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  2. Yup. Also the number of people that buy cars which don't appear to be fitted with indicators. Self-driving tech is getting better and you can see realistically that at some point in the future (I'm not talking just yet) people will be banned from driving cars because while machines can and will get it wrong, humans are much worse.
  3. Because Light commercial vans are only allowed to do 50 on 60 rated roads I was unaware of this at the time. However if same van has rear side windows and or rear seats then same limits as for a car. So my 56 in a 60 cost me 3pts and a fine Griff
  4. How could they punish you for doing 56 in a 60 limit. I know the world has gone nuts but this is silly. What difference does it make what vehicle you are driving , providing you dont do above the speed limit. Lost me....
  5. Ref turning off cameras A149 the average speed cameras between Potter and Wayford are definitely active. I got 3pts a number of years ago. In the 60 limit doing 56. Yep in my van before I became aware the limits for vans was changed oh so quietly. That one rankled for an age Griff
  6. Today
  7. you ought to try the M25, accidents are a daily occurrence, usually several a day somewhere around the M25. I believe the general standard of driving has dropped, its either that or some drivers just have a dont care attitude towards other drivers and assume that everyone will get out of their way while they do what they want, then are surprised when someone doesnt - or cant, or road conditions dictate that they should slow down, but rules dont apply to them. of course some laws always apply- the laws of physics and the law of gravity.
  8. I don't understand all the constant clamour or call for cameras etc every time there is an accident on this particular road, there are probably far more accidents per mile on the A47 and A149 etc without all the fuss, those on the NDR are purely bad driving I havn`t heard of any HGVs or large commercial vehicles involved but I do see far to much sub standard driving in Norfolk considering the size of the population, but then people go to Norfolk for their test when they can`t pass elsewhere. Fred
  9. Once these things start leaking, they are really on their last legs. Most fixes should be considered to be temporary. Increasing pressure MIGHT produce other leaks, but in truth, if this happens, its only a matter of time before they occured anyway. We all know the damage that water can do in your boat, especially if unnoticed for some time. Perhaps it is time to revisit the plumbing as a whole? There are rarely many joints in a boat to be too much work.
  10. Yesterday
  11. What's Nick Griffin got to do with it all??
  12. The car in question was a small hatchback Peugeot.... Laying alongside it was great big deer ...sadly the deer ran across the NDR and was clipped by the car hence the smashed front end / bonnet and roof as the deer ended up on top of it.
  13. Hi Bryan, Thank you. They supply towels for overseas visitors too and we have already requested them. Some of our UK based family are seasoned Broads visitors so they should be on the ball, but I will remind them. Cheers Chris
  14. Yep it turns out the system didn`t like the space bar lol Pumpmedic now renamed as OldBerkshireBoy, thanks to all.
  15. Yes many congrats Carole, have a wonderful day!
  16. Really thought this thread was going in another direction tbh.
  17. I really enjoyed the write up and the pics, and have to say the "mini beast" is just too cute
  18. Indeed, about the only mention was the Museum of the Broads as a finalist.
  19. Congratulations on your anniversary Carole. Have a wonderful day!
  20. What actually surprised me was the lack of Broads Attractions in the Awards let alone as finalists. That's despite there being some superb attractions in the Broads area.
  21. I managed to get one from the Lowestoft office, which I believe still has a small stock. 01502 500505
  22. Your pics are really good - very atmospheric. I think I was out on the Broads at the same time though as I was starting out from Horning I don't recall seeing your boat. The Broads are obviously still large enough for two ships to pass in the night (or day) without seeing each other.
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