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  2. Weren't they supposed to be spraying the rails with water? Or paint them white? I think we are all getting a feeling of dejavu here
  3. Today
  4. Good to know you're safely home. Lovely photo! Here's to the next time!
  5. Hope you had a safe journey down Alan and enjoy your time afloat. What a week to be out!
  6. Welcome to both also,can we hear a little about you?
  7. Think it's all down to silly season.Not much to report oh that's report about London NP.Taking about silly season,today we find out our new PM.
  8. Hi Neil, I am down again on 17th of September. I have got to do a little bit of last minute packing, then I will be setting off in about 20 minutes. Regards Alan
  9. Hello again. Just to let you know the Kiwis have safely landed back home in NZ around 8am today. I know that seems a long time since leaving our boat on Friday, because it is, but our flight out of Manchester was not until Sunday lunch. We plan to be back, if not before, we will make it in 2022 for our golden anniversary. Anyway i am attaching a picture i took today of the view from the 14th tee of my local golf course in the depths of the New Zealand Winter. 21 degrees. Not Womack Water but not too shabby. Cheers Chris
  10. Yesterday
  11. All that is needed is bigger engines, they all fit under with enough power. Insurance is another matter......
  12. Peter but norwich is the only city in a national park.. Londons national park is a made up one for marketing purposes.. or hold on.. I'm confused... whats a national park again? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  13. That will upset Norwich, a city that has claimed that it is the only city within a national park, albeit a non national park. Next time that any of you are slumming it whilst scoffing soggy chips on Gt Yarmouth's iconic market place, remember that that bastion of good taste and chav ideals is idyllically situated alongside the River Yare thus could claim to be within a national park, only that would be something of an oxymoron, as well as the obvious!
  14. Lol can't wait to see it towing.. I think I'll try and get the tow lines tight so the nose is on the swim deck, thus certainly look like Bruce is attacking! We've been watching some youtube of Algonquin Park it looks amazing, not sure I could do some of the portages though they seem like mountain treks! plus the bears.. gulp! But maybe one day, they seem to have very posh kevlar lightweight canoes now.. Bruce is about 50kg I think! From what I can see is anywhere tidal is under the BA's restriction/control and a toll is thus required.. thankfully though paying the £40 something for a British Canoeing membership gives us a licence for all rivers (including the Broads) so no more money to the BA, still not looking forward to arguing with the rangers over that though. Tell Karen that even my mum wants to try and she can't even cross breydon ;) Looking forward to the weekend :) Im not sure how far up the canal we will get it seems a bit overgrown towards Honing lock but will see.
  15. Hi Alan, did you say you will be on RB in September, if so, what dates will you be there?. Karen and i hope you have a good week.
  16. Wish her well from Karen and me too Paul. Cheers mate.
  17. I forgot to say, what you have is a canoe, i was always told, the single seat covered in with a double ended paddle is actually a KAYAK, and not just the one with turned up extremeties that the Eskimo`s use.
  18. It will look like you`re being chased by a shark . Seriously though, when i worked in Toronto, me and 5 other of the guys took off on one of the only two weekends where we did`nt work on a Sunday, to a National Park called "Algonquin Park", i still have the T shirt. We hired 3 canoes, and paddled a round route of 25 miles, while dodging bears and gnu`s, and taking in various portaging stretches. It was amazing canoeing a mixture of broad lakes, narrow rivers, and all amongst spectacular scenery. I`d love to hire one on the Broads, and canoe the North Walsham and Dilham canal (no broads toll required) as well as the upper Waveney and Bure Navigations, again where i believe BA tolls are not applicable. Unfortunately, Karen will have none of it (she also flatly refuses to try sailing), as she fears tipping over and ending up soaked. Enjoy it Alan, it`s amazing fun, as you have already found out, i only wish i could do the same.
  19. Not too far, was forced to visit whilst I was there the other week, but the bill on that occasion was not to painful. Thanks Jay. We’ll look forward to meeting up with you at some point. Being guided to a bar for a chat would be most agreeable. It is our intention to be there every other weekend, so an opportunity should present itself quite soon. I’m sure that you’ll achieve your dream one day, you’ll join the severely damaged wallet full owners club and enjoy it as much as we are. As for convincing you to buy a boat, I’m sure that would be easy and no high pressure sales techniques would be necessary😉.
  20. Hi all, As having the main reason for boating being not being able to swim it took a bit of courage to jump into a Canadian canoe for the first time in Salhouse broad the other weekend but I've been getting ichy feet lately after seeing them seemingly gaining popularity on the broads over the last few years (and kinda caring less about falling in).. but honestly that hours canoe trip on the broad was the most fun I've had on the broads for some time! So much so I spent my Christmas and birthday money on our own 16footer from canada (well grabbed via ebay from Thetford actually). Naturally we've been on the broads for sometime but in all honesty I think we've become bored of it, it's kinda not fun to be on the Rivers certainly when it's warm like it is, so hopefully "Bruce" is going to help regain the love and allow us to hide away even more! We've had Bruce for some time now and I've been learning here in the Marina at home (certainly helps being able to have alongside and go for a paddle after work), we also spent last weekend on the Great Stour here in Kent, which was truly amazing a very pretty River indeed (clear waters and very narrow with only really fellow canoeist), but yup the plan is to bring him up to norfolk this weekend and hopefully head up the North Walsham Canal as far as there's water, I'm really looking forward it and will post pictures on Orca's blog on facebook (Maybe here if anyones interested?). I'm also thinking of a few trips down to Bungay and up past wroxham, hickling and even the fens. Thankfully too there's toll to pay on the broads thanks to British canoeing! Oh pic of Bruce below ;) Naturally following the Jaws theme and finally showing them teeth (It's going to look pretty funny towing behind Orca I think!!)
  21. Hi Paul, I am staying on the southern rivers and I am training a new owner on Thursday. and I have a couple of jobs to do on the boat. Regards Alan
  22. Living on the edge of Northumberland National Park. The initials NP stand for NOW PAY paul
  23. The Garden City is in reference to open space the catch is that it largely comprises peoples back gardens as well as parkland, another example of smoke and mirrors. Fred
  24. Thank you Alan I was reluctant to say anything about eyes. Will you get to the proper quiet side or stay up on the Blackpool side? paul
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