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  2. Could it be a case of 'if we say 2m they might actually mange 1m'........
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  4. Should have been a fathom to start with, clarity is all.
  5. I've started looking into having a reversing camera Jemaki, What made you select that one?
  6. 1m distancing will I suspect come some time soon - here in the UK we are a little out of line I think, purely because the average UK citizen could not work out what 1.5m amounted to!! So for the sake of argument, it was upped to 2m to be on the safe side!!!
  7. But they have bird flu, they should keep their greedy mits off our flu!
  8. Mates of ours took on a run-down pub in Ipswich (a 'Tolly folly' for those in CAMRA) late last year. They've been told by their pubco to look into the feasability of a one metre distancing , no dates have been mentioned yet but things may be moving at last. There may be a faint glimmer at the end of the tunnel!
  9. I heard on the radio this morning that Boris has said pubs and restaurants could reopen sooner than expected (whatever that means) after landlords stated they wouldn't be able to open while the 2m rule was in force I'm assuming by that the social distance rules maybe relaxed I've agreed with Fiona at Pacific to move by booking 2 weeks to 14th July, I'm hoping that pub gardens might be open with certain rules in place, if not, and I can go on the boat I may be asking for advice on shops on the broads as my knowledge is the pubs
  10. Once again the NBN Brains Trust comes to the rescue! On occasion I do use a vice like thingamajig that came with my drill press. I just hadn't put two and two together regarding the slots cut into the metal drill press table. My usual method of using the press just involves flinging a piece of scrap wood onto the metal table to act as a backer...but I'm getting in front of myself. I'd forgotten to take my evening medication and although I went to bed early I awoke at midnight with godawful cramps in my arms, legs, neck and back. With some pa-lava I managed to roll off the bed onto my hands and knees, and using the wardrobe door as a support, got to my feet. I staggered into the bathroom, turned on the shower and let the hot water do it's work. Muscles now a little easier, I made a mug of Horlicks and took my meds. The silence and birdsong of the last few weeks has been replaced by the constant drone of car and bike engines. Midnight and the petrol heads are still revving up and down going nowhere in particular and making a lot of noise about it. I'd forgotten how irritating and pervasive the traffic noise is. Off to bed again and this time I slept well into the morning. Ellie was chirpy this morning but I knew why. Weeks of separation from our grand-kids had come to an end. As usual, the cart was before the horse and with no child care in place people are having to return to work. Of course, this leaves grandparents to pick up the slack which we are more than willing to do. Right, so drill press. I retrieved the 'thingamabob' that Nigel mentioned and started hunting out some nuts, bolts and washers to hold it down. I'm going to have to nip to Wilko's and get me another bag of nuts and bolts at some point! I decided to use the other drill press to set up the vice on. This drill press was a present from Maurice Mynah and has a bigger motor and runs at higher speeds than my drill press. It also drills smoother with less wobble on the bit. I just don't have the original chuck key for it. The key for my drill press is too big but the key from my morticer 'sort of' fits. With the thingamabob set up I cut some more stock and had a test. Worked perfectly! All the wheels now sit at the same level! Now for the platform to sit on top of the chassis. For this I cut a scrap piece of mahogany on the table saw, then still on the table saw I cut a rebate along each side to give me a 'T' shaped profile. I glued and clamped this in place using some elastic bands to keep things aligned and then a couple of clamps. When it was dry I cleaned the glue squeeze out with a card scraper and then ran my block plane over both channels. Now for more roundy bits for the boiler. Without a lathe this was going to be a hole saw based project. I cut more rounds of walnut and maple and threaded them onto a roofing bolt with a washer at either end and finally a nut. Chucking the bolt into the corded drill, I gave all the rounds a quick sanding on the belt sander. I then used the bolt at a clamp to glue the assembly together. When everything was dry I gave them another quick sanding and plugged the hole left by the mandrel with a small piece of mahogany dowel. Now on to the driver's cab. I'd over complicated things here. I spent some time cutting out the cabin side on the scroll saw and then realised I would make a better job if I cut two individual pieces. I will change those on Friday when I can get back into the shed after having the kids for two days! That evening I gave Gracie her lock box! I'd filled the bottom section with old half pennies that had been nickel plated so that they were shiny. Of course the ship on the half penny means this was PIRATE TREASURE! Gracie loved her box. I let her try and find the key to open the bottom section and find the treasure. With her declaring that her 'pirate treasure chest was too precious to let Arlo anywhere near it' I think it was worth the hard work.
