2. Just got home,a great night.Two backing bands good young American girl 15 and a London family band.Then a warm up about half an hour.Lots of old stuff got the crowd going.Some new stuff and old stuff,a surprise they did about 4/5 Queen hits,which was good.We are going to see them again at the flicks on the 6 July. Now need to sort out another concert. Hope to see Ed and adele. Let's see .ONe of my old favourites sadly no longer with us,Pavarotti in the cinema
  3. The problem with these roundabouts (NDR) is they have been designed by people using logic and rules, in the everyday these things tend to go out the window. Most roundabouts follow the same design and 'feel' then there are larger multi-lane ones which tend to have road markings to aid navigating them and which lane to be in and so on, but on the NDR the design of the roundabouts is different. Firstly they look different. Some have countdown markers and 'Reduce Speed Now' signs warning of a Roundabout, yet others do not. Some have lit signs, and some do not. Some have 'first exit bypass lanes' and some do not... It means from one to the next there is not a flow, you get used to it with time, but not everyone is going to be a local and remember which one has what. The other issue is they are often three lanes, and those are actual lanes - but the number of times I see a car enter in the second lane and exit in the first or come round in lane three and while on the roundabout itself move over to lane two. What I have also found and is now normal - be it NDR or A47 etc, is if a sign gets hit that is that. It will not be replaced. Just off the A47 for Blofield, 3 signs have gone. NDR has various ones now missing on or close to the roundabouts, also the road markings have begun to wear thin - but of course they won't be re-painted until their time comes regardless of what state they are in, and this all goes to cause its own issues. I had to go over and over and over the NDR roundabouts in my driving lessons and learn an 'ultra safe' method to effectively postilion and indicate earlier to make anyone (like that Van in the video) clearly see my intentions to try and mitigate any surprise. I always indicate when leaving a roundabout to just make it easier for those behind or indeed those waiting to the join what I am about to do but the NDR is a funny old road where people do seem to get a bit confused. I have too but then just play safe either exit and get off and worry about returning around later and coming back, or if miss the turn carry on all the way round again rather than take a chance. That said, I came down to London and had to get round the M25 and M4. Then later A4 and the Westway - still loads better up in Norfolk but I do like the London style of driving, it is just the right side of chaos and as long as you play to the same rhythm it goes well, dither for a moment and it rapidly collapses.
  4. Hope you’re having a great time. :)
  5. On a dual carriageway both lanes can go straight across the roundabout its only a problem if the nearside side try`s to go right or the offside lane decides to go left, if there is a problem its with the lane markings giving a false impression years ago when there was no lane markings nobody seemed to have a problem. Fred
  6. At the 02 waiting to see Westlife. Just been to the shops here.Some good buys.
  7. Yes lots of lilly pads. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  8. Today i have finished the fender plates, and started fitting the plates to the boat, firstly the plates are polished up prior to the fitting.
  9. There's a Brooke for sale on Facebook! 1912 Brooke Cabin Launch Vintage / Classic Boat, Carvel Construction with Oak Ribs and Pine Planks. Comes with the rare Brooke Empire engine.
  10. If it was the NDR it would look more like this
  11. I think a lot of reliability issues rust aside are down to how it is driven a classic example was the Viva HA which if you kept your foot on the clutch when stationary would wear the small thrust bearing which then allowed the crankshaft to move forward and tip the pistons which then caused bore wear and high oil consumption and then engine failure, leaving front wheel drive vehicles on full lock caused gaiters to split then wear to the joint. John
  12. Absolutely correct i would like to add in the absence of road markings to the contrary, a roundabout near here now has road markings that indicate keeping in right hand lane to turn right and to go straight on, but still some stay in left hand lane to go straight on perhaps specsavers or do drivers not look about them when driving and concentrate on what they are doing, perhaps this is why boats hit low bridges. John
  13. Has anybody else noticed that since the small boat has gone, the underwater plants have become very apparent?.
  14. Thought those three words excluded you Timbo
  15. If that had happened to me Monica I would have given them any number. Regards Alan
  16. Words fail me at times. The other day at a professional place I was asked for my date of birth. I said 25th August ...... upon which the girl looked at me and said , what number is August.
