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  1. Yesterday
  2. VetChugger

    Locks Pub

    As an illustration of what appears to be the minority opinion here and not on The Broads of course. My local was really struggling due to the demands of said leeches (pubco's), it did that poorly that they eventually put it up for sale. Taken over by a brewer who refurbished the place very sympathetically and also established a micro brewery. You won't find any fizzed "beers" and only Kronenberg and a Czech lager that I can't remember the name of. The rest are his own creations plus a few worthy guests. No food at all except the odd nibble on its quiz night. THe place is packed to the gills every night and is a relaxing delight to imbibe in with a lovely beer garden out the back. Has been thriving for some four years plus now. Wonderful place!
  3. The insidious nature of the beast that is the PubCo set a ground rent then a target amount of barrels of beer per year at a set price which is far greater than you could buy on wholesale. If you fail to meet that target you pay a fine of X amount per barrel undersold! If you meet the target you are re-evaluated for the next year and the target barrelage goes up until you fail and give up the lease. Food sales are never reflected in the rents and are generally the only point where a lease holder has free range. The more they make from food the more they make personally, but beware, the greater the food sales, then generally the greater the beer sales and as per the start of this missive, that's where they grab you by the short and curlies. Eventually all good lease holders have to give up under the pub co scheme. Buying the freehold as a community pub like the White Horse Upton, or buying the freehold like Rick at The White Horse Neatishead or The Lion at Thurne is the best, but not guaranteed chance of surviving.
  4. Open and busy on Saturday Ray
  5. Bed for me now........Been a long but enjoyable weekend.
  6. I think your Broom is a keeper
  7. Well there is the question!
  8. But will we still be in the same boats???
  9. It was great to meet you both and as our neighbours for the second year running. See you next year at the same spot no doubt
  10. You tease sir, pray tell more. paul
  11. JM only IF it is back dated a few generations! paul
  12. With that in mind may I suggest that castration is used in such situations.
  13. Sorry we didn't get to say hello to everyone. Had been a long day for Ros and I. Work in the morning till 13.00hrs on Saturday then a two hour drive from Clacton to Acle and three hours at the helm to Salhouse...........Was kind of shattered. A couple of beers and dinner and we hit the sack Thanks to the team for putting on a great event again. Next time hope we may have a little bit more time to spend with everyone. Video of us arriving at the meet about 18.00hrs last night.
  14. A great meet-up. It was good to see you all. Sadly too cold for us on Saturday evening but really enjoyed the day. our thanks go to the organisers. Steve & Nik
  15. Saturday 18 May First up we chugged up to Potter and a quick visit to La Tharms for a couple of things we'd forgotten. Then it was time to head towards the meet at Salhouse. As we left Potter, we happened to time our setting off to coincide with a paddle board event going on. These were athletic types standing on boards and paddling along with a canoe-style paddle. We kept dead slow and watched them overtake us one by one - quite entertaining. The sun was shining by now as we turned right at the bottom of the Thurne and watched the paddle boarders head towards Great Yarmouth. There was less river traffic on the Bure than I expected, quieter than when I came two years ago at this time. Cockshoot provided a short break and doggie walk stop before we arrived at the meet around 2-30pm. It was good to chat to those I talked to and we really enjoyed the quiz later on. I'll add some photos when I have WiFi.
  16. Vaughan, you are softie Liberal! Bring back keel hauling! Preferably lengthways on the new aircraft carrier. I have spent months building models, to spend 25 years building a train set and have some moron think it is fun to destroy that work, only makes me despair for the future. paul
  17. We passed Ferry boatyard today and they have more unused boats than I expected. There are 4 using up the mooring opposite the Ferry Inn and perhaps 3 or 4 others besides.
  18. Well it was open on Monday when we had lunch there. A very good pint and 2 sarnies, sat outside in the sunshine. paul
  19. Although I'm not an enthusiast as such I always admire the skill and dedication that goes into making these beautiful machines and layouts with an incredible degree of accuracy. I read this story of wanton vandalism with horror and really genuinely feel for the exhibitors involved.. unforgivable! https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/may/19/model-railway-lovers-devastated-vandals-lincolnshire?CMP=share_btn_link
  20. Clive. Have read your price promise which I find reassuring and encouraging. You may just have won a new customer.
  21. NorfolkNog

    Locks Pub

    Hmmm Apart from genuine free houses, most pubs these days are managed or leased, the latter from greedy pub companies in the main. The pub Co will set an amount to be paid in rent plus an excessive amount charged for beer which is sometimes referred to as wet rent. So indirectly it is, probably reasonable to assume that food income will be taken into account in the rent calculation. Incidentally the Fat Cat in Norwich doesn't do food (apart from filled rolls) and is one of the most successful pubs in the country. But, for most part, food is a good income stream even for quality beer pubs eg the Stanford Arms. Cheers!
  22. I'm not sure Rush were too good on Roller Skates ….. Do you find that time seems to move faster now than it did? Are there less hours in a day? I set myself a list of tasks to complete on Friday ahead of a garden party and barbecue today. I knew yesterday would be taken up by shopping and baking so was keen to have everything in the garden ready. By 7pm I was nowhere near finished. I should explain that we are undertaking a major redesign of part of the rear garden, removing, piece by piece the paraphernalia of the builders yard that our garden once was. needless to say I was left to mow the bottom lawn and get the garden furniture out this morning, the conundrum being to do it early and annoy the neighbours or wait for a sensible hour and risk being still at work as guests arrived. Compare that then to those days of childhood in Norfolk and especially the first time we were allowed to take my friends boat out onto the river. My friend was Billy, who lived on a boat on the broad with his sister Jennifer, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Mary. Uncle Johnny had worked around boats all his life and both Jennifer and Billy were true "water rats". I don't remember first meeting them, they simply always were, since before I could remember. The first order of business on arrival was always to go and knock on the wheelhouse door of their boat and say hello. Milkshake and cookies would quickly be produced by Aunt Mary as we caught up. Eight year olds have lots if catching up to when you haven't seen each other for fifty weeks. Billy would pass on what was new around the broad and would invariably have a plan for how we would spend the next two weeks. Imagine the excitement then when Billy broke the news that subject to my parents approval we would be allowed, for the first time, to take Billy's boat out of the Broad, along the the dyke and into the river. As long as that went well then we would be allowed to make our first "unassisted" expedition to Beccles. As usual on that first Saturday, after tea in the caravan I was allowed to go back out to play and Billy and I headed for the park, but unlike in previous years there was no football, no cricket today, Instead we sat cross legged staring over the water towards the entrance to Oulton Dyke and slowly, deliberately, we made our plans for Beccles …..
  23. Smoggy

    Rockland Staithe

    A good pub that won't shut on you too early (if at all ), proper food and local customers.
  24. My first meet with NBN. Thanks for making me welcome, had a very nice time. A special thanks for cooking my burger ( with onion rings AND chips - you know who you are )👍 Looking forward to next year and hopefulily on the river soon.
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