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  2. Not on here, anyway. You've only got to look at the news to see that motions have been passed at Westminster, not that it is newsworthy particularly, given what most politicians speak!!
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  4. Due to the recent purchase of our own boat, we have decided to sell our full 8% share (4 weeks) in Moonlight Shadow. We have, however, bought a 4% share in the same boat from another forum member to enable us to still have family holidays on The Broads with our son and his family. We have yet to use any of our four week allocation for this current year, so the buyer will be able to gain the full benefit of the available weeks this syndicate year (May to April). As many of you are aware, we bought our share at a bargain price last summer and as a result, I am not looking for a profit, but just enough to recoup the costs and the transfer costs that will be dictated by BCBM. Please PM me for more details.
  5. Thanks for that tip. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. Not sure I want to read a thread concerning bowel movements in a 3 week period myself!
  7. I love fish, I must eat fish 4 or 5 times a week. If you want to give your fish pie a bit of a luxury lift, say for a dinner party I use Monkfish, Scallops, large prawns, and Salmon. Leave out the smoked fish as it would overpower the other fish. A very good standby for a pie and fish in general is this loyd Grossman sauce.
  8. Not called Wandering Rose for nothing then!😄
  9. I sailed along there, close to the bank (opposite side to the pub) during 3RR no problem, the Yeoman behind me came to a sudden halt with a big bang, as he hit the old ferry crossing. A Yeoman draws about 3ft, I was in a Lysander drawing 18 inches.. Yes I've spent many an hour there waiting for tide and wind in the 3RR...
  10. The NDR is closed between Spixworth and Horsham st Faith, due to concerns about a woman's safety on a bridge. I assume that's the Buxton road going over the NDR. I also assume that she's Threatening Suicide..
  11. Sorry we missed you John. Have a safe trip. We will kick our heels heŕe until check-in. Cheers Chris
  12. Actually I think there were quite a few saily's on the 3RR weekend that would also confirm that as well Seem to remember Wandering Rose spending a lot of time surveying that bend.
  13. Hi Tim I really enjoyed your tale Hope the ankle recovers soon. Looking forward to the next instalment. Carole
  14. I seem to remember reading somewhere that dredging to remove mud is fine, if not problematic at times in terms of finding disposal sites, but that removing the harder bottom such as the shoals at Irstead and possibly at Stokesby requires a special license? I have noticed that the boat seems to be carried sideways at low speeds on some of the lower bends on The Bure, something that used to happen a lot about 10 years and more ago, but not so much recently, which would suggest the current flows have increased on the Lower Bure.
  15. I have noticed that there is still the same old tidal race over the gravel at Stokesby where the cattle swim used to be. That is a defitinite constriction of the flow!
  16. At Bridgestone in Potter, they do an excellent fish pie. Karen and I took Liz from Ramblers up there for Lunch one day last November when we were aboard Lightning. Really yummy too.
  17. Well Nyx and I did our best to enlarge the opening!
  18. I am quite partial to fish in all guises, however Tony hates it - big time! When we eat out I invariably have fish because he makes my life such a misery if I attempt to cook fish at home, He's almost paranoid about the smell of fish,. He actually quite likes my fish pie, which I hasten to add is never made with any of the 2nd rate stuff described by Jenny Martin, however even though he quite likes it I am not allowed to make it as he can't stand the smell! I don't dislike the smell of fresh fish as long as it is fresh that is. Carole
  19. I agree after making a fish pie , the aroma does linger somewhat. Such a shame Peter does not enjoy a properly made fresh fish pie , it is delicious, thank you for the recipe.
  20. A good friend of mine came down here to Dorset a few weeks back. We went to Poole bike night and walked along the Quay. When we got to what is known as "fisherman's Quay" he was heaving in a big way. We soon walked far away.
  21. well it does seem that more people have been getting under that bridge this year so far
  22. With all this modern technology, we are rapidly getting to the time where you WON'T be able to do ANYTHING WITHOUT a mobile computer (used to be called phones). You're under control and you don't even know it. What's more, many people will flatly refuse to accept they are, sad indeed when we live in a world in which technogy is king, and overrides humanity. But let's not get into that, that's for elsewhere.
  23. No problem Chris I will be leaving Norwich at 11am just me myself and I if you want a lift John
  24. Join the club, lot's of wisdom therein!
  25. Yeah, I am a right synic at heart. And a luddite too.
  26. This is a great thread, but I suppose All threads about boat restorations will be interesting to me, it's a passion I've loved for more years than I'd like to admit. When I'm back to fitness, hopefully next week, I'll set up the laptop and try to find all the vlogs and watch them one after the other. If looking for Trackmark, why not Google "plastic deck coverings", you may find something very similar, or a better alternative. Floyd, will you be around on the weekend of the 14th or 21st September?, we'll be in Brundall then, so would like to pop round and have a look?.
  27. I don't know why but the very thought of fish pie makes me heave, just as does the thought of curried fish! Unadorned fried or baked, in other words not messed around with, prime fresh fish just can't be bettered, in my opinion. As a kid I used to help an uncle out for pocket money on Lowestoft fish market. Prime fish went to fish restaurants and fish mongers, what was known as broken fish, still fresh but not so presentable, went to the fish & chip shops where it was covered in batter, even more broken, less than prime, and perhaps getting on a bit went into fish cakes, fish pies and the like whilst the left overs either went into fish paste, nearby co-op food factory, or the glue wagon (offal). Funny how childhood memories linger!
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