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  2. I've never heard the names. Where are they?
  3. Yes Hoveton Viaduct is the best option for a Wroxham stopover in my view, assuming you can get through the bridge. It's quiet, usually easy to find a space and yet a short, pleasant walk from the village. It's also the closest mooring to Hoveton and Wroxham Station which has come in handy on occasion.
  4. I remember the very first time seeing the 3 rivers race we were in a bungalow at potter, we'd never heard of it with 3 small lads sat on the front watching these yatchs racing up & down the river what a magic site, we sat up all night watching these big sails coming across the lawn , the lads were hooked ,that was back in the mid 80s,
  5. https://www.gtplanet.net/mazdas-miller-madness-mazda-xedos-9/ Mazda have built some truly mad things over the years, although you have to sort of love them for it
  6. wasn't it the Xedos that used the "5 Stroke" Miller engine?
  7. Thank you for that very good explanation, It should be kept for future posts on that " bridge "
  8. We love to moor at Hoveton Viaduct Moorings, because it`s a 5 minute walk to Hoveton (always known as Wroxham), and is very peaceful, with good fishing. Last year, we walked into Hoveton, bought fish and chips, and sat on Lightning fishing into the dark. It looked stunning in the evening, with the river looking like a mill pond with a mirror like surface. It`s also great for the wildlife too.
  9. Today
  10. That would mean you would have to have the inverter on for long periods of time if you’re unable to be on shore power , can be a major drain on your domestic batteries
  11. I noted in the past that it was also referred to as Kendal Dyke/Dike in the late 19th century by both P.H. Emerson (in 'On English Lagoons') and by George Christopher Davies in his "Handbook to the Rivers & Broads of Norfolk & Suffolk'. I often wondered if it was a dialect thing in that they wrote it down as they heard it pronounced. Having said that, there are other instances of places being known under slightly different names like Dydler's Mill which I've also seen as Dydall's Mill. Whilst on the subject, and in the Upper Thurne area, does anyone know why Dungeon Reach and Dungeon Corner are so named? I'm sure that Peter Waller once posted a list of all the old reach names in the dim and distant past ..... perhaps on another forum. Carol
  12. One last question. Really pleased with our choice of vessel, as said been before and first 3 times on Northern Broads and last time went south. 5he broom cadet says it has DVtT with HDMI slot. My question is could you use a fire stick or other on the broads. Either through direct internet or hot spot. ... it’s not a big issue but kids have asked about possible taking them later in the month
  13. Many Thanks, Cambridgecabby. I take it Delia is A broom 30 cadet . Seen a d been reading your posts on the forums and very informative and objective when required
  14. to be fair putting the roof up single handed wasnt easy, but it was doable, but most of the time I travelled everywhere with the roof down, just putting it up at night.
  15. Dear all, Following refurbishment works the 24 hour moorings at Hoveton Viaduct are open and fully operational in time for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. We'd like to thank you for your patience during the period of closure. Kind regards, Tom Tom Waterfall Digital Communications Officer 01603 756034
  16. A part of an ode to the Auld alliance . JP
  17. Lord grant that Marshal Wade Ate Croissants Avec Marmalade Petite dejeuner bring. Wade said the best I’ve had Full Scottish not that bad
  18. Sunday 7thApril Sunday dawned. As usual, I was first up, with the wife following. She pulled some clothes on to take Harley for a walk. I turned on the immersion heater and boiled the kettle and made a cuppa before heading for the shower. The wife returned after almost an hour, just as had finished getting ready. She’d found another new (to her) path, resulting in a lengthy walk for the pooch. By then the rest of the party were up and getting ready, so we breakfasted on hot buttered crumpets before setting off towards Norwich. The weather reports had forecast light rain showers. If that was a light shower, I’d hate to see torrential rain as in reality, there was an absolute deluge as we chugged along the river. I’ve now lost count of the times I’ve cursed the windscreen wiper on Moonlight Shadow. Fortunately, it had all but stopped by the time we moored at the yacht station. We got ready and walked into the city, stopping for a while at the Cathedral to take some photos. Once done, we continued to the centre to shop for some essentials before returning to the boat for lunch. The brother in law and his girlfriend went off to do some window shopping and get their own lunch, leaving the wife, her mum and I to walk back to the boat, where we enjoyed some sausages in rolls. The others returned and we set of, retracing our earlier route and past The Ferry House, back to Brundall arriving back at the boatyard at about 16:15. We had a cuppa before our weekend guests gathered their belongings and packed their car. They left us at about 17:15, so we cast off, heading towards Reedham. Slack water at Yarmouth the following morning was at 07:40, so the nearer we were to Breydon, the better the chance of us crossing somewhere close to the optimum time would be. We eventually moored in an otherwise deserted Langley Dyke about an hour later. The crows nesting in the trees to the side of the dyke were in full voice for a while. Small wonder the collective noun for them is a murder!! By this time, the clouds had blown over and we were left with a beautiful evening. We had dinner and watched TV for a while before heading for bed just before 22:00. It was to be an early start on Monday morning, so a good night's sleep was needed.
  19. I got upgraded to Judith 5 last September great boat but found the roof a bit of a pain to put back up don't know if it was the same with Janet you had last year
  20. Bytheriver I will check on The Ship in Reedham after Easter.
  21. Thank you Willow, I will add Scooters Cafe in The Street Acle to my list.
  22. grendel


    probably when the little man who types out by hand all of the toll emails, then manually inputs the paid tolls into the database retires.
  23. Poppy


    I paid my toll by phone this morning. I would have preferred to have paid on line by BACS, but is appeared thet The Blessed Authority insist that people 'register an account' before doing so. I can think of no other organisation where I have to do this. When will their IT department move into the 21st century?
  24. Yeah I've seen a bit of that channel. I reckon the two-door coupe version of the 800 might be the one to have? They do look a bit special, although I suspect you wouldn't want to have a crash in any of them, though. Sounds like the V6's had some issues but most of it could be sorted with new gaskets etc - Much like the dreaded 1.8VVC unit. Those were prone to failures but if a bit of time was spent on them they could actually be a good engine.
  25. I watch a chap on You Tube who is so down to earth and not someone you want to see a tutorial on when it comes to DIY car fixes, but I admire his fleet of cars and love of late 90's cars. Hub Nut is the name, he has just got an 800 series Rover 'poverty spec'. I loved these, way above the Vauxhall's of their day like the Senator. I am now on a video marathon of Rover 800 related content and even eyed up some for sale on Ebay. Alan Partridge Ah Ha!
  26. EastCoastIPA


    Thinking about this some more, it is actually quite worrying that people feel they must be careful not to give JP any excuse to create bigger departments, or excuses to increase head count etc. That says more about the way JP is perceived as running the BA than anything else!!! That is the real concern here! I received a toll account reminder email from the BA on the 20th February as I'm sure did every other toll payer who has opted to give the BA an email address. This email is plainly a computer generated email using a standard template populated from the tolls database. In other words the actually creation and sending of that email needed no human input other than the initial setting up of the system. At some point after I received the email, I logged onto the tolls system and paid my toll. A computer system processed that payment and updated the tolls database to reflect the fact my toll has been paid. I had no interaction with anyone in the tolls department, and I doubt anyone in the tolls department has expended any effort in prompting, or processing my toll. You could say my whole toll transaction has involved no actual input from anyone in the tolls department this year. Therefore the system could have generated my toll reminder on any date, and I could have paid it on any date and still not disturbed anyone in the tolls department. Food for thought! Perhaps if everyone moved to paying their tolls online there is room for savings to be made within the BA. I certainly see no way in which JP could justify increasing his empire!
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