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  2. Hi Carole, We were glad to leave Ferry Marina which we used to moor at, we have far better facilities at Brundall IMHO. Regards Alan
  3. Hello Tom, Welcome to the forum to you and your team and thank you for the notices that you send to me for posting on the forum. Regards Alan
  4. More efficient if it sucks.
  5. Good article on the local Anglia news about the history and future problems with using fibreglass, some lovely pictures of Wilds boats and on again tomorrow featuring Richardson’s. Sould be on catch up or +1 if your interested.
  6. Any test pilots scheduled yet, be interesting to see how much fuel she would spirit away on a trip to bleydon and back! Any idea how many knots on full chat?
  7. Today
  8. One for the techies... Should a fan blow onto components or suck air away from them? I know that in computers, they suck!!!
  9. True !!! I should have specified that apart from a little food I find the off licences essential. After all, the pubs don't open till 11am
  10. Regulo

    Fridge Engineer

    Mine was easier than that, as the fridge had it's own auxilliary fan connection. It turns the fan on whenever the compressor runs. But it checks that it doesn't exceed a certain current draw, so when my fan stalled, the fridge didn't run! The light gave the correct code to tell me what was up, so a quick clean of accumulated dust, fluff and spiders web, and all was well. Just a 12 volt computer fan, same as StillCruising's above.
  11. Just double up on your fenders!
  12. Welcome to the madness that is the Northern Broads
  13. They look down upon us from the halls of Asgard and if we fail to abide by the laws of the NBN then they visit our realm , we should all beware of their wrath as they are giants , in fact I’m sure I’ve seen a photo somewhere of Grendel the Viking holding Broad Ambition in the palm of his hand .
  14. After 10 seasons at Brundall Bay marina we decided we needed a change of scenery and have moved our permanent mooring to Ferry marina at Horning. Saturday 13th was the best day for us to get the air draught we needed to get under the bridges at Yarmouth. With us being 12'6" high we need to take down the canopy, radar arch etc. and crossing Breydon water in inclement weather is not much fun I can assure you. But it was O.K. on Saturday a bit overcast and breezy but nothing too dire. Taking our time we berthed in Ferry marina 5 hours 50mins after leaving our berth in Brundall Bay. We've vey much enjoyed our years in Brundall but have had a hankering to try the Northern Broads for some time but it was a case of finding a berth that met our criteria which until this year we have never managed to do. We realise we have arrived just as the holidays are beginning making everywhere super busy which may come as a bit of a shock after the relative quietness of the Southern Broads but Heigh-Ho nothing ventured nothing gained. Carole
  15. Naturally, I could not work for a competitor for 6 months.
  16. I have been hooked on watching these all afternoon, oops haha. What a lovely couple, I will be watching more tonight.
  17. Regulo mentions an auxiliary fan that he fitted to improve airflow. Our fridge is free standing but in what can be considered as a box slightly bigger than the fridge therefore there is very little if any natural airflow. This is ok in the winter when the ambient temperature is relatively low and the compressor doesn't have to work too hard but not on hot summer days when the compressor is running for a lot longer. I was going to fit a computer fan to come on and off with the compressor by breaking into the thermostat wire but was advised against it but a friend who was the production manager of a well know fridge manufacturer. He never told me why this was not a good idea but he knew that the fridge was out of warranty so it wasn't that. In the event I made the thermostatically controlled auxiliary fan which is mounted behind the fridge so that it blows onto the compressor and evaporator with thermocouple strategically placed out of the air stream. The fan On and Off temperatures are set by the digital controller settings which you can set yourself to suit the installation. After a bit of fine tuning of the positions of the fan relative to the back of the fridge, thermocouple position and controller settings the fridge is a lot more efficient with the compressor running a lot less. Another benefit is that the reduction in the compressor run time means less amps being drawn per hour. Edit. Just noticed the photos which were portrait have attached in landscape for some reason.
  18. We've been asked about streaming CCTV online before (à la the various boatyard webcams in the Broads) however we're unable/reluctant to do this considering the data protection implications we could face, especially regarding people's faces being in the shots etc. The driver behind getting CCTV at Reedham and at our other locations was one of security and helping in the event of incidents or crime. Thanks, Tom
  19. Cameras for safety such as the new one at Reedham and at busy mooring spots I’m all in favour of but like Jayfire I’m not happy for public access webcams being erected “willy nilly” , properly monitored CCTV certainly gives added security whereas public access webcams can be used by “scroats” for all the wrong reasons.
  20. Now I'm not saying you're wrong G, infact I'm in complete agreement with you personally, but erm.....how do you know? What freaky powers do you mods have on here?
  21. dont worry they will never get a close up of you Jay, the lenses will crack first
  22. it can depend upon the circumstances, if you are moving to a competitor then it will be straight out the door, and there is usually a rider that you cant start with the competitor until your notice period expires.
  23. Welcome Tom Am I the only one who doesn't want camera's up all over the broads for public broadcast? I mean don't get me wrong I enjoy the ones which we have and have a nosey from time to time, but when I'm on the rivers I like to get away from the norm of being on display to everyone everywhere I go, the solitude and isolation of the broads is what I enjoy. Maybe it's just me
  24. You can be put on "Gardening Leave" (ie don't come to work) on full pay and you can be paid in lieu of notice and consultation periods. But if your company car is part of your contract of employment then you are entitled to personal use of the car for you notice period. I had my last company car for six month after I effectively had gone.
  25. Thank you all for the warm welcome, we're looking forward to getting more involved on here. We have got a fairly small and busy comms team but we'll try and respond to things as and when we get a chance, so please bear with us if you don't get a response as quickly as we'd like. Thanks again! Tom
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