  17. Are all these people who cannot take a video or 'photo without turning the phone, retards?
  18. Sorry for the late reply, I was at an event, organised for gentlemen of taste and sophistication, to launch a new fragrance line from a long established high-end niche perfumery. Yeah, I don't know why I was on the list either! Oh, wait a minute... It did give me a chance to catch up with my perfumer friend Mo before he heads to Russia for the general launch of his new fragrance line over there and upcoming Vogue feature (his new range of accessible fragrances are currently exclusive to Ellie's perfumery where they had their debut). I was interested to discover that his perfume bottles for his top of the range perfumes (hand blown, diamond encrusted, etched glass with solid gold fittings) are created in Suffolk. I also took the opportunity to get my nose on the new Creed Aventus Cologne (£155 for 50 ml). Lighter and more refreshing, due to the addition of mint, I won't be adding it to my collection as I prefer a more robust scent and already have the Aventus EDP. The new Ted Baker Turkish Barbershop range was also interesting. I'd been volunteered to act as the subject for the demonstration. So while the Master Barber, who turned out to be a very attractive young lady, coiffured and cut my hair, demonstrated cleansing, toning and the new beard oil before demonstrating a traditional cutthroat shave (I admit I am a badger hair and safety razor practitioner), finishing with a face and neck massage and a spritz of the new cologne (reminds me of the Floris Special No 127 £87 for 100 ml), I put some thought to the new range of men's grooming product that MM and I will be releasing next year. 'MentalMan for Gentlemen' (TM) a range of grooming products for men of a certain age and outlook, tired of smelling of sweat and desperation! Available soon in B&Q and chandlers nationwide. The first in our product line is a combined heavy duty moisturizer, sunblock and insecticide. Too long in the sun? Skin on your face all stretchy and wrinkly? Look over eighty and you are only 43? You need Kn-nutted (TM) by MentalMan for Gentlemen (TM). Made with only the finest lard, bitumen and DDT.
  19. true sat in morrisons car park yesterday, woman driving out had phone to her ear, gave her a blast of horn and pointed at phone, she stopped looked and drove off with phone again straight over a kerb, stupid part, brand new fiat 500 which comes with hands free fitted
  20. That`s exactly how i was taught to drive on roundabouts. For first exit, indicate left when entering on the inside lane of the approaching carraigeway and take the first exit, for second exit, stay in inside lane (outside when ON the roundabout), and indicate left when passing the first exit, then the 3rd or more exit, enter in the OUTSIDE lane of the approaching carriageway indicating right, then when you pass the 2nd exit (or the one before your required exit) while on the inside lane of the roundabout, indicate left while pulling over to the outside lane (left) and turn left at the junction, which is exactly what is shown in the picture. I hope i`ve described that the way i mean it?.
  21. I think people are just idiots. I remember a good few years ago i was travelling anti clockwise around the southern loop of the M25, i was in the 3rd lane out of 4 and going past the slip road for the M23 to Gatwick etc. A car came past me in the outside lane like i was standing still, cut across all 3 lanes, and actually drove across the beginning of the verge at the END of the slip road where it started to go uphill, then had turn a very sharp right to stay in the sliproad`s carraigeway, and on 2 wheels as well. If i had`nt seen this, and someone told me about it, i would have thought they would have been wildly exagerating the facts, but no, that is EXACTLY what happened. Mind you, the twatt WAS driving an Audi estate, and you know what they say about a lot of Audi drivers?.
  22. now thats just being greedy MM its always your turn, and when its not, Timbo seems to hog a lot of the rest of the turns.
  23. Nope, Spelling correct!. You lot are lucky, I've been suffering gout in both hands and typing has been painful. Worst case of gout I've ever had. Left foot, left knee, left elbow and some knuckles on both hands. Still, getting over it now. I've been back home now since last Thusday. Sorry I missed you Jay, I forgot which boat you were on which didn't help. Now! Down to business. So Some smart **** has named his make-up firm after the daughter of Chaos, the Greek goddess who personified a void! I suppose they looked into it but it does make you wonder. It is of course the perfect name for any boat I own. As far as it being me what's doing it... Nah,,, you couldn't make it up... well I suppose they could! Oh yes, just as a footnote, when I purchased a small dinghy, I registered it with the BA as Nyx II. The paperwork came back as "Nyxii" Needless to say, when I bought my other dinghy, I named it Nyxii II.
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