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  1. Yesterday
  2. I'm pretty sure it was named Royal Escort.
  3. Fining a company for the actions of a third party would make for interesting legislation. Especially if said plastic got there by the acts of a government agency. The government fining itself, very interesting times me thinks. M
  4. We had and are still having a marvelous time out on the old lady “in the flesh”. Weather has been super. Off up to Coltishal tomorrow and a slow pootle it will be, really enjoying cruising at 3.5 mph this weekend after our engine service. We met Doug and Hele in Wroxham Easter Saturday and took them for a trip to Ranworth and back with a spot of lunch thrown in. We even made the BBC website as they posted a picture of us emerging from Wroxham bridge which my brother in South Carolina noticed and sent us a text. Gosh Malanka on the BBC whatever next! M
  5. Thanks for that information ECIPA, one I shall look out for.
  6. Woke up to glorious sunshine in Womack water. Mud weight opposite the staithe. Cooked a delicious breakfast of local sausage and smoked bacon with French toast cooked in the bacon fat. After third mug of tea, hauled up the front mudweight then hauled the stern one out using the momentum of the old lady and hauled it onboard. Top down we cruised up the Ant to drop off Charlie Dolphin in Stalham to go home after her Easter afloat with us. Quick zip about in Millie off to tesco, then cruised back down the Ant. Moored up at the upriver wild mooring looking down towards Johnny Crows Staithe. Glorious sunshine and not too windy. Drank wine listened to some bangin tunes and then cooked dinner in our newly purchased wok. Yelled at a few idiots surging past us like the start of a powerboat race then all was calm. Just watched a film now snuggled in bed next to F. Doesnt get better than this. Night everyone..... M
  7. I assume the boat was a San Marino.... The name has been changed for the piece but actually it still seems to have the old red 'RICHARDSONS' ident with drop shadow aft below the rubbing strake visible.
  8. Just watched one of Robin's videos touring round the Broads in the Merc. on Easter Sunday.Was that an Ocean 30 I saw moored in the corner when he called in at Ranworth
  9. 'My Day' - More like 'My Weekend' - which has just about been a total loss at this hovel. Bank Holiday weekend, not afloat so decided we get some of those diy jobs done around the house / garden / garage. No clay shooting this weekend either but I had promised mysen a few hours out on the Mighty Tiger It started to go wrong on the Thursday midday, I finished a tiling job, then had to visit a few clients for estimates etc and thought to mysen, heyup I have the onset of a cold coming on here. MrsG started on the same day too. Friday was a write off for both of us, Saturday felt slightly better but still rubbish, Sunday was worse and so was today. I can't believe I'm into day four and not shaken it off. I have got the new trellis installed in the back garden - taken me three days to do what I normally would have done in a day easily. The Mighty Tiger? - Not a prayer so my Lad took her out - twice just to make me jealous I reckon. The whole weekend has been wasted or the majority of it. Thank goodness we were not due to be afloat as we would have been miserable hosts for our guest crew. Still, I managed to get caught up with the Lads on the 'Grand Tour' I'd better feel an improvement in the morning otherwise I shall be firing off a strongly worded letter to my MP. But on current performances of that lot, I'd get more joy from a solicitor or housing estate agent Griff
  10. Now there speaks a man of intellegence.
  11. Why does a (so called) entertainment programe have to tackle "important issues of the day"?. If anybody wants to hear or see things about "important issues of the day", watch the sodding news or read a paper. Having said that, i`l NEVER watch the crap no matter what "important issues of the day" they show. Total and utter garbage, just the same as ALL crappy soap operas.
  12. I did in 2007 on an ex Broads cruiser that was running in Scotland.... Not very likely on the Broads where the boats generally have fuel for 2+ weeks
  13. Well ... do I dare to say that I'm a regular viewer?! And maybe it's you good folk north of the River Colne who talk all funny. Love the Suffolk and Norfolk accents when we venture across the border out of Essex!
  14. Eastenders? - I remember watching it once, nearly lost the will to live - Never again Griff
  15. I can't see anyone mentioning R&C Bondon at South Walsham. Whilst I didnt' hire from them, Ray build my fathers' boat (an Elysian - Norfolk Spitfire - still on the Broads) in about 1971. I hired a Hampton (can't remember its name) solo from Royalls in the early 1980s
  16. No getting away from it, those good folk from South of the River Colne do tend to 'talk all funny'!
  17. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  18. Guess she'll float a bit lop sided then...
  19. I would guess that most farmers markets are selling stuff they can't sell to the supermarkets for one reason or another. As far as single use plastics go, if people generally are too bone idle.to.do.anything then we need legislation. Ban it, then after a reasonable period for old stock to be used up start fining any companies packaging that is found 'in the wild' to pay for the clear up. And make the fines really hurt. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  20. Spend the day cruising with my youngest and his girlfriend , ended up at Womack Water for lunch at The Kings , Ludham . Dropped them back off at Ranworth where they had parked up , pleasant journey to tonight’s resting place at Gayes Staithe again , off home in the morning .
  21. Just as I was looking for the next book to read! Many thanks for the recommendation ECIPA
  22. I’m glad to hear that you avoided being hit over the weekend, unlike a certain boater on another site. Not wishing to be too controversial, I thought the standards of boatmanship were pretty good on our trip out, apart from the usual speeding. We did see the rangers warning boaters of speeding at How Hill. Roll on our next trip out!
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