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  2. grendel

    On The Broads

    Final awakening on the boat, this was the view that greeted me as I opened the curtain.
  3. Yesterday
  4. We woz at it yet again last Friday, had to change a couple of team members of 'Griff's Growlers' hence we scored much lower this time but still had a great day out. This time at Lambton Castle. Another team competition clay shoot. 7 x stands, 700 targets. I used 400 cartridges this time. Stopped off at the Ryther Arms for a team dinner on the way home, another 16 x hour day out. That's them done with for this year. A full year looking forward to them and they are over in a flash it seems. Oh well, back to my local small shooting ground come this Sunday as per the norm Griff
  5. The scroat's that did it need stringing Agreed, but only after a public birching, that after a day in the village stocks Griff
  6. More pics to follow There better had be - It's the Law Griff
  7. So many famous people are model railway enthusiasts who would have thought it. Well done to Sir Rod Stewart for his generous donation and lets hope he can talk Jools Holland and Rodger Daltry to help out as well. The scroat's that did it need stringing
  8. Simon & Sonia + Dylan the dog & Red the pup. Now I'm even more miffed we wasn't there Griff
  9. Is it ok to ask the hire company for an additional mud weight.? It most certainly is and we do every time Griff
  10. A big thank you to the organizers of the Spring Meet. It was really great to renew some friendships and forge some new ones. We really enjoyed it and HI to all those we spent time with
  11. There are really only two places to mudweight down "sarf "- Surlingham, (or more correctly) Bargate and Oulton. ( Yes Vaughan I know you are partial to Rockland but thats for the brave! ) Bargate is very sheltered generally and like all Broads, you ascertain which way the wind is blowing and gently nose up towards where the wind is coming from - this will automatically give you some shelter as you approach the trees/reeds and lower the weight. Some people throw it in, but I prefer to lower it - saves problems if its round your foot!! I never leave the second weight down at night so as to let the boat always point into the breeze - if there is one. Leaving the weight at the back down, is inviting the wind to test your boats windage as its bound to move around over a 10/12 hour period. Oulton Broad? Generally off the end of Mr Wallers garden suits me nicely, unless he has a bonfire going - thats in North Bay which is the first bay on the left as you go in!! However these answers about the sarf are all a bit academic really as you are only going for 4 nights and you would be hard pushed to get much south of Acle as you are supposed to be on holiday!!!!!!
  12. For a kickoff bilge keels are these:
  13. grendel

    On The Broads

    Today was a busy day, 7am start, down to wroxham, through the bridge and on to potter, through that at just a shade under 6 foot, then on to candle dyke. After changing to Pauline's boat we then sailed to west somerton, brewed a cuppa, then sailed up to the pleasure boat where we had our evening meal. (I had a most excellent suet pastry steak and kidney pud.) Then it was a sail back to where I had left Judith 5 on candle dyke, just around the corner from martham boatyard, ready to hand back in the morning.
  14. I would be interested if the bits I've highlighted could be explained in layman's terms. I doubt I'll ever sail but I often find myself watching yachts with admiration from the helm of my stinky!
  15. Is it ok to ask the hire company for an additional mud weight.? Also if I decide to stop put the weights out in a large broad. Any tips or can it be dangerous. What should I do when outing the wights out. What do you need to do or recommend to make is as safe as possible overnight. Esp in southern broads
  16. Perhaps a really good Broads sailor, at least down South, would also work the tides, especially in a Wherry!
  17. No not the football,but the flower show. Each year it seems to get better.Now I enjoy the garden but I am far from good at it.Each year Marina and I intend to visit,as yet never been.Hopefully next year.However one Bush that bees enjoy sits in our small front garden,its just starting to go over,but the bees do like it
  18. Not long since purchased Elusive, our second project . Our first boat, Icebreaker an Ohlson 35 lying in Grimsby after a million miles of sailing having crossed Biscay 10 times is up for sale now so just hope she fiends a someone to have fun with. As for our old woody, now completely back to bare ready to go back into full varnish.Mast ready and 8 coats of varnish and standing rigging being replaced next week. Spent half of this week stripping out Interior, all sole boards up some to be replaced , engine fully serviced but fuel tank half full of brown diesel so got that to pump out.Finaly spent 2 hours scraping and scrubbing then vacuamed all the crap out ready for going into the shed and new planks, got to RIP out all that white Larch, no place on a Mahogany boat.More pics to follow Paul Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  19. Lovely to meet and talk Sonia and Simon. Max loves you both.
  20. Its been a while since we attended a meet. Well - we have been missing out on some great times and lovely people. we had a fun time and really enjoyed meeting some new faces, and catching up with others we know but just haven't seen for ages. A big well done to Polly and Chameleon for their "brilliant" joint organisation. thanks to everyone for their warm welcome back, hope to repeat meeting up with you all next time. Simon & Sonia + Dylan the dog & Red the pup.
  21. Pennant is £12 inc postage to UK. Suggested donation for Static stickers is £2 minimum. If we have any Calendars left they will be available ta hefty discount. Just message Aunty Pat via Chameleon. ian
  22. Fantastic photo Simon. Would look good on next years calendar Jeff
  23. Take a pair of sturdy gardening glove for handling the line - cheap hairy polyprop can give you a swine of a friction burn! Also if the weight sinks too far to haul out, cleat the line off and drag it up using a good touch of reverse to break the suction.
  24. Hi been a member quite a while but would like a pennant for our ventures. The shop doesn't show correctly I'm guessing its £12.99 for the calendar then £12 for the pennant. then the stickers but just want to be clear before I buy
  25. Aha....! The art of a good Broads sailor - knowing how long to hold the bank after a tack and as a result, making real progress especially into the tide!!
  26. Many years ago I brought a Silhouette bilge keeler round from Chichester to the Broads, remarkably seaworthy and she handled well enough, albeit slowly. Couldn't swivel her round like a c/b dinghy, either at sea nor on the Broads, but that was no real problem when tacking at sea where once an hour is quite a lot! Where I did find the Silhouette lacking , and various other 'sea' boats, and my Drascombe, was that none of them held the bank at the end of a tack like a Broads keel boat can. A good friend of mine had a Lysander and he loved it, that was about thirty years ago. He didn't ever race it that I know of but we did have some excellent pub crawls even if he did miss the first couple of rounds!!
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