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  2. Looking for a small non working boat sized fridge. Preferably cosmetically good inside and out in Norfolk /Suffolk areas. Thanks in advance.
  3. Sorry? Wooden boat not lifted for 11 years? RUN!!!
  4. It is clear on my website and I also tell customers verbally when talking to them before I go that there will be a charge to diagnose the situation and this charge will be deducted from the final invoice should they instruct me to continue. Double check that it isn't mentioned somewhere.
  5. Very much up my street this one, love the interior decor and style but alas it would take a substantial lotto win for me to be able to take her on. She was for sale a while back as I seem to recall?
  6. If he has not made it clear there would be a charge for providing a quote from the outset I think its the Engineer at fault here regardless of anything else.
  7. Today
  8. Can I ask would you know how long it took him to reach you and how long in total including talking to you was he on site for? Lastly is there any mention of deducting the cost should you go ahead with the work?
  9. My insurance is also due for renewal, have been with my current broker for several years but have just recieved a renewal quote £135 dearer than last year. Needless to say i wont be using them this year. Just spoke to Alan Boswell in Norwich, got a reasonable quote from them so will go there.
  10. We had 8-4 under Vauxhall bridge an hour after low a couple of weeks ago.
  11. I wasn't clear, he came and gave me a quote and charged me for the quote without mentioning he was going to beforehand
  12. thats the easy bit, its stopping them sinking that is the trick.
  13. if I had lots of money (and time) i might consider it.
  14. Quote:- "We will refuse to hand over the boat if the "unreasonable" behaviour of anyone in your party is likely to cause offence to other guests, to members of staff or to neighbours. " If that is thier stance, it is very chicken and egg. I can't work out how they are going to 'police' this. Clive.
  15. Lovely boat sadly not for me.If I had lots of time and skills may consider it.
  16. Guerilla Warfare!!!! I approve heartily 🍻👍
  17. I agree wholeheartedly, but rather than make a vocal stand sometimes a more undercover approach appeals to my sense of justice,I work as a picture restorer, usually on expensive works of art for respected galleries and individual clients, I have all my life been opposed to blood sports, but if a customer bought me a damaged fox hunting picture in for restoration, I wouldn't turn them away with a lecture on why I didn't want to do the job, I would be civil complete the project, charge them a little extra and give it to the league against cruel sports. There is always more than one way to skin a cat (god forbid) .
  18. Thursday 11th July I awoke again about 6.30pm and as usual my routine was kettle on, make tea and slide back the roof. Again the weather wasn’t bad, a bit cloudy but the sun was doing its best to shine through, but not cold As with previous days I drank about half of mine before one of the ladies in my life was demanding my attention. No, not Mandy, she was quite happy where she was and had no intent of moving just yet! Yup it was Lottie, that little silent bark of hers was informing me it was time to do what dogs that have been shut in for 8 hours or so must do! So lead on and out we go Ludham Bridge isn’t my favourite mooring, but it is excellent for anyone with a dog because you can walk for miles either along the river or across the fields. ‘We’ chose the river walk. Breydon slack was at 12.53pm, the chart I use told me it was going to take 3hrs 40mins, so I decided we should be leaving at about 9.15am, providing my math was right. Actually Maths rather than English was always my stronger subject at school, as you can probably tell by my wittering on here! ;-) It was about 6.50am when me and Lottie set off, we had 2.5hrs before we needed to leave Reedham so we decided to take a fairly long walk along the bank. We returned to the boat after about an hour and again as usual it was kettle on, tea made and delivered to Mandy, I enquired when she might be getting up? Not yet it would appear! It was only about 8am, so no real hurry, she was going to read for a bit, so I sat at the helm listening to the radio and caught up with a few emails and my football clubs online forum. Nothing had changed there, quite a few in meltdown because we hadn’t signed either Messi or Ronaldo or both! Mandy got up at about 8.30am and asked if I fancied a full English, after my exercise this morning I felt I deserved it. We had breakfast another cuppa it was now after 9.00am, so we decided to head off and take a leisurely cruise to Yarmouth As I’ve said previously in