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  2. Welcome to the forum , a few pics would be a help
  3. Sadly it's an entertainment show that happens to occasionally feature some railway modelling. The producers rule all in search of the biggest audience. Having read contributions from some of the competitors on railway Modelling Forums, There is railway modelling filmed, but most ends up on the cutting room floor in favour of the talking heads.. The Show has increased audiences for Model railway shows, and therefore the chance of some joining the hobby, so I went to the page to vote. the hobby needs all the publicity it can get..
  4. I bought a hampton Safari in Egham in Surrey where the boat remains. She is not in the water, I bought her in haste and I'm regretting it. I wish to sell her quickly. If anyone is interested please contact me directly, thank you. Anthony
  5. Are you sure it's blocked? Have you tried a pumpout? It may be solidified c**p on the bottom of the tank. In which case, good luck!!!!
  6. After watching the first series I would have thought the judges, a top modeler and the editor of supposedly the most popular railway modeling magazine would have had something to say about the content. After seeing a16yr old lad at a local exhibition cutting roof tiles and patiently putting them singularly on an N gauge building emphasised what real modelling is all about I won't be voting in the TV Awards and also lucky in the fact that my wife doesn't watch any soaps
  7. Today
  8. And if the BA don't know why? Ask the Trustees who do know - but they will probably ignore you as you have no right to know that information, despite views to the contrary.
  9. I'm impressed how you've managed to hire from HW for 8 nights, very non-standard. Did they do that for the price of a standard week?
  10. It should also be remembered that Tom in his new member post said if we have any questions, he will put those questions to the relevant department. I completely disagree with the comment about our RIGHT TO KNOW being a hostile attitude, it IS a right to know, meaning we are asking important questions for which the BA (not necessarily Tom) are obliged to answer. Had people been using words like "I demand", and verbal accusations, then yes, he would (very wrongfully) facing hostility, but to imply hostility at a probing question is a bit naughty.
  11. 84 million litres a day no longer extracted, I think that fen they are worried about might turn into another broad... 84 million litres a day divided by 3000 homes, so they reckon each home in Ludham is using 28,000 litres of water a day.. I think every home in Ludham has a swiming pool of it's own and is emptying it into the river every night... either that or someones got their maths wrong..
  12. The Great Model Railway Challenge, It's not the best model railway work but it is the only model railway show on TV . Vote for it here.. https://www.nationaltvawards.com/vote It's about half way through the 25 categories, you may not want to vote for the soaps etc..
  13. Sorry but I totally disagree, as a discussion forum any member is entitled to raise and debate any topic within the TOS and as many of us are stakeholders either through the payment of tolls, as residents or property owners that includes questioning some or all of the actions of the BA. Unlike most other public bodies they are unaccountable to the very people that fund them and on who`s behalf they are supposed to work and given that the government department responsible for overseeing them is totally dis-interested and how much is done behind closed doors the forums are the main means we have of knowing about and questioning the actions of the BA which directly or indirectly affect us all. With regard to JP he has the choice of whether to interact with us or not but as the appointed Executive of the BA he should expect to face and respond to criticism on public forums after all he is not slow in using various forms of the media to promote his achievements. Fred
  14. If you have an iPad, then you may find it easier to install the app. Search for 'Norfolk Broads Network' in the app store.
  15. Reading that if they reduce the amount of water they take by 84m lts a day by 2025 there will be that much water in the system we'll struggle to get under Acle bridge LOL
  16. As has been rightly pointed out, all members should be treated with respect. But that does not mean that some should be treated with more respect than others. I have often taken JennyMorgan (and others) to task over statements they have made. That is the point of discussion, is it not? I can see no reason why statements made by BroadsAuthority should not also be subjected to similar scrutiny and question. As with any public discussion forum, members have a choice, to stay or to go. It is a matter for the moderators to decide what is, or isn't acceptable.
  17. John Packman was a member here and was insulted a fair bit. In the past I have searched back and read the posts from the time. Can’t be bothered to do it again I have messaged him directly and suggested he engage with this forum, last year I think, and at that time he wasn’t sure as he hadn’t forgotten.... I’m really glad the the BA have re-engaged and I think we are all better off with them posting here but it is still my opinion that they will not continue if they are constantly met by hostility. I’m sure that someone will say “where is the hostility?” but, exactly as on the other place, demanding answers to questions, while justifying it as “a right to know” is a DELIBERATELY hostile attitude by some members. That is exactly what happened on the other place. Can anyone guess who I am thinking of? If you demand answers from the BA there are official ways of doing that. This, this is a discussion forum which is better off with the BA representing itself here.
  18. Perhaps the need for transparency would be better if it came from the Trustees - although I doubt you will get that in full. As far as the BA are concerned, they "lost" the contract to manage the area further - what more is there to know? They have already told us that and given the circumstances, perhaps we should be extending our sympathies to those directly involved? There is no need to gloat over the loss, nor much need to criticise the BA further. If anyone owes anything to anyone, perhaps it is the Trustees who should be questioned further - after all it was they who finished the contract for some reason, and they certainly know the truth. I guess Vaughan may be closest to the truth, but I perhaps like many changes in the world it may be harder to get hold of the real facts, other than it was felt that a change was needed to look at differing ways to proceed for the future.
  19. Oh B******r https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/anglian-water-pipeline-project-gets-under-way-1-6328923 7 months of traffic lights on the A149
  20. I suggest that the BA of today may not know the truth of the BA of 30 years ago when planning permission was put through for the exploitation of over 100 acres of beautiful wetland and grazing meadow for the open cast mining of sand and gravel. This was all dressed up for the public with the benevolent gesture by the landowner (also the owner of Eastern Counties Newspapers) of "donating" the resulting (and otherwise useless) pits to the BA for use as a new broad, and a bird reserve. My hypothesis would be that the "donation" may have been a lease deal which has now run its course, after 25 years and the landowners have now found themselves legally able to retake the land and thus also take their own profit from it, as a now existing public attraction. I am not necessarily saying I dis-approve of this chain of events but as JM rightly says, there is a need for transparency. After all, the BA have spent 25 years of work and investment to make the pits into what they are today. So are they simply to give it all up now, and let others take the profits?
  21. Yes Jean it is quite a drive , we always knew it would be but we love the broads so will continue to come back for the foreseeable future. Padstow is beautiful we really love it here Helen I don’t have a laptop only my I pad
  22. Sir Cumference. No offence intended btw. 😁😁😉😉
  23. Well I am thinking I might go for sir conference, or considering my job, sir Veyor
  24. Yes, pictures please. Except of sircumsicion, we don’t need to see that one!! 🤣
  25. Hi Griff, Awaiting the pictures of the Crusaders. Regards Alan
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