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  2. Richardsons are probably as capable of repairing your boat as anyone but who actually repairs your boat is down to you & your insurance company.
  3. Yep, same boat but now bit cheaper and with a broker.
  4. The suns out, the moon is reducing in intensity, time to move on, please.
  5. https://www.brightonboatsales.co.uk/boats-for-sale/caribbean-39-cruiser/
  6. Today
  7. and that would help what ....how.... What is your point??
  8. We`re staying in a hotel in Gravesend for the Easter weekend. Went to Brands Hatch today, and round my Brothers for a chinese this evening. We got back here to the hotel half an hour ago, and the Moon was crystal clear, and absolutely enormous, it must be at its nearest part of its orbit. It`s an amazing sight to see.
  9. Makes a change from lads on Herbert Woods or Barnes Brinkcraft. I wonder how long it will be before people say "lads on boats are never a problem"?. Just another example of the fact they ARE. Either way, it does`nt go any way to repairing any damage done to your boat. A couple of years back, we had a couple on one of Silverlines boats reverse full throttle into the bow of Lightning bending the bow roller all out of shape rendering it useless. The couple DID`NT stop, but lucky for us owners, there were 8 eye witnesses who all shouted several times at the couple to stop, one of them being the harbour master (at Beccles yacht station), and when contacted, Silverline were straight forward and held their hands up and paid ALL monies for repairs and replacements. I sincerely hop you have no problems with Richardsons.
  10. Moored on a wild mooring just north of Acle bridge, we were T boned by one of Richardson's finest, full of lads more interested in taking 'selfies' than driving the boat. Not happy. They were not even going to stop if I had not called them back. BA and Richardson's rung and messages left with both. First trip out this season... great
  11. It's now owned by kingfisher not the marina, not sure whats going on at the marina as theres fences missing and only 13 boats, they may have bought out the lot.
  12. Beautiful..... If someone had said to you six weeks ago "give me £10 pounds and I'll give you great Easter weather"
  13. Think you need to get out more!
  14. The Yellow one? Was a private sale when I saw the advert. Gumtree or Preloved I believe.
  15. I see that the Brighton one is under offer. Load of dosh!
  16. There we go sir https://www.waveneyrivercentre.co.uk/stays-and-boat-hire/boat-hire/holiday-cruisers/
  17. Unsurprisingly Ranworth was full so bit the bullet , paid £10 !!!!! And we’re moored at Salhouse Broad for the evening
  18. Think you need to get out more.
  19. Shame I can`t simply click on that link and be redirected.
  20. Had to do a screen shot as kept getting message -200. Is this because I rec'd it from my son who is on his way to Norfolk from Australia and he sent it via Whatsapp? Nice stopover if you are travelling from Aus to UK, 5 days sailing, island hopping.
  21. Moon and charter boat last night , Kea Island, Greece.
  22. This post makes me laugh, not sure it was intended but great wording C4I Great pictures FTM
  23. Tuesday 16th April Today was the day the sun really arrived, and we sat enjoying the morning at Wayford Bridge all alone as the Bridgecraft boats that had joined us the night before had all left early on that morning. Once we finally set off, it was back across Barton Broad and the return along the River Ant. Once we had passed a much busier Ludham Bridge, I rejoined The Bure and travelled to Horning where we stopped outside The Ferry Inn and had a drink in the sunshine before walking down to the village and sitting outside The New Inn with a drink and a light dinner. Feeling the sun burning our skin we returned back along the road and to the boat, setting off for further up the River Bure to Wroxham. As it had just passed 1700 when we arrived I once again moored up on the Bridge Pilot mooring for the night and we headed into town for drinks and more games, before a chippy tea onboard and bed. The warmer weather had all got too much and took it's toll for the mini beast...
  24. Monday 15th April It started off as a cloudy morning on Monday but the forecast assured us that the day, and indeed the week, would brighten and warm up from here on in (and it did). I am not sure if I had been singing out loud as I walked the dog along the bank but it wasn't long before what were full moorings had become empty, leaving us all alone as I enjoyed my morning coffee. By 1000 we were underway once more and it was a quick nip along the river Bure before turning onto the Ant and through Ludham Bridge as it showed around 8'3". The moorings were very quiet, and if I hadn't only just set off I would have been tempted to stop but as it was, onwards we progressed. The beautiful river Ant wasn't looking at it's radiant best with the skies being overcast, when the sun is out and shining it is one of the Broads best rivers in my opinion. Reaching Barton Broad I crossed over and took the turning to Stalham so we could have a stop in Richardsons yard whilst we stocked up on supplies from Tesco, I also managed to get a quick couple of drinks in The Grebe too before we set off (the bar in the Swan being closed for a private function). Once we had returned to the boat and refilled with water I returned along the river from Stalham and took a right turn heading to Wayford Bridge and possibly onwards to Dilham. Reaching the bridge I found the moorings deserted, and so instead of continuing to Dilham I turned the boat around in the strengthing sunshine and onto the moorings for the night. It was now time to head off to the Wayford Bridge Inn before returning to sit onboard and enjoy another tea cooked up by the youngest.
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