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  3. Hi Cockatoo. I am restoring a bounty 44 from Rico's that has needed fully gutting to a shell and re starting. I have two Chinese heaters in it and would live to get the afterburner units for them. Can I ask where you got them please? Both heaters are still temp rigged up just to provide heating while I am working on the boat which now has a floor but nothing else! Thanks Steve Sent from my iPad using Norfolk Broads Network
  4. it was from a reliable source though without permission I am not in a position to name them.That said when I asked the question having seen the number being queried in here I was given an instant response & they are aware I was going to put the result in here.
  5. Use the kit, use the kit, use the kit ! its not much fun but can save your life. USE THE KIT
  6. The Maltsters isn't a bad pub, but because it enjoys something of a captive audience, I sometimes wonder whether it tries hard enough. The choice of beer is good, the pub is comfortable yet there is something missing which I can't quite put my finger on.
  7. Rather like the much hallowed on here 'Maltsters' IMHO. Never could see the attraction of the place - certainly over the last 25 years or so.
  8. Well, we went last night - what a great place. Lovely decor with a 'nautical ' theme and splendid friendly and helpful staff. Great food too ! Not cheap - but we were celebrating (55 years since we met and became an item) and therefore 'pushed the boat out' as it were. We shall return.
  9. thats funny, I have just submitted Jays to the Babysitting Service
  10. That is so kind of you.....
  11. Are you saying you want me with my privates and tongue hanging out for a tummy rub Helter Skelter or that you're forever thinking of me with my privates and tongue hanging out???
  12. Yesterday
  13. It is very important that, as one gets older, one doesn't feel excluded by society so I have just forwarded your email addy to Saga requesting information on any and all services they offer. No, no need to thank me, just pleased to be able to do my help the aged bit
  14. I won't miss it, i haven't been on a bus since i was 16.
  15. Just popped in to see who had turned 60 and it's my neighbour, Psychic! Well done mate. Welcome to the "Some things are free but not always what you need" club. Forget the bus pass; if you haven't already got one you'll probably never have one. I won't due to the curse of 1957: At 15 I was looking forward to getting a motorbike on my next birthday when they changed the law, and I could only have a moped. At 24 I was looking forward to cheap car insurance at 25, when that was abolished. At 49 I heard Tony Blair announce: "Anyone under 50 will probably have to work until they're 70". At the moment I'm due to get my bus pass at 67 which will be January 2024. So my prediction is that bus passes will be history by the Autumn of 2023 at the latest. Use the test kit; it could save your life. Last March I failed the test. I'll spare everyone the details here but I'm happy to report the result of the process showed no sign of the dreaded BC. Not only that, they'll keep an even closer eye on me from now on.
  16. Indeed but I do think we have done most of it [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  17. I'm always happy to hold my hands up when I'm wrong. However in spite of a couple of good visits in the past I'm afraid Paul has nailed it. We won't rush back. Not often I'm negative about a pub............
  18. Not a boat that has had a lack of investment....
  19. I have a spreadsheet just for such occasions.... Winter Maintenance (WM) 2014/15 - £2,798 WM 2015/15 - £3,028 WM 2016/17 - £5,208 (includes rear mattress @ £651 and 6 new batteries @ £1,129) WM 2017/18 - £19,859 (includes new engine and re-wire) WM 2018/19 - £6,555 (new carpet throughout £2,369 and new front mattress V berth £785) Jan 19 we also had new battery charger and upper helm chair. Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  20. 67% + of hire boats have shore power? That is indeed a very large number. If you look at the overall hire fleet of 750 or so boats. Richardson have 290 boats of which say 90 have shore power being the platinum and some of the classic boats. Herbert Woods have 121 boats, cc 30 have shore power (Elite and and standard boats) so thats 290 straight away without it or 39%. Interesting to hear where that figure comes from. Certainly atleast 2/3 have invertors/ 240v I am sure. My calcs could be wrong though!
  21. Must be because you don't look your age?.
  22. I did wonder. I think often shore power is just a battery charging facility The boat we're on now doesn't have it and to be honest for all the faffing I wonder if it's worth it. Never used it in 11 years of winter boating
  23. That seems very high given the overall average age of the Broads hire fleet. Some older boats have been retrofitted but a lot haven't. Where has that data come from?
  24. The things I do for a tummy rub
  25. One of the many things that annoy me about being as old as I am is that I've left it too late to have a mid-life crisis! Carole
  26. I was getting stuff from Saga when I was 47. I phoned them for a quote for car insurance and when I told them my date of birth, they said I wasn't old enough. It gave me great pleasure to ask why they'd sent me their literature if I wasn't eligible. 😉😉
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