this tale I’m a little paranoid with bridge heights, so having assessed the weather I took the screens down. Yes I know with Dawn, I wouldn’t have a problem, just makes me feel better, plus it’s a nicer view. The weather had sort of got better and worse, if that’s possible? Let me explain, it had got better because there was far more blue sky on show, however it had got worse because the clouds that were there had got a lot darker, with a few threatening black bits! It was a strange cruise, it was very quiet, a couple of private boats overtook us but nothing came the other way, I know they would have been punching the tide, but that hasn’t stopped boats before. As we passed both The Bridge Inn at Acle and The Ferry at Stokesby, I was surprised there wasn’t a single boat moored at either of them, I’ve never seen so much space to moor! It soon became clear that we were going to get to Yarmouth too early, we decided rather than having to fight the tide on Breydon to we’d moor up at Stracey Arms for a cuppa and walk Lottie to correct our arrival time at Yarmouth. This was a decision that cost us lunch (not that I needed it) and caused Mandy to get angry (not something that happens much) We turned the boat round and came in against the fast moving tide and moored quite easily. A Herbert Woods boat came in shortly after us with the tide and made a right ‘cods’ of it Well, they finished up moored into the tide, however not for the first time with week we had one member of the crew (husband) on the bank with bow rope and another crew member (wife) at the helm desperately trying to get the stern to go in! After smashing against the quay heading several times like a bucking horse, the tide eventually swung them 180 degrees to face the other way, they then tied up safely not facing in the direction they intended plus a fair few scratches to the bow Mandy made the tea, I took Lottie for a walk along the river path, it was only about a 20min stop, tea, walk and a bit of impromptu entertainment. We left at 11.20am, which by my calculations would be perfect for slack, however if we had got there earlier or later we were going through, I have no desire to visit Yarmouth! I have to say the cruise to Yarmouth isn’t the prettiest, unless you are into reeds and marker posts! Timing was now spot on and we passed under the first low bridge showing 9ft 3ins bang on time, the only thing of note I remember was receiving a text from my son Nick that we had the Aussies 14 for 3 in the World Cup Cricket semi, wow, I thought I had forgotten it was on. I decided not to jinx it by listening to it on the radio, but kept a watch on the score via my phone! The journey was good, we made decent time, the weather was dry and reasonably warm, although I did put a fleece on for a while as the cool wind whipped around us. The sky did look a little threatening, we were worried we might catch a shower, but our luck held out, all was good We had a loose plan (I like a plan) stop for a late lunch at The Bell St Olaves, then up the New Cut and moor for the night at Reedham. If we couldn’t get into Reedham we’d go to Loddon and moor at Pyles Mill or the basin (unlikely) and if that failed at Pacific’s yard as we had to have the boat back by 9am the next day! For some reason Mandy became very camera happy over Breydon/Yarmouth (as you can see below) these were the only photos she took on our broads holiday! Anyway, plenty of room under the bridges, turn past the yellow post and across Breydon. We had a bit of company on Breydon, but it wasn’t too bad, as we neared the end I suggested to Mandy that if there was any room outside The Fisherman’s Inn (and I was happy with the moorings) shall we stop there as we hadn’t been there before. She agreed that it would be nice to stop somewhere different At about 1.45pm we cruised past the Fishermans, and yes only one boat there so enough room to get in easily. I had read on here that the mooring were a bit ‘harsh’ so as I turned and came in against the tide I had a good look at them, the last thing I needed was to damage the boat, but they looked ok, so in we went moored up. I checked the fenders were at the right height to protect the boat. As we could see the boat from the pub garden, we left the roof and screens down The weather was quite sunny now, a bit breezy due to it being very open but quite pleasant as we chose a table in the garden looking towards the river As I stood at the bar waiting to be served, I noticed a sign ‘food served between 12 and 2pm’ I glanced at my watch, 1.58pm, a chap next to me paid for his drinks, the barmaid turned to me, I ordered our drinks and immediately said ‘we ok for food’ it was now 1.59pm ‘No, kitchen is closed’ I pointed to my watch and said ‘it’s close but not 2pm yet’ ‘Yes but by the time I take your order they will be closed’ she replied ‘Not even a sandwich’ I asked? The answer was a very apologetic No! Now I understand ‘rules is rules’ but we only wanted a sandwich, and they had two bar staff serving about 7 people, technically it was before 2pm and would have hurt one of them leaving the bar to make a sandwich or two? To be honest I wasn’t that bothered as I wasn’t desperately hungry, so I asked for a couple of packets of crisps and returned to Mandy outside threw her the crisps and said ‘that’s your lunch’ and explained the 2pm closure and the fact I was ordering at 1.59pm I thought it was quite funny, but Mandy’s fuse had been lit and the firework display was about to start! She was not happy, not like her really, but I do see her point, they are a new business trying to do well and get ‘punters’ through the door, two new customers enter the pub and even before their deadline they stop food orders! However, despite the moan, I liked it there, the beer was good as was the view and had we not stopped at Stracey Arms and fought the tide over Breydon, I might be saying the food was good as well Mandy didn’t want a second drink, so she went back to the boat taking Lottie with her to ‘prepare lunch’ I stayed and had another beer (surprise) I got talking to people sitting on the next table, who were new to the broads, about the broads, broad boat hire and other stuff, there was a couple from Essex and another couple from Suffolk. The weird bit was all us fellas were called Tim, three Tims on one table what joy! I don’t know what a collection of Tims is…….probably trouble! Mandy gave me a wave from the boat is indicate food was ready, so I said my goodbyes and returned to the boat, toasted cheese and onion sandwich, very nice and a beer! We left the mooring around 3.00pm and headed back towards Breydon and up the Yare towards Reedham. The moorings at The Fishermans were ok, I’m not sure I’d be happy doing an overnighter as the quay heading was unforgiving, and rising and falling against it would concern me England were now well on top in the cricket and truly giving the Aussies a spanking, which is always nice (rivalry thing) so instead of the usual cruising music I had 5 live extra booming from my phone through a Bluetooth speaker! We reached Reedham sometime before 5.00pm and was pleased to see a couple of moorings available, so I went past Reedham turned into the tide and slowly pulled into a space outside The Lord Nelson with the warden in attendance. He asked if we were staying the night, which I told him we were, he then tied the boat for the night, which I was more than happy to let me do He offered me the water hose, but we still had a quarter of a tank, with boat being returned the next day we didn’t bother, plus I was rather enjoying listening to the cricket Mandy suggested we went for a drink in The Lord Nelson, you should have seen the look on her face when I told her I was happy just sitting on the boat! 33 years married and that was a first! I enjoyed a couple of beers while the game progressed and toasted the success with a glass of red wine! Now it was time to get a drink in the Nelson’s garden, the weather now was really lovely the best of the day, we decided to have our last dinner of the holiday at The Ship, but first we took Lottie for a little walk We got back to the boat about 9ish, Mandy made a cup of tea for herself whilst I took Lottie for a quick walk. When back at the boat I sat at the helm, with the roof down with a glass of wine or two or…….and reflected what a wonderful two weeks we’d had in both The Lakes and The Broads! To be continued
  19. I was saying that was my position, hopefully not inferring that was what hoseasons were trying to implement.
  20. Yes! But it's never too late to help stop others from suffering injustice, not just at school but for their whole lives for something that is just as natural as being left handed
  21. Where would you estimate airdraft guys, 7ft ?
  22. Forgot to mention, Im left handed and did get persecuted at junior school for it, is it to late to make a claim against my school and dead headmaster for distress ?
  23. Well that's me proved well and truly wrong then...... How about going for something smaller that can still do the salty stuff and get under the bridges when needed for the best of both worlds, my 30DS with twin 150hp's does pretty well and still gets under most of the bridges (except PH,wroxham,wayford, beccles old) which leaves plenty of inland cruising for when the weather is bad but will cruise at a comfy 16knots when the wind is kind, southwold is only 1.25 hours from yarmouth mouth, and 4.5 hours will get you from southwold to ramsgate, 3.5 hours to wells. Salty sea dog and ditch crawling all in one package.
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