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  3. Ah , yoga , that explains your svelte lithe physique !!!
  4. The spin department is hard at it! https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/broads-authority-sell-spirit-of-breydon-1-6160569
  5. Nocando Cambridge cabby, too much carbon footprint from production of ferrocement! The only way forwards is to carry on with all of these construction methods and offset by taxation instead, this will truly solve the “problem”..knot!
  6. Project for the Grandchildren: find a way to grind up old GRP and use it in a 3D printer. Print your Grandad a new 37 footer!
  7. Knowing our lot its the screech of the twist cap on the gin bottle more like. It's enough to drive you to drink, but don't drive home.
  8. Oh of course, maybe I wasnt quite clear enough in my post. Security camera's I have no issue with in the slightest, used by the authorities and owners to maintain security or provide evidence for any wrong doings around the rivers. It is the webcams providing worldwide broadcast all over the water I would not like to see, there are a number around already and I enjoy them as much as anyone, but to be constantly watched just wouldn't be the broads for me.
  9. I wonder what is actually the more environmentally “green” material currently available to build a boat . GRP which is proven to be lightweight ,malleable ,lower production costs and long lasting but apparently no satisfactory way of disposal at end of life. Steel, heavy, costly ,corrosive , very high carbon footprint to produce but recyclable Wood , heavy, perishable ,costly and a diminishing resource . (But undeniably beautiful) perhaps the seacrete hulls of times gone by may make a come back.
  10. Strong and very long lasting... but (are we) really going soft?! Currently no means of recycling it... but possibility of using it to make concrete. Interesting, when I was a student some 30 years ago before the internet existed I was able to ascertain that the far east were recycling glass into road base as the market for glass bottled fluids was drying up (pun intended). We don't bury services in new roads retrospectively these days so the NDR could be a good pilot project. Can someone donate some Andrex to the research cause quick just in case they don't make it to the market in time! My neighbour can run it up there in his Scimitar. Sorry if I sound cynical but I can see a prospective tax regime getting laid up here. Some early grp boats are true classics, the Chris Craft Commander being one of my favourites on the fairytale side. And look how many dinky seamasters are still in existence on the broads, staple day boat fleet fodder.
  11. Timbo

    Fridge Engineer

    You can almost hear the rustle of sweetie papers as the moderators settle down for the evening, fingers hovering over buttons, waiting for replies to appear!
  12. Shame! 🤭 Agreed. Opportunist videoers we just can’t do anything about, it’s the age we live in.
  13. Welcome on board Tom, glad you made it! Ah yes, CCTV cameras. I quite enjoy watching footage from the HD webcams around the Broads and around the world, I have a particular fascination for New Orleans. However, I discovered that since we bought Royal Tudor I had to become 'camera aware'. More so with Dylan and Toby the beagles on board. I think it was either my father in law or perhaps Martin or Doug that alerted me to a YouTube video about a 'gorgeous old boat on the broads'. A quick click and there was Royal Tudor glistening in the early morning sunlight around 6:30 am. And there was me, emerging onto the deck clad in nothing but my PJ shorts and wellies, clasping a coffee, rolling a smoke and rearranging the unmentionables, oblivious to being filmed. Certainly not a 'gorgeous old bloke on the broads'. Fortunately the film in question was taken down and they edited me out when I asked them to! CCTV cameras for security and safety I am more than happy with and indeed welcome them!
  14. I agree, Jay, webcams everywhere would be an intrusion but security cameras I'm happy with anywhere to be honest because they're not broadcast to the world.
  15. Hi Carole, We were glad to leave Ferry Marina which we used to moor at, we have far better facilities at Brundall IMHO. Regards Alan
  16. Hello Tom, Welcome to the forum to you and your team and thank you for the notices that you send to me for posting on the forum. Regards Alan
  17. More efficient if it sucks.
  18. Good article on the local Anglia news about the history and future problems with using fibreglass, some lovely pictures of Wilds boats and on again tomorrow featuring Richardson’s. Sould be on catch up or +1 if your interested.
  19. Any test pilots scheduled yet, be interesting to see how much fuel she would spirit away on a trip to bleydon and back! Any idea how many knots on full chat?
  20. One for the techies... Should a fan blow onto components or suck air away from them? I know that in computers, they suck!!!
  21. True !!! I should have specified that apart from a little food I find the off licences essential. After all, the pubs don't open till 11am
  22. Regulo

    Fridge Engineer

    Mine was easier than that, as the fridge had it's own auxilliary fan connection. It turns the fan on whenever the compressor runs. But it checks that it doesn't exceed a certain current draw, so when my fan stalled, the fridge didn't run! The light gave the correct code to tell me what was up, so a quick clean of accumulated dust, fluff and spiders web, and all was well. Just a 12 volt computer fan, same as StillCruising's above.
  23. Just double up on your fenders!
  24. Welcome to the madness that is the Northern Broads
  25. They look down upon us from the halls of Asgard and if we fail to abide by the laws of the NBN then they visit our realm , we should all beware of their wrath as they are giants , in fact I’m sure I’ve seen a photo somewhere of Grendel the Viking holding Broad Ambition in the palm of his hand .
  26. After 10 seasons at Brundall Bay marina we decided we needed a change of scenery and have moved our permanent mooring to Ferry marina at Horning. Saturday 13th was the best day for us to get the air draught we needed to get under the bridges at Yarmouth. With us being 12'6" high we need to take down the canopy, radar arch etc. and crossing Breydon water in inclement weather is not much fun I can assure you. But it was O.K. on Saturday a bit overcast and breezy but nothing too dire. Taking our time we berthed in Ferry marina 5 hours 50mins after leaving our berth in Brundall Bay. We've vey much enjoyed our years in Brundall but have had a hankering to try the Northern Broads for some time but it was a case of finding a berth that met our criteria which until this year we have never managed to do. We realise we have arrived just as the holidays are beginning making everywhere super busy which may come as a bit of a shock after the relative quietness of the Southern Broads but Heigh-Ho nothing ventured nothing gained. Carole
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