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  2. Anyway, back to boats, can't compare with the M25 but there is no question that large marine engines do kick out a hefty cloud of unpleasantness and it can and does lay on the water between the reeds on the bank. Unlike roads there is little or not much passing, high speed traffic to disperse it so yes, there is a problem, in my humble opinion.
  3. Hope you have a lovely week!
  4. Bet you don't do that on the bike. :-)
  5. brundallNavy


    Lots of candidates for Dave’s rope tying challenge.
  6. Booze and coffee?,........ Earl Grey dear chap.
  7. I'm not having that!! You bring the barby, I'll bring the booze and coffee. :-) Edited to add, and the ghetto blaster. … Jay? You coming?
  8. Enjoying reading your tale. I’m always at the helm and hubby sorts the ropes whenever we arrive or depart a mooring. Like you, our communication is pretty good but I do get paranoid about making sure he’s onboard!
  9. Timbo


    Uncle Albert was very much into knotting, hitching, splicing and pioneering (building structures out of logs and rope such as towers, bridges, death slides). In his last year when he was at the day centre it was a comical sight to see him sat in the 'knitting circle' with the old ladies. While they were busy knitting, dropping and pearling, Uncle Albert was sat splicing rope with his huge, murderous looking rope knife. One of his favourite pastimes while mooring up was tying the boat up with a variety of different lockable slip knots. My favourite of his mooring knots was the 'finger trapper'. He reserved this knot for mooring in places where people tend to play with the mooring warps of boats when they've had a few shandies. Anyone undoing a 'finger trapper' without knowing how to undo it, would get a very painful rap across their fingers from a hidden counterweight up the line and the boat would remain safely secured. I have to admit I don't have any of Uncle Albert's skill with rope but he did teach me rope work and pioneering, much of which I used on a daily basis out in the field and adapted to my career in archaeology. Consequently many of the knots I use will not be instantly recognisable. My round turn and two half hitches confuses the Rangers as I double the rope back on itself before making the knot. I often use a locking highwayman's hitch which really throws some people. My hitches may not be those recommended by the experts but they work for me. They are strong, easily tied and easily undone when needed.
  10. Is it April Fools Day already?
  11. I think a bypass would be better , leave the main river on the right before the chalets coming up river, go behind them and the fish and chip shop. Tunnel through the road bypass, rejoin after the new bridge.
  12. It would be far quicker and one hell of a lot cheaper to simply raise it to a maximum height of 7'6"". That way, it takes it back to how it was originally, and keep it looking the same. A simple case of "sympathetic restoration".
  13. Katie and I are up for the week , quick visit this a.m. in Boulters (starboard rocket cover gasket , did the port two weeks ago). Then a gentle cruise around the Northern rivers , we were originally going South but since we couldn’t start on Sunday we decided against it . We moored last night at Boulters so they could fit gasket first thing to a cold engine . awoke this morning to an incredible lightning display overhead accompanied by earth shaking thunder .
  14. Normally on the road between Stalham and Palling, I guess that's when you have finished scoffing that rubbish, between Roys of Hoveton and that point..
  15. Great write up and photos. Always something to see on the Broads. :)
  16. I don't think they mind as long as you are not on the racing course, (which is most of the broad..) Yep, Wroxham Regatta week Starting Saturday, Horning Regatta Week the following Saturday, Hickling weekend regatta the week end after that. a real enthusiast (or lunatic) can sail every day of the week for the whole of the school Summer holidays..
  17. Mind you, having said that, I doubt Peter (JM) would want us "bloody tourists" encroaching on his secret escape .
  18. Yes, that's what I saw. If the foliage and weed were dramatically cut back, it would be a lovely place to Moor, providing it's wide enough to turn around and the land owners agree to it?. Places like this are really nice and peaceful to get away from the busy areas. Yes, how about it Tom, any chance?.
  19. Today
  20. I think you are a bit of a rebel speedtriple, what with parking etc. There are those that just like to be different...............
  21. Yesterday
  22. In fact, rather than being an "L" shape, it continues round the back of the other two, and returns to the main river. I believe JM canoed round there when it was first dredged.
  23. Turn the bridge into a lock, leave it open for low boats. close the gates for bigger boats and pump out the few inches required then pass through and flood again. Simples.
  24. My father designed a lot of boats for the broads. He had a scale drawing of Potter Heigham Bridge on his board to check if they would pass under.The problem today is the boats are bigger and the water level seems to be higher.
  25. Wow, that was some experience! Glad that a potential disaster was averted. Loved to see a Hunters boat sail past. We’ve never had the bottle to go below Acle on a Hunters Boat.
  26. There you are John (Maurice Mynah) a bermuda 34, with extra ballast, problem solved. You never know, Clive may have one they would be happy to sell on?.
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