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  2. I blame that Galileo! Thanks MM, I can see what you mean 👍
  3. As a matter of interest, as a private broad is it subject to legal speed limits? if so who dictates the limit and who enforces them? I am fully aware that there are 5 mph speed limits as you enter the broad, but their validity rather depends on the answers to the above questions.
  4. It would be far less expensive to design cabin tops which narrowed towards the top -like they used to in the old days.......
  5. It sounds good Ray, but sadly it's a non starter. The water inside the boat weighs the same as the water outside the boat. I know that's stating the obvious but the effect of it may be less so. For every inch lowered the volume of water required is equal to the area of the vessel times 1 inch. so, roughly speaking to lower a 30' craft by one inch requires 26.25 gallons of water. To reduce the airdraft from 6' 6" to 6' requires tanks to hold 137 gallons. Rounding things down a bit, think of it as 3 x 40 gallon oil drums concealed evenly in a 30 ft boat So this is, in essence, is the problem. To make any significant lowering, the holding tanks would have to be many and evenly spread. Not easy .
  6. The main problem with taking a river boat to sea is anything of 5 and over the sediment that accumulates in the fuel tank gets stirred up, blocking the filters, sea boats should have two or more parreled fuel filters for each engine with cross valves with plenty of spares. John
  7. Today
  8. Ongoing maintainance is split 12 1/2 ways, and YES, you can do DIY, but only to maintain in her current shape. Any changes to layout, spec etc has to be agreed with all members, which i`m sure you`ll agree is only reasonable. Re Lack of spontaneity, that`s the only real drawback, but you can use other peoples unused weeks which may precede or follow your allocated week. Without doubt, there are far more benefits to syndicate ownership than there are drawbacks. On a personal not, we passed you at Beccles YS last year and saw you moored there, we could`nt get back through the bridge, half an hour too late, but by the time we came back the following morning, you`d gone. It would have been nice to say hello again, as we met you at Beccles once before.
  9. That wasn't what was being said when we were all being told to fit Co alarms in our cabins and houses. though of course co alarms are not VAT free. As I cannot make comment on this without being blatantly political, I shall say no more... no I shall add this... There is a difference between being "globally green" and being "locally green" Locally green means clean here but polluting somewhere else (electric cars etc.) Globally green means trying to clean up our act without upsetting elsewhere. (reducing single use plastics where possible etc.) One company has been advertising as product which comes in a recyclable plastic bottle, but to show their green credentials they now offer refills that come in single use non recyclable plastic sachets. You couldn't make it up!!!
  10. Brilliant idea. And YES, it could be done, but it would be expensive, which is why hire fleets would no doubt not bother with, easier to put a plack on saying "will not pass....". Haveing said that, yes, if it was available, do it i say.
  11. Us woodies just turn the bilge pump off for a few mins.
  12. Ex Pilot - I realise the banks have not been raised generally above the bridge - but did they raise them below the bridge? Or downstream of where the bungalows start? I was in fact talking about the WHOLE programme throughout Broadland as referred to in the previous post where I believe they have been raised in quite a lot of places - or so I thought? Have they not also been doing bits above the bridge around Hickling or have they just been strengthening the old banks - thinking about it it is probably the latter. They have certainly done that bit recently on Meadow Dyke as you get towards the Mere.
  13. Inspired by MM's thread but not wanting to hijack it, there was a suggestion for a submarine to deal with that bridge. Later there was talk of extra ballast. Is it a pure flight of fancy to think these two idea could be combined, surely it would not be technically difficult to have floodable tanks incorporated with decent pumps dedicated to them. Approach bridge, flood tanks, pass under bridge, empty tanks. No extra draught for shallow areas after the crossing. No doubt a bit of clever engineering will be needed in the design, location and capacity of the tanks to ensure an even keel, but that's not difficult for those with the knowledge and skill. Could even be added to pre-existing boats with a bit of care.
  14. Too damn right. Back in the early 90s, i wanted to buy some flourescent lights for my Pandora International. We lived near Leeds Castle in Kent, and Lee Davey Caravans was just up the road, so i went there. I bought 2 x 16 watt double tube flourescent light units for £26.00 (actually £12.95 each). Some weeks later, i needed to buy a couple of stop cocks, plus skin fittings and tail pieces, so went to one of the Chandlers in the Mudway towns. While there, i saw exactly the same light units, price?, .....£30 EACH. As you say, attach the word Boat. I know Brian Wards gives us a discount, but if you`re anywhere near Brundall, or passing that way to your boat, there`s a caravan and accessories place on the OLD A47 to the east of Brundall / Blofield where you can buy things for boats at a fraction of the cost from chandlers. Maybe if more people were to start buying bits from alternative suppliers, chandlers won`t be too keen to rip people off.
  15. Hi Bill No, 'Bill theKettle' is still on Braveheart, he (Bill the Kettle) is now part of Braveheart's heritage. Great kettle by the way.. John.
