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  1. Yesterday
  2. I've absolutely no interest in political sides, but I do care about this virus and the impact it has had on people and their lives. It goes without saying not least those who have lost their lives, but also those who have had to sit at home and couldn't be with their loved ones in the last moments of their lives, those nhs staff members who have gone into work everyday and tried their utmost to help patients and have had to deal with the repeated emotional impact as they see patients who could not be helped and yet bravely soldier on shift after awful shift dealing with it. Also, those nhs staff and carers who have moved out of their own homes and left partners or young children behind for weeks at a time so that they could undertake more of these difficult shifts whilst ensuring they only put themselves at risk and not their wider families.....I do care a lot about those. And that's not even starting with the majority of us that have done no more than to stay at home, stay safe and stop the spread where we can to help the NHS do what it needs to, all the while missing our family members terribly. What the adviser chose to do was just that- a choice. His choice. In my mind it wasn't acceptable given what was being asked of and being done by others. And then to top that by suggesting he drive to a beauty spot some 30 miles away "to test his eyesight" I feel was the final insult. He disagrees. Im pretty sure he didn't mention that particular trip was his wife's birthday, did he? Wiki seems to indicate it was.... I sincerely hope that the choice made, and now very publicly played out, does not encourage others to make similar choices, but of course it may well do. Right, I'm done. I agree with Ray- I've had my say and thanks. I shall get back to hoping and praying that this virus goes away, and stops taking or ruining lives in the way it has so far, and looking forward to better times when we can hold our loved ones close again- maybe even one day get back to the Broads and be truly grateful for each day that we get. And possibly, hopefully and with much luck we will once again get to have a picnic with our own family whilst sat next to the river on our birthdays
  3. Agreed, so I'll jump in with just 20 hours to go: He obviously considers himself to be Royalty because he's clearly read the Royal Handbook on how to conduct a car-crash interview. He stuttered a bit, probably because he was cringing as he realised someone had written the words "eyesight" and "driving" in the same sentence. Should have read it through before going live Dom.
  4. That has got to be the most sensible way to do it. What they need now is for the Broads Authority to take half tolls for boats being 'buddied up' It's far better for the BA, the yards, local businesses etc to all go for half of something rather than all of nothing.
  5. Quite interesting at Ferry in that some of the boats have yet to have their winter refurb - either they are behind, but more likely they may be left until the winter. They may also be considering splitting the fleet in two only letting every other week and letting the boats "rest" rather than giving them a deep clean when they come back - that would allow the varmints to die of their own accord!!!
  6. Grendel, does that constitute a witticism?
  7. No....if you don't think me capable of making a good purchase now my future review will not be of much use to you.
  8. I bought something similar for my boat a few years ago. I took the power for the screen from the stern navigation light switch and the feed for the camera and its transmitter from the stern light itself. This lets me switch it on and off from the helm position. Apart from the slight oddness of having your stern nav light on when you are reversing, It does the job pretty well.
  9. No sensation is like the old Crystal Horizon (Now Ibiza I think) this one is new posh bath tub type very nice boat. with two Tele's and bow thrusters fore and aft.
  10. As a loooonng standing Amazon customer I tend to place slightly more emphasis on the 1 and 2 star comments than the 4 and 5 star. I would be extremely interested in this camera to solve a different kind of problem for us but many of the comments lead me to think "Died in your arms" might be quite apt a bit further down the line. Any chance of an update in a few months ?
  11. It's obvious, NWT are worried we will pass it on to the ducks.
  12. Hmm.....[emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  13. We had a discussion amongst some of the managers today about the likelihood of my office reopening. There is nothing on the cards at the moment. I work for a large corporate and the message from the CEO at present is to stay at home. But I do also know that I'm not likely to be amongst the people they want back in first. I reckon I've got another 3 to 4 months of home working probably. I'm very glad that I took the opportunity to reduce my hours to 4 days a week recently, it's nice to have one extra day when I don't have to try to work.
  14. Hi Hylander I have a programme called iPhotoPlus4 its very old but it has its uses, it allowed me to pinch a section of the wall behind his head and stick it over. John.
  15. Vaughan, I apologise for my flippant remarks earlier. I live in rural Northumberland and we have given up trying to explain to people when on our boat, about where we live. He (Cummins) could have gone is No Such Place, it does exist, also known as Cooperative Villas. It is about the same distance and the press would have had a field day with that name. Norfolk does not have the sole right to funny place names. I have visited 3 places in France and could not place them on a map within 200 miles. paul
  16. Well the office is reopening next week, and my boss phoned today to see if i wanted to come back in, i havent committed yet, but i may head in one or two days a week, after all the current advice is still that if you can work from home you should, but there are things i really do need from the office. but this means i have to get working again on the model, its just deciding what the next step is really.
  17. Ranworth Breeze has also been out with local owners taking day trips only. Owners from further afield will have to wait until we are allowed to resume sleeping overnight on the boat. Regards Alan
  18. i would be more offended by the man united key ring other than than it looks a handy bit of kit for not alot of money finny
  19. According to the Norfolk Wildlife Trust......"In light of the Government’s measures to tackle the spread of coronavirus, the boardwalk is closed."
  20. second battery completed, a much neater job and works just as well as the first.
  21. Does anybody know why the Broadwalk at Cockshoot is closed? There was no sign Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  22. This whole story is showing the country in a bad light.We have all suffered hard ships for weeks on end.For my part ,apart from two odd hours in hospital I've been at home for ten weeks,my world is the house and the garden let's it.This man thinks we are all stupid. He is a aide not a politician. It is disgraceful and it will remain today's news until he goes.This dreadful disease and the fight against it is not helped by this very selfish man.
  23. Yep, that was us. I hope I waved.....[emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  24. After having the virus and Lost friends who was not lucky enough to pull through it I find it quite shocking about there actions and total Attitude towards it.. Our local hospital weston general is absolutely riddled in the virus mainly the staff and now the patients.. Do you think people care ... ?? Us locals are very concerned over it ... But in the eyes of a West Midlands family on our local bbc news tonight couldn’t careless all there interested was driving all the way down to weston for an ice cream and Fish and chips ... Sorry is it me or am I missing something here.. Basically are they just thick and completely stupid Or basically don’t care... Saturday evening I went to Collect our click and collect shopping in weston. And I got pulled in By the police at a checkpoint and asked where I was going, am I local, Do I need to be going where I’m Off to .. I asked the police why are you pulling in local vehicles and not holiday makers.. He said there isn’t any .. I started to laugh at him.. What he didn’t find funny .. I told him you be better sitting down the sea front and sort it out as there was complaints of massive crowds and no social distancing going on.. I was quite happy to get back home and get back into lock down mode again ..
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