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  2. So no-one ever really mentions Bridge Broad. We've always wondered whether you are allowed in there ... that's the one just the other side of Wroxham Bridge? Is it an "in one end and out the other" kind of place or "one way in and out"?
  3. Looks very nice, and when I lived in Kent, I often used to ride around the villages of the upper reaches, stopping off and sitting by the river. Anybody else know of any yards hiring on the Mudway?.
  4. I've always wanted to hire a boat on the Mudway, years ago, there was a yard hiring Elysian 27s, and another yard which hired some narrow boats, but I don't think anybody does now?.
  5. Today
  6. These were taken by a member of the Viking Owners on the Medway. I have to say that it does not look too shabby to me.
  7. Sorry to be so late replying, I have only just seen this. I don't think it is coincidence as it happened to Lyn's toothbrush on Classic Gem in 2017 and this toothbrush was a replacement. It had slipped our minds until she plugged it in and nothing worked. Too late we remembered! Had to buy another when we got back to NZ. perhaps our stuff is wired differently? Cheers Chris
  8. Yesterday
  9. Sorry I had to bale out. We had company and I got told off for being antisocial.
  10. We`ve taken 43ft of Lightning through Bridge Broad. Lovely quiet place to mudweight, and quite sheltered too.
  11. It`s very shallow. Horstead Mill perhaps?.
  12. North Walsham and Dilham canal?. It widens up when you round the bend from the junction of Dilham dyke.
  13. i have only been through it once, and probably in the other direction (toward Coltishall), but with a Martham boat, you can normally get to those places that you dont normally get to see very often.
  14. Oi! That`s only on the third Sunday of the month.
  15. and is deeply involved with self flagellation!
  16. Grendel you do need to get out more. Well done Bridge Broad.
  17. Slight hint I guess if you look close enough ;)
  18. Is it the Ant beyond How Hill heading toward Barton Broad.
  19. is it that little broad off of hoveton viaduct
  20. Beautiful! Thanks.
  21. Back on track! Oulton Broad cruiser racing today:
  22. You can have a clue. We traveled from coltishall to Salhouse.
  23. No it is on the broads.. The Mudway doesn't look anywhere as pretty ;) It's a popular spot so someone may get it :)
  24. I don’t think the upper reaches of the Medway look anything like that!
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