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  2. I'm out on the water on the 5th July and have been doing the same as David, I had a look yesterday and there were 77 from the 3/8 and 95 on the 17/8 Ferry had 9 and 7 available So not selling in August particularly well, but there's still time if the weather improves which I'm hoping will be from the 5th!
  3. Breakdown cover is included on Evening Shadow, cleaning is up to each owner as to what they require i.e. use cleaner or do it yourself most do it themselves.
  4. Thanks Malcom. I hadn't spotted the difference in what's included. If I ever do go down the syndicate route, I would look to have both breakdown cover and cleaning covered. I would have thought breakdown cover was 100% essential.
  5. Today
  6. Is it not just a case that the school holidays have not started on 6th July? What are the boat booking numbers for the weeks after when the school holidays have started? As an example we have booked a lodge in Cornwall for a week starting on the 6th July. The following week on the Saturday that we leave the price of the lodge doubles for the same hire time period due to the start of the school summer holidays. It is booked throughout the summer period solidly!
  7. Cal


    The Silverline boats always appear to be really well turned out. But unfortunately for us, all of their boats that we would like to hire are pet free which means that we can't really hire from them as for us being on holiday involves Sydney our little dog.
  8. Hi Simon If you look at the breakdown of costs, there are more budgeted on Moonlight Shadow. MS is valeted at the end of each week, taking the responsibility away from the owners and call outs and breakdown cover is also included. In my opinion, the Northern Broads provide a more popular starting point than Brundall, where Moonlight Shadow is based, which is why the shares sell more readily. To be honest, when we bought into MS, I would have preferred to have been based North and was looking at Evening Shadow, however the buy in cost was far less for us on Moonlight and we jumped at the opportunity. Having now experienced starting from Brundall, we have chosen it as the home mooring for our own, recently acquired boat and are happy with our decision.
  9. so with one side done its turn the model round and start on the other side, also picking a servo for the steering and making a mount for it to sit against the bulkhead.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Two maggots, one red and one white Judging by her condition she had not long ago spawned, late this year, and I'd fully expected her to top 6 lbs but 5 was still pleasing.
  12. The annual cost per share on Evening Shadow is less than Moonlight Shadow.
  13. As I said in my earlier post. During July Ferry, Marina had sixteen 4 to 6 Berth boats available with 30 free complete week’s between them as well as 3 & 4 day breaks. I was surprised to see that the two Golden Emblem’s didn’t have a single booking between them.
  14. It seems to me the the impending Brexit is being blamed for countless failings , not that many months ago everything was the fault of the EEC, economies change , habits change. Cycles happen what is in favour today will be out hat soon , then the cycle begins again ; thankfully there are a few boring old f**ts like me left who continue to love “The Broads” and enthusiasts who keep the beautiful wooden Broads boats pristine and afloat
  15. I wrote earlier that I believed Brexit was having the effect of diverting attention from holidays in general and still think that is so. However, I think there is another factor in that after having had such a lovely summer last year, many were expecting the same this year and had decided to "staycation" . Yet we have had no prolonged heat spell to start people thinking about a holiday afloat. Thus time rolls on and more boats stay on the moorings. From what I can tell, bookings have been falling behind month on month for quite a while now. I am due out on Goosander from the 6th July so I thought I would check Hoseasons availability so see how many boats were left to hire, to get an idea of how busy the rivers would be. Currently there are still 72 showing - I expected it to be 40 to 50. None of this can be good for the boatyards, or any of the infrastructure and makes me wonder if business are really struggling out there. Lets hope not terminally. It could turn out to be a defining year.
  16. Well I have just ordered 5 pairs. 3 pairs for wire and 2 pairs for tube. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  17. I think a lot of uk people are waiting until the last minute before booking either.
  18. Hi Sue Interesting that there are no shares for sale on Evening Shadow. The boats are the same, so I can only attribute it to the mooring.
  19. Yes - and it must all depend whether extra bookings from the UK outweigh lost bookings from abroad.
  20. Out of curiosity I was looking at availability for the boat we've booked this summer (Beam of Light). If this web site is correct, they have two Beam of Lights (Beams of Light?). For most of the summer they seem to have availability on both Saturdays and Mondays...so both boats available? Maybe if we'd left it we could have got a discount. But we were happy to pay that price at the time and I imagine if everyone gets a big discount there won't be any boat yards around for long. I would very happily go back to the Erne system, and may well do so one day. But first - the Broads! I imagine there are advantages and disadvantages of both Erne and the Broads. You can't spend the night mudweighting (or anchored) in Lough Erne.
  21. I suspect that brexit is having an impact on holiday bookings, both at home and abroad.
  22. Not necessarily indeed. There may just be more boats than there are people who want to hire them this year, unless given an incentive by lowering prices - possibly to a point that's unsustainable in the long run.
  23. Not necessarily!! Its quite noticeable that it is the "older" boats at Ferry that seem to be in the yard more - despite the price it is quite noticeable that the newer boats let best, despite some people's view on the design. This, I suspect, is the view of most yards.
  24. Hi Steve Could you pm with more details please. many Thanks Pauline
  25. Just a little final update to this thread. Sadly I clearly don't have the time and energy to follow the forum and keep this thread going, I guess that's self evident. Sadly the NBN's facebook group (and others) seems to be inundated by how to say, the "Less desirables", thus there's no point in carrying on over there too which was were I did post a little more. I've kinda created a hidden page on facebook which is more pictures than a write up, search on Facebook for "Adventures of Orca" and hopefully you will find it. Please only look if you want to follow though as its really just pictures and little videos nothing special and it will be a place for friends to follow.
  26. Malanka


    If you want to start I. wroxham NBD are worth a look see. Not all yards check the mechanicals of their boats between hires. Useful for end of season hiring. No frills woodies Martham Boats all the way all day and on Sunday . Incredible friendly and flexible hired from them for decades. M
  27. If companies are having to discount to get boats out,dosn't this imply a problem with their pricing in the first place?
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