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  2. I would think there's a formula, and actually just the presence of them would be a deterrent, surely? The car I personally saw lose it at one of the roundabouts was going way over the speed limit.
  3. Not sure that average speed cameras would work as you would have to set the limit quite low given that (most) people slow down for the roundabouts - think you would be hard pushed to average 50?? They could take the ones down on the A149 as I don't think they were ever switched on!
  4. I think the only realistic answer for the NDR is average speed cameras, particularly around the eastern section. I really have no idea how people get it so wrong, but they do, regularly.
  5. Today
  6. We don't allow those, either, also with good reason. I'd suggest using camel case ie 'PumpMedic'
  7. I think that path was closed a while back but others may correct me. I often walk via the road, it doesn't take long with the prospect of a Little Sharpie ahead
  8. Often software will allow an underline which you can use to make a space as in River_Ant etc.
  9. capture them all and send them to Chris Packham?
  10. It is Chris Packham who has mounted legal action against NE issuing "General" licences.
  11. We both finally shook off the horrible virus that laid us low for a month or more and managed to get to the boat on the Thursday before good Friday and had a lovely few days on board. Did we go anywhere much? Of course not! It's cleaning time this time of the season and although Tony had given the boat a good wash last time we were there, this weekend was polishing time Although to my great surprise my patience was rewarded with a short cruise to the Postwick viaduct and back which with the glorious weather that was in place was a real joy. We're back again tomorrow for a long weekend which even though the weather isn't promising to be very accommodating will be lovely I'm sure. Tomorrow we're celebrating our Pearl wedding anniversary and I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than on board, Although we will be having dinner at one of our favourite Norfolk venues The Wildebeest at Stoke Holy Cross. Carole
  12. Hi Chris Thought I ought to mention that on Swan Rapture you should have the bed made up on arrival and have towels provided but on the 10 berth boat you probably will not have towels provided or the beds made up as I'm guessing that it is from their Classic range. If you want to check just email Richardson and they will confirm.
  13. just you wait until they put a roundabout next to the racecourse on salhouse road
  14. Avoid the Thorpe Rd in Norwich as one lane coned off with traffic lights. Took 4 changes of the lights at Harvey Lane to get though and I was one car from the front of the queue.
  15. Looks like a car had rolled on the stretch between Wroxham road and Salhouse road this morning. Lots of skid marks and a very bent roof.
  16. Lovely pics and write up, always enjoy your posts, particularly the pubs! Looking forward to being back on the water in early July with Pacific again Just one question, can you now walk along the river from the Reedham Ferry and Reedham Village? Last time we walked that path you couldn't get through and had to go back and along the road
  17. We have been hit by the best of them in past Herbert Woods, Barns Brink Craft, NBD and now Richardsons I dont think any yard is worse than another TBH. But this one way by far the worst damage we have incured. I am not eager to collect the full set though!
  18. Mind you it sounds like when you got to Barton you were thinking, Should I stay or should I go now?
  19. I think the problem was probably a lot worse back in the 70's and 80's - It is not hard to snap a picture or video these days and send it to the boatyard via PM etc and others can report where the boat is now etc etc. Back in those days you had to find the nearest payphone and then go and call the yard. I suspect the number of incidents that actually got reported was lower? Yes statistically you're probably more likely to get hit by a Richardson's boat given that their fleet is the size of most of the other yards put together - A bit like how your car is more likely to be hit in a car park by a Ford Focus than a Ferrari F40. That's despite a good handover and the biggest captain's manual I've seen.
  20. Brilliant. Don’t know how you do it Griff
  21. I remember that, wasn't it a song by The Clash from the early 80's went something like this, Shareef don't like it Rockin' the Casdah Rock the Casdah
  22. Now back in the wet shed - Mores the pity. Sailed to the Island on Barton Griff
  23. Whilst I couldn't agree more, the nearest parallel we have to this is a collision on the road, and everybody knows that you have to either stop and exchange details, or report it to the police. So what makes anybody think it would be any different when dealing with items that in a lot of cases are worth a lot more than your average car? Try drumming it in as much as we want, but in our hearts we already know that the people that don't stop, know they should stop and don't give two hoots about other peoples property.
  24. Thanks Sounding like it didn't like the space bar. Will try later
  25. Usernames can only contain letters or numbers, those are the main rules. Spaces and any special characters cause problems hence they're not allowed.
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