  11. Hmm!! then you have not got the unorganised lot over here that we have. Couldn't organise a p.ss up in a brewery most of them , that includes our Leader. People need a strong leader in times like this. Not all this flakey nonsense. Rant over. Not political because this post applies to every last one of them. Please remove if you think it is not allowed. Thank you.
  12. I am out of touch with my friends on the yards at the moment as I feel deeply for them and don't quite know what to say to them! Quite clearly this will not be a normal season and it is not at all unusual for hire fleets to mothball a lot of their boats during hard times. I would guess that the yards have a pretty good idea by now, from booking enquiries, what the latter half of the season is looking like for business and will make logistic decisions based on that! Not sure about the buddying of boats as I don't know how one could effect their "isolation" when not on hire. I am afraid what worries me, and what seems to be driving everything at the moment, is "social distancing" and how to actually achieve it. In most other countries in Europe including here, the distance is one metre, not two and it is very much less of a problem. All this queueing for hours in supermarket car parks has never happened, all through the lockdown.
  13. good start to the day, when you have been working for two hours and are 1 hour into amendments on a drawing when some kind soul reorganising the office to be coronavirus compliant just turns off the computer you are remoted into to work, losing all that work.
  14. They don't want to see any newt cases.
  15. they ought to have loaded each boat with anti virus software.
  16. Thank you, a worthwhile review of a useful gizmo.
  17. An autumn event perhaps?
  18. No problem old chap, but thanks very much for saying so. I set myself up for whatever was coming, by joining that discussion in the first place! Still, it gave us all a chance to let off a bit of steam about such an astounding subject. When we used to live in Chateau-Thierry, in France, there was a village nearby called RUDENOISE.
  19. Yes, I think it was! An LNER K3.
  20. K's? Tiny radar work continued with working on the skinning of the aerial.
  21. TheQ

    3 Rivers Race 2020

    This week I and many others are carefully studying the wind for the Three Rivers Race. With the tide behind them everyone should get away easily, the tide making the apparent wind stronger. Unusually it looks like a solid easterly for the whole weekend, fairly light at 10 to 15mph, so 100ish tacking boats till the river Ant, which itself would be easy with beam winds as would be South Walsham dyke. Then tacking to Thurne mouth. Easy beam reaches down to the lower Bure buoy and back to Womack dyke then long tack short tack in the narrow river either side of Potter Heigham. to the turn to Hickling near Martham boatyard. After reaching the Thurne again, just about the rest of the way home would involve a easy run. I suspect many would like to try to get to the lower Bure buoy before the tide changes at about 12:40, at worst arriving 13:40, the slower boats maybe leaving the short legs till the way home. It will be race that favours the light wind boats, A Raters, Punts, and Broads Cruisers with tall topsails. Pity it's been virused off..
  22. in a lot of photo editing software it is the option called clone that can perform this function, but copy and paste works too.
  23. Yesterday
  24. I've absolutely no interest in political sides, but I do care about this virus and the impact it has had on people and their lives. It goes without saying not least those who have lost their lives, but also those who have had to sit at home and couldn't be with their loved ones in the last moments of their lives, those nhs staff members who have gone into work everyday and tried their utmost to help patients and have had to deal with the repeated emotional impact as they see patients who could not be helped and yet bravely soldier on shift after awful shift dealing with it. Also, those nhs staff and carers who have moved out of their own homes and left partners or young children behind for weeks at a time so that they could undertake more of these difficult shifts whilst ensuring they only put themselves at risk and not their wider families.....I do care a lot about those. And that's not even starting with the majority of us that have done no more than to stay at home, stay safe and stop the spread where we can to help the NHS do what it needs to, all the while missing our family members terribly. What the adviser chose to do was just that- a choice. His choice. In my mind it wasn't acceptable given what was being asked of and being done by others. And then to top that by suggesting he drive to a beauty spot some 30 miles away "to test his eyesight" I feel was the final insult. He disagrees. Im pretty sure he didn't mention that particular trip was his wife's birthday, did he? Wiki seems to indicate it was.... I sincerely hope that the choice made, and now very publicly played out, does not encourage others to make similar choices, but of course it may well do. Right, I'm done. I agree with Ray- I've had my say and thanks. I shall get back to hoping and praying that this virus goes away, and stops taking or ruining lives in the way it has so far, and looking forward to better times when we can hold our loved ones close again- maybe even one day get back to the Broads and be truly grateful for each day that we get. And possibly, hopefully and with much luck we will once again get to have a picnic with our own family whilst sat next to the river on our birthdays
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