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  2. I don't think the risk from over nighting is low - its NIL in the circumstances explained! Not low, NIL! Its all about nimbys who won't allow second homers go back to their properties - I don't have a view on them as it does not affect me, but I am intrigued by the fact that some in Southwold, for example, still want them to stay away, yet in the same breath want extra Govt help in keeping their businesses alive, the very same the second homers attract and support! Cannot have it both ways!!!!!
  3. As it is a quiet Sunday morning I have been having another look at this photo. The roof over the front cabin where the mast is stepped is clearly the coach roof. The area with the larger window forms more of a cuddy, which shields the cockpit and the main companionway into the cabin, from the weather. So this could probably be called a coach house roof. So now, having imparted that little gem of maritime memorabilia for your delectation I will go away and get on with some railway modelling. By the way, I like the little "arsesprit" which supports the standing backstay!
  4. One thing i have learned is that despite no contact, with a little constructive thought and technology, group activities can continue. i am still regularly managing to do yoga, in fact my next session is in just over an hour. Despite what you are told when you ask to work from home, it is quite possible, and makes life outside work easier, by allowing more time to get things done.
  5. Many thanks and all understood but there still seems to be a misunderstanding regarding the role of the Merchant Navy Assn Boat Club as regards promoting the RNLI's Respect the Water campaign which is what our initiative is actually about. We are NOT never have been and never will be seeking to become a Cat 1 responder Interestingly none of the comments on the NBN forum have mentioned the Norfolk & Suffolk Boating Association (NSBA) but their excellent Green Book has featured an article on the MNA and our Boat Club regularly every year so from now on rather than me responding to each of these posts individually I would refer anyone who wants to know about the role of the MNA Boat Club to 81 of the 219 edition of the Green Book
  6. Just heard a piece on BBC breakfast, according to them you can go out side of your house with one person from another household 6 feet apart, avoiding shops and crowds.About as clear as mud.I will check this out Monday with my GP.
  7. of course not Tim, I think technically you are allowed to start at 8am for things like jackhammers on building sites but not on sundays (for building sites) I generally deem 8am acceptable, as i will normally have been awake several hours by then, especially when the neighbours have been up past midnight with a barbecue / fire chatting noisily. (actually in those circumstances i sometimes consider 5am acceptable
  8. In fact I'm sat here wondering if quarter past eight on a Sunday morning is too early to drag the table saw out and get on with some work!
  9. I think Tim has had his fair share of yacht club commodores that think they know the regulations but dont.
  10. Today
  11. Check my post from last night on Corona virus. Its the way I feel.Think I made it very clear. I do agree we all need to be very careful, theres still too many people infected.To be safer that must come down.
  12. I thought of you this morning when I heard that you had been told you can now leave the house. I am still a bit sceptical about all this , a lot of people seem to think it is all over and it is a free for all as far as meeting people and travelling etc. I am still going to err on the side of caution and keep my distance and unless necessary not meet other people even at a distance because I am not convinced this virus has gone away in any shape or form.
  13. I don't want MY freedom to use my boat jepordized but others. I agree the risk is low and over the top in most Broads cases, but whilst the rules are in force I feel we must abide by them
  14. Think If I'm correct in reading this on the BBC web page it is.If you are on your own you can meet one other person from another household outside.I was told early on that I could go out to my garden,which I've done all the time.Theres only Marina and my self in the house.Think this item suggested you were not allowed out before,which was not the case. Mind you its unusual that the press get it wrong.
  15. Oh it won't Vaughan, I've got my beady eye on 'em, besides which...I don't have a blazer. I do a good line in tweed though!
  16. When I see in the papers the enormous crowds on beaches all over the British coastline this weekend I hardly think a cabin cruiser moored overnight at Paddy's Lane is going to change anything but that's just my opinion of course. Maybe this is a "public duty" for what Stumpy has called - on another thread - "blazered buffers in well polished Freemans"? I am only joking of course, as I would hate to see this forum go down that route and we must be careful that we don't!
  17. If needed the Great Yarmouth and Gorlesdon Atlantic 75 ( I don't think it has been upgraded to an 85 yet ) could be deployed. This craft on the benign waters of The Broads would be very rapid indeed should the present arrangements up river require extra assistance. Broads Beat's Orkney Pilot House is also not short on power if needed at an incident.
  18. The news this morning is that the very vunerable who are "Shielding" can now go out tomorrow. I really hope that all these changes are not happening too fast and are trully based on scientific evidence and not being driven by economics. Likewise I am worried that the school re-opening programme is not so much about education but more about free child care and is based on economic thinking.
  19. Yesterday
  20. The news today,its been a good day.From Monday six people can meet,children can go back to school.A good day,is that correct. Yet today over two hundred people died, many of which a slow and painful death. The start of the week a airplane crashed in Pakistan. 97 sadly died.We were shocked .Every death is sad a life gone,family and friends affected by there passing.Yet today 200 odd gone many a painful death. Pain touching family and friends, the Doctors and nurses, the cleaner left to clean up the departed.A good day!Now nearly 40 thousand lives lost to this dreadful virus. HOW many more.So Monday more freedom,just think for a moment, dont take unnecessary risks. None of us has the cast iron shield. We are all at risk be careful, stay safe we must beat this.
  21. T’other Simon, Mirage 😋It was supposed to just have a smile on it not a water drip.😀
  22. They don't have a USP, plain & simple. By suggesting that they have a roll to play implies a criticism of those who already fulfill a similar if not identical duty. I find that distasteful.
  23. Hmmm.... point well made, can’t see the usp with these good people, are they really any more than good samaritans such as you JM or I would be in a situation requiring help. The AA have helicopters which neither public service nor quangos can provide and really add value to our broads scenario hence I have no qualms in contributing to. BB seem(ed?) to be searching for a gap in the system which doesn’t exist save for an exceptional event whereby standby services eg Hemsby lifeboat etc cant cope.... not sure that’s ever happened. Amiable aims, bluntly bluff? If it’s their own money then full marks for effort, if shaking a tin then consider the AA or the lifeboats before you throw!
  24. Funny thing Simon, I was thinking about you guys this afternoon. 😅
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