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  2. “A ship is called a she because there is always a great deal of bustle around her; there is usually a gang of men about; she has a waist and stays; it takes a lot of paint to keep her good-looking; it is not the initial expense that breaks you, it is the upkeep; she can be all decked out; it takes an experienced man to handle her correctly; and without a man at the helm, she is absolutely uncontrollable. She shows her topsides, hides her bottom and, when coming into port, always heads for the buoys.”
  3. When we moored on the Cambridge Great Ouse we were hesitant to come to the Broads because we saw the likely hood of being hit by inexperienced hire boaters and were assured by Sheer line Boats that they could sort out any damage caused as hire boat companies on the whole were good to deal with in such circumstances which was fine by us as wouldn't want anyone else to work on our boat other than Sheerline . They do work on other makes of boat other than they're own and the standard of work is consistently first-class, likewise the standard of service. Carole
  4. well when you compare it to the current grumpy old gits Lads week in october, what do we do, we head from pub to pub, play darts , shove ha'penny etc etc, we take great care of the boats most of them are returned better than they left the yard, upgrades such as led lighting courtesy of Robin, and a complete snagging list of faults we didnt get round to fixing on our return (sticky door handles and the like), we have a good time, but are courteous to other boaters and apart from minor things (such as the dinghys rudder breaking in our hands last year - to be fair the previous screws into rotten wood and gaffer tape repair the boat yard sent it out with - failed)) we treat the boats well too.
  5. Arrived on the boat at lunchtime to find during our absence something flying over the boat which had to be the size of a camel I should think had dumped a message onto our front screen which has actually "burnt" into the vinyl window and it's not even the soft fruit season. Carole
  6. Are you saying you are hairy and lay around on the settee all day like your dog?
  7. Nope, good old fashioned film, 36 exposures and the excitement of picking them up from the chemists when they have been processed!
  8. Davydine's post rolled back the years to July 1987 and a holiday on the Broads after graduating before six of us (three couples) went our separate ways. We booked a six berth centre cockpit cruiser from Aston in Beccles. I had been on the Broads about a dozen times with my parents prior to then so I was put in charge... I was allowed to borrow my dad's car (Volvo 340GL in metallic brown) for the journey down from Nottingham, me, the girlfriend and a car full of her luggage, despite warnings of lack of storage. We successfully arrived in Beccles after five fraught hours on the road, the others in the party having taken the train to Norwich and then Beccles. The first problem was that the boat had a twin cabin and a double cabin, the second double being a converted sofa in the centre cockpit / lounge. We drew lots, I ended up with the fore twin cabin, not the worst place to be... Guess what? about 75% of the clothes that my girlfriend brought with her stayed in the car. We had a week of glorious weather, however, the couple who slept in the lounge didn't get up until late so we missed every early morning that week. The boat was well past its prime, however, it was cheap. We didn't hit anything or break anything. We took it through Wroxham Bridge without a pilot and managed to see most of everywhere. Memories are like old Polaroid photo's, somewhat faded around the edges but reflective of a gentler time...
