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  2. Just because us men are intelligent enough to make some of you ladies believe you're "the boss" in order to get what we want, doesn't make it the case in reality Now where did I just drop that pen
  3. An old saying but true:- Yes he is the head of the household and I am the neck that turns the head.
  4. Today
  5. Love it, you go girl It's funny because Jay and I were having this same conversation this morning, he seems to think he's the boss, well I cried laughing That's a brilliant post from Paul, I bet his boss hasn't seen it Grace
  6. One step closer........ As from next week I will be working for an agency in Norwich. Busy in the summer and Nov to Jan with a quiet couple of months until Easter, sounds perfect. I'll stay in Norwich during the week and then either return home at weekends or Debs will come up there if we have boats to look at. It really feels like it is happening now :)
  7. It is a wonderful view and we are looking forward to seeing it soon. It just happens to be about 12,000 miles away. Ah well. Chris
  8. Yesterday
  9. I'd love to be able to take a cruiser, hopefully Lightning up the canal sometime, as the locks are 14ft wide (told to me by one of their facache members) and easily able to take the largest Broads cruisers. However, whether that will ever be possible I don't know, but I can live in hope. It's great to see all the restoration progressing really well, and I hold a deep admiration for those volunteers who have for years been doing some pretty arduous work. Should the canal ever be fully reopened and connected back to the main Broads network, it will be to them we would all be greatful to.
  10. Sssssshhhhhhh, don't let John (Maurice M) hear you say it 😊.
  11. Most of the bases in France had two each so there are probably a few more floating (hopefully) around somewhere! They were all incredibly well laid up boats and I’m sure that of the 300 odd built most are still around in one form or another. i was privileged to work at P&H during that era in a time where they just built themselves out of recession with hard fought capital investment. Bill Moore had a vision which he fully achieved 👍
  12. Ok dear Ian or should I say Chelsea14Ian, who is the boss in our house ? Your wife . Marina
  13. Does there need to be another reason? The most beautiful place less than an hour from where I live.
  14. How are things going at Ebridge Lock? See photo. The west wing wall is re-pointed. The shuttering is in ready for a concrete pour tomorrow. The brickwork repairs are well under way. The Stop Plank Grooves are in place, Finally, the Stop Planks are ready to collect from the manufacturers. Unashamedly pinched from their FB group Griff
  15. Thanks. Indeed I am on Jazz 5 and I've really enjoyed it. The top steering isn't for the feint-hearted, being inaccessible for anyone with the mildest of mobility difficulties and full on as far as exposure to the elements is concerned. However, you get all the benefits of a forward drive with the top steering thrown in, so all good from my point of view. I think it could be the case that all the 29s are back 'home' on the Broads now. Brinks have 5, Silverline have 2, Richardsons have 1 and I've seen 2 private ones.
  16. Very nice,apart from being on the broads.Why are you lucky?
  17. Itchy, Weepy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful, Psycho? Sorry my answers to any quiz get no better Thought you'd been on the beers ST, but then I remembered
  18. Karen and I used to do quizies regurly with friends. We soon set our team name as "The Midway Runners" because we mostly came around middle for diddle in the standings. We did however win a few, the winners being tasked with writing the next quiz, and I often wrote the sporting questions. I always did a fair mix of very easy, medium, and hard questions to enable everyone to at least get some right. What is annoying is when they say the quizmaster is always right, and you know they are wrong, especially where prize money is concerned. We once won a quiz because the full answer was 7 names, a point for each, and bonus up to 10 if you got all 7, which I did. Can any of you guess what the question was?.
  19. I got 7, mur mur mu mur mur 😂
  20. Send them to Saudi Arabia to be charged and punished
  21. Best answer so far, and one i totally agree with. As someone posted above about putting all there personal and prized possessions on an iron girder, i would put put their hands and wedding tackle on the girder and hit them with a sledge hammer, several times as well.
  22. For years I used to set a pub quiz and we regularity has between 60 to 70 people attend ranging from 18 year old students to couples aged in their 70’s , the hardest thing was setting the questions so that they didn’t favour one or other generation . Mike has done an excellent job at the two Spring meet quizzes I have partaken in and Katie and I have found them most enjoyable. Perhaps an idea to consider is when the numbers have been confirmed for next years meet , the teams can be arranged prior to the meet (groups of 4 if poss) and each team compose a set of 10 questions (less if too many teams) obviously the setting teams would be unable to answer their own questions during the quiz but all teams would end up answering the same number of questions , that way a wide range and style of questions would be set . if an attendee would be happy to be question master then the questions could be pm’d to them prior to the meet
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