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  1. Yesterday
  2. We partook on Bank Holiday Monday and it was lovely. Pint in a milk carton Went down well :-) Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  3. I have learnt that we consume a lot more milk with all four of us at home. It must be 20odd pints a week! Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  4. Rollin' rollin' rollin keep those dawgies rollin'! The boys had a very quick walk this morning. The playing fields and woods had been taken over by travellers for the last four days, but this morning they were gone! What remained was all of the detritus and foetid areas in the woods where they had dumped the contents of their chemical toilets. The 'blue footed beagle' is not something I wanted in the house! So the boys were on their leads and chivvied around the walk until the council have time to conduct one of their napalm operations to clean the disgusting mess! Monday was shopping day, so there was not much of an opportunity for a firkle. To complicate matters further, Lincolnshire County Council had decided to conduct roadworks on every single road in and out of town. It took us an hour and fifteen minutes to get to Lincoln. I was not a happy bunny, particularly as every single workman at every single site was sat in the cab of their lorry reading the paper. Sitting in the cab was what I was doing while Ellie was doing the shopping. However, I was not reading the paper. I was redesigning the rolling stock. By the time I had finished with the design process I must have reinvented the wheel several times and thought of every overly complicated solution that there was. Eventually I hit on a simple solution and so I could get on with some firkling today. Ellie wanted to visit Wilko's for yet more gubbins to keep the grandkids occupied over the next few days and I was happy to tag along. I need to stock up on nuts and bolts. Ben Gunn's security and various jigs in the workshop had seriously depleted my stock. So it wasn't until the afternoon that I could get down to a good firkle and make a start on the rolling stock. First things first, I dipped into my cache of 'good wood'. I selected a length of spalted beech and to save as much of the precious timber as I could, I just used a metre of it and the resawed that metre to give me two planks. The figure was quite spectacular. Some might say, too good for a toy train, but if you don't have things made from quality timber how will you grow up to appreciate the wood? I laid out the components so that the figure would wrap around each wagon and carriage I was making. With the walnut I using it gave everything a coffee and cream feel! I then cut everything to size on the table saw and bundled each set of parts together ready to make the joints. I was going to make box joints again. Lots of glueing surface and it's a joint I can make quickly and precisely. I got the joints cut on the two wagons, but time began to run out on me. We have the grandkids for the next two days and on Friday Ellie has organised to cut Ben Gunn's hedges. So I quickly cut and glued up some pine stock to make the chassis for the rolling stock. Good job I have plenty of clamps! I will try and fit in a firkle in the evenings if I can, otherwise I'm going to be doing chores and playing games for the next three days!
  5. Feel free to disagree with me, I think it means everything and I have never been let down or disappointed by a well presented company, first impressions count.
  6. Its a matter of pride in appearance, a well presented work van says a lot about the standards you can expect. Correct, turning up outside a potential clients house in a battered rusty / dirty van sets the wrong impression even before you have measured up for an estimate. I must be doing something right as future bookings are a high as they have ever been The wheels / tyres 'Upgrades' I've been doing are a money saver long term and a safety issue too as are the LED upgrades both internally and externally. There maybe a small amount of non essential cosmetic 'Firklin' down the road but I have no intention of 'Pimping my wagon'. I wasn't aware there was an age limit on taking pride in one's workhorse, nor do I know what the term 'Gary Boys' means and not sure I want to either Griff
  7. Well,that wouldn't be hard I am booked for a week end of June , it ain't happening though , is it?
  8. I disagree with you on this, it means nothing.
  9. Since this lockdown I feel that some have had a paid holiday, for me the work hasn't stopped coming in which I can't complain. But at my age, a government subsidised holiday would be nice!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Well I do hope that all the Broads pubs make it through these bad times because for me, they contribute considerably to a Broads boating holiday.
  11. Its a matter of pride in appearance, a well presented work van says a lot about the standards you can expect.
  12. Hopefully I can appreciate it one day. Having a boat to go out and about at your leisure is one thing, posting on a Broads forum can get in the way!
  13. and PS. yes we are open for takeaway food and drink selling fresh beer when people are struggling to get hold of any! But we are doing so withing the government regulations and in conjunction with advice from local council.
  14. I don't understand how Le Boat can estimate 12th June for the Thames. As I understand the UK rules at the moment don't permit non-essential stays overnight anywhere away from home. I'm with you on this one, I don't understand it either. Perhaps Le Boat know something we and our government don't? Griff
  15. Nope, he still has it and is afloat every day, has taken 'Indy' out for a couple of day trips since it was allowed and has visited 'B.A' to check on her since travelling was allowed Griff
  16. I hope so, because he hasn't logged on since the early part of January, so I am thinking he has lost the Broads bug!
  17. I don't understand how Le Boat can estimate 12th June for the Thames. As I understand the UK rules at the moment don't permit non-essential stays overnight anywhere away from home.
  18. Even Gary boys exist in Yorkshire at your age! It does make me laugh when I see tradesman go around in vans that look like they come out of the A Team era
  19. hi all! been away trying to salvage some sort of business from this covid -19 **** show! greenhouse will have safety glass and probably a lining also. custom made benches and they are over sized to create a spacious feel. Nothing is perfectly safe but should be good. Already had a raft of people try to book them and they aren't even here yet! here is hoping we all make it through this and can have a great summer next season! until then we are doing food and drink takeaway stay safe all and feel free to message me with any queries cheers rick
  20. thanks mouldy, certainly is a bit dire at the mo but we are trying!
  21. cheers howard, i loved my 5 minutes of fame apart from the fact every government office phoned me the next day it seems to tell me what i can and cannot do ....fun!
  22. I'm not really certain who Piers Morgan is apart from some sort of celebrity TV personality.
  23. Here we go again. This Sunday coming our local clay shooting ground is to be open (Members only). Finger crossed nowt stops it this time round. First time since March. I was gonna really spoil mysen and go on the Mighty Tiger, therefore gettin in two hobbies in one go. Unfortunately the wx forecast for Sunday is not so good. It'll be Trevor Transit then. Bring it on Can't wait, I normally have four rounds - Sporting, Double Rise, DTL and *****. Might have to double up, that'll be 250 cartridges expended then Griff
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