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  2. grendel

    On The Broads

    Currently moored up with Malanka at coltishall common, such a lovely stretch of river to just poodle up in company
  3. grendel

    On The Broads

    They were great as they were without any additional additives, fresh bread still warm from the other needs nothing else.
  4. “If you pass through Horning which I suspect most of you will ........... WR is moored on the river side between the New Inn and the Swan. Currently looking pretty smart thanks to winter work.” She looks lovely!
  5. Plus Vaughan and Wussername
  6. If like me you like Tennis, there is a number of matches being played now,to mark the re opening of no 1 court.Some great tennis by the old pros.
  7. What a great group of friends!! Thanks to each and every one for helping to make it a relaxed and happy time. The only thing wanting was our missing Timbo, John and Seagypsy to whom all good wishes, you were really missed.
  8. Today
  9. You have my sympathy here. We generally book up a year ahead but think next year will wait around before rushing in and booking and paying a lot more in the end. Just had a weeks holiday in a holiday lodge near to fishing lakes (it was absolutely fantastic) but were a bit miffed to see £200 knocked of the same week's price a couple of week's before our booking.
  10. No idea - I guess only an accountant could work that out!!!
  11. How did they get to the costing of £45 per grab?
  12. Phew! Being supported by the eminent PW is some achievement!
  13. Fantastic weekend, thank you!
  14. Maxwellian (Nigel?). I can't speak for the interior but it did indeed look nice and he was full of praise for the boat and Maycraft. Parking arrangements at Potter sound much better than I've been led to believe so I can see myself hiring.
  15. I enjoyed myself yesterday. Lucky there was a snooker round at the beginning of the quiz because Cian and I struggled a bit after that. Shame I made a twit of myself trying to exit the mooring this morning. I forgot to switch the steering back to 'top' after starting the boat and by the time I'd corrected the boat was all over the place. Thanks to Polly and Cambridge Cabby for helping.
  16. Fisherman's hat off! I have attended EA consultations on this subject and scientific opinion from various worldwide sources suggests that mud itself just being stirred up does not cause the problem so sailing boats are off the hook! What appears to be the problem, or part of it, is dredging when penetrating the crust of established mud banks.
  17. Party tent back in the wet shed Polly , lovely time spent in your company as always , hope to see you afloat again soon
  18. Ok ! There is a belief that it hides further down - stirring mud with a boat does not seem to set it off. I am sure an ardent fisherman will come along and suggest the possible whys and wherefores!
  19. It was a general question.
  20. I do not have a view on what causes prymnesium outbreaks - just go back over the old threads!
  21. Albion can draw as much as 4'6" . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albion_(wherry)
  22. So craft stirring up the mud where silt has been allowed to build up won't cause a prymnesium outbreak ?
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