  9. Got to be some truth in that statement Jay! Our little Lottie
  10. No mobile phones to take your "selfies" while driving in those days instead on looking where you were going? :D
  11. Thanks for the good wishes really appreciated Carole
  12. Gretzky's recent post about being hit by a bunch of lads got me thinking about my first experience of hiring a boat on the Norfolk Broads. Yes, we were a bunch of lads, no, we didn't hit anyone! I thought I would share my memories of that first trip, hopefully to raise a smile! I should say that I wasn't new to the Broads, I had been 14 or 15 times with my parents, starting on Wavemaster from Brooms when I was about 18months old, but this was to be my first hire in my own name. To set the scene, 4 of us at school had just turned 18 and completed our A levels, we were all heading off to different corners of the country and wanted to celebrate the end of one phase of our lives and the start of the next. We didn't have much money but we decided on a trip to Norfolk, so we started browsing through the Hoseasons brochure and decided that Swiftway from Richardsons was within our budget and would suit our needs. Forms were filled, cheques posted and the confirmation letter soon landed on the door mat. I read the terms and conditions from cover to cover. One clause stood out, something to the effect of “we reserve the right to refuse to hire if we think you are unsuitable “ We were seriously excited, our first holiday as adults, no parents, just the four of us, boys on a boat and Beer, quite a lot of beer. We were nervous too, what if we got to the yard and they took one look at us and sent us on our way? The day came and we set off on a 5 hour road trip from Cumbria to Stalham, got to the yard and got checked in at reception and paid our security deposit (no damage waiver in those days). “Go and unpack and someone will be along shortly to show you the ropes” We unpacked. The sun was shining, we filled the cupboards with food and filled the fridge with essentials (beer), we went off for our trial run, everything was going swimmingly and we got back to the yard, all set to be released on the unsuspecting pubs of broadland. “I will just show you how to light the fridge, it runs on gas you see...” that's when it happened, clunk,clunk, clunk, clunk, the sound of a dozen cans of week American lager dispensing itself out of the fridge and rolling across the cockpit. Silence, nervous glances all round, this was it, “if we think you are unsuitable” Laughter from the engineer showing us round. “I see you have worked out the fridge”. “Don't drink and drive gents, the river police will pull you over and you can be fined” That was it, the start of one of the best weeks ever, the end of childhood. Maybe it was fear of losing the security deposit, maybe we just weren't bad lads, but we had an amazing time and didn't manage to upset anyone or break anything. Nearly 3 decades later I came back, with my family and some friends, the welcome at Richardsons was just as welcome and the Norfolk Broads are still a special place. Happy Days!
  13. The world has lost the plot. I am going to go hide on my boat, SHE is even called Miss Conduct!
  14. And not to forget It will have to be named not christened, as not to upset other religions and sent on it's way with spring water, as not to entice the recovering alcoholics back into drinking.
  15. Dont forget - And may it Not Sail over the edge, Just for the flat earthers out there.
  16. I am amazed !!!!!!! I have received the new brochure as promised. Took only 24 hours !!!! Jeff
  17. I am pretty certain that he went to Woodbridge School, so he has a Suffolk connection!!!
  18. So will naming of ships now go I Name this ship the (Gender Neutral Name) and may all the worlds gods and deities bless it and all genders what ever they maybe who sail on IT
  19. Yep, next we'll have people worried about an area being referred to as a National Park, even though it cannot actually be one!
  20. The 'snowflake generation', offended by everything and anything, where has all this nonsense come from?
  21. 120 miles a day here, good old audio books, if I am delayed I hear more of the book.
  22. I used to do around 200 miles a day as part of my job, I`ve been through the leaning on the horn button and the finger waving phase but since having a 10" knife waved infront of my face I now record on the dash cam and mutter "x*#*!!!" then calmly carry on to my destination. It is better for my blood pressure as well
  23. I think we all see bad driving practices on most of the UK roads, at the end of the day we can do little about it, all we can do is give them loads of space and keep out of their way. There as always been poor aggressive or dangerous drivers on the roads, we just hear more about it by social media. Sadly the more miles per year you do the more you see these bad drivers and people that should have given up driving years ago, when I was young we used to call them flat capers, sadly these days I am at an age when I could wear a flat cap but have never chosen to do so, me and hats (other than the woolen type) do not get on. Regards Alan
  24. Well, these days they dish our licences to just about anybody... Ask Robin!
  25. I witnessed aggressive driving on the A11 one trip back from Norfolk, a car was overtaking me, and had barely got a car length clear of me when he changed back to my lane, this upset the other car who had been right on his bumper, as he too tried to cut in in front of me and undertake the first car, I was doing about 65mph at this point. the second car complained loudly at being cut up, and proceeded to overtake the first car, then pulled in front of it and slammed his brakes on. I calmly pulled out into the fast lane and continued at the same speed I had been proceeding past both of them, while they had an argument as to who had been in the right and who had been in the wrong (both of them to my mind) if that is the standard they are driving it is no wonder they are too busy to see roundabouts. yes I do have a dash cam too.
  26. Same here. Perhaps an air horn is my next purchase
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