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  2. I'm sure BA River control on on 01603 756056 would be interested to learn of the 'verbal' , together with the boat's details.
  3. No that is not a problem - an app can, and does, do that for you just like W3W. All W3W does is electronically convert the location found by your phone (and be careful what accuracy setting you are using, it may give the location of the nearest cell mast you are connected to is set wrong, or even the location of an internet server if you are indoors and can't get a GPS signal) and converts it to something you can tell the emergency services (or anyone else for that matter). In the case of W3W it is three words that you can only know if you have their app. Any suitable app on your phone can also convert your location (same caveat applies on accuracy setting) to either a grid reference or latitude and longitude. If you go on Aweigh and click on help it gives you latitude and longitude directly, W3W is an alternate. I've nothing against W3W and if people find words easier than numbers, then great. However, I do believe that using open source data is more resilient as whilst it works great electronically, it can also work without. Just get the message out there - know how to get your location on your phone which you can give to the emergency services. I think they will be happy with any of the formats discussed.
  4. Good thinking, I‘ll do that👍
  5. Today
  6. Looking at the videos on YouTube de-coking is quite an easy job for any handy d.i.y.er. You can set the tolerance yourself. Mine is set to 1.5°C. You can also adjust the pump/fan speed settings to avoid running too rich (anyone got a boiler exhaust gas analyser?) which should stop the coking up. They are cheap enough to keep a spare unit in the locker anyway so if something does go wrong I'll have a replacement running in 30 minutes so I won't freeze :) As you can see from the picture I've still got to make the loom a little bit shorter to tidy up but I am thinking of making a new loom out of proper wire, not the Chinese stuf. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  7. the problem is;-some of us can read a map but havent a clue what you lot are talking about
  8. The problem with that is some don't know how to read a map. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  9. So may as use lat/long or OS ref then.
  10. Hardley Mill may also be available.
  11. You also need a gps fix and phone signal to use it
  12. Oops, I forgot to add Bramerton to my list of electric hook ups
  13. We sure do, although obviously we never use them as we always know where we're going
  14. I'm happy with my Shetland 535 but, when I needed a quote for a new screen I found them imposible to deal with. I got a quote but it was in a text from a mobile. And they wanted over £200 for a piece of perspex. I needed a proper quote on paper because I was claiming the cost back from Cambs Police. I ended up getting a writen quote from Engineering and Design Plastics Ltd in Cambdge. It was under £100. Shetland only did the screen in tinted perspex. I wanted clear and i also wanted Polycarbonate not Perspex. Others have had trouble dealing with Shetland too. The reason it got damaged was that I was moored up in St Ives on a Saturday night.Planning on staying overnight. Around midnight it was getting a bit rowdy, so we decided to moor the boat out in the river. Drop the anchor over and hang off it. About 2.30 am there was an almighty bang on the boat. A police person thought we were adrift so he threw a life belt at the boat damaging the screen. If a boat is adrift it generally goes downstream with the current. We were stationary. On the paperwork it said I was making the claim against the Chief Constable of Cambs! They did pay up. When the sea is like this below, you don't need a tinted screen! Clive.
  15. I plan to be on the northern waters from mid Dec to mid Jan, dates not yet certain. Will anyone else be about?
  16. That could be handy for the 3 Rivers Race..
  17. Beautiful set of pictures there, they made me want to get right back out on the river👍
  18. Additionaly, The northings etc. come up on my boats marine radio display. Clive.
  19. Hmmm. I think I'll stick with 52.06.675N 0.09.845W Or TL25908-- 47677 (OS grid reference). Clive.
  20. Been around for a while now, certainly a good addition to the webcam list. They had one of those ground based advertising flags there all summer, it was a good indication of how strong the wind was. I see it’s finally blown away!! 😄
  21. Sounds like a huge advantage over eberspacher that seem to have a 4 degree tolerance which is quite a big range for something that is supposed to be able to maintain a stable temperature, open source is an interesting twist too as it means it will only get better, downside of that is it can get overly complicated as too many nerds get involved. With ebers a lot of folk say to run flat out and open windows accordingly to avoid coking of the burner, with the chinese ones it's probably cheaper to replace when coked anyway, that said I run my eber to the temp controller letting it idle and it's been fine for the last 4 years.
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