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  2. When I see in the papers the enormous crowds on beaches all over the British coastline this weekend I hardly think a cabin cruiser moored overnight at Paddy's Lane is going to change anything but that's just my opinion of course. Maybe this is a "public duty" for what Stumpy has called - on another thread - "blazered buffers in well polished Freemans"? I am only joking of course, as I would hate to see this forum go down that route and we must be careful that we don't!
  3. Today
  4. If needed the Great Yarmouth and Gorlesdon Atlantic 75 ( I don't think it has been upgraded to an 85 yet ) could be deployed. This craft on the benign waters of The Broads would be very rapid indeed should the present arrangements up river require extra assistance. Broads Beat's Orkney Pilot House is also not short on power if needed at an incident.
  5. The news this morning is that the very vunerable who are "Shielding" can now go out tomorrow. I really hope that all these changes are not happening too fast and are trully based on scientific evidence and not being driven by economics. Likewise I am worried that the school re-opening programme is not so much about education but more about free child care and is based on economic thinking.
  6. Yesterday
  7. The news today,its been a good day.From Monday six people can meet,children can go back to school.A good day,is that correct. Yet today over two hundred people died, many of which a slow and painful death. The start of the week a airplane crashed in Pakistan. 97 sadly died.We were shocked .Every death is sad a life gone,family and friends affected by there passing.Yet today 200 odd gone many a painful death. Pain touching family and friends, the Doctors and nurses, the cleaner left to clean up the departed.A good day!Now nearly 40 thousand lives lost to this dreadful virus. HOW many more.So Monday more freedom,just think for a moment, dont take unnecessary risks. None of us has the cast iron shield. We are all at risk be careful, stay safe we must beat this.
  8. T’other Simon, Mirage 😋It was supposed to just have a smile on it not a water drip.😀
  9. They don't have a USP, plain & simple. By suggesting that they have a roll to play implies a criticism of those who already fulfill a similar if not identical duty. I find that distasteful.
  10. Hmmm.... point well made, can’t see the usp with these good people, are they really any more than good samaritans such as you JM or I would be in a situation requiring help. The AA have helicopters which neither public service nor quangos can provide and really add value to our broads scenario hence I have no qualms in contributing to. BB seem(ed?) to be searching for a gap in the system which doesn’t exist save for an exceptional event whereby standby services eg Hemsby lifeboat etc cant cope.... not sure that’s ever happened. Amiable aims, bluntly bluff? If it’s their own money then full marks for effort, if shaking a tin then consider the AA or the lifeboats before you throw!
  11. Funny thing Simon, I was thinking about you guys this afternoon. 😅
  12. Back to walking the dogs on my own-some this morning. Having said that, both Ellie and I were up and chatting over the garden gate at five thirty this morning. Spot had woken up with an urgent need to go outside. Apparently he'd indicated this by nudging Ellie awake and starring at a guitar in a corner. This information caused me a furrowed brow until Ellie explained that as Spot is blind he doesn't know what he's looking at. I was awake because Dylan had another big seizure during the night and he was unsettled and needed to see his Mum to make sure she was OK. He just won't settle until he has done the rounds and seen everyone and made sure they are all where they should be. When he's a bit poorly after a fit, he will be my shadow all day so things may get crowded in the the workshop today. The glue-up of the skirts on the chassis yesterday had turned out quite well. So I got stuck straight in and trimmed and sanded everything. Next I went around all the pieces and made sure everything was sanded ready for glue-up. I shaped two wheel arch bits to go either side of the boiler and then got down to the glue up. To stop things 'floating about' during the glue-up I was using both wood glue and CA glue at the same time. The CA will give me an instant 'grab' and the wood glue will provide lasting strength. While I waited for the glue to cure I got on with making the buffers and the coupling. It was somewhere around this point that the fence on my band saw decided to drop to bits! It had been a bit of junk from the word go. Whenever you locked it