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  2. Sadly, there are many myths about woodies. Broadland Swift has an iroko (poor man's teak) hull. After more than fifty years of being in the wet stuff, (only being lifted for a quick antifoul and tar varnish) she has recently had to have some strip planking at her stern replaced. Please note, however, that the iroko planking had rotted from the inside not the outside. It was rainwater that did the damage. I would venture to suggest that woodies rot and sink due to poor initial design and/or poor workmanship and/or cheap materials and/or poor maintenance.
  3. Which one is easier to get a van too, I have a load of rubbish at work, may as well kill two birds with one stone next time we are down, October so darker earlier, cheers Dave
  4. Try getting to the tip if you can't drive there. Ours won't even let you in on foot. Official council advice? "Get a neighbour to drive there" We had a problem with a bin not being emptied. We were told it must have been overloaded so the contents wouldn't come out when it was tipped. Their staff never ever make mistakes so it must be us that were in the wrong. An email to our local councillor worked wonders though.
  5. It sounds to me like you might be a perfect candidate for oil analysis, send a sample away and they will tell you exactly where in the engine any particles come from. That way you will know exactly where you stand.
  6. Today
  7. I could well be wrong but I feel she may well have a teak hull, this of course does not make her unsinkable but reduces the risk of terminal rot as with mahogany.
  8. My non recyclable bin last week was left un-emptied and when I phoned to complain I was told it was because it had builder's rubble in it. Really? I'm no builder but I had picked up three small bits of concrete from the road outside my house, all picked up with one hand, and disposed of in my bin, it seemed to me to be the right and decent thing to do. I explained that to the articulate gentleman who'd taken my phone call but to no avail, I must take it to the local council tip. Our local tip is the absolute pinnacle of appalling customer management & fine if you have a hour or more to sit in a queue so what should I do? I know, fly tip or better still dispose of it in those handy bins at the Yacht Station. I have every sympathy for those of who abuse the present system, the system itself being patently at fault in that it does not cater for the needs of us as human beings, at least to my way of thinking. Granted that we shouldn't abuse the system but there are occasions when that system does not cater for the very people for whom it was created. No excuse, I know, but perhaps understandable.
  9. Some of these people may be like my mother in law. After cooking a chicken for a Sunday meal or something she wood send father in law round to a coop store a short walk away to put the carcass in their bin. ( it was one that gulls etc couldn’t access) but “I’m not having that in my bin, it’ll smell” was her attitude. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  10. These bags were full of exactly what you would expect from boats, food packaging, cans bottles etc (some were opened at the time). It was almost like someone emptying the bins from a campsite or similar because there was no junk mail or letters.
  11. I saw one of the householders at Reedham using the "boat waste only" bins and got a mouthful of abuse when I pointed out their "mistake".
  12. Was what Smoggy wrote but it went astray & try as I could I could not edit my previous post.
  13. But I wish that they wouldn't! I think that I prefer the non health benefits of the dreaded blue haze to the cursed buffeting of inconsiderate wash!
  14. Why am I not remotely surprised??? The bins reserved for boaters frequently contain garden waste and lawn clippings - typical boating waste!! Plus anything else you can think of!! It still beggars belief that the Councils can still produce figures that suggest that the imposition of charges at Household Waste sites, has no material effect on fly tipping??? Just who do they think they are kidding??
  15. we had something similar at home, we put the recycling bin out, someone threw a black sack in the top, and the bin men refused to empty it, we had to manage our recycling for another fortnight with a bin almost full already, the black sack someone had thoughtlessly dumped in our recycling bin had to go in our normal bin restricting the available space for our own rubbish. fortunately with 4 weeks recycling in the bin there was absolutely no space for anyone to consider dumping anything else in it.
  16. Yes it had markings etc but until proven guilty I dare not post pictures or the reg number... It had a caged in rear and the driver was in high viz. However if legit he was coining in the overtime working at that time of night!
  17. Did the truck have any markings on it to identify it? That would be useful to know. Sounds as if it may be a local company taking advantage of Council bins.
  18. Yes I used Rondonay as my login on NBF until we sold her, if Mike says it was in 2012 then I believe him lol
  19. You may see mine during the next week as we are thinking on going into burnham on crouch for a night or two, look out for a 30DS called Snowbird, I can get down to 8'8" within a couple of minutes by folding my radar arch and vhf's down but I don't find the 30DS the most spacious in the cabin. You do see a blue haze behind many of the sea goers on the broads at river speeds but it generally clears as soon as the throttles are opened properly.
  20. for mechanics I use a firm on the same industrial estate, as most of the companies on the estate use them for their commercial vehicles they are wary at upsetting anyone who works on the estate and do a good job for them (as long as you mention you work on the estate, and exhibit some knowledge). after one MOT where a new suspension arm was required, and I ordered it- next day delivery - then replaced it in my lunch break, then drove straight to their workshop - still wearing overalls over my work clothes, they know that they cannot Bulls**t me and I get good service and reasonable prices from them (as they put it estate pricing for working on the same estate) not the cheapest available MOT's but they dont find extra work that needs doing either.
  21. I am similar to you with regards to so called tradesmen, yes we all like a competitive price but many I have come across over the years can hardly do a professional job. Regards Alan
  22. We will be on the broads soon for two weeks,will look out.Seems be common every where.Close to home people dump rubbish where they see fit.At our bus stop there are letter bins,clearly maked no household rubbish, yet often black bags left there.Sadly some people think rules dont apply to them.
  23. Nice one! Thanks for taking the time and trouble to write up your adventures.
  24. Yesterday
  25. Not my night tonight! Wrong again! It was Ronaldo in t'other place! A good source for humour but sadly departed this world.
  26. I remember the name as well. I suspect it was in t'other place though!
  27. Whereabouts is all this taking place?? Don't need a postcode! Just a general idea where you are?? Sorry, reading back I see down Surrey way.
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