  16. Do you think the bar closed then??? Or may one of them had to go to bed as it was family. Family can range from 0 - 100 these days in ages.
  17. It seems that if you say it enough times, people might start to believe it! A quick Google search of potter bridge sinking reveals pages and pages of info on the subject, all from the two mainstream forums, yet not a shred of real evidence from any official sources. The bridge was built circa 1385 and has probably finished settling by now. I would have thought that since the new road bridge was built that there is less traffic over the bridge now? Likewise to pick up on Marshmans point about the flood defences being raised, as stated on the BFAP website, the aim of the project was to strengthen, maintain and restore the height of the flood defences to a height that existed in 1995. It was stated that the project will not prevent all future flooding as land that flooded in 1995 will still be subject to periodic flooding at the end of the project. An interesting fact I hadn't spotted before is that the project defined the first 12 years to carry out the major improvements with the remaining 8 years maintaining those improvements. Beyond the end of the project which I believe ends in 2021, the defences must have another 7 years of life, which takes us up to 2028!!! What happens after that. Perhaps I'd better start a new thread?
  18. One of the best airguns BSA ever made
  19. Ah but which drone Jay - mine or the "crowd buster". I can think of a great business if we could get it sanctioned by the BA. "Don't put up with noisy neighbours - we'll stop it quick with our light sabers! The thing that surprised me the most was that they were families - not all male or female - and I had somehow in my head equated posh, top of the range boats, with perhaps a more reserved clientele. I wondered if they had behaved that way on all of their previous night stops, and if so was glad I had not come across them before. However, to re-iterate - the noise did stop around 10pm so it could have been worse.
  20. First of all, the evidence IS out there to prove i`m right, but it`s more than just that, there are other factors. BUT, i`m NOT going to discuss it on THIS thread, it`s about John trying to find a suitable boat. I bet you will agree with that too John, what cottage was it behind the Pleasure boat?
  21. Jay, Both the Pleasure Boat and I would look forwards to such an event, there is even a small mud slipway by the stern of Nyx. Rowdy is not a problem, boozy is encouraged and the pub enjoys live music, often providing its own. Just please make sure you visit when I'm there.
  22. Thanks Alan. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the engine bay space. Two 190 Yanmars on shafts with filters and sea cocks accessible and I could stand between the two. As always its the skippers call on sea and weather conditions so I will remain optimistic !! Many thanks and best wishes Paul
  23. Thanks Smoggy She has two 190 Yanmars on shafts. Mixed feelings at the moment but im still optimistic, after all its always the skippers call after weather forecasts, sea states etc Its my knees that will have the biggest say ! Regards Paul
  24. Sorry, Speedtriple. Potter bridge is NOT sinking - or, at least, it hasn't during the last thirty years. How do I know this? Because County Highways monitor the bridge using the very latest measuring techniques. The water levels HAVE risen. How do I know this? Because, for the last thirty years we have lived by the river above the bridge. For ten of those years I was lifting riverside bungalows to prevent them being flooded by the increasingly high tides. If I may, I feel I must correct MM, too. The riverbanks were certainly not raised along the Thurne. Indeed we have a written guarantee from BESL that they would not be. All of our properties are located within the functioning flood plain of the River Thurne. Any raising of the riverbanks would have placed the properties at increased risk of fluvial flooding. The banks weren't raised, they were strengthened by significantly increasing their width.
  25. Sorry Speedy, but I thick there is enough evidence around now to disprove the "That bridge is sinking" theory. it seems that the tide for whatever reason just isn't going down as far as it used to. Some blame lack of dredging others put it down to the flood alleviation works and there's a third option (which I go for) saying it's probably a mix of the two, but it is what it is and we have to live with it. I appreciate that, for reasons I won't go into, you are not one who would regularly moor outside pubs, I'm moored outside the Pleasure Boat inn, and although we used to moor there in "Royal Sovereign" a 35' back in the 90s, boats of that size are noticeable by their absence. If extra ballast is the only way forwards, then extra ballast it will have to be, that seems to be one compromise I'd be prepared to make. I would have to make sure though that the depth of water by the houseboats on Hickling would accommodate the extra draft. The reason I'm looking at boats larger than Nyx is that if I'm going to be a "continuous cruiser" for a couple of years, I will need a bit more space. 6'10" beam boats do not offer this. My parents and I have owned several in years gone by when on the canal network so … not for me.... been there , done that. To Davydine. I was admiring Sea Lord from afar when I was last on the broads, and it was that boat that had me wondering about larger boats going under PHB. However, with a 12' beam I think it unlikely she would make it. Great Gem has the same beam. To all, Dare I suggest to Clive at Richardson's that perhaps building some boats that will make the trip might be economically viable? I would add that no way would I be able to afford a new vessel, but there is enough water above the bridge to be explored. Well I mentioned the "throwing down of the gauntlet" and it would seem that there are no GRP boats over 30' that are 'suitable for the broads' … unless you know differently.
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