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  2. Visual and music clues sound good , also a ruling of max four members per team ?
  3. Today
  4. Quick quiz When Jack & Jill went up the hill and then Jack fell down and Jill came tumbling after who fetched the water and who one the 100 meters? answers on a postcard please. Fred
  5. £3 donated to forum paypal from me too for mooring fee.
  6. I try and do the Friday quiz each week. I certainly don’t regard myself as a professional quizzer. Its loads of fun, and it was great to meet a lot of the other regular quizzers at Salhouse. The questions can fall your way and other times, havent a clue but I thoroughly enjoy each week. We have a chat about all sorts of stuff before and after the quiz. ( The majority of us dont want to win! ) Id encourage anyone to at least pop by :) Thank you Mike for running the meet quiz
  7. I dont post much nowadays but Apparetly (I may be wrong ) the idiots are young people. Punish the parents financialy the sh...s wont do it again.
  8. Ok if that’s ok wth everyone. I will of course reach out to Mike to put some expertise into the whole thing. M
  9. Go for it. Arthur sometimes does music/picture questions on the Friday one.
  10. Happy to do so Mike. I will wait for an emerging consensus but would be happy to produce a quiz. Do you think the members would appreciate audio / music clues as part of the quiz? We could laminate visual clues too if folks would like some variety. As I said I will wait for an emerging consensus. M
  11. How about whoever does it doesn’t use the university challenge quiz book Griff
  12. how about you doing it next year then?
  13. Very fond memories of wonderful family holidays and always being terrified when dad drove over the bridge to unload our luggage!
  14. Hi again, just tidying ends up here. Cators changed their policy between last year and this and they now require payment in advance. The knock on effect this year was that the non-attendees, excluding 3 medical emergencies, were paid for at £10 each. Next year we can adapt to this by paying for Salhouse to the Forum Paypal when we sign up then the money is sorted ahead of time.
  15. Mike goes to endless trouble to do this and yes its really very hard to pitch the quiz. If he still wants to set it after reading some of the above (not sure I would) , then multiple choice should help. It will also allow for a few spoof options, reflecting a bit bit of the daftness that goes on on Fridays with some competition for the silliest answers; and nobody much caring who wins. In fact, there is a bit if trying NOT to win ‘cos the winner is penalised by having to set the next quiz! BTW there was no plan to get together as a team, we were just sitting nearby before the start. Happy to be spread amongst other teams in future.
  16. without wanting to complain at what was after all an excellent quiz, and tricky even for the quizzers team, it would probably be better with some easier questions such that every team scored 50-75 percent, with maybe just a few tricky questions to sort out the top few places. That said it is always tricky to set the level of the questions, I have got it wrong on the quiz a couple of times, when I set questions that could only be answered with google. that and splitting the quizzers would seem to be the solution.
  17. Having set quizzes for the last 35 plus years. Most of them for local and national charities. Gauging the intellect of an audience you don't always know, is the hardest thing. Are you asking questions to people of low or high IQ.? Are you going to just ask questions, that everyone knows the answer to? You will always offend one party which ever way you set the questions. But with most audiences, people will come up to me afterwards saying. " Thank you for that it really got my brain working". Next time how about the winning team of "Regular quizzers" split up and join other teams ?
  18. And that’s a hammer squarely on the nail Martin. The weekly quiz for me hasn’t been fun for ages now which is why I no longer participate not being a member of Mensa Griff
  19. Porter & Haylett's yard at Wroxham in its Connoisseur days, Sept 81.
  20. Someone who doesn’t quiz should set the quiz. We aren’t on the chase or pointless or tipping point and all teams bar one ( the regular quizzers) didn’t get anywhere near 45%. That’s not an inclusive quiz. Sorry to be a grump but it’s suppised to fun it’s not Friday quiz night. Whats the point of setting a quiz where only one team gets over 50% correct answers and everyone else is nowhere in sight? M
  21. An updated BBC report of the vandalisum https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-48348512 Just a note , some papers have been "emphasising" the maleness of railway Modelling. One of the clubs that had a layout destroyed was St Neots MRC, whose Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Exhibition Manager are..... All women.. We have several women in Broadland MRC.
  22. So... next year!! CinC. I suggest we either convene at the free moorings at St Benets or raft up on Malthouse Broad, which could be fun. Sally and Richard have promised an evening music slot and we have a growing band of Forum’s Got Talent to draw on too. Quiz for sure, can we have some multiple choice answers to aid the wild guesswork, Google being a bit slow in them parts? Any more ideas?
  23. I think a suitable punishment might be to make them attend the meetings of the club and assist in the repair of the damage they caused, then they would get to know the people they have caused suffering to, they will gain an insight into the amount of work that goes in to a model railway layout, and on top of that they may also gain a new interest that would keep them off the streets.
  24. There is one consolation in all of this. They will all grow up and all this namby pamby pc nonsense will come back and bite them all on the bum. Shame I personally wont be around to see it. Bet discipline in schools and the home will come back toot sweet as soon as it affects them. Bit like the bosses at work, if it affected them , something was done about it.
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