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  2. I can't see anyone mentioning R&C Bondon at South Walsham. Whilst I didnt' hire from them, Ray build my fathers' boat (an Elysian - Norfolk Spitfire - still on the Broads) in about 1971. I hired a Hampton (can't remember its name) solo from Royalls in the early 1980s
  3. No getting away from it, those good folk from South of the River Colne do tend to 'talk all funny'!
  4. Today
  5. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. Guess she'll float a bit lop sided then...
  7. I would guess that most farmers markets are selling stuff they can't sell to the supermarkets for one reason or another. As far as single use plastics go, if people generally are too bone idle.to.do.anything then we need legislation. Ban it, then after a reasonable period for old stock to be used up start fining any companies packaging that is found 'in the wild' to pay for the clear up. And make the fines really hurt. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  8. Spend the day cruising with my youngest and his girlfriend , ended up at Womack Water for lunch at The Kings , Ludham . Dropped them back off at Ranworth where they had parked up , pleasant journey to tonight’s resting place at Gayes Staithe again , off home in the morning .
  9. Just as I was looking for the next book to read! Many thanks for the recommendation ECIPA
  10. I’m glad to hear that you avoided being hit over the weekend, unlike a certain boater on another site. Not wishing to be too controversial, I thought the standards of boatmanship were pretty good on our trip out, apart from the usual speeding. We did see the rangers warning boaters of speeding at How Hill. Roll on our next trip out!
  11. Loads of info via Google! http://www.norfolkpubs.co.uk/norfolkr/reedham/reedhbm.htm
  12. Half a generation ago they were, but they probably are more akin to Cockney which has mostly migrated to Essex as an accent, although the new towns of Hertfordshire retain some pockets. Now it's mostky Jafaican (not sure of that's a real accent), especially the youngsters, and estuary for those that "speak posh". Having grown up in stevenage and lived in London most of my adult life, I'd have to let others diagnose my particular drawl.
  13. Rick-kay and Bee-An-Kar yelling at each other finished it for me. Stereotypical Londoners? Maybe!
  14. I don't think it's been mentioned here yet, but David Blake an author from North London has started writing crime novels set around the Broads. The first one Broadland is available now. The second one St Benet's is available for pre order. I have started reading Broadland and it's good so far. http://www.david-blake.com/
  15. When I can I visit farmers market.I agree never always cheap.Supermarkets have purchasing power.That said I like to support local shops,farms when I can.
  16. I tend to agree... but I'll refute "always was" It used to have some of the highest viewing figures on T.V. and tackled important issues of the day. Sadly not so much now. Although it's still pulling regular audiences of 3 to 4 million an episode which is more than most "broadcast" shows. I've not watched it since the whole Ronnie Mitchell stole Cat's baby debacle.
  17. They most definitely are not, but I probably cannot say more than that!
  18. Even more so than Jeremy Kyle? Surely not all Eastenders are as portrayed by the BBC, are they?
  19. Not sure you have time for all this free advice Doug, Soon be August you know !
  20. Near where I live there is Beccles Farmer's Market and very good it's always been. From a point of view of value it's never been that good. Despite there being no middle man there does seem to be a perception that what is on offer are premium products therefore justifying a higher price. I'm not entirely convinced by that argument but the burgers and mugs of tea on offer make a visit to the market worthwhile. Bit of a social event really.
  21. Hmmmmm, Eastenders?. Always was, still is, and always will be the biggest load of UTTER CRAP ever put on television.
  22. Which Clifford Allen boat did you hire ? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  23. There might be a demographic issue regarding a yard's targeted customer base, who knows. Could be headed towards deep water on that one !
  24. Hi All; I'm a stranger here, so thanks for reading, but know that the pub was owned by members of my family back in the 19th century and possibly up to the early 20th, ( tho I might be confusing the latter with a different Reedham pub ). So; I was wondering whether anyone had any historical information on the Nelson, going back any further? Or I anything to do with the Goffen family. They lived in Reedham until about the second world war and were a presence there for at least a couple of hundred years. Thanks again for reading, as I know that this is a little left field for the forum. Al Goffen
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