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  1. Yesterday
  2. So it does, they all look pretty smart don't they? Excuse my ignorance but I don't know about Daytona Bill?
  3. Hi Ray, If you click on your link, click on the gallery and the three that we`ve mentioned are there. Yours, Kingfisher, and Goodall Gal. If you look at the top centre and top right pictures of Kingfisher, look down in the bottom corner of each picture, and it copyrights them to "Daytona-Bill".
  4. Yes, she was Swan Regent. This is her page on Boats of the Broads with a current photo. http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=3384&BoatHistory=66690
  5. Life really is rubbish sometimes. It certainly makes you value how precious life is and not to take anything for granted.
  6. I seem to remember your boat being called either Swan Regent, or Swan Regina, though not 100%. We hired Maffett Cruisers "Kingfisher" many times, and she was built by Bounty Boats, and was originally called Bounty Brigand. There were two of them, and the other is now called "Goodall Gal" which i pm`d you about. I believe Bounty boats built them all, but the Swancraft boats looked like they had very slightly different windows.
  7. Something we would love to do, but at the moment definitely is just a pipe dream. I wish you all the best on your new journey!
  8. Thank you, your knowledge built up on years of experience is invaluable! In my boat's case although I believe it was once in the hire fleet the topsides were substantially rebuilt and upgraded some years ago... Swancraft in 1971 according to Boats of the Broads, whether the changes to her since then have made much difference to "that" bridge I'd love to know!
  9. Its a true statement! I retired at the end of January 2018 after 43 years working in IT (first as part of the High-Energy Physics research group at Manchester university, then witha German software house & the final 19 years & 9 months for a global IT manufacturer. Now my wife complains that I spend even more time sat at my desk working with the PC (that what one gets from being involved with a sport at local, national & international level on a voluntary basis - same amount of work - just no pay). It wasn't exactly planned that way. I have a whole list of things I wanted to do around the house before I get too decrepit to do things. Am not making much progress.
  10. Well finally got icebreaker on sale with boatshed we can hopefully get on with Elusive now that she is in the shed, Only 8wks behind schedule and requiring 180ft of new timbe. More pics to follow next week I hope. Paul Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  11. Use a separate ruler to measure the 10cm ruler printed on the dinghy. The ruler on the dinghy should not exceed 10cm. Get to 12cm & it might go 'POP'!!
  12. Mick and I retired end of 2017 At 59 spent 4 months in Cornwall 3 months refurbished house for sale and are now days away from moving to padstow permanently loving life back on broads September will always continue until we feel it’s too much
  13. Oulton Broad has a really excellent, council owned, free slipway right next to a large (charged) public carpark where trailers are welcome.
  14. Plenty of marina space on Lake Lothing. Moor there then the 'boys' can blast away down to Southwold. Build at Cobham then they can blast away down to Lowestoft, errr, perhaps not! Good facilities for the 'toys' at Lowestoft but perhaps it's more of a go from place rather than a go to one.
  15. Wroxham Broad is a good site car parking and slipway next to each other and a large expanse of water to play on.
  16. This is very interesting. Does the ex pilot know the airdraft for the Aquafibre 28 Opal? It would great to go through that bridge.
  17. Wonderful to have achieved your dream. I look forward to reading many happy holiday tales from you. Serious blogging starts here!
  18. Great write up and lovely photos. It’s a sure sign of what a great time you’ve had when you book the same boat over again.
  19. Hi Ray If you have measured the actual air draft on your DC30, the information will help neither you, nor the pilots at Potter bridge. For reasons I stated earlier, DC30s probably have a greater range of required air drafts for Potter Bridge than any other class of cruiser. Even with the remote controlled spotlight, provided it is mounted centrally on the roof, it won't be the spotlight that gets damaged. It will be either, or both, corners of your DC30s forward roof apron. The first question you will . be asked by the current pilots will be, was your boat ever in the hire fleet? If it was, they will have a record of the air draft required for Potter Bridge - to the nearest half inch! During my ten years' piloting at that bridge, I recorded every hire boat's required height and every private boat air draft that I had personally helmed through that bridge. I would expect that record still to exist because I left it in the office.
  20. I recently measured the air draught on our DC30, I spent some time trying to be accurate and double checking figures. The previous owner installed a rather nice remote controlled spotlight which has added a few inches. I made her 6' 8.5" at the highest point. I decided that means I would only attempt Wroxham at 7' and Potter at 7'3” although in all honesty I probably wouldn't attempt Potter at all as there are expert pilots there at what I think is a very reasonable charge.
  21. Some great shots there David, and they really do show just how much water there is in Wroxham, a lot more than what you think?.
  22. Don't worry that a a dodgy hip will curtail your agility on your new boat I had a new one fitted last year and it's brilliant no problems using the boat at all unlike last year before it was replaced using the boat was really hard .Congrats on your new purchase you'll soon begin to wonder what you did with your life before you had it and your money!!!) Carole
  23. I was thinking of the DC30, but did`nt think you would want fwd dv. We hired Maffett Cruisers Mandarin, An aft engined DC30, back in 89, and went under that bridge with quite a safety margin. She was rated on the console at 6`5", yet like all hireboats, the quoted clearance was more than what it actually was due to the safety margin. Probably around the 6`2", possibly less, but she did have a lot of ballast in the bow, which kept the fwd end low. As for the DC30 itself, i love them, one of my all time favourite boats on the Broads. Plenty of space for 2, and with an aft engine and the roof back, lovely quiet cruising. Also, great for fishing with both fwd and aft cockpits. If Karen and i were to buy a boat of our own, the DC30 would be top of the list if Potter Bridge was at the forefront of the list of requirements. The trouble is, they`re getting old now, and getting an immaculate one, with everything running properly etc could be difficult to find.
  24. I've got into the habit of resizing my pictures to about a 20% of their original size as I had problems posting piccies a few years back due to their large file size.
  25. Yes, Barnes really have a lot of property in Wroxham now. Apart from their boatyard, the old Royalls boatyard and the new properties on the other side of the river, they own these holiday lodges. That's quite a balanced portfolio of businesses.
  26. Of course we are all celebrating this a day early because the story is American. Armstrong actually set foot on the moon at 10:56 EST American time. To all of us it was 03:56 BST on a Monday morning. I remember crawling into work that morning after being up until about 05:45, all of us at work looked like death warmed up as all had stayed up to watch it.
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