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  2. Andy - better down and write a few risk assessments then! I suspected this was on the cards when we were discussing different ways of working perhaps - nows the chance to get some money back into the system I hope. It really does need it!
  3. Like Ray my opinion is, that in the early part of this outbreak.We were rightly shut down,for quite rightly our safety. Most of us accepted the reasons for doing so.In recent weeks the breaks have started to be lefted.Now the balance is hard to get right.To little to much.The Government are in a difficult position. I remember one of the chefs I work with told us about this virus which could be a big killer, sometime in late December or early January. I poured cold water on that remark and said that's been said before, SARS for example. How wrong I was.This disease spread quickly, for many weeks no deaths,then the numbers kept on raising.Now is the time to play our part ,dont take unnecessary risks.Meeting is large groups is a risk.We have all made big changes to our lives.Its far to say all of us want to get back to a near normal life.I look forward to getting up to the boat.A meal and a pint even going back to work.The Government have done mush to be commended, also some that quite frankly were poorly thought out. With this virus becomes more manageable, I believe there should be an inquiry. No finger pointing, but what worked ,what didn't and how best to deal with a virus outbreak like this in future. May also be an idea if other countries could undertake inquiry s too.
  4. Today
  5. I think this is part of the story that requires one to look at that very point, was advice, research and relative experience available to draw upon in addition to the SAGE group? My answer is yes there was, but how can we really discuss this in depth here? So, I will have to say that in my opinion things have been done/not done that could have been done better with knowledge available at the time. I also respect that others may not share my opinion.
  6. No, not you, and it was a definite "snipe" though I can't find it now. It was not "holding the government to account" I think I agree with you about holding the government to account, but surely that should only happen if there were better options recommended to that government at that time. Hindsight should play no part.
  7. Provide a link please to this guidance
  8. I should qualify my statement: guidance to provide clarity over what we can and can't do. Whatever that guidance is, there is no way that I will be offering any boat hire whilst the daily figures hover as they are currently.
  9. Day boat operators will however have to implement good hygiene and social distancing measures to ensure the public is protected I.e cleaning the boat after each trip etc
  10. Every citizen has a duty to hold government to account, its not disloyal or treason, it doesn't even favour other Parties and groups, it is democracy in action. Calling it whinging is to devalue to whole system of checks and balances! Was it me? I got bored to death by page 3 ( jokes about P3 will be irrelevant but funny)
  11. The new regulations for opening car showrooms also specifically confirms boatyards and hire boats can operate but only for daytime activity so they don’t need to get any further guidance from Defra or the BA as the legislation is very clear on this issue. Hopefully this works out well for Herbert Woods et al
  12. how long will it be before i am known as 'please make 2 Grendel'
  13. Just for old times sake I went back and read the first dozen or so pages of posts in this thread. It made interesting reading. Our attitudes were completely different back in late Feb early March... all except one who was already taking advantage of the virus to whinge about the government.
  14. I noticed yesterday, and this morning, that Barnes, NBD and Herbert Woods were shuffling day boats about and assumed a desire to take advantage of the relaxation in regulations so far. Natural enough. I have also noticed a shuffling around in a few of Woods larger boats, this might be normal maintenance but they don't seem to have touched them for weeks, why start now ? Might be wishful thinking but no harm in hoping, especially if Mr Banner has been told some guidance is coming soon !
  15. I like the 'On this day....' photos Chris, nice idea
  16. I haven't spoken to Barnes, but I did hear that they and some others were gearing up for a start. I have spoken to the BA and there is not current approval from Defra for this to happen, though the department is expected to issue some guidance soon. It certainly wouldn't be the first time that the wider public had been told before a government authority.
  17. Similar scenario used to occur in the RN. If a 'Rating' i.e a non commissioned orifice had a 'Special / Nice / New' car at their disposal, they were ordered to keep it parked in the orifice's car park. Nowadays one would hope that the RN in particular has relaxed it's outdated class system somewhat Griff
  18. A lot of people said the same after VE Day celebrations- not sure I have seen and evidence of that? Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  19. We may well see infection rates raise here and in America due to thousands in close contact. Also unless I missed the latest from the Government, only six people meeting at once.Not six thousand!
  20. I was just going to post as seen on Instagram. Shame for the businesses that the weather has changed back to 'winter'! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  21. Well if it`s good enough for the riot police to wear them then it`s all equal, at least the guy`s & gal`s didn`t have to remove their badge numbers
  22. Not for the right reasons I suspect
  23. At least most were wearing face coverings.
  24. Oi! Take that back now! Don't stifle my only talent!
  25. Looks like some places are opening up for day boat hire from Monday..... Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
  26. We had left the EU before the outbreak started to gain traction. I would be amazed if the 27 wanted to add an extra member.
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