into place the far end of the fence would twitch off to one side. I collected up all the bits of the fence and for the life of me could not see how the T-piece of the fence was connected. It was hours later that I spotted a set screw on the floor along with a small nut. I will have to check the thing out properly tomorrow before I start work on the carriages for the train. The next problem I had was blunt drill bits. I need to buy some more bits and send these off to the charity. That or I buy a drill bit sharpener? I finished off the fenders...I mean buffers, I've been calling them fenders all day, as well as the coupling and I drilled sockets for these to be fitted and glued them in place. Off for lunch and a well earned coffee. I spent a bit of time tousling Dylan's earholes and took Ellie to purchase some bedding plants. Back in the workshop and it was final clean-up time! My usual card scraper techniques would be useless unless...yup a Stanley knife blade works just as well if not better on such a small project. A final sand to three twenty grit and I gave the loco it's first coat of mineral oil and left it to soak in. I gave it three coats altogether and in between coats I did a spot of tidying up, emptied the shop vac and put away some of my tools. The final coat of mineral oil had soaked in after tea and I applied a generous layer of Beagle's Ear Wax before buffing everything up using my multi-tool to get into the small hard to reach places. Just as I was putting things away and getting ready to lock up, something hit me on the side of the head. An almighty buzzing sound erupted from the far corner of the shed. I thought I'd left the Multi-tool turned on and it was banging against the side of the shed. Nope! It turned out to be a may bug! I don't like these damned things, so it got evicted and went of to scare the daylights out of the folks having a barbecue two doors down! Tomorrow it's the rolling stock!
  13. I really didn't think that they are liveaboards. There's plenty of times that boat looks deserted and there's no-one around. But best we don't discuss this further given how identifiable that particular boat is.
  14. Weren’t Crown Cruisers were in St Olaves prior to moving to Somerleyton, I don’t ever remember them being in Oulton Broad.
  15. Dont pressure wash it paul as it kills the fabric. Canopy makers may wash it but it's a right pain for a business to do as needs space and just isnt worth cost wise... Best really done painfully on the boat or on a bit of grass nearby. Use proper boat cleaning stuff or simple light detergent and water and fabsil after. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  16. If someone has navlights they have a valid excuse to out till 11.59pm under the present rules. As long as folk are keeping their social distancing I don't see the problem, yes it's against the rules but it's not likely to spread anything. Before anyone jumps down my throat I have not seen my boat since may 12th and that was for 10 minutes as I was in the area for work, it has not been moved or slept on since march 20th.
  17. Absolutely Marshman....but I don't think that there is anyone patrolling after the BA finish and as sunset is not until after 9pm potentially someone has a valid excuse to still be out until they return to their mooring and heading home.....or not as the case may be in some instances
  18. Clive, perhaps you should make contact with these good people, your aims seem to be pretty much the same. https://www.facebook.com/groups/277817965887612/
  19. The BA Rangers can only advise - they have no specific authority as over nighting is a matter for the police.
  20. No, it's not allowed yet. It's wrong, I am judging ☺
  21. I'm sure some people will chance their arm, the BA Rangers will knock off around 5-6pm and then won't be mobile until maybe 9am the next day leaving a large gap for some to wild moor...it's human nature - right or wrong I'm not judging.
  22. Are we allowed to overnight yet ? Just came back from working on the boat. Slightly concerning that there are boats clearly moored up for the night on Paddy's lane. Yes some may be liveaboard or possibly left overnight - but I suspect not all are.
  23. Jeckells certainly do a clean/reproofing service on Acrylic canopies but not sure about remove/refit as we took it in to them.
  24. Hi, Does anybody know any canopy cleaners who will take the canopy of clean it, waterproof it and refit? I think Zimbi maybe a little green by now. Would not mind a boat cleaner as well but the windows leak when a jet washer is used. Ta paul
  25. We hope to be back next week for a day again .
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