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  3. jeffbroadslover

    Web Cam

    Just been having a look at the HW webcam.........it looks a bit like an extension to Porter & Haylett's yard Jeff
  4. Bit faded this one: Hipperson's John E, Sept 81.
  5. Guess where we are moored it says taxis only
  6. I suppose if the ponds feeding the canal is no longer an option, what with 2000 homes planned for the west side of Walsham, a new lake to handle surface water drainage somewhere in the vicinity of little London could feed the locks maybe. What a dream it would be for pleasure wherries to operate again, but at least potential reality to open up as far as East Ruston Staithe for broads boats. I guess there could be legal stuff to sort out but 8 miles of canoe trail in itself could paddle the way for regeneration. The model yachting looks fun and I think the pleasure trip boat is doing well. Look forward to seeing the continued progress, at this rate it’ll be fully navigable by the 200th anniversary!
  7. Warp (David) and Jessica are talking part in the 260 m RORC Myth of Malham Race from Cowes to the Eddystone and back. This is a qualifier for the Fastnet so I hope all goes well. Marine Traffic is showing them in Cowes at present, they start in the morning I believe. Flying Fish sports a logo by our very own Timbo.
  8. Sorry to be a blight on all the nay sayers concerning canal restorations however, when hundreds of volunteers started to clear the Rochdale canal all the bridges over it and there were many were at 2 or three feet height as the decision had been taken that it was to be allowed to go derelict. Some sections were in private hands. Some were full of cars and shopping trolleys. BUT At the end of the day where there is a will there is a way and now it is navigable again. To quote a famous film. Hey quit with the negative waves man...... Nothing is impossible don’t be negative there’s no need. M
  9. I wasn't so much concerned with turning 'B.A' around or not, warping or not. My question was water depth bearing in mind the levels would need to be lower than normal to get through that bridge in the first place 6ft 5" or more and I can take her through all day long Griff
  10. If there is physically room for a boat to turn. That is the turning area is not shorter than the boat, "Warp" her round for heavens sake. You can do it single handed just don't give too much slack at the bow or stern in one go.
  11. A couple of years ago we were coming back along Catfield Dyke in a day boat and a Connoisseur 40 or 45 was headed down. Managed to squeeze past but don't know if they got to the end. They got out again as they turned up at the Pleasure Boat an hour or so later.
  12. TOPICS FOR TONIGHT lyrics tv feeling fruity break quotes famous nicknames mayhem hope to see you at 8.30 http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat no password needed
  13. when I had 2 foot showing on the depth gauge the river was very low (about 6 foot 8 at Potter bridge the next morning) but I guess that you would need it low to get BA through Potter. (the yellow line on the map below is 40 foot)
  14. Griff, I reckon a man with your skills could turn BA up there, as long as nobody has moored right opposite the dyke opposite, I managed to turn 34 foot of boat there, and there was a bit of spare, at worst you could set someone ashore with a head rope and power the stern around, turning a jewel there would probably be a no.
  15. vanessan


    Returning to the north after two weeks south Cap’n. Off home Sunday to do some washing then back in a few days to start all over again. It’s a hard life!
  16. vanessan


    I think these two are a breeding pair, their bills were black with yellow bases, I understand that to be indicative.
  17. Well the answer for us there then is not to bother turning but to come back out going astern. What could possibly go wrong? Griff
  18. Griff You would get up Catfield, its the problem of turning once you get to the end, we have been up there loads of times but turning around always seems to present a different challenge. Your boat is longer than ours but if you had a few people fending off you should be ok. Feels very wild and remote on the way up.
  19. So, Catfield Dyke would be a tad difficult on 'B.A' then? She draws 2ft 6" but her skeg design means the prop / rudder is well protected Griff
  20. Judith 5 is two foot or under draft, well I say that because catfield dyke was showing 2 foot, and I got both ways along it all the way to the staithe, though I will admit that after I had turned I had churned up a fair bit of mud in the water.
  21. Ah but, is there any lead in his pencil
  22. Maybe one day. I was told Lightning is less then two foot draught by one of Brooms engineers.
  23. it was a pencil, and you can bet the lead has broken.
  24. Dont know but bet you will be a long time looking for it.!!!
  25. Jayfire


    Which way were you crossing Mrs V? Will you be afloat this weekend too?
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