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  1. Past hour
  2. Really enjoyed your write up and photos Kron.
  3. Coryton

    Pastures New

    The walk from Gaye's staithe didn't seem too far. And there is a place on the way selling home made fudge with an honesty box. Mind you, we were just pleased to have been rescued from our little lack-of-steering incident.
  4. Indeed. I want to know what people have been doing with "our boat" since we left it in Potter Heigham...
  5. We're going by car, Not really bothered how good the beer is or not neither of us is what you would call a beer drinker Tony will probably have a half pint of the one on offer with the lowest alcohol content as he's the driver and l'l lhave a large white wine. Will report on the evening tomorrow. Carole
  6. Kron

    Pastures New

    It was packed when we walked past! Always a good sign.
  7. Kron

    Pastures New

    We went to Liberty's in Wroxham on Thursday. Not cheap but both food and service was excellent.
  8. Today
  9. Yeah, she's private. When I was first sent pictures I wasn't sure what I was being shown as externaly she looks extremely similar to the hirefleet spec (apart from the seating on the flybridge).
  10. It is private, just been built by Sheerline. https://www.facebook.com/sheerlinemotorcruisers/photos/pcb.656184044857496/656184004857500/?type=3&theater
  11. Do you think it's private or has someone found the mystical Barnes Brinkcraft public mooring?
  12. if you know from how far away the electricity comes you wouldnt even consider it,
  13. Reading the first section of the description, if shes so good why are they selling her? https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/used-boats/aquabell-33-trojan-spirit-of-breydon-862.asp
  14. Having come back from our trip south I was getting concerned about the frequent Bilge pump action Yesterday we came down to the boat to find we had no water. We also noticed the bilge pump didn’t go once over night. When we were hit a few years ago it was right on the water tank which is copper riveted construction and it caused it to leak well it had been leaking again so out with the hand basin and a temporary repair carried out and hopefully it will last long enough to get a stainless tank made. And no bilge pump action at all today.
  15. I think you are right, a theme park, grazing on the visitors to the campsite. paul
  16. Hopefully, crooked businessmen etc won`t be able to get (under very strange circumstances) planning permission to build on it. I would imagine with the pub next door, they must have domestic services etc nearby, and with the pub being there, they may try and claim that a precedence has been set for further development?. I know it`s highly unlikely, but never say never.
  17. Grazing land down that way is very sought after - indeed they still hold auctions for the grazing "for the season". So you could still get an income from it I guess.
  18. Soon to be on "Homes Under The Hammer"?, subject to conditions and planning of course?
  19. I suppose the White Horse (at Neatishead i presume?) is great, providing you can get a mooring at the staithe, or the very least "Gaye`s staithe", but then with a fair walk?.
  20. Enjoy Carole, I'd be surprised if you're not happy. Could be busy though! Beer is excellent too
  21. Comes up on rightmove its the area to east of Berney Arms between the railway and Breydon Water - no doubt of interest to RSPB?
  22. We're booked in to the White Horse for dinner dinner tonight, hoping it lives up to it's good reviews Carole
  23. https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/forum/26-technical-questions-and-answers/ Post in here about rebuilding BMC engines and people to go to.
  24. Always worth a second opinion which you may be able to use as a counter claim against the first company. (Mods, can you link this thread to the first one?) Ta. Amjams, please can you answer the Q posted before, What is wrong, what is happening/ not happening?
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