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  2. Too true.... I guess that’s what came of cutting my teeth after leaving school working on these things at a Rover dealership. Funny how you remember things, that are no use to no one . Things are a lot different now, I can boar most folks to tears with container refrigeration and shipping....
  3. I've just googled Mayfair magazine....I have to say I'm shocked. It took me a good 20 minutes to find my way off of the page MM you should be ashamed of yourself for bringing this to my attention
  4. I once heard them described as Gentlemen's Special Interest Magazines lol Sounds more English than "nice cup of tea"
  5. What's that MM? A magazine about the west end of London?? Is it worth a read?
  6. Today
  7. Unfortunately, i have no need for any of your mags. I do remember buying loads myself. I regularly bought PBO, MBY and YM. I stopped buying them when all they started testing was large unaffordable luxury boats and yachts, and only wanted to do features on sailing abroad, the Carribean and Med etc, so had nothing of interest or in common with me, and what type of boating i could afford. It`s a shame as they used to be a great monthly read, of which i used to look forward to.
  8. I think you need to get out more
  9. Hi all, Karen and i will be aboard Lightning for a week from the date above. Is anybody else about then, if so, please come and say hello. It`s always great to meet fellow forumites and put faces to names. I`m not sure where we`ll be going yet, although Loddon is a definite, and more than likely Oulton Broad, as my Brother and Sister in Law will hopefully be on their boat by then. Otherwise we`ll be doing it the right way, point her somewhere and see where we end up. One other point, we have a share for sale in Lightning, so will probably have the signs in the windows, so if anybody see`s us, and is considering buying into a syndicate, we`d be happy to give you a guided tour, and explain how the syndicate system works. Anybody about that week?.
  10. O series for the 2.0 litres, S series for the 1.6 litre. The O series came from the Sherpa Van and was also used in the SD1 2000. Think it was the short lived 1.6 R series used in the first Maestro’s that we’re a derivative from the B series before these were changed to the S series? The bottom end of the O series was used for the base of the T series 2.0 16v twin cam used in the Rover 820. Not sure the O series was ever 16v? (It was a long time ago)....
  11. Sony still manufacture everything in Japan. I believe some Samsung Notes are made in South Korea, as are some HTC phones, otherwise it's China or Taiwan, which is China by another name.
  12. I was 9 years old when that photo was taken, I can remember sitting on that white ramp a few times !
  13. The chances are Paul, even those are built in China. I was told by a friend, albeit hearsay, that well in excess of 90% of the electronic goods around the worl are actually built in China. Whether that`s true or not i don`t know, but i know it IS a large percentage.
  14. I always thought FSO Polonez used out of date Fiat lumps. That was another car I had for a while a Fiat Supermirafiori twin cam Sport. Like someone said about their Alfa! When it ran and was on tune it was fantastic. Sadly that was not too often.
  15. No I don't think there was much Honda on a K series! But if you got one of the models that had a Honda engine (complete with VTEC) they were sound. Actually I think with a proper rebuild and upgraded gaskets / cooling system then the K series can be sound as well.
  16. The moral being if you don't want a mobile phone built in China, buy a Sony.
  17. Not as many as a lot of people think. There is a lot of Daffodils shuffled around the internet about the K series engine. In fact it was very good, which is why it found it's way into such legendary cars as the Lotus Elise and Exige, Ariel Atom, GTM Sabre and the FSO Polonez. OK, there has to be an exception to every rule. They were very revvy and offered great performance and economy for their time. A lot of people drove around in Rovers thinking they were driving a Honda engined car when in fact they had a K series. It was fun looking at Autotrader ads saying "Honda Engine" when in fact the model in question was only ever fitted with K series. I had three cars down the years with K series engines, never a problem with any of them. They were generally very reliable as long as they were serviced properly. The MG Montego used the Austin O series, a development of the B series introduced in 1950, so very old tech but it was developed and upgraded, and as you suggest it's simplicity helped with reliability. It did eventually get 16 valves, and Lucas electronic injection. With 150bhp and 0-60 in under 8 seconds it was quicker than a Golf GTi. Just a shame that bits kept dropping off it.
  18. Samsung Galaxy - Made In China iPhone X - Made in China Pixel 3 - Made in Taiwan (China)
  19. I have just flashed my Samsung with a debloated and rooted version of the stock firmware and it's so much cleaner, battery also seems to be lasting longer. Admittedly during the process I have started looking at new phones several times as I thought I'd killed it beyond repair, still good though.
  20. Totally correct it had the biggest SU I think I have ever seen feeding the turbo. This gave the car a bit of a funny trait. If you dropped a cog or two to set up for a corner as the revs rose the car would accelerate for about a second, I think it must have been some sort of residual fuel and the turbo thinking it was wanted. My following car was a Rover 825 Stirling which was a really lovely car for it's day both took me down to Port Leucate twice effortlessly
  21. Lol Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  22. Wroxham Friday evening in early September 81 - mixed bag of weather the last couple of days. Some of Loynes fleet of woodies. Can see a couple of Lock Ness class; maybe a Loch Tulla or Arron class. Is the nearest one Loch Sandy?. The nearest boat sheds are Loynes - can't remember if the newer sheds next to them are Loynes as well. Would the sheds in the distance on the left of pic still have been Ernest Collins at this date? Pic is very grainy as scanned from a slide that has deteriorated.
  23. In 2002 we bought a Rover connoisseur estate. Within a short time it developed a rattle from behind the dashboard that drove us crackers. It turned out to be a loose component that Rover were aware of and there was a scheme in hand to deal with it that dealerships were apprised of. It then developed a roar that sounded as if the baffles had been removed from the exhaust . Numerous trips to the local dealership failed to locate the problem. While at the annual motor show I buttonholed a chap manning the Rover stand who proved to be the National Sales director, He promised that after the show closed and he had time to deal with all that had cropped up there he would get in touch with us and see about getting our problem sorted. True to his word we had a call from him to take the car to Marshalls in Cambridge where he would arrange for a specialist mechanic to meet us.. The mechanic came as arranged and took the car out for a spin and on his return told us he had located the problem. It turned out to be something loose between the head lining and the roof! We collected the car next day - problem solved. We kept the car for 5 years in total and never had any other problems with it. We occasionally still see it around locally looking immaculate and obviously still in good running order. Carole
  24. There were quite a lot of Honda bits on the nineties Rovers, so they weren't too bad unless they had the dreaded K series in them... My brother in law had one of those 400's and had it years without too much trouble. The Montego Turbo I have a feeling was not an EFI engine, bizzarely, perhaps due to complexity / budget? I wonder if it was therefore a bit more reliable as mid 80's electronics were not the best. I do seem to remember they were not hard to blow up if thrashed, but then any high-performance engine is like that.
  25. Publication ended Oct 2014. I used to buy the odd copy and have various months issues between 2004 and 2014 (totalling 35 issues), if anyone wants them as follows:- 2004 - June 2005 - October 2006 - Jan / Oct / Nov 2007 - April 2008 - Jan / Feb / July / Aug / Sept / Nov / Dec 2009 - March / Apr / July / Aug / Nov / Dec 2010 - Jan / March / June / Sept / Oct 2011 - Feb / May / July / Aug / Sept / Nov 2012 - Apr / Sept / Oct 2013 - Sept 2014 - Sept It's all or nothing, as I want to make space, so they're all going to recycling unless anyone wants them ALL. Available either for collection in Kent or by arrangement on the Broads. Rgds, Steve
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