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  2. Kron

    Low Lifes

    We were also told yesterday there was a "drunken party of idiots" on a boat going through Potter Heigham on Saturday night. Police were called when the occupants of a hire bungalow heard a loud bang, to find they had crashed into their mooring. Needless to say they didn't stop but the occupants got the boat name, so would only be a matter of time before they were caught.
  3. Kron

    Low Lifes

    It seems it's been a busy weekend for the emergency services:- https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/air-ambulance-coastguard-rescue-person-from-river-1-6120495
  4. Weren't they called Riverview 1,2,3 etc at one time. I don't think they are anything to do with Barnes, whose self catering accommodation is all on the Hoveton bank.
  5. Making an educated guess at the average annual cost of running Ms, I, d hazard a guess at that equating to around £300 per weeks holiday, would that be about right?. That, 's excellent value for a week on a modern spacious cruiser. An excellent opportunity for anybody considering syndicate ownership.
  6. Thanks CambridgeCabby. Was hoping to be able to fish from in front of them but don't suppose that would be possible. Pretty handy for a pint in The Shed though.
  7. Ah that's very useful. Thanks. As for the accent...no excusing necessary...I love it...
  8. Polly the sail will only be about 6 foot by 8 foot max, the clip part I bought at the chandlers in a pack of 2 (so I will have a spare), and the rest is printed from ABS Plastic which is pretty tough stuff., if worst comes to worst I can make one out of plywood for the end of the boom, its not as if its going to take the strain that a bigger boats mast might (if its that windy I expect I will be rowing or using the outboard) it will only be for playing around, the goosneck above probably has a bigger pin sticking out than my boom is in diameter
  9. They're not the ones I was thinking of, but do look nice.
  10. They don't make the junctions safer per se, but if you've travelled the NDR frequently you'll have seen that the average speed is quite high. Part of the problem is that if people are doing 90 and then anchor on they're not going to have the stopping room and while ESP is good it's not magic. If they arrive at 70 then anchor on, they're going quite a bit slower and less likely to swap ends. Traffic lights would not be a bad idea at the Rocky road roundabout, for sure, and probably others.
  11. The problem with average speed cameras is that they do nothing to make junctions safer. You can go around the roundabout on two wheels (in a car that is, for all our biker friends) and still not exceed the average speed. The only way to force traffic to slow, and remove so much interaction between vehicles is traffic lights with camera enforcement. If accidents keep happening then that will happen. Sadly,policy usually dictates that the powers that be wait until there have been so many fatalities.
  12. My thoughts: that bracket, the 'u' shaped one, will most likely break very soon. Have a look on Nearest and Dearest's Website for goose necks. We have one of these on The Whimp, and it fits into a hole drilled into the core of the boom.
  13. Now there lies a sorry tale. After working on the continent for nine and a half months, doing everything back to front I, to my eternal embarrassment on returning home gave a loud blast of my horn at a van driver who cut me up .... from the right. At least I had the good grace when a few yards later I pulled alongside at traffic lights to wind down the window and apologise, with a brief explanation. Thankfully no harm was done and the driver found it quite funny.
  14. Today
  15. We got caught out by the road closure and figured it must have been a bad one. Coming back at just before midnight I did notice that the roundabouts have triangular hazard signs, a big roundabout sign, countdown makers and then signage on the actual roundabout. I'm not sure that I really want people who can miss those to have a driving licence. Yes they're slightly offset but how much more warning do people want? I do think the only way the problem is going to be solved, though, is to stick average speed cameras on the whole length.
  16. Correct - well said that man!! But this is Norfolk!!
  17. What I actually meant by using the word ‘unnecessarily’ was that it was the stupidity of these lads that necessitated the emergency call out rather than an accident or mishap. You are right when you say these incidents are few and far between and long may it remain so. Speeding in boats is nothing new but it does seem that this particular incident was due to too much alcohol causing the helm to endanger both his mates on board and other folk who thought they were safely moored up. Having said that, we only know what happened from social media and the EDP plus the report from Hemsby Lifeboat. No doubt, if the boat was identified and the culprit caught, we will know more in due course.
  18. from the facebook reports, the emergency services were following up to check on the river users disturbed by that cruiser, as one boat reported both its mooring lines broken - so not an unnecessary response at all, so they were checking everyone was alright. they did catch up with the culprits, but I do not know what action was taken. as the Broads Authority pointed out on our facebook page, there is little point to just posting about it on social media, if you dont also report it to the authorities. - Broads Control on 01603 756056 or Broadsbeat on 999. which means the incident can officially be logged, and can receive attention much faster (as they dont necessarily monitor their facebook pages 24/7). The sad thing is that these incidents are generally few and far between, but can saddle the whole broads with a bad reputation.
  19. I've driven quite a few times in Europe and the USA. On each occasion the junctions have been totally alien to me, the lane markings and junction layouts and even give way priority totally different. Factor in driving on the other side of the road and sitting on the other side of the car, or even worse taking a UK car to Europe where your not in the best position for over taking etc. Yet so far I've managed not to demolish any of the road furniture or hit any other cars! Could it be because I try and drive at the appropriate speed, in the right lane and follow the lane markings and road signs where possible? I also do not drink and drive or drive if tired, all of which really helps.
  20. so having got a (maybe 10 foot) length of steel tube, plus an 8 foot length of 28mm dowel and a 2m x 3m tarpaulin, it was time to figure how things were going to work, I was told for such a small sail area a pulley was unnecessary, just a topping block to the mast with a hole through it, so of course I went one better, printing a mast topper with a rounded hole through (created by subtracting half a torus from the main part). to join the boom to the mast I had purchased a clip - looking much like a rowlock, but how to fix it onto the end of the 28mm dowel - easy, a sleeve was printed to hold the clip, with holes built in from the side for captive nuts, to hold the rope at the other end of the boom another sleeve was printed with a torus subtracted (providing a hole for the rope, this time it was curved toward the end). the good bit is I now have the ability to print new parts if these should fail at any point. Thanks for the offer of mast and sail JA, I might take you up on it, but I want to have a go myself first, as I now have the parts I need (just waiting on the delivery of some grommets for the edges of the sail), I have some very good waterproof duct tape from Lidl that is pretty decent (it held my wing mirror on my old Volvo for several years), this will be used to reinforce and tidy up the edges of the cheap blue tarp where the grommets go through, the sail will then be able to be laced to the boom with loops around the mast, I do have to clean up the outside of the tube i have for the mast, as I think its a top rail from a herris fence, and it has rough weld spots regularly down its length, so those will be smoothed off and the whole thing will get a coat of paint (its mostly galvanised).
  21. Hi Q, we were always taught the same by our woodwork teacher, a great guy taught me a lot. I often wondered what happened to the 6 to 8 Stanley number 1 planes that used to be in the tool store, these were good for the younger children being so small, I do have one and these days they are very expensive, but in all honesty I prefer to use a number 2 for the fine work. Regards Alan
  22. Due to the purchase of our own boat we are reluctantly selling our shares in Moonlight Shadow. We own an 8% (four week) share and a 4% (two week, summer and spring) share. They are currently up for sale on the BCBM site at £2500 (8%) and £1500 (4%) Details of Moonlight Shadow can be seen here. https://www.bcbm.co.uk/boats/broads-cruisers-page-127.html We are prepared to let these go together at the bargain price of £3500 for the full 12% if you come to us direct. Six weeks a year on the Broads!
  23. There were two articles in the EDP yesterday relating to intoxicated boaters. One incident took place at Horning where a young man fell off the back of a boat. Not a great problem, the only person endangered was himself. The second incident however involved a private boat with a number of intoxicated lads on speeding between Berney Arms and Brundall late on Saturday night. From what the reports have said, the helmsman had every intention of causing upset to other boats moored up. I think this latter incident is the sort of thing many of us fear, being caught up in something we can do nothing about. It is also sad that the emergency services have to be called out unnecessarily when they might be needed for a real emergency. I do hope they catch these guys. I remember one year being moored up at Boundary Farm after the Acle Regatta. A private boat was returning up the Bure late at night at quite a speed and being woken up by the boat rocking violently is not a very nice experience. (That was probably nothing to do with alcohol intake but it was scary nevertheless.)
  24. Congrats Peter! She looks brill! 🙂
  25. Yesterday
  26. There is a roundabout below the M40 where traffic flows both clockwise & anti-clockwise!
  27. Advert says Staitheway Road Wroxham, taking the Barnes B and B sign as a reference (big blue building in photo) then they are where the larger rectangle in the center of the map is
  28. by Barnes basin opposite the hire yard I think , Wroxham side of the river
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