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  1. Today
  2. Yep, received ours today too, just a tad under 3% rise for us as well. I can live with that I suppose. Last years crewed up days onboard 'B.A' was our lowest yet since we recommissioned her back in 2007. That worked out at £8:49 per day for the toll alone, our best year that I have records to hand for was 2017 - £4:63 per day for the toll used. Need to get out more and we will this year. 2019 was an annus horribilus for us at this hovel, particularly for me and MrsG. Griff
  3. We lived in Norway for 3 x years, October through to April, winter tyres were a legal requirement. Over there, they didn't muck about the winter tyres had steel studs in the shoulders. I once remember driving down the Dramensvien (a motorway)on hard packed snow comfortably sat at about 80mph quite happily. Three winters driving over there, I learnt more about winter driving than a lifetime of it over here. We could also volunteer for the Marines winter driving survival course - which I did, great fun and very surprising too Griff
  4. Yesterday
  5. Quite surprised to see low profile 50 sides fitted to a working Transit. You and me both Griff
  6. Excellent company to deal with
  7. The loss of Somerleyton & Reedham bridges would have a devastating effect on the long established and popular Brundall Trundle. The Broads does have fixed bridges, arguably a precedent has long been set. I'm afraid that Vaughan's dire warning is probably realistic. Railtrack, unlike the Broads Authority, almost certainly has a near bottomless purse when it comes to litigation. Lifting cabin roofs and radar arches with counter-weights set in tabernacles is the way forward.
  8. It is all scaremongering, if they had their way all food would be boring, life is for living. I for one do not want to live to be 111yrs old.
  9. Interesting program on the telly tonight about dieting. The calories and unhealthy goodies in a curry meal, arghhhh! As much as I love good Indian food I think I'd best avoid all Indian restaurants and takeaways. PS, agree about the Acle one. PPS, there is a very fine Indian Restaurant at Oulton Broad https://www.laboneindiancuisine.com/
  10. never not felt safe and in younger days could not afford to do it anyway. now dont feel the need
  11. Hello I have had a quote for a canvas canopy for my speedboat including the stainless work from Bailey and Stone and it is in my view a good price. Before I push the button on the deal I just wanted to know who else has had work done by them and what your experiences of them are/were Thanks
  12. Ray

    2020 Tolls

    Yes, no complaint about the toll, just want more hours cruising 👍
  13. Smoggy

    2020 Tolls

    I paid about that for a similar sized boat on the gt.ouse back in 2011 and that didn't include the stretch of the cam into cambridge, for quite a bit of the time the river was closed due to flood drainage through the locks, and for a while nav was restricted between the two non tidal bits (the middle of the system) due to lack of water. I don't moan about the broads tolls! I won't even try to work out my daily rate as last year we spent most of our boaty holidays not even on the broads as we went coastal.
  14. Some of you might recognise the venerable stinky on the right! I don't think that she's been abandoned.
  15. Not great in our opinion We have used Ali Spice at Coltishall many times and has always been superb. Acle Spice? It was Ok, but.... Julie had Chicken Bhuna with Pilau rice and the chicken was quite tough, albeit the sauce was nice, a little hot for her tastes I had chicken Madras and again I thought the chicken, which was in chunks was quite tough, the sauce was Ok, but nothing special We ordered poppadoms with Mango chutney and what we expected was spiced onions as starter The poppadoms were fine, the chutney watery and the onions...well I have chopped onions finer in a stew... and no, they didn't come with any spice So for us.. Acle Spice won't be used again, but we can't wait to try Ali Spice at Coltishall as they have always been first class for us
  16. Yes, the Swan in Loddon is dog friendly. I think the bar area was quite spacious. At least it was when we visited a few years ago.
  17. well finally i have finished off the horns, all nicely polished and mounted, just the wooden mount to go under it now
  18. It just makes life easier and safer. I also used to drive 25000+ miles a year in Cortina and Sierra ghias rear wheel drives without problems. But why not make life safer and easier.
  19. the round one sounds like a perfect match for the one i have., if i can have that pls. did you want me to collect from you? can collect tomorrow eve as i'm dropping the wife off in town about 7
  20. I agree with what you say but the thin end of the wedge was when they approved the building of the southern by-pass flyover at Postwick. This effectively closed Norwich for all time as a port. It happened, don't forget, only just after they had spent many millions on the Breydon bascule bridge and the new Trowse rail bridge, which at once were rendered redundant in terms of maritime navigation. What happens next will simply be inevitable, I fear.
  21. How was the Indian? Hear it is good but haven't tried it myself yet.
  22. Hopefully the new Italian in Brundall will be open and do takeaway or even better a delivery service soon if people like Italian food.
  23. Canal and river trust was I believe the same at 2.9%.
  24. I have one 17/18 inch high round one and one 17/18 long sausage shaped one. The round one is Anchor Marine, the other is not. Both in reasonable to good condition, both white, both need a clean, either or both are free. Neither have a string on them. Can send photo if required.
  25. Yes but surely the right to navigation has to be changed via a change to the act of parliament for there to be a fixed structure at trowse , I've asked this question elsewhere in the past " just exactly how much time is lost in slowing down to cross the existing bridge " bearing in mind it's quite near the station I would expect train's to be going slower anyway , obviously if the doubling of the track required a movable bridge as it currently has to be then there's an increase in cost but it also costs to change the law which may fail , after all a lot of people expected Heathrow to get the third runway . Either way it could very easily be the thin end of the